tagChain StoriesLustful Leeves Ch. 02

Lustful Leeves Ch. 02


Ashley Shorttree, was supposed to be a woman on a mission. Somewhere, however, she had lost her way. Her job, along with a dozen others of her kind, was to watch the humans on earth. They were desperate. Their star was almost ready to explode. They had only 500 years to find a new place for their race to live. 500 years for a race of mobile trees was a very short time!

Earth had seemed the perfect place to live. Once it had held too much oxygen, but their cars and factories were belching forth life-giving carbon dioxide. Half their population could scrub that wonderful air and spit forth awful oxygen that the other life forms on Earth could use to live. It could be such a wonderful union of their two races.

Ashley's team had been sent to observe. She was to report on the way that people lived, and if the temperaments of the two races could be compatible. They had disguised their ship as a dark house and themselves as trees. They just stood there for months on end watching.

Ashley's problem, however, was Russell Leeves. She had been watching him for weeks. At first, like her brethren, she had thought him ugly. His skin smooth and soft compared to the rough beautifully wrinkled bark of her kind, but he had loved them. Russell loved trees. Russell even loved her. He had stroked her bark on numerous occasions. He had caressed and kissed her leaves. She could not help herself when she saw how he cared for her kind. She had fallen in love!

On that fateful day, Russell had come back. Question: Back from where? A shiver ran through Ashley's leaves. He was here! He was among them! It was irrational, but she longed to wrap her branches around him, to touch him. She longed to bend over and kiss his lips. The warmth of desire coursed through her sap. She breathed in the carbon dioxide at a prodigious pace. God she wanted this man!

Most of all, she longed to talk to him, to show him that she wasn't really a tree. She wanted him to touch her, to stroke her, to kiss her blushing leaves. She longed to show him where her pussy was covered in retractable bark. She wanted to have his saplings!

Each time Russell came among them, Ashley's very soul cried out to just talk to him. To tell him that she was not really just a tree. She had fallen deeply in love with him and the frustration of not being able to proclaim her love to him was nearly eating her alive. Either that or she was infested with Japanese Beetles.

Imagine her lust when she saw him pull down his pants and display the penis she wanted. She longed to scream at him. "Here, Russell, come here and give me that beautiful cock. I want to have your saplings!" She thought it, but she held her tongue. Moisture came to her leaves as she cried.

Russell was standing in front of Olivia Oak! Russell had found her vagina! He was going to have Olivia and not the jealous Ashley.

The moisture of her tears dripped from her leaves as Russell humped a very upset Olivia. Russell did not notice the way Olivia protested, tried to drive Ashley's love from her.

Ashley could hear the whistling protest of Admiral Oakton Peach. The admiral seemed like he was deciding if he should marshal his troops and abandon their mission in an effort to help the poor Olivia. Rape was not in their mission plan.

Olivia finally could stand no more. She was on a mission to observe. She found this man utterly repulsive. A vision of little half human saplings flashed through her mind. Then she thought of the other possibilities. Could this man give her Dutch Elm disease? She ripped her legs out of the ground where they had been planted as a disguise. She flung the awful man to the ground.

Their cover blown, the Admiral motioned with his old wooden arm. The rest of them pulled their legs from the ground and advanced on the hapless Russell, intent on exacting revenge on the rapist. They considered the man a child molester, since Olivia was a youngster of only 147 years.

Ashley watched Russell with his pants down around his ankles as he struggled in confrontation with Admiral Peach. She watched his pecker grow longer with each lie he told the old oaken skinned admiral. With each inch Russell gained, Ashley wanted him more. Her tears dried up. The man she loved was in danger! It was not his fault that he had chosen the unwilling Olivia. Ashley would gladly have called to him. She would gladly have taken him.

Ashley pondered what could have been had Russell just chosen her. She would have enjoyed it. She would have taken him happily. When Russell was gone, she would have gotten a medal for bearing, without protest, the "horrible" deflowering. She would have been a hero for maintaining her mission. She would have welcomed him back.

She would have loved his saplings. She would have taken them for long walks along the streets of Forestavia, their home world. The Forestavians would have pointed to her saplings with pride, the offspring of a true hero. If she was very lucky, she would have been assigned with the first wave of inhabitants to Earth. She could have lived with Russell in a nice brick building. She couldn't have stood to live in a home made from her cousins, the trees.

Instead he had chosen Olivia. Instead, their cover was broken and Admiral Peach and the rest of the team were advancing on poor Russell, intent on doing serious damage. Instead, the townspeople had rushed for their chain saws.

The roar of those frightening chainsaws was in the background, as the humans rushed to the defense of one of their kind. The only thing that slowed them down was how Russell's pecker picked up an inch every time he lied to the Admiral with fire in his eyes. Every Forestivian knew that it was a very dangerous thing for a one of their kind to have fire, in any form.

Ashley heard the roar of the chainsaws and her sap ran cold. Fear was a knot in the pit of her trunk. The man she loved was in danger of being torn limb from limb by her fellow scouts, and the scouts were horribly outnumbered. She was sure that those townspeople would set upon them and turn all of her kind into firewood.

Ashley watched Russell leap to his feet in an attempt to evade the onrushing Admiral Peach. He might have made it but his massive woody struck another of the trees and he fell. She did the only thing a tree in love could do. She forgave her lover for his unknowing infidelity and rushed to him. Ashley, in mortal fear for her love and for her own kind, did the only thing she could. She was there, Admiral Peach still had to close several feet. Ashley reached her wooden arms out for her man and cradled his body. At first, she had only meant to protect him, but she loved this man. She had him in her arms and his pants could not be zipped over his massive woody! She tried to caress him, to tell him that all would be well. Her knotty elbow touched that massive woody and she could not resist, she began to stroke that beautiful hardness.

Even in this moment of mortal danger, a wave of desire enveloped her. There might be no tomorrow for any of them and she wanted her man, NOW!

Admiral Peach reached them in a flash and he did not understand. He thought that Ashley was as angry as he himself. A rage filled Peach. He fully intended to beat the human into lifeless pulp. He had no idea if pulped human could be recycled into paper, as would happen to one of his kind condemned to death, but he intended to find out.

He was the leader of this band of scouts and it was up to him to seek retribution. The mission was over, destroyed by some sick human with a love for trees. If killing was to be done, it was up to him.

Peach ripped the man from the grasp of Ashley. His opening blows rendered the human into an unconscious mass but Peach had not felt the snap of broken bones that he intended.

Peach's mouth fell open when Ashley shoved him aside and once more threw herself over the man, not to exact revenge, but to protect him!

There was a moment of quiet unease. Chainsaws roared in the townspeople's hands, branches waved in anger, but both sides backed off and watched the two lovers in the center of the stage.

Ashley proclaimed her love and the Admiral told her she would be banished.

Her dreams of being a heroine to her people dissolved in that instant. Still there was the chance for her to raise his saplings. She had no idea where this would lead.

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