tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 01

Lustful Summoning Ch. 01


The young man knew what he was about to do, but he was desperate. He was alone and tired of trying to find the right woman that could fully satisfy his needs. This was what he wanted, even if he did know what the price would be.

The pentagram was drawn on the floor of the second bedroom. The extra mattress lay in the middle of it and the room was dark. Dark, except for the dozen candles that were burning around it. The incense burned as it was listed in the book he had purchased over the Internet.

Jason's low voice began to speak the chant of summoning. It quavered at first, with a little fear of what he was doing, but as he continued the chant, his voice grew stronger and more determined.

The mattress showed signs that something was pressing down on it, at first. Then there was the slight sweet smell of roses and honey. Jason continued to chant, keeping his mind on what needed to be said, down to the exact syllables. The slightest mistake would make this whole event a disaster.

A form began to make its appearance on the mattress. The long legs stretched languidly from about the middle of it, almost reaching the end of the full sized mattress. The legs were crossed at the ankles.

Jason continued the chant, knowing that it would bring the body to its full capacity, even as he felt his groin twitch with desire.

The upper torso came into a clearer view. Pale skin showed around the body, including the very slim waist and strong thighs. Between the two, there wasn't a patch of hair that could have been discernable yet.

The breasts were full and stood on their own will, even though the body seem to be propped up on an elbow. The other armed ran down the slim body to the thighs, ending in a very feminine hand.

Only the fingernails show that this wasn't a normal woman. They were bitch black and long. It was possible that they could be used to do nothing more than scratch a bad itch, but they also looked as they could pierce a mans skin and dig their way to his heart.

The face came into full view while Jason neared the end of the recitation. The eyes were set close together, like a predator. The nose was small and led down to a set of full lips. Her hair flowed down to the mattress and seemed to move on its own, as if it were a live, trying to find something to grip a hold of.

Jason recited the last 100 words of the summoning. His mind told him she was perfect as she was and he didn't need to finish anymore, but the book had explained that it was necessary to say everything. If he didn't do so, then she would be uncontrollable and any chance of him controlling her would be out the window.

During the next few lines that he recited from memory, Jason watched as a few other items began to appear as well. With a slight bit of shock, he noticed a tail start to form behind the lithe female creature. It reached from where the tailbone ended to about the back of her knees.

Also what formed behind her were two large masses that seemed to be affixed to her shoulder blades, but stretched down to the firm cheeks below. Jason now recognized the masses for what they were. Wings. This creature had what looked like bat wings on her back.

He finished up the last of his recitation but didn't notice any more changes.

The smell of roses and honey now permeated the air around him. He could no longer smell the incense he was burning earlier. The room seemed darker, as if the light from the candles was being sucked into this sensual creature lying before Jason.

His dick was now sitting at full attention and he wanted to join this creature on the bed now, but he knew he had to take certain precautions before entering the pentagram with her.

"Who calls me here," the creature asked.

"I, Jason, have called you to this location and hold you here until I'm ready to release you," he responded.

"Why do you call for me," she asked, a seductive tone in her voice, as if begging for him to come to her.

"I desire the need you can give me," Jason said, catching himself taking a step toward her. He knew he had to make sure she knew who was in charge of the situation.

"And what do you desire," she asked.

"For my lust to be fulfilled and you to be on your way back to your realm," Jason said. His lust was becoming stronger. He wanted to be wrapped up in those arms and legs.

"We need to discuss payment for this event," she told him. Her eyes roamed over his body, but that wasn't the only thing that moved. The tail slid across the mattress, like a serpent looking for something to through its coils around and squeeze.

"Your payment will be my seed, when we are done, you will leave at my command," Jason said.

"You may not want me to leave," she said, now rolling over onto her back, her hands began to explore her body, touching areas that Jason wanted so much to be touching.

"You will return when we are done, or you will find I can punish you," Jason said.

"As you wish, I am at your command," she cooed. Her hands ran down her flat stomach, to the waiting lips below, where the fingers seemed to be sucked into them. The hands then slid up the inner thighs and rested at the open knees.

"Join me, master, and I will give you great pleasure," she purred at Jason. "I am yours, for tonight."

He then stepped across the threshold of the circle, a wave of lust attacking his senses, like he had never felt before.

Jason's skin tingled with the need he had. As he kneeled onto the bed between the woman's legs, he felt one of the toes touch his skin. The sensation of pure lust rushed through his body from that point and he felt the need to cum start already.

He began to crawl up toward her, like an animal stalking it's prey. When his head was over her waist, he caught the heady scent of her juices and decided to stop and find out if it tasted as good as it smelled.

"Yes, my lover, taste the desire that you want so badly," she purred, placing her hands on the back of his head, pushing him down to her pussy. "Lap up my juices, so you may last for a long time in my embrace."

He surrounded himself with the heady scent when his mouth reached those wet silk-like lips. His mouth parted to allow his tongue to start on the clit, hoping to give her some pleasure. He figured that even the lowest creatures deserved something other than just his cum for the trouble of being trapped in this world.

The tip of Jason's tongue started flicking across the little nub and he felt her body react. She arched her back and began to push harder on his head. The smell of her musk grew even more intense, as well as his lust.

His head moved lower between her legs, gliding his tongue to the space between the two moist lips waiting there for him. Her hands helped him there as did her legs. Her feet crossed at the ankles again, tightening the thighs around his head.

The lips seemed to suck his tongue into them and he tasted sweet nectar that he never knew could exist. If Jason could bottle this delicious taste, he could sell it and make a fortune. However, his mind was definitely not on making anything, other than love to this wonderful creature of lust.

"Yes, let your tongue explore me," she moaned. "Let me give you a taste of my sweet delights, my sweet."

The tail came up between her legs and, in a caressing manner, slid around Jason's chest. The feeling of wanton lust wrapped around him, just like the tail did.

He began to lap at her pussy, feeling like he was being French kissed by someone who didn't use their tongue in such a kiss.

Jason's lust over took him and he pulled his tongue out of her. She let out a low moan, but didn't try to push him back into position.

He began to crawl up her body, planting kisses along the way, not wanting to lose connection with her. The tail had loosened its grip on his chest and let him slide through. When his waist passed through it, the tail let go and coiled around his upper thigh, flicking the tip and caressing Jason's balls.

It was at that moment the creature's arms slid around his chest and pulled him on down into a tight embrace. The heat of her body engulfed him and the tailed wrapped around his cock and guided it to her pussy.

Jason felt a twinge of fear and kept himself from being forced into the waiting, wanting suction below. He looked into her eyes and saw she wanted him inside her. He gave into her needs, but only above the waist.

The lips met and she quickly put her tongue into his mouth, massaging his tongue, wrapping around it and pulling it into her mouth. Jason's fear fell quickly to the back of his mind as the lust lunged forward.

Jason's hips inched forward, as well. When the head of his dick touched the moist silk lips, the suction down there quickly pulled him in. The tail released his thigh and made its way between his legs.

It caressed, then wrapped lightly around his balls, while beginning to wrap around the base of his dick again. The tail still gently caressed Jason's balls, but tightened on his cock. The tip moved its way to just between Jason's balls and ass. It pressed, nudged and tickled the area.

As Jason felt this happening, he continued to pump the creature with his dick. Each time he pulled away, the suction would draw him back into her heat. Her legs wrapped around his thighs, keeping him trapped in a snare that Jason didn't have any desire to leave.

Jason slid his arms down to her waist and pulled her hips closer to him, letting her know that he had no intentions to leave her anytime soon. When he pulled her closer and dug himself into her even deeper, he felt her body move in an awkward way.

She had arched her back, and then rolled slightly to one side and then the other. Jason noticed that after the movements, she lowered her back and then felt something cover him.

Warmth surrounded him. A feeling as if a leather blanket was wrapped around his back, however, it tightened around him, keeping him pressed against her breast. Her tongue continued to work its magic on him, teasing him to a closer orgasm than he had ever had with any woman.

Jason figured that it was the folded up wings that had wrapped themselves around him, keeping him trapped up against her. The feeling of being out of control of the situation intensified his desire to cum deep into her.

He began to push harder and faster into her, causing her to moan while sucking on his tongue. He felt his breath being pulled from him with each time she sucked on his mouth. Her pussy sucked on his cock, trying to pull the cum out of him while the tail tied off the cock, keeping the orgasm from coming.

Finally, the tail loosened on him and he exploded deep inside her. She started to suck hard on his tongue, pulling even more breath from him. He felt himself sinking onto her, even though he wanted to continue with the sex.

The pussy's suction continued to pull every drop from him. Jason quickly pulled his mouth away from hers and laid his head on her shoulder, placing his mouth near her ear.

"Stop, I command you," Jason said with an exhausted voice. "I've had enough. I can't give anymore."

"Yes you can," she purred into his ear, giving quick kisses and touches to his neck with her mouth and tongue. "You can stay inside me longer than you think your body can take."

Jason suddenly remembered what he had read in the books and ordered her to release him.

The tail dropped away, the wings flew to the sides, her arms and legs completely lost their grips on him and he climbed off of her. He wearily stood over her and walked backward out of the circle of the pentagram.

"I command you to return to your realm, only to return when I call upon you again," Jason muttered, still wanting to rejoin her on that mattress.

She whimpered, but began to disappear in the same manner she had shown up. Jason went to the closest candle to put the flame out, but noticed the candle had almost burned to nothing.

Looking around the room, he noticed most of the candles were burned out and this one was the only one still burning, but barely. He quickly put it out and remembered what something about this candle in particular.

The box it came in recommended burning it for no longer than an hour, but it could burn for up to a day and a half. Jason ran to another room and cut the TV on and watched the news. It was just that. A day and a half had passed and he was glad that he had decided to do what he did on a Friday night.

He would remember that next Friday when he did it again.

Copyright 2001 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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