tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 02

Lustful Summoning Ch. 02


Jason spent the whole week thinking about his weekend. Every time, his groin ached for the need that only the succubus could offer.

His nights were plagued with dreams, more like nightmares. She came to him every night in his dreams, beginning that Sunday night after he sent her back to Hell. That first nights dream, he found himself walking into his own room and she was lying on the bed.

She was on her back, raised up on her elbows. No clothing covered her skin, and her body was as perfect as he could possibly imagine. He climbed into the bed at her feet, which in real life was impossible, since the footboard would have blocked him from doing so.

As he moved up her body, kissing along the way, she let out a low moan of desire. He knew that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

When Jason reached her mouth, her legs wrapped around his waist and the suction of her pussy pulled him into her.

She was bucking wildly underneath him, driving his dick deeper and pushing him to an orgasm. When he was close to release, Jason woke up from his dream.

As the week progressed, the dreams changed pace. The succubus became rougher with him. One night, she scratched his chest, causing it to bleed. He awoke again near orgasm, but with dried blood on his chest.

After each waking moment, Jason would take care of his uncomfortable stiffness. Each time would take longer than the last; and on Thursday, he was unable to cum at all.

Friday, Jason left work early to pick up supplies for that nights summoning. Speaking to the clerk at the store, he learned that an offering should be made to the succubus, so she wouldn’t become angry.

The man sold Jason a rat for the sacrifice and explained to him how to change the summoning process to include the offering.

When Jason returned home, he immediately went to the darkened room and set up for the ritual, this time adding dark satin sheets to the mattress. He then left the room, undressed and returned with a knife to do the necessary deed for the succubus.

He began the ritual as he did before, concentrating on the words and pronunciations, worried about anything that could go wrong if he missed even a single syllable.

A form began to take shape, as it did last time, but Jason closed his eyes to make sure that he didn’t lose his concentration. The air in the room seemed to become charged with static electricity and he could hear the squeaking of the rat near his feet.

Upon finishing the recitation, Jason scooped up the rat with one hand and the knife in the other. He looked at the succubus lying in the circle and waited for the words to come.

“Who calls me here,” the creature asked in a sultry voice.

“I, Jason, have called you to this location and hold you here until I’m ready to release you,” he responded, avoiding eye contact, but noticing the strong, milky legs and thighs that he wished to be entwined in. Even the watching the tail twitching around reminded him of how wonderful it felt last time when it wrapped around his testicles.

“Why do you call for me,” she asked, the seductive tone in her voice enticing him to come to her then and there.

“I desire the need you can give me,” Jason said, not letting his feet move forward this time, like the last. He felt more in charge than he did last time.

“And what do you desire,” she asked.

“For my lust to be fulfilled and you to be on your way back to your realm,” Jason said. His eyes wandered over her body, watching her hands roam around the supple breast and shining skin over her flat belly toward a shaved pussy.

“We need to discuss payment for this event,” she told him. Her eyes roamed over his body, too, but that wasn’t the only thing that moved. Her fiery red hair seemed to move around on the dark sheets.

“Your payment will be this life,” Jason said. He then slit the rat’s throat and let the blood drip onto the floor. When he was done, Jason stated, “You will leave at my command, no sooner and no later.”

Without thinking, his eyes locked with hers.

“You may not want me to leave,” she said, her carnal thoughts invading his mind through their connection.

“You will return when we are done, or I will punish you,” Jason said, but he didn’t hear the conviction he wanted to be in his voice. He didn’t think he would want her to leave.

“As you wish, I am at your command,” she cooed. Her hands ran down her flat stomach, to the waiting lips below, where the fingers seemed to be sucked into them. The hands then slid up the inner thighs and rested at the open knees.

“Join me, master, and I will give you pleasures you wish to have,” she purred at Jason. “I am yours, as your seed will be mine.”

He then stepped across the threshold of the circle, a wave of lust attacking his senses. It was like nothing he had ever felt before.

The air became thick with her musky scent. Jason’s cock pointed the way toward the succubus as she beckoned him with her hypnotic eyes.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of hers. They were wide and green, but had black specks in them that seemed to tug at him. His mind was losing control of the situation and he didn’t care any longer, just as long as he could lay down with this magnificent, beautiful creature.

“Crawl on top of me, kissing along the way,” her voice said inside Jason’s mind. “You will be mine tonight.”

Jason lowered himself onto his knees and placed his hands between her spread feet. He put himself even lower and began kissing her left leg.

He found that he could really smell her musk from this level and let his kisses glide up her leg, following his nose.

Before long, his mouth was kissing her moist lips, feeling the slight suction that was coming from inside her. Her right hand slid to lips and spread them, giving Jason a better chance to kiss deeper. Her left hand slid over his head and helped lower it into position.

“Slide your tongue deep into me and taste my juices,” her voice cooed in his mind.

Her mind began to take a tighter grip on his lust and lead him astray.

“Use your fingers to allow you better access,” her mind commanded. “And close your eyes and concentrate on my taste.”

Jason couldn’t resist her demands and did as she said. When his right hand replaced hers, it moved to the clitoris, teasing it with the long fingernails.

Jason lapped up her juices, letting the warm, sweet moisture slide down his throat and move to his stomach. As it was absorbed into his system, it took effect and he sank deeper under her spell.

Her legs tightened on each side of him, the right one rising a little. His left arm slid under it, wrapping around her silky thigh. Her leg responded by wrapping over his shoulder, laying on his upper back, bearing him down even more into his task.

The smooth slender tail finally made its presence known and slid down the bed underneath his body. A small bit of the end was long enough to reach and wrap around the head of his rock hard cock.

Jason noticed, but he already didn’t care. Just taking in the juices was enough to give this gorgeous woman anything she wanted. His mind was already made up that he wouldn’t leave this bed again, if he could help it.

Her leg loosened around his back and he felt the hand on his head slide off as well. He tried using his left arm, which was still wrapped around her thigh, to keep in her grasp, but his strength was nothing like hers and he lost his hold.

“You wanted your lust fulfilled, so continue up my body with those succulent kisses of yours,” her sultry, seductive voice whispered deep in his mind.

Though he didn’t want to stop drinking in her juices, he couldn’t stop his body from rising and crawling up her body. As he moved up, the tail continued to coil around his dick, moving further down it, until it was touching his balls.

When Jason’s mouth reached her breastbone and kept moving up between here breasts, her voice entered his head again. “Suck on my breast and drink my milk,” it commanded.

His mouth glided over to her left breast and teased the nipple with the tip of his tongue. Her body arched a little, the moist lips of her pussy barely touching tip of the head of his dick. The tail covered the rest and the end of that caressed his balls, teasing him as well, but not letting him enter her.

“Not yet, my lover, just drink from me,” she moaned in his mind. Jason’s mouth wrapped around the nipple and he began to suck on it.

The tip of his tongue continued to tease it as he felt hot liquid enter his mouth. The taste was like nothing he’d had before and he found it filling. His left hand slid under her lower back and helped to keep it arched, continuing the teasing touch of her moist nether regions on his dick.

Jason’s right hand inched its way up her left side, feeling the ribs just under the skin, and coming to rest on her left breast. It caressed at first and squeezed gently. Then the fingers began to pinch and pull on the nipple while the hand squeezed.

The succubus’s right arm wrapped around his head, holding him there while her left hand helped his right tease her breast.

Milk flowed its way out of the nipple, flowing over his fingers. Then it slid its way down her breast and, without any help from anyone, it moved it’s way up her other breast and seeped into Jason’s mouth.

Jason never noticed, he was to busy drinking in the fluid to care.

“That’s enough, my lover, come to my lips, stopping where ever you wish on the way, but you will not enter me until I say you may,” her voice commanded again in his head.

His mouth separated from her breast and continued kissing up the supple mound above the nipple. Jason’s mouth reached her neck and kissed and nibbled, while her hand continued to hold and caress the back of his head. Her left hand continued playing with the breast, causing a low moan to escape her throat.

Jason rose up a little and looked at her face. Her sculptured, flushed cheeks made her more desirable, and her lips parted just a little, offering a gentle, luscious kiss to him.

He lowered his head toward her and gently touched his lips to hers. He felt his lips parting as her tongue slowly inched its way into his mouth. Her right arm slid around his shoulder, gliding the fingers of the hand across his back, scratching just a little.

The tail tightened around his cock, but released more of the head, then pushed just that part between her wet lips. Heat rose up his body, urging him to try and move deeper into her.

Her legs wrapped around Jason’s thighs while the tail slid even further down his cock. The legs pushed him deeper into her as she arched her back.

The silken, moist walls of the succubus’ pussy pulled and pulsed around Jason’s dick, seeming to suck on it. His body arches, pulling his mouth away from hers, as Jason lets out a low moan of lust.

Her hand reaches up to his head and pulls him back into the kiss. Her mouth locks onto his and he feels his breath being pulled out of him. Jason’s right arms slid under her shoulder and his hand grabbed it, gripping tightly.

The succubus seemed to rise slightly to one side, and then rolled over completely. Jason found himself staring up at this gorgeous woman, riding him without moving her body. The vaginal muscles continue to pull and suck on his dick like nothing has ever done before.

The tail released his dick completely and slid its serpentine coils around his balls. The tip of the tail touches and teases the area just under the balls, causing him to feel his orgasm rush to the head of his dick. The succubus rose above him, planting her right hand on his chest while rising on her feet in a squatting position. Her left hand reached back and grabbed his thigh, giving her a seat of power over Jason, and he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

As he watched, red leather-like wings stretched from her shoulder blades, as the succubus arched her back and threw her head back. Jason was about to ask for her to kiss him again, when she fell forward, forming her mouth over his, sucking.

Her arms wrap around Jason’s waist, pinning his wrist there. Her legs slide under his, wrapping them tightly together and pinning them in her grasp as well. Her tail lets the balls go, but continue to slide between his tight thighs, rubbing the scrotum.

The wings reach out to the edge of the mattress and clasp on to it, keeping Jason sandwiched between the succubus and satin sheets. Her body continues to rock back and forth on his, pulling his seed out of him and tightening her grasp on his lust.

As Jason’s body goes into throes of orgasm that he has never felt before, the succubus stops sucking on his mouth and puts her mouth next to his ear.

“I will honor your wish and not keep you here, but next time you call me, have a better offering than a silly little rat,” she whispered passionately into his ear. “A gorgeous woman would be a lovely gift. Just tell her to stand in the circle next time and call me, I will do the rest.

“If you do this for me, I will give you greater pleasures than you have ever known, even better than this was,” she continued in her sultry voice. “If you come back with a lowly rat again, then you will not leave this bed, nor enjoy lying in it.”

Jason felt the world spin around him and then he found himself lying on his back, on the mattress, alone. Sleep began to take him, but he couldn’t forget her last words and the picture she had left in his mind.

A gorgeous blonde woman is standing on a street corner. Shiny black leather hugging her body like a second skin, from ankle to wrist, but nothing was hidden from view of the eyes. Her straight blonde hair hangs to the middle of her back as she stretches her back. Her feet are open to the air in high-stiletto-heels.

She looks directly at Jason and smiles. She wags her finger at him, motioning for him to come to her.

A deep sleep takes Jason from the dream and he wakes on Sunday morning, fully refreshed and ready for the search for the succubus’ next offering.

Copyright 2002 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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