I was searching desperately for her, my eyes darting from face to face, body to body. The night club was crowded; it felt like I couldn't make my way through the mass of people fast enough. The room was dim with multi-colored lights flashing, music so loud you have to yell in a person's ear for them to be able to hear you, and a mist in the air.

Tonight was Nude Night at the club. There were plenty of people there, dancing and giving and receiving pleasure. I spotted this lesbian couple I watched for a few moments, sitting at a booth and grinding on one another, sucking on each others' breasts. I became slightly aroused but was too focused on finding her to really allow it to excite me too much.

Pushing onward through the crowd, still looking, what was only a few minutes felt like an eternity. Finally, I looked up and saw her, the most beautiful woman on the planet.

She had very long, wavy, fiery red hair that flowed down her back like the Mississippi River. Her eyes were a deep green with light brown specs that matched the freckles that littered her entire body. She was soft in all the right places, her breasts full and hips wide. Her pussy was perfect and pink, covered by a thin veil of flaming red hair. Her body was wet and shining from the mist and also sweat, and swaying in time to the music. Her cheeks were flushed a beautiful rosey pink. I couldn't get enough, I could watch her dance like this, blissful and carefree, forever.

She caught me admiring her and her warm, breath-taking smile brought me back to earth. She motioned me to come closer. Although I swear I didn't feel my legs moving, I was getting nearer to her. It felt like a dream, like I was floating on air. Finally we touched and our bodies moved to the music in perfect harmony.

I'm not sure how long we danced. It could've been hours or only a few moments. It felt like a dream when she turned to face me, her full pink lips stretched in an easy smile. That's when she leaned in to kiss me, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and had a hand gripping the hair on the back of my head. My hands were planted on her flawless ass, squeezing her body as close to mine as possible. She broke our kiss and kissed me delicately down my torso until she reached my penis. She kissed the tip and then took it in her mouth, pumping up and down with both her hand and mouth and expertly using her tongue to massage the underside. She used her other hand to knead my balls gently. I could feel my orgasm building; feel myself getting closer and closer to the point of no return. She must've felt my muscles tense or sensed my impending orgasm, because she then abruptly pulled away and kissed me carefully back up my body until she reached my mouth.

I kissed her more urgently and passionately than before. I picked her up and leaned her up against a nearby column. There were hundreds of people surrounding us, but in my mind it was only she and I. My erection was right at her sex. I sought her lips again and entered her with a thrust and she let out a gasp. As I pumped into her, lost in her warm, velvety folds, I cupped one of her freckled breasts with my hand and took the other in my mouth. I sucked on her petite pink nipple, perhaps a little too roughly, as my finger and thumb had the other rolling between them. A moan escaped her lips and I could feel her pussy tightening its grip on my erection. As her orgasm built I could feel mine also intensifying, all of my senses heightened. I hunted her lips again as I felt her body clamp down on mine and her juices release. Her orgasm set me over the edge, and I exploded my ejaculate inside her.

I held her there for a few moments, me inside her, panting and out of breath, looking into her stunning green eyes. There is nobody in the world more beautiful than she. I let her down and noticed the fluid running down her thigh, feeling a stab of personal satisfaction. She took me by the hand and led me toward the locker rooms.

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