Madame "No!"


I worked for a couple of years at a pharmacy in the sixties. Oh, it was considered a cool job but I never was really into pills, although all my friends envied me. No, it was just another delivery job but at least you got a chance to get out of the store for a while. You are always hearing about delivery men ending up getting laid but that never happened to me.

No, I was just a young, nineteen year old virgin who seemed to end up dating girls who were determined to remain chaste until they married. So yes, I was horny.

For fun, I played guitar in a rock and roll band. "Pot Luck" we were called and we did the usual gigs. Frat parties, Jewish community centers, whatever. We did long "Psychedelic" songs like "Mister you're a better man than I" and "Up in her room." Lots of fun back then.

One day at work one of the white clad ladies that worked the cash register was asking me about my college aspirations. I wasn't much of a student really and I admitted as much.

"What I'd really like is to get rock solid on guitar and do concerts and stuff." I told her. Faye was her name. Kind of a pretty redhead but, you know, she was, like, forty or something. She was divorced and the pharmacist had actually asked her to come to work for him.

"Guitar?" she responded, "I love a guitar!" She smiled at me as she said it and I chuckled to myself as I thought of what she would think of my fuzztone solos! She probably liked Chet Atkins or Barney Kessel. Smooth, clean guys who were professional pickers. Not somebody like my guitar heros: Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana!

"You'll have to come by my house one evening and play some for me. I love a guitar!" She repeated. Oh right! I'm thinking, that'll be the day.

But Faye didn't just drop the subject mentioning from time to time that she just lived down the street...white house with a little picket fence around the yard. She'd love to have me.

I never really considered it until one week my old '55 Chevy wagon broke a leaf spring and I spent my whole paycheck getting it fixed. My room mate was perennially broke and even McDonald's was going to be hard to afford.

Faye again renewed her desire to hear me play one morning and added she was making a big pot of spaghetti and there would be "Way more than she could eat." Hmmm. Big spaghetti dinner, french bread, red wine. Hmmmm.

So I cheerfully told her I'd be glad to stop by but please warn the neighbors "It could get loud!" Faye's face broke into a grin and she told me seven thirty and not to worry about the neighbors.

Well, I brought my acoustic just to be halfway cool. I figured I could play "Summertime" and "St James Infirmary" which an old lady like her might have heard before. When I got there I smelled that sauce simmering and, Man, my taste buds started watering big time. I was famished!

Faye was dressed casually in a pink blouse and capri pants. I realized it was the first time I'd seen her in anything but that pseudo "Nurse" outfit she had to wear at work. She was slender and had no tits to speak of but her face was pretty and she was just really friendly.

"I've just got to finish up the garlic bread and dinner will be ready." She called to me from the kitchen. "Want a glass of wine? It's right there on the table."

This was the sixties and I rarely drank alcohol, preferring weed back then but, just to be sociable I went ahead and opened the bottle of Gallo Hearty Burgundy and poured us each a glass.

Faye grabbed the garlic bread and set the dinner on the table, all hot and spicy and...and I just devoured it! Not much dinner conversation. No, I just wolfed it down and the wine too.

"Faye, that was delicious!" Was the best I could muster as I burped at the end. The kinda pretty redhead held up her glass as a toast to me and I responded in kind. We sipped the rest of our wine and then Faye told me it was time for me to repay the favor.

"Let's hear some guitar now!" She smiled. I broke out my acoustic which was not exactly a classic but OK for back then. I saw her watching me as I tuned up and I told her my favorite songwriters were Bob Dylan and George Gershwin. "George wrote this one.." I said as I launched into Summertime.

Faye smiled broadly as I made my way through the song, winking as I changed "Your Daddy's rich" to "Your Daddy drinks!" I finished the song and added "I usually play a solo at the end but I don't have that guitar here tonight." Faye seemed enchanted.

"Oh, you play very well!" She complimented me. "Could I hear another?" I responded with "St. James Infirmary" and I could tell she liked that one too. Faye was making eye contact with me all through the impromptu concert and, when I finished with Donovan's "Catch the Wind," she came over and sat right next to me on the couch.

Faye was kind of rubbing her shoulder into mine and I began to get the impression that...that she was coming on to me! Good Lord! She was old enough to be my mother! Then she rested her hand upon my thigh and, when I set the guitar down and turned to face her, she reached up and gave me a peck on the lips!

"Oh that was so nice." She mused. "What was that again...'To feel you, all around me, and to take your hand...along the sand'"

"Yeah, beautiful song isn't it?" Then, suddenly I had nothing more to say. No words came into my head. It was just me and Faye looking into each other's eyes, her hand now squeezing my thigh sensuously. I came to understand that Faye was not a young virgin who was saving herself for "Just the right guy." No, she was a woman and the whole idea of inviting me over tonight started to come into focus.

So I responded by kissing her back. And not a little peck either. No, I stuck my tongue into Faye's soft warm mouth and really laid one on her! Her hand moved every so slowly up my thigh until she was touching my cock. Was I hard? Hell yes! I was nineteen for God's sake!

Faye lowered her eyes when we finally finished the kiss. "Are you...Are you gonna take me in the bedroom Jeff?" She said it softly, as if she knew the answer.

I nodded my head and stood up, taking her in my arms as I did so. I kissed my coworker again, this time giving her a feel of my stiff penis. I let my hands roam down to cup the cheeks of her ass and gave her a playful squeeze there.

"Oh don't!" She complained to my surprise. "Don't feel up fanny! It's not nice!" She gave me the strangest look right then. Pushing her lips together like a little girl who didn't get the lollypop.

But Faye proceeded to lead me to the bedroom where the lights were already down low. I was a bit confused by her rebuke but my cock was still hard and it was making the decisions right about then. So I kissed her some more. I felt her just melt into my arms and her little tits were pressing into my chest.

"Jeff, don't unzip my pants! I didn't mean to lead you on or anything but...but it wouldn't be right! I hope you understand but I just couldn't let you take my pants off here in my bedroom!"

OK, well, I was following my instincts then so I planted several kisses behind Faye's ears and felt around for the zipper to her capris.

"No No please don't Jeff!" Faye complained as I gently tugged her zipper down. Her pants were fairly tight but opening the zipper allowed me to shove my hands down into her panties.

"Oh Jeff, please stop!" Faye moaned as she felt me sliding my hands all over her ass cheeks. "Don't...don't pull down my pants!"

Warming to the task now, I did just that and Faye obligingly lifted each foot to allow me to remove her capris. More kisses ensued and I enjoyed the soft warm feel of her ass. She kept muttering "No...No..." the whole time.

I wondered if I should try to take off her panties but Faye had another plan.

"Listen Jeff..." She began, "I...I can't do this. You know what I mean. But, well, if you want, you can see breasts but that's all!"

That was fine with me so I was struggling to unbutton her blouse and, finally, Faye just went ahead and took it off herself. She stepped back a bit and, watching for my reaction, she unhooked her bra and pulled it off, exposing her little tits. Yes, they were little but look at those nipples! Nice and firm and poking out like cigar butts! And Faye knew it. She gave me a little smile when she saw my dropped jaw reaction.

"Please don't suck my nipples Jeff!" She begged, "I said you could look but...nothing more!" I reached out to feel her amazing nipples and, after a quick look at Faye, I moved my mouth to her breasts.

"Oh No!" She cried as she felt my lips beginning to suck her gorgeous pink nipples into erection. I moved one hand down to touch her pussy through her little white panties and she moaned a complaint about that too. "Oh, don't touch my pussy Jeff! It's so dirty!"

I led Faye over to the bed and renewed my assault on her little tits, continuing to feel up her pussy through her waist high panties. She made no move to stop me and then, as I was beginning to anticipate, she whispered in my ear.

"Don't...don't take off my panties Jeff. Please don't strip me all naked! Promise me you'll let me keep my panties on!"

"I promise Faye." I told her with all the sincerity I could muster. I won't take your panties off, but...but, I've never seen a woman 'Down There' before and, well, I'm curious. Could I...just for a second...?"

"Oh, that's just so nasty Jeff." Faye responded, her eyes now flashing at me. " want to see pussy?"

I nodded eagerly without speaking and Faye laid down on the bed. The lamp illuminated her and she suddenly started to look very pretty to me. Faye, after playing the role of shy demure female, lifted the lamp shade slightly to increase the light on her body. Then, with me looking on for all I was worth, she reached down and took the leg band of her panties in her hand and slowly pulled it over to one side exposing her pussy!

"Jeff, don't stare at my pussy like that! Don't...don't come closer and touch me down there."

Gently surrounded with dark red hairs, her pussy was tightly closed and a glorious shade of pink. It showed as a simple vertical line there between her legs. I began to unzip my jeans which brought a wail of protest from Faye.

Jeff, no! Don't get undressed! This is all we're going to do and I shouldn't even be doing this!" She watched me closely as I took off my pants and briefs with one motion. My prick bobbed free and Faye seemed mesmerized by the sight of it. I remember thinking she might not have seen a cock in a while and it probably provoked a reaction in her. She opened her legs a little wider and I climbed onto the bed between her legs.

"Don't do it Jeff!" She moaned looking to the side. Don't you dare spread my pussy lips apart!"

I took my cue and reached down...closer and closer until she could feel my breath on her exposed pussy. She continued to hold her panties out of the way and then she gasped as she felt my fingers beginning to open her vagina.

"Oh, this is just awful! Jeff, don't spread me open like I was your little whore! Please don't stick your finger in my pussy!" She was nodding when she said it!

I took a moment to savor the sight before me: My pretty coworker was holding her panties open so I could spread her bare pussy apart and view the darker pink color of her interior sex. Yes, I stuck my finger in there and it was nice and warm. It was my first time getting this far with a woman and I had no experience but Faye continued to "Instruct" me.

"Jeff, that's enough now. Please. You've had your fun and now it's time for us to stop. I know you're a young man and you want to see me up close but,whatever you do, don't kiss my pussy!"

Wow! I hadn't even thought of that but I was eager to comply. I laid flat on the bed and, with Faye still exposing her pussy, I leaned forward and kissed her sweet lips!

"Oh Jeff!" was all she said when she felt my lips kissing her pussy. Then she gasped as I laid my tongue right into her groove and began to lap her pussy for all I was worth. No, I had no experience but I'd read plenty of dirty books and knew where her clit was. I teased her there too.

Faye moaned and her hands soon came to my head and began to pull me in to her loins. She threw her head from side to side and called out "No! No! Don't lick my pussy! Oh, it's so dirty!"

I finally lifted my head up and moved to my knees. I took hold of my cock and Faye's eyes met mine. I could tell she liked my sizable penis but, of course, she complained again.

"Oh No Jeff, Don't fuck me! Please don't stick that thing into my little pussy! You...You're big!" She reached out to touch me and I moved a little closer. Her soft hands caressed my cock lovingly as she continued to moan: "No...we can' Jeff, don't fuck me!"

I reached down for her panties and, again, she stopped me.

"Don't take off my panties Jeff! Please...not that! Don't turn me over! Don't make me kneel for you! isn't right!"

So I went ahead and helped Faye over onto her hands and knees on the bed. I then went ahead and pulled down her white panties and exposed her asshole and pussy.

"Oh Jeff, I'm so ashamed!" She wailed. "Don't...don't lick my asshole!"

She really didn't need to say any more. I knew what she wanted, and I wanted to as well! I got right up behind her and told her "Faye, you need to spread open your ass cheeks. I can't quite get my tongue into your asshole like this."

Faye, panting now, said nothing and simply reached back and opened her butt for me. "Ooooo!" She gasped as she felt my tongue probing her tight little asshole! I tickled her pussy as I stabbed my tongue into her ass over and over. Faye's panties remained around her knees and I decided not to remove them after all. I kind of liked it this way.

When I sensed that Faye was ready, I moved up behind her and softly told her "Faye, take my cock and put it in your pussy!"

"Oh my God No!" was what she said as she reached back and took hold of my stiff penis. She squeezed it a bit to be sure it was good and hard and then brought it to the lips of her cock starved pussy. I just knelt there and waited and, sure enough, Faye moved back until my cockhead was right there in the quick of her.

"I'm sorry I've been so rude to you Faye." I innocently told her. "If you want I can just rub it up and down your pussy lips and I think I can come that that way. OK?"

Realizing her bluff had been called, I felt Faye slide back at me, forcing all of my cock into her slickened pussy hole. Oh, and it felt so good! My first time and I was so excited I knew I was going to come before I gave her the "Mind shattering orgasm" that I assumed she expected.

But my instincts took over and I began to fire deeply into Faye's tight pussy, bringing cries of joy from her lips.

"Oh, Jeff, it's been so long! Oh don't stop, whatever you do don't stop fucking me! Oh, get it all the way in there Jeff...good and hard!"

Slap, slap, slap! My balls collided with the sensitive flesh of her pussy and I fucked Faye hard and deep as she'd requested.

"! Fuck me for all you're worth and then...then shoot it all over my nasty little asshole!"

She was just too much! I couldn't help myself and quickly stuck my finger into her puckered pink asshole which brought another gasp from her lips. I was expecting more "No, please no!" but Faye just said, "Oh you nasty boy!" She smiled back at me when she said it and then I was there. I felt my sperm begin to rise and then jet from my balls. I jerked my cock from Fayes excited little pussy and, as requested, I spit streams of hot white jism onto her contracting asshole! What a thrill! It seemed like I came for a minute or more and, when I'd finished, bleachy come was drizzling down Faye's inner thighs. What a fuck!

Faye gave me a sly smile at the end and told me "You bad boy, now pull up my panties!" I did so reluctantly and then laid down next to her and we just rested for a while. I knew my evening was at a close now and I dressed and got my guitar together while Faye watched in her bathrobe. She fixed me a plate of leftovers since I think she could tell I was pretty hungry when I'd arrived.

At the front door I kissed Faye and told her I'd never forget her or our night together. We agreed that we couldn't tell anyone at work about this and said all that stuff you're supposed to say at a moment like that.

Then came one last kiss. One last kiss that was meant to say "Good night." A kiss that again had us moulded together. A kiss that, surprisingly had my cock reacting again. A kiss that fired Faye as well. Our tongues again intertwined and I grabbed her ass cheeks through her robe. Faye looked at me with a glazed expression. I think she knew I was a young guy and...

And next thing I knew she'd closed the door and threw her robe onto the sofa. Her panties came down and she knelt on the cushions, completely naked and panting softly.

I needed no further invitation and, without removing my pants, I took my cock, with Faye's feminine scent still upon it, and placed it into the groove of her sex. But Faye had one last surprise for me that night. She took hold of my hardened penis and, after sliding it up and down her seriously lubricated pussy, she dragged it up to the puckered little hole above it.

I pushed hard and she grunted and said "Slow...go slow..." But I was just too over the top excited to take my time. I pushed and managed to cram half of my sizable hard on into Faye's tight anus. With one more mightly shove, I hilted the whole thing in to the balls and then began to fuck her asshole like a man possessed. Having just ejaculated a while ago, I was able to fuck for at least a few minutes until Faye, I think hoping to bring this lewd act of sodomy to a close begged: "Oh, fuck my little asshole Jeff! Give me all you've got!"

Just a few more strokes and I felt my knees begin to tremble as I unloaded what was left in my balls into Fayes well fucked asshole!

You would assume it would be a little awkward at work after an experience like that but Faye was just really cool about it. And, every now and then she would tell me: "I love a guitar! I just love a guitar!"

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