tagSci-Fi & FantasyLust in the Ranks Ch. 02

Lust in the Ranks Ch. 02


Darri stared up at the ceiling, her vision tunnelling as if she were at the bottom of a well, or atop a spinning disk... Raze lifted his head when he heard a woeful whimper.

Upon his return to the table in the hours past, he found Seth crumpled on the floor beneath where Darri sprawled unconscious on the bench. His teeth ground together when he found Brand was absent. He would save his rage for his brother, for sloping off and leaving the other two where they lay.

Darri felt a body behind her, and she stiffened, lifting an arm she tensed as nausea rolled over her. "Are we at sea?" came a pained croak.

"No, but you drank enough to rival any seaman..."

Lightening shot through Darri's body tensing every muscle, and awakening her full awareness. She sprang up, and rolled away from him, and would've cast herself from the bed and on to the floor, if his arm hadn't snapped out and caught her by the waist.

"By what hellish dream do I now find you in my bed!?!" she seethed with outrage.

"Ease down..." He smoothed his hand over her fore head and for a second Darri's eyes closed in surrender. His hands were cool against the raging fever in her skin. Darri groaned, and tried to move away from him once more. "And for the record, you happen to find yourself in my bed."

"Whose bed it is, is of no consequence... But what is, is why I find myself with you at all?"

"I would have thought it obvious." He whispered enticingly.

Darri couldn't do this. She was too fragile. "Release me or I will cut your fingers off one at a time, and pry my freedom thusly..."

"With what implement or weapon, may I ask?" He could not keep the smugness from his tone.

"Don't try to be smart with..." as her voice pitched, so too did the land slide in her cranium. She shuddered in soundless agony. Raze chuckled and brushed strands of damp hair away from her hot sticky neck, and then blew cool air over it. He watched goose bumps rise - encouraged by her response - his hands moved under her shirt.

"I have wanted you for longer than I knew..." He husked into her ear.

Darri tried to open her eyes but the light hurt them. He soothed her stomach in small easy circles. They lay quietly for a little while but all too soon the heat began to seep from her body and she cleaved back into his warmth. Darri wriggled, and managed after several awkward turns, to face him finally him. She blinked several times into his eyes, hyper aware of his fingers on her bare back.

"Where are my leggings?" she asked her tone reasonable, almost seductive.

"They're on the floor along with my shirt."

Misted memories of yanking them off herself filtered through her addled haze, and she recalled with horror her demands upon him. Pressing him upon his back, and riding his fingers when everything seemed to stop...

He had followed the meandering progress upon her brow, and each moment a new furrow of confusion and even more confutation.

"You passed out on me..."

Darri couldn't help the snort of amusement she gave. "Does that happen a lot then?" His fingers stilled on her back and Darri and felt her mistake, but avoided confrontation by nestling her face beneath his chin. "No more talk, I am in poor form."

"One moment, you are feral, the next sober, the next contemptuous and finally seeking warmth like a small kitten."

"I have still have claws." She demonstrated by gently scratching his pectoral and gifting him a saucy smile. She used her nails on his nipple. Her moods changed quicker than a stormy sky, but he was going to make the most of the sunshine. Darri's eyes widened when he moved over her, and spread her arms out beneath him.

Wide eyed she stared up at him. "Have I lost my edge?" She didn't sound piqued, but the glint in her eye and the deceptive mildness of tone implied he was cutting thinner than a horse's hair.

"No, but you're about to see mine..."

Darri's body bowed when his hot lips began moving over the sensitive area of her neck. He held her hands, and nudged between her legs with a searching knee. She let him settle atop her and moaned, feeling his hardening cock against her moist slit. Her body was still aroused, it had just taken her mind a little while to remember... He moved down her body, and scraped up her shirt. Darri grasped the pillows above her head, and her torso twisted beneath his roving fingers. His palms were large and warm and they soon put delicious warmth back into her long legs.

"I never thought to find you smooth..." He murmured as his face came level with her belly button, but underneath his fingers were exploring her sticky molten centre.

"We can't do this Raze..." It was the last recall before her hormones completely took over once again. To have alcohol as an excuse was barely tolerable the first time, but to be wantonly spreading her thighs even as she thought of the repercussions, was another. Almost too much, and yet...

Her fingers rasped over his short crop of hair, and along his angular, stubbled jaw. "May the Goddess forgive me..." She keened at the moment his fingers opened her up, and his tongue flicked over an engorged ruby jewel. Burning pleasure arced to her toes.

Her body twisted, and her hips bucked. She forgot both their names, and found focus only on her centre and his unyielding tongue, and wicked fingers. He rang satisfying whimpers that made his balls ache. Her responsiveness was almost beyond belief. When she began to tremble he eased back, and retook the trail upwards across her stomach.

Her legs were open, and she tore at her shirt in a hot frenzy. Raze pulled his trousers down, and kicked them off. A cool breeze blew over her and she snapped back into focus. She froze. Her mouth opened but no sound came out, she looked down with him to stare at her pebbled breasts. He gave his trousers a final kick and repositioned himself high above her. He yanked the pillow out from beneath her head, so she lay completely flat.

Raze took carnal satisfaction in the erotic dawning that rose in her eyes. She couldn't deny this. He took a hold of himself and angled his throbbing cock at her entrance, and took a moment. His hips rolled and the tip of his cock slid from her begging hole - grazed her clit - and then he repositioned himself once more at her gate.

Darri stared down between their bodies at the huge purple head of his cock, pointed straight at her pussy. Starry eyed befuddlement was the only thing she could call it, and then he pushed forward and he began to slowly fill her. His eye's narrowed as hers widened, and his teeth grit together as her mouth formed a soundless O. The first thrust was testing and shallow, but the next was ruthless and he took her under on his second stroke. He gave her no quarter as he pummelled her, Darri's hips bucked under his, and he knew he was hurting her a little, but he growled low in his throat and slowed his rhythm to long, hard deep thrusts. Darri's pussy began to milk his cock.

She gasped for breath, and he panted heavily in her ear. "This is what you're going to get at the end of every day when you've pushed me too far. I'm going to take it out on your tight, gripping channel, and you're going to cum for me every time."

Raze ground his cock over her purposefully, mindful of the way her channel clutched and tightened around him at the moment he did so. He had her, and she was sweeter than he could have dreamed. She whimpered under him, and her neck arched back in ecstasy. He looked down and couldn't believe he'd neglected her perfect breasts.

He took her with him as he rolled to the edge of the bed, with his feet planted on the ground, Darri lolled in his arms like a child's doll for a second and then she shrieked out when he sheathed her once more upon him...He dug his calloused fingers into her rear, and took a ripe cherry nipple between his teeth and began to suckle and lash it with his tongue. He rolled the other between two fingers, and after a while switched to bestow the same upon its sister.

Darri clutched at his shoulders, and tried to pull back from his insistent mouth. He stood abruptly, spun and deposited her on her back upon the bed. He braced his knees against the bed, and then captured both of her ankles, raised them and then spread them high in to a high V. He angled his cock once more, and began a hard fast fucking. His revelled in hearing his balls slap against her backside. Darri could draw hardly enough breath, before she found herself swiftly repositioned once more but this time on her front.

Sense returned once more and she tried to turn or crawl away, but he pulled her rear high into the air, and slid in to her tight slickness once more.

"Not like this Raze..." Only whores allowed themselves to be taken like this.

"Just like this..." there was nothing but pleasure in his voice as he renewed his motion once more, which made her question her resolve on this position. His cock hit a new spot, and she arched. She lost the will to complain again, and Raze almost laughed to himself as he fucked her. He hadn't known she'd have hang ups. He had found a weapon, and way of tempering her finally.

His fingers went to her clit, and rubbed it with intent. She pushed her self-back on her arms to meet his thrusts, and she was calling out his name and then she began to cum hard, sobbing but he only moved his pressed his fingers more furiously against her, forcing her to milk him to his own shuddering apex. Darri quaked afresh when she experienced his cock spasming and coating her insides with his hot seed for the first time. He slapped against her backside one final time, and then collapsed -- pinning her to the bed beneath him.

She had been made for him, he mused to himself. She squirmed beneath him..."You aren't going anywhere...Once I have recovered enough I'm taking you again..." His warning blew hot in her ear, and then he made good on it, and took the soft earlobe between his teeth and bit down. Darri groaned as he rose on his arms once again, burning a trail down her spine.

Raze considered the swirling tattoos down her spine, and straddled her thighs so she couldn't impede his view by moving. "I didn't know you were inked."

Darri groaned inside. There were many things he didn't know of her. He would start questioning her, and he would refuse to let it go until she thought of a good enough lie, but he surprised her by not commenting further immediately. He was usually always to the point.

He pressed both of his thumbs into the back of her neck, and felt the tension and knots. He frowned when he felt the disrepair and hardness of her back as he found further tightness.

"Why have you not had these tense muscles attended to?"

"It is none of your business who or what I do with my body, nor am I suffering an ailment."

"Darri, I can feel the knots beneath my fingers. Do they not cause you pain?"

"You may call yourself Commander but do not think yourself above me..." Darri began to back up her tone by trying to raise herself, groaned when he found the centre of her discomfort in her side and circled his thumb around the shoddily healed injury she'd been nursing for over 2 months, from when she'd been thrown from a stallion gone lame.

"Is this from when you fell from that wretched grey beast belonging to Qartoc?"

She grumbled and flinched when he again felt around the damaged tissue. Finally she grumbled an answer. "I am used to it, besides it does not impede my ability to train!"

"You are a little fool, and from this moment banned from training until I am convinced you have healed properly..."

Darri seethed in outrage. "Get your stinking carcass off of me, you arrogant son of a wreaking ass!"

He caught the back of her neck, and pressed her firmly to the bed. The ease with which he held her amused him as much as it infuriated her. He had never done so before, simply because she was quicker than him, and her eyes had thirsted for his blood the few times they had sparred.

He rubbed around the area, not saying anything until eventually she stopped fighting and lay still. "Your arrogance is more than I can tolerate at times..." She grumbled disconsolately.

"As is your beauty, to me..." Darri scowled. Beauty was not something she wished. Alluring if she wanted to be, but beautiful...He enraged her without having to try, but unbeknownst to her he knew it too well.

"You will be asking me to don silk gowns next..."

"I prefer the attire you wear day to day. It is much easier to disrobe, and you are not fussed with creased or ruined fabrics."

"So I am of ease now?"

"Of ease to rile, yes... Or ease to bed, no."

The tension in her shoulders eased under his ministrations and she groaned with pleasure. He was as skilled as any healer who had dared treat her, and manipulated her body in to a state a limber bliss. She couldn't remember if she had ever been so physically indulged.

When his hands got to her backside, he took deep enjoyment out of pressing his thumbs in hard to the muscle, and feeling her body flex and shudder. Her ass was round, and toned and had jiggled pleasingly when he fucked her. He was throbbing hard again, but he ignored his own lust to finish her treatment.

His weight lifted from her back, and she turned over on weak arms. He took her foot into his hand with a wary expression. His throbbing cock caught her eye, and she licked her lips unconsciously. Raze noticed and wondered if the gesture had been deliberate. He was surprised when he decided it wasn't, because she lay back and watched him with a guarded expression. He made her nervous. He moved closer to her, and picked up her other foot.

Darri tried not to struggle when her calf rested against his chest, and he worked strong knowing fingers in to the sore arch of her foot. He moved away from the arch, to her individual toes. She had not known a massage of her foot could be so pleasurable, or such a turn on. When he finished, and asked for her other leg once more, she didn't even open her eyes. He didn't take quite as much time over the second, and finally she opened her eyes. His cock glistening, called to her.

She crawled on all fours to reach him, he helped her to sit on his laps and they kissed deeply. Darri drew groans from him by reaching between them and pumping him from base to tip. She laved her tongue over his shoulder, and she noticed her side no longer pained her. "I owe you a debt of thanks..." He arched his neck and allowed her to push him back a little, but he was mindful of her. Even as he appreciated this new side of her, he hadn't forgotten so many years of hellcat. His eyes bulged when he looked down and saw what her mouth was descending for.

He grasped her by the hair, and kept a firm grip on her but allowed the descent to continue until she paused to breathe over his organ, her mouth poised and when he felt her tongue licks off his pre cum he fell back and his hips arced. Darri took him in her mouth, and let him set the pace as her head bobbed up and down on him. She hummed with pleasure which elicited another groan of delight from him.

Darri grumbled when his body shifted, but she soon understood what he wanted. A long digit found her pussy once more. He stroked her clit gently as she sucked on him. As her desire increased so too did the strength with which he worked her up and down on his cock. His fingers tormented her, and his eyes and ears feasted on her. He pumped his hips gently as her pace continued to increase, finally he relinquished his lock on her hair and he used both hands upon her. One gently pinched and pulled at her nipples, whilst his fingers caressed her pulsing clitoris.

Her right hand pumped the base of his cock, while the other palmed his balls. His thrusts into her mouth were becoming more insistent, and he touched the back of her throat. Darri moaned a little, and then suddenly he erupted in her mouth. Raze caught the back of her head once more encouraging her to suckle him through his climax. Darri was blind in her lust, and after she swallowed his tasty cum down she lifted her eyes and gave him a haunted expression.

He yanked her towards him, and positioned himself her legs. He pushed two and then three fingers into her gripping channel, over and over again, and then his tongue and lips went onto work on her over stimulated clitoris. It didn't take Darri long to begin digging her nails into any part of him she could reach, and buck her hips in hopeless ecstasy.

"Please, please, please Raze..." Over and over she begged him as she convulsed around him and beneath him. With disbelief he felt his cock harden again. He finally leaned back and gazed at her as she struggled to catch her breath. He leaned over her again, and leered at her wickedly when she saw his thickening shaft again.

"You have to be jesting..." Her eyes widened.

"You shouldn't have begged me as you came, for it was your words that called it to attention once more..."

Darri's head moved from side to side, and he angled it to her entrance once more. "Please Raze..." She whimpered against his ear.

"You have no idea what those words do to me..." and then he slid in once more. Darri's cries were soon muffled when Raze kissed her again. He rolled his hips, giving her three shallow thrusts and then making her spasm in surprise around his cock, as he gave her three short hard.

Darri knew her undoing was her pleas, but she couldn't control herself once he was inside her. She had never been a wanton in her life, but now she was begging him worse than a whore would.

To be continued...

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