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Lustful Lips


Whenever I see you lick those sexy lips of yours, my body years for their touch. They're so seductive and plump. I just want to run my tongue along them and taste their sweetness. Whenever I see you play with them, my pussy clenches at the sight. Knowing that my lips will be locked onto them shortly has me craving for their wet kisses. I want to latch onto them and suck on your bottom lip, grinding myself on your lap while I delve my tongue deep in your mouth to savor your lust for me.

Who knew kissing could be such a turn on that I'd have my pussy soaking for those lips to travel downward? Oh no, first they will kiss down my neck, making sure to suck deeply on my soft skin, marking it as your own with its path. I love the way your teeth feel as they graze my skin, causing goose bumps to break out on my flesh and shiver with ecstasy. When you pull my head back and grab some of my hair, I sigh with desire as your lips beckon my body to take from you what I need. I thrust my pelvis on top of your lap, rubbing my clit against the tight leggings that hinder my pussy from your cock. As you continue your search downward, you lean me back and peck light kisses on my chest. My grinding becomes more upward now and faster. My breathing increases as you pull my shirt down to bare my generous breasts. My nipples immediately harden when exposed to the cool air. Your breath feels hot against my nipples and you tease me before taking one between those juicy lips and pulling hard.

My first wave hits me and I arch my back moaning your name as you suck on my wet nipple. Not long after I stop writhing on your hard cock, you pick me up and I wrap my legs around your waist. You lay me down on the bed and I bare all of myself to you. As you do the same, I crawl toward your erect cock that is throbbing in anticipation. I lick my lips and prepare myself to take you all the way down my throat. I lick the head of your cock and look up for your nod of approval to continue my work. I take the tip and suck on it hard, making sure to lick the bottom as I proceed to take you deeper and deeper until I can no longer see anymore of your glorious cock. Sucking hard I go faster and lick the underside with my tongue and lavish my attention on making you feel the pleasure I did merely from your lips. I squeeze your thighs harder when I release your cock from my mouth.

Kneeling back, and flip onto my back and take your balls into my mouth. I can feel your hands grasp my tits and I arch my back and moan into your touch. Your hands feel so hard against my skin, and your grip tightens at my moans of approval. I move from one ball to the other, licking and sucking while my grip tightens on your thighs. I know you want release so I reluctantly step away from your touch so I can take your cock into my mouth again. This time I use my hand to take turns jacking you off and then sucking you deep. I grasp you so hard and jack you off as fast as I can, my mouth making your cock nice and wet.

My natural lube looks so sexy rubbing all over the tip and dripping down to your balls, My pussy needs you to fill me but I want to taste your cum first. Grabbing my head, you thrust my head down so you are fucking my mouth. I suck hard when you thrust fast, and feel you tighten your hold as I push away so I can see you jack your cock and cum into my mouth. Your warm load shoots onto my tongue and feels so good in my mouth. I lick some off my lips and show it to you before I swallow it all. I know you feel satisfied, but hopefully not for too long. I'll give you a little rest so you can be inside me all night long. But first I'll make sure that your lips make it down their path to my pussy first.

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