Luv Letters 05


Authors note - I'm not sure which category to submit under since my stories generally include some variety. This time I'm submitting under "Voyeur" because its a glimpse into my life. Feedback appreciated.

You luxuriate in the warm water excited knowing that I am waiting for you. Making sure you are squeaky clean for me, you spend extra attention cleaning your anus. You hope that your gentle hints have not gone unnoticed and that tonight your tight little hole will get some extra attention. As you gently clean around the rim, then dip the tip of your soaped finger into the snugness, the nerve endings tingle in anticipation of my caress. Your entire body feels relaxed and happy as you soak in the warm water.

Finally, you get out and dry off. As you enter the room, you notice that I have put candles around the room and have poured you a glass of light crisp white wine. You notice the massage oil warming in the mug on the dresser and your eyes linger on my confident eyes and sexy body as you sip your wine. You love the inviting patch of hair below my navel and you imagine the warmth, texture and smell if you were to bury your face in it. Inevitably you also imagine how it would feel to have that hair gently rubbing across your belly, or caressing your buttocks.

You also notice the pretty red rope hanging in an intricate spool on our headboard. A jolt of excitement courses through you into a spot just below your navel where the jolt begins to transform into warmth that spreads to outward like hot syrup from your core. You put on the sleep mask laying on the bed and lie down as you feel my strong hands apply the hot oil to your body and begin to work away the tension. Your body and mind become even more relaxed as you are overcome with a great sense of well-being.

You relax for a few minutes after the massage, then you take a nice refreshing drink of the ice water sitting on your nightstand. Once your thirst is sated, you take a sip of the wine and enjoy the warmth continuing to radiate from your core. You turn to me and offer your wrists slightly parted as I expertly apply a two-column tie around your wrists using the pretty, red, exciting, naughty rope.

I reapply the sleep mask and order you to get on your hands and knees on the bed. You lower your head and stick out your butt in anticipation of my touch. You can feel me slowing and deliberately securing your ankles with another rope to the foot of the bed and your pussy begins to ache. You feel me get behind you on the bed. I pull the ends of the rope around your wrists causing your hands to move down your body and between your legs.

"I want you to listen very closely to my voice and to do everything I say. If you don't do everything I say, I'll stop what I'm doing. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good girl."

I pull the rope up pressing your hands against your pussy. "I want you to masturbate for me so that I can watch. Keep playing with yourself, you may get yourself as close to the edge as you want, but don't you dare cum until I tell you to. If you cum before I say, I will have to punish you." Another jolt shoots through your body at the gruffness of my voice and you obey my command enjoying the feeling of your fingers rubbing all around your moist lips.

"Yeesss Sirrrr!"

"Look at you, you're wet already! You like masturbating for me knowing that I'm watching don't you?"


"Would you like it if I jacked off my big hard cock while I watch you masturbate?"

"Mmmm, Yes!"

You can hear me open the lube and can hear the slippery sound as you imagine my strong hand sliding up and down my rigid cock, the bright engorged head pointing at your exposed pussy.

"You would probably like it if I shot a big hot load onto your fingers and pussy. You would love use my hot cum to masturbate, wouldn't you?"


I take some of the heated lube and grunt as I squirt some onto your fingers pretending to ejaculate. Your pussy aches at the fantasy and you have to slow down to keep from going over the edge. You can feel your labia becoming more engorged and you clit becomes even more erect.

"You are such a naughty girl! Didn't you know masturbation is a sin?"


"I think you need a spanking to teach you a lesson."

The smacks start out light, becoming harder and harder. You cheeks begin to redden and heat up. The heat spreads to your belly causing your pussy to ache almost unbearably as you continue to tease your clit throughout your "punishment". Suddenly I stop.

"Look at that cute little butthole, its winking at me. I think its trying to tell me something."

You can feel the hot lube squirting onto your tight hole, then my finger as I gently massage the rim around and around and around. Finally, I press my lubed finger at the center and your hungry, tight hole gobbles it up to the second knuckle.

"Oh that's a good girl. Now squeeze my finger. Mmmmm. Now relax. Now squeeze again harder. Don't stop rubbing your clit. That's it, that's good. "

You can feel my hard cock rubbing over your left butt cheek soothing the redness there as you continue to contract and relax your sphincter on what was one but is now two fingers. The nerve endings around your tiny hole are hypersensitive, and your pussy is on fire. I remove my fingers and apply more lube.

"I'm going to rub by hard, hot cock across your twitching asshole."

You can feel the pulsing head of my cock rubbing around the rim depositing a trail of precum as it traces the circumference. Your sphincter contracts involuntarily making you and I both gasp simultaneously.

"That's it baby, kiss my cock with your asshole."

I settle my cock between your cheeks and slowly and deliberately begin thrusting across the rim. The feeling is exquisite for both of us as your are deliberately contracting now to kiss my shaft. You are so close to the edge that you dare not touch your clit more than one every two seconds for fear of going over the edge.

Suddenly I stop. You can feel me getting off the bed. You hear water running in the bathroom for a minute before I come back to you.

"I've got something special for you!"

You feel the almost hot metal of the toy pressing gently against your anus which is tingling in anticipation of the penetration. There is a little resistance at first, but soon your sphincter grabs hungrily at the toy and engulfs it causing you to sigh. I reach down and take-over stimulating your clit as your fingers lovingly caress my hand.

"Hold your pussy open for me baby!"

You use both hands to splay your engorged labia as you feel my freshly washed cock pressing into you. I slowly press and your dripping hole readily accepts my entire length causing us both to groan. You feel completely filled and it is wonderful. You are so grateful to be married to a man who can understand and fulfill your needs so completely. The connection between us is both electric and intimate as I begin to slowly and lovingly thrust into your clutching pussy.

"Do you love having both of your holes filled? Tell me baby!"

"Yes, Yes! I love you so much Daddy!"

"OK, baby, keep rubbing your clit. We're gonna cum together soon! Oh, that's it touch my shaft, Mmmm, play with my balls!"

Suddenly you hear the familiar buzzing sound of your Little Buddy and you tingle with excitement. I hand the vibrator to you, which you instinctively apply to your clit. I continue to pump at a deliberate and delicious pace. You can feel my cock beginning to swell as the seed gathers in my anxious balls. As I sink in to the hilt, you say, "That's it, hold it right there!"

"That's a good girl , cum for me baby, milk my cock with your pussy!" I growl.

You see colors as you go over the edge, bucking uncontrollably. Your ass clutches over and over against the toy and your pussy clenches my huge, throbbing, spurting cock. I grunt pressing my body against your cheeks as I shoot rope after rope of boiling cum into your wonderful, grateful pussy.

I untie you and we embrace laughing, kissing, jubilant, until we clean up and go to sleep completely satisfied, spooning.

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