tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 03

Lustful Summoning Ch. 03


A gorgeous blonde woman is standing on a street corner. Shiny black leather hugged her body like a second skin, from ankle to wrist, but nothing was hidden from view of the eyes. Her straight golden-blonde hair hung to the middle of her back as she stretched her arms up to the sky. Her breast pushed on the thin leather, the erect nipples pushing out, showing how tentative they were to the fabric rubbing against them.

She looked directly at Jason and smiled. The blonde wagged her finger at him, motioning for him to walk over to her. Her tongue slid between her lips and surprised Jason at its length. It reached down past her chin and the started to curl up. The tip reached about half way back up toward the mouth and flicked back and forth, just as her finger had done earlier.

Jason knew this was the woman the succubus had put in his mind. She had to be the one, but he didn't know how to go about getting her back to his place. He walked slowly to her and looked into the palest blue eyes he had ever seen. Jason would've sworn that she was blind, because they seemed to as white as he had seen in movies with blind people.

"Hello," she said to Jason, when he was in earshot. "I haven't seen you around here before. Do you live near here?"

Jason continued to stare into her eyes, still enamored with the gaze.

"I'm new around here," he responded. "I'm new to all of this, if you know what I mean."

"Ah, a virgin, then, huh," she queried, stepping directly in front of him. Jason felt her hand touch his already rising anticipation, caressing the fabric of his jeans. Her long nails teased his cock through the jeans.

"Not per se, but I've never done this before," he said, looking down uncomfortably at not knowing what to do. "I don't even understand the procedures of meeting a woman of your finesse. What's a man supposed to do?"

"Well, since you are new to this, I'm positive you're not a cop," she said. "And I love your candor, so I'm willing to make a deal with you. You show me the money and I'll let you take me home with you."

Jason was surprised at how easy it was to get this woman. He pulled out his wallet and opened it, showed at least ten twenty dollar bills. The woman reached out and took his arm after he returned his wallet. After climbing into his small car, and moving down the road, Jason finally asked the question that was really on his mind.

"How do you get your tongue to stick that far out," he asked. "I've never met anyone who could do that?"

"I get that a lot," she said, leaning back into the seat. "My first job was as a stripper. I hoarded a lot of money and had the muscle holding my tongue down cut out and removed. It took me over a month to learn how to sleep on my side.

"It turns out that with out that connection, my tongue will roll back into my throat and choke me to death, if I fall asleep on my back. I also regret the other alterations I had done at the time, too."

Jason hardly listened to her comments, focusing on the road before him as he drove home that night. He barely noticed the comments about her tummy tucks, breast enlargements and facials restructuring. Jason paid more attention when she suddenly talked about her darker times.

"I went into what you might call a vampire stage, too," the blonde rambled on. "I spent some money on having my top canines elongated, too. Now I've got problems whenever I'm trying to pick up a customer. Most of them quickly turn away when they see my smile, but several will actually if I'll bite them while were down to business, if you know what I mean.

"It's been far to many times that I've tasted blood. I can't stand it and I don't want to do it again…unless that's what you want, you know. I'm willing to do anything that you want for the evening. You understand that, right?"

Jason pulled the car into the driveway at that time and parked it. He quickly cut on the dome light and turned to look at her.

"You've really got vampire fangs," he asked.

The blonde smiled at him, two fangs extending to her from the top gums to the bottom gums. The smile lit up her eyes in the dim light. Jason reached over to her, planning to kiss her passionately.

"I'm sorry, but that isn't allowed," she said, pulling away.

"Why not," Jason asked, looking upset and curious.

"I can put a condom on your cock for protection, but some diseases can pass from the mouths saliva," she said. "There's that plus the fact that a kiss is too intimate for my job. I've heard of too many women quitting because they started kissing a steady customer. I'm making to much money for that to happen."

"Okay, no kissing, but does that extend to everywhere, or just on the mouth?"

"Just on the mouth," she said, smiling again. "I can kiss you anywhere you want me to, other than there."

"What about me," Jason asked.

"Well, you can kiss me anywhere, too, but you can't eat me out. That's another way that diseases can be passed and I don't want to take the risk."

"Okay, then, but I do have one special request."

"What's that?"

The two of them entered the extra room of the house. She had already complied with his request and was nude. Her body was even more remarkable without the leather outfit. Her legs looked strong from the years of dancing and walking the streets. Her waist was very slim and her breasts were very perky. The woman's abdomen was tight from dancing, along with other movements she had learned with her current job.

Jason walked her to the center of the pentagram and the center of the mattress on the floor. He then began moving around the room, lighting the candles and incense.

"Are these satin sheets on this mattress," the woman asked. "I've always loved satin sheets. The only thing better is silk, if you ask me."

"Mm-hmm," Jason responded, working quickly and hoping the woman would change her mind about it.

"Should I lie down on the mattress, or just stand on it," she asked, inquisitively.

"I don't know…I don't think it matters," he said, taking his place in front of her and outside the circle on the floor. He had made sure that he stood on the spot where the rat had bled the week before.

"Well, should I do anything, other than just stand or lie here?"

No, just what ever you do, don't leave the circle and remain completely still, no matter what you see. Also, don't say anything while I'm reciting the incantation, okay?"

"Alright," she said, her voice trembling. Jason could tell that she was getting scared and was starting to change her mind.

"I promise to give you the money," he said. He reached over to a table and pulled the twenty's out and put them on the floor, outside the circle.

She stared at the money and Jason knew that she was resolved to earn it, no matter how strange his request was.

He began to recite the incantation without any problems. He was beginning to know it by heart, even if this was only the third time he had recited it. He didn't falter or even worry about making any mistakes. His only fear was how the sacrifice would be taken. He didn't know what was going to happen after the succubus had taken form.

Jason kept his eyes open as he continued the recitation. There wasn't a possibility that he was going to miss this event. He had to know what was going to happen when the succubus came to take her sacrifice.

He continued the chanting as the blonde lay down on the satin sheets. He waited for the succubus to form after the sweet, sensual smells assaulted his nose. To his surprise, the form didn't come as quickly as before.

The blonde had wanted to get her customer in bed as soon as possible. The sooner he was spent, them more likely he would go to sleep, as most men did.

His chanting, however, had begun to take some effect on her. Her body began to relax into the smooth sheets and a sweet smell, different than the strong, pungent odor of the incense the man had lit, was invading her senses.

All the lighted candles lit up the room quite well, but now it seemed as if the candles were going out. She could still see all of the candles glowing in growing darkness, but their light was cut short. She could barely see the man outside the circle now, but his chanting in that strange language kept her relaxed.

The sweet scent in the air began to have a strange effect on her body. The blonde's skin became more sensitive to the feeling of the sheet underneath her. To test all of her skin, she brought her hands up to her stomach and gently caressed it.

It felt more sensual than she had expected, as the feeling raced to all of her erogenous zones. Her nipples now stood erect, wanting full attention; and her pussy became needy for filling. She stared at the barely discernable man outside the circle, his free cock no longer flaccid and limp. It stood at full growth, more than 210 inches, and throbbing with much needed attention.

The woman's hands caressed up to her chest and began massaging her large breast. As soon as her fingertips neared her nipples, her body tensed with near orgasm. The blonde's right arm crossed over the right bosom and began pinching and pulling on the left nipple.

Her left hand slid down her flat stomach and eased its way to her clit. With each inch it neared, the woman's breathing became shorter and quicker. When the tip of her index finger's nail reached the clit, she screamed in pleasure of strong orgasm.

Her hip pushed up toward the air as she slid her hand over it. The three center fingers were immediately buried inside the wetness. The smaller finger and thumb were trying to open her lips even more, hoping that something would come along and enter the pussy.

Jason watched and continued without hesitation, wondering where the succubus was and why she hadn't arrived yet. His lust was getting the better of him, and he almost walked into the circle to try and please the needy woman.

Before he had taken three steps toward the woman, who was finger fucking herself on the red satin covered mattress in the middle of a pentagram, he saw the form.

At first, Jason thought it was just the sheet being moved by the woman writhing in her throes of passion. But then he noticed that the sheet was taking shape as if a body was rising from underneath it.

The form looked as if it was lying on its back as it was rising through the mattress. Jason knew that the succubus was finally coming for her sacrifice. He couldn't wait to see how she would take her sacrifice.

The satin was pulled taught when the succubus' body was in full form. Her nipples pushed against the fabric, then something mysterious happened. The satin sank through her body and settled back on the bed. The succubus was in full splendor, her body glowing with a light of its own.

She looked at Jason and smiled in pleasure of his sacrifice. The succubus then rolled toward the woman in ecstasy lying next to her. The blonde didn't see where the black haired beauty came from, but she wanted her. Another woman had never aroused her before, but pure lust was driving her on.

She reached out to the dark woman and pulled her on top of her writhing body. A moan escaped her lips before the two women's mouths connected. Jason watched as the succubus climbed on top of the wanton, much paler flesh, of the blonde. He now saw, for the first time, the backside of the succubus.

The succubus straddled her female victim and wrapped her legs around the pale legs under her. She then spread them as wide as hers, never releasing the blonde's mouth. Their tongues continued to massage each other, occasionally spreading apart just a small bit so the blonde could catch her breath.

The succubus' wings were still folded on her back, but they opened up and stretched into the air as the blonde's arms reached around the succubus. The long tail writhed around between the succubus' ass cheeks and down to the satin sheets. It began to curve up between her legs, sliding along the sheets.

Jason kneeled to the floor, since he had finished the incantation, and watched the tail move toward its intended target. It reached the blonde's dripping pussy and started pushing its way into her. The pale arms that were wrapped around the succubus' back now slid down to the demons ass and began squeezing.

Jason now looked at the women's mouths and saw that they were no longer having a tongue battle. He noticed that the succubus' face was buried into the woman's neck, while her head was thrown back in orgasm. The blonde's mouth was open wide in a silent scream of pleasure as she was drawing her breath.

The blonde then did the last thing Jason was expecting her to do. A loud scream released from her soul as she brought her head off the mattress and began to kiss on the succubus' neck as well. He watched with fascination as the two moaned into each other's necks then.

Jason looked back toward the women's waist and hips, which were now pushing and grinding into each other. The tail was sliding in and out between their legs with a quick speed, going deeper into the blonde's body than Jason had thought possible. He heard the blonde and succubus let out a moan between their lips that were still locked onto each other's necks.

Jason noticed that something red was starting to seep between the blonde's mouth and succubus' neck. He knew instantly that she had bitten the demon's neck and was now drinking her blood. He moved around outside the circle to get a better look at the succubus' features and see how she was reacting to the human drinking from her.

Not so much to his surprise, he saw that she too was drinking from the human. He didn't see any of the blood seeping out, like the woman was letting happen to the blood she was drinking. But he could tell what was happening by the gulping sounds the demon was making.

Jason saw the woman's body grow taught and her arms fall to her side as tense as they could be. He saw her legs try to close together with the intensity of the orgasm, and the succubus even helped the close around her tail.

The muscles of her strong legs tightened around the plunging tail, along with her vaginal muscles. The succubus' tail was stronger, though, and was still sliding deep into, then nearly out of and then deeper into the blonde's soaking wet trap.

Jason looked back up to their faces and noticed that the blonde was becoming more and more pale. Her moaning became weaker with each thrust of the tail inside her and her movements began to lose strength. Within a few minutes, the blonde lay perfectly still under the succubus, her mouth had let go of the demon's neck, leaving two holes that were quickly healing.

The succubus had raised her mouth off the woman's neck, where Jason noticed a similar two puncture holes that weren't healing. As her mouth pulled away, the demon's tongue licked the last drop of blood that was sitting on the neck, almost caressing the skin there in a loving touch.

The succubus moved her legs between the dead woman's legs and moved herself to a kneeling position, facing the body lying in front of her. Jason then noticed that the tail was still plunging in and out of the dead woman's pussy, as if it had a mind of its own and didn't know she were dead.

The succubus began to say her own chant, barely discernable to Jason's ears. He couldn't make out the words, but he watched intently, hoping that he would get a chance to be alone with the succubus soon. His desire was even stronger for her, even after watching her kill her prey.

His lust had grown while watching the two women going at it with each other. He now hoped the succubus would take care of the erection they had caused. Jason expected that the dead body would disappear or fade away as the succubus continued her chant. To his surprise, though, Jason saw the dead woman's body shudder.

He jumped back a step when the woman took a deep breath. The succubus finished her chant, turning her head and smiling at Jason.

"You've done well, master," she said with a deep lustful voice. "I think you will enjoy the desires that both of us will offer you."

With that said, the revived woman sat up and began playing with the succubus' breast while showing off her tongue's agile moves for Jason again. It seemed longer than before and came to a more flexible point, as it began to snake around itself and flicked against the front of the tongue's body. The rest of the tongue stared to constrict and roll back toward her mouth, like the rolling waves of an ocean.

The blonde let her rolling tongue follow its waves into her mouth, the tip constantly flicking at him like a finger tempting someone to follow it. Jason did just that. He stepped across the threshold of the pentagram without stating his purpose of calling the succubus or his being in control of the time they spent together. His mind focused only on being with both of these devil women he had in his home.

When both feet crossed the line into the pentagram, the women pulled Jason onto the bed and covered his body with theirs. He felt a shock of fear when their strong hands grasped his wrist and threw him into the satin sheets. He instantly knew that he had made a terrible mistake and was about to pay for it with his life, possibly his soul.

When he hit the sheets, the women instantly covered his body with both of theirs, his legs trapped between the vice grip strength of their thighs. Their moist pussy's ground against his upper thighs, their hands rubbed through his chest hairs, their tongues and mouths kissing his mouth, chin, neck, ears, and anywhere else they could reach.

Jason no longer cared what the final outcome would be; he only knew the true meaning of strong lust. He wanted both of them to use his body anyway they saw fit to satisfy their need and his. He wanted to be their sex slave and would do anything that they asked of him, as long as he had the pleasure that they could give him.

Jason lay on that bed and didn't move a muscle as the tongues worked his neck over. The women's hands worked in unison, sliding down his chest, over his abdomen, then reached his stiff cock. One hand wrapped around the base of his cock, the lowest fingertip ran up and down the base and between the balls. The higher hand tightened on the dick while the thumbnail tickled cap and around the base of it.

Jason felt the thumb become slick with its teasing touches and knew he had released some pre-cum for the thumb to play with. The teasing on his cock along with the wet touches of the tongues and hot breath blowing on his skin and ears causes the lust to give way on their hands. Now slick with moisture, the hands felt even better on his dick.

A moan escaped Jason's throat when he released on their fingers, a fear that the pleasures were over now that he was spent. To his delight, the women didn't stop working on his still stiff member.

The succubus whispered in Jason's ear after pulling her tongue out of it a simple reminder.

"I promised you carnal delights if you brought me my sacrifice, so you can release yourself as many times as you want, we will please you again and again, until you are through," she moaned into his ear.

Her tongue flicked his ear once more before she lifted her body off his. Her hand, which was playing with the bevel head of his cock, removed itself and slid up to his chest, giving her a base to lean on as she rose up above him. Her legs still straddled his left leg and he felt the moisture from her pussy run down the thigh to the bed.

The blonde gave two more pulls on the cock and then removed her hand and used it to pull herself down his right leg. Her pussy leaked its juices all the way down. A moan left her throat as she glided over his knee and rubbed her clit.

When the blonde was far enough down his leg, the black haired succubus brought her leg over both of his thighs and straddled his hips. The long writhing tail wrapped around the base of his dick and helped it stand straight up as the succubus lowered onto it. She slowly impaled herself on it, going down half an inch at a time, only to slide back up a quarter of an inch and go back down another half inch.

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