Lustful Summoning Ch. 03


Jason felt the pussy tighten around his dick in excruciating pleasure and released his full load into the succubus before he was three inches deep inside her. To his pleasure, the trapped staff didn't soften and the succubus continued to slowly impale herself on him.

The blonde had slid off Jason's leg when the succubus brought them together, but as she sank deeper onto him, Jason had brought his knees up and spread his legs a small bit. With this opening, the blonde moved her head between his legs and snaked her tongue out and began lapping up the juices that were rolling down his shaft and onto his balls.

The pointed, flicking tongue added to the pleasures that Jason was already have trouble keeping up with, and he began bucking deep into the succubus' pussy. Her virgin-tight pussy made it harder for him to keep pull to far out of her but increased the suction pressure inside her body.

On the fifth push into her, the blonde's tongue slid past his balls and hit the perineum. The sudden push on the area between his ass and balls drove Jason over the edge for the third time. Jason's scream of pleasure was louder than he had ever heard himself let out.

Before he could catch his breath from the orgasm, he felt the succubus' body laid on top of his and her mouth envelope his lips. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and wrapped around his tongue like a python around a rabbit. Using the strong grip of the wet muscle, Jason's tongue was pulled into her mouth; where he tasted the most pleasant taste he could ever think existed.

It was a flavor that he couldn't recognize, other than the smell that always accompanied the succubus when he called her into being. He moaned into her being, letting his external breaths escape his mouth into her as he breathed in through his nose.

The succubus continued to grind her pussy onto his still hard cock while the blonde kept her head between his thighs. While the pussy pulled hard on his aching dick, the blonde's tongue continued reaching everywhere to lap up the juices of Jason's cum. Several times, the tongue wrapped around the balls, slithering around it completely and the tip continuing up the base to lick at the newest drop of cum sliding out of the pussy before it could start rolling down the cock.

When Jason didn't think he could stand anymore, he pulled his mouth from the succubus writhing tongue and laid his head back onto the mattress. When her mouth moved to his neck, he said with some trouble of breathing that he couldn't handle any more.

"No, master, I can tell you have one more and I think the new young one wants to taste just you with out me," she moaned into his ear as she pushed herself onto his cock again. "Give to her once and then you shall be through."

Jason tried to resist, but as soon as the succubus had pulled off his cock, he wanted her back and couldn't fight the need to be pleased once more.

He looked down his glistening body at the cock standing upright from his prone form and watched as the blonde raised her head, her pale eyes looking lustfully at him then focusing on his cock's head.

Jason saw that her chin was just high enough to rest on his cock, but when her tongue snaked out, he felt the tip touch the base just between his ball sack. He watched in erotic pleasure as her tongue began to entwine around his shaft. To his eyes, it looked like a tree snake climbing a tree.

First a coil of the hot, wet tongue wrapped halfway around his cock, then started coiling the other way. The tongue had to have thrown several coils around it, squeezing and sliding on it constantly, before covering him completely. Three feet of tongue had to be sticking out of the blonde's mouth now, and Jason believed that if necessary, she could give more.

The wet muscle began to tighten on his cock, pulling her head lower and over his cock. Jason suddenly felt a pang of fear when he noticed her teeth. The previously elongated canines were now much longer than before. The blonde's smile grew larger, showing more teeth before enveloping the head.

When the heat enveloped it, Jason had no longer feared her, she was a goddess not to be feared, but adulated and pleased in anyway that she saw fit. The tongue released his cock as the mouth covered it. A strong suction began make its presence known on the head and Jason knew she was already trying to swallow his cum she was waiting for.

When his dick was completely enveloped in her mouth, Jason felt her tongue being pressed against the bottom of his cock. It began its wave motion on him, pulling his cum from his balls. Jason felt agony and pleasure screaming from his balls, as her hands began squeezing them.

He didn't want the pleasure to come to an end, but the blonde was adept at her work. He felt the cum shoot through his dick into the back of her mouth. He felt like his cum was a thick shake and the blonde was using his phallus as a straw to suck it out. He gave into the pleasure and came with a scream. He passed out on the bed with exhaustion and knew no more pleasure that evening.

To be continued...if my fans wish.

Send me back if you think Jason hasn't been punished enough yet. I've got some more ideas for it and I'm willing to add to it, as long as there is some interest for me to do so.

Copyright 2002 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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loving it!!

Really lovin it!!

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