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Magic Allie's Story


I had a few people e-mail me and ask what the story "magic" would be like from Allie's point of view. So I tried to do that in this story. Mind you the female side of me is something I am not completely comfortable with. For those of you that wanted to know "WHY SHE DID IT" in the original story, it is still not really explained here either. Maybe just chalk it up to youth and wanting some excitement.

I still didn't know what category to put this one in and had to settle for the romance category the same as the original "Magic" story. That category seemed to be the closest to what this story is about. This story is a stand alone story, but if you read "Magic" first you will get a better understanding about where this story comes from.

I like the constructive criticism comments I get back from readers because I learn from them. The slash and burn comments will be deleted as soon as I see them because they are meaningless and a waste of time, both yours and mine.


"Magic" Allie's story.

I'm Allison. That's my given name and only Bill is allowed to call me Allie. The reason I'm sitting down writing this is to explain what has transpired in my life for the last decade or so. My husband, Bill's, and my counsellor, has suggested we each write up what happened as a way for us to help clear the air and put the last of everything that has happened behind us. He has told us we have put to rights our problems as much as we can, and we have the tools to carry on with our unusual lives. In this written works he wants me to explain the happy times, as well as the complete destruction of my life, and then the happier times that finally came back. He says if there are any troubles in the future Bill and I can reread these, sit back, and think of the others feelings and that should help us get back on an even keel again.

Then again with what we have going for us I am sure that once these are read by the other one, they can be put away and I bet they will never come out again.

I am not much of a writer but Bill has done his essay and I have read his, so I am following his style and have used quite a bit of what he wrote because what her wrote involved both of us. There are also some of my thoughts, as I remember them happening in here too. So having said that this is my essay about how I screwed up a magical life with Bill, and then how we fought back and became a couple again.

Everything started the summer before I was going to go into high school. My friend Sarah and I had invented this story to tell our parents we were going to spend the day at each others houses. What we really did was sneak away by hitch-hiking into the city to go to the exhibition with their big midway. Being young and foolish we had a lot of fun on the rides and saw all the sights. After our money ran out and we ran out of things to see, we then also hitch-hiked back home from there.

The lady we hitched a ride with, let us off at the country store beside the highway where our development road led into our acreage subdivision. We saw Jake, who I knew from riding the school bus, and some other guy beside a couple of horses tied to a fence. We knew Jake lived on a fairly large farm a half mile south of the store, but the other guy was a mystery. I guess the two of them were preparing to hop on the two horses to go back to Jakes place.

Sarah had a crush on Jake, so she immediately walked over to talk with him while I went to the other guy who I noticed was fairly cute. I introduced myself to Bill and I found out he was Jakes cousin from the city. He seemed like a nice guy and was easy to talk too and I found I enjoyed his company. I also noticed he had a big smile on his face, and yes I did catch him checking me out as we talked. After a bit Jake and Bill offered to give us a lift home on the horses. No surprise when Sarah immediately got up behind Jake. I thought it would be fun to ride a horse, so Bill helped me up behind him.

With my arms around Bill it didn't take long after the horses started moving that I realized I could feel that he was in good shape. He also had a sense of humor that matched mine. I knew that because he laughed at some of my jokes, and I'm no joke teller. Even though we had just met I found there was something alluring about him that made me want to never unwrap my arms from around him. Consequently, I found myself hugging him a bit tighter. Sarah was dropped off at her place and a few minutes later we got to my house. When we got there, Bill jumped down, took my hand and helped me to the ground.

I thanked him for the ride and then the two of us just stood there looking into each others eyes and started talking. He was so easy to talk too we just sort of got carried away chatting. At some point or other I guess Jake felt like a third wheel and he left us. I didn't realize how much time had passed until my mother called me and asked when I was coming in. I then noticed two things. It was dark out, and Bill hadn't let go of my hand since he helped me off the horse. I probably didn't notice him holding my hand because it pleased me to no end, and was something that just felt I should be doing.

Before I went in, he asked for my phone number and assured me he would call the next day.

Mom, being mom, quizzed me about who I was talking with that was holding a horse's reins in one hand, and my hand in his other hand in the front yard. I told her how Sarah and I met Jake and Bill at the store, omitting the fact that we had just come back from the city. I added that they gave us a lift home on the horses. I had to admit to her that I thought Bill was a nice guy and was hoping he would call like he promised.

He didn't break his promise and did phone the next day. I don't know why but I had been looking forward to his call and we talked for an hour or so. He called the next few nights too. Then one day he suddenly showed up at the door again and my mother answered it when he knocked. I had heard his motor bike pull in the yard and thought it was just one of those guys from school who were always trying to impress me. I wasn't impressed with any of them, and was sure I could blow off who ever it was fairly easy. For that reason, I didn't pay to much attention until my mom called out, "Allison! Roy Rodgers is here and he has upgraded his horse power." I was pleasantly surprised it was Bill, and he did have a small motor bike. After introducing him to my parents we decided to go to the store and get a pop.

We were back shortly and sat on the picnic table in our back yard where we talked and got to know each other more. We sat real close to each other and at one point we looked at each other and must have felt comfortable enough to exchange a kiss.

I thought it would be one of those little pecks like I had gotten from guys at school, and there was nothing special about those, but as soon as our lips touched, WOW! That first kiss from him sent me for a loop and was magical. I didn't want to pull away from him! As our lips touched everything around us evaporated and I didn't want that feeling to ever stop! He felt it too, because when our lips finally parted we both just sat there for a few minutes looking into each others eyes. I don't know why, but I said to him, "I think getting kisses like that from you for the rest of my life will be wonderful."

To say we had connected in such a short time would be an understatement. When I finally went into the house mom took one look at me, and saw the dreamy look on my face and she knew something momentous had happened to me. Mom and I got along great, and there wasn't anything I was scared to tell her, so I explained how that kiss from Bill gave me a tingle that started at my lips and worked its way all the way to my toes and made me feel like I was in heaven. I then adamantly told her, "Bill's going to be a big part of the rest of my life, and mom, don't ask me why I know that, but I just do."

The rest of the summer I'm sure we spent every free minute we could together after that. That picnic table in the back yard had never been sat on so much. Bill never even got upset when mom and dad would join us, and a lot of times the cribbage board was brought out and we would play until it got so dark we couldn't see.

I got to meet Bill's parents, when they tracked him down when they came for a visit to Bill's aunt's and uncles farm where he was working. His aunt and uncle told Bill's mom and dad where Bill was, and filled them in on the fact that he seemed captivated with a girl. So they came over to say hi to him, and I suspect to also check things out. That's also when my parents met his and they seemed to get along just fine.

It didn't take long until everyone we knew noticed the connection Bill and I were forming. Of course everyone had their opinion about us, friends, family, you name it. All of them used to tease us to no end about puppy love. Yeah, I'll admit we were young, but without doubt there was a connection there that couldn't be denied. We would be the first ones to admit we were young and inexperienced when it came to love, but we knew we had something special, and by the time we went back to start high school everyone saw we were right.

That first summer with Bill was like living in a dream. We were joined at the hip whenever we were together, and we could spend hours on end just talking about anything that came to mind. We would tell each other everything about our lives, and did so every chance we had.

Both sets of parents were sceptical about our dreams. After all, we were young and inexperienced, and this was our first love. They figured the seemingly immature, puppy love between us would be fleeting at best and we would go our own ways after a bit. At least they never said anything negative to us and they seemed to take a "wait and see" attitude, which I thought was real nice of them.

We may have been young, and this relationship was our first serious step in developing a major connection with someone of the opposite sex, but we knew there were more things to find out about relationships than just sex like all our friends seem to think. We understood if we were going to have a future together we had to plan for all of those things that we wanted in our future, so that's what we did.

About the middle of the school summer holiday we noticed something weird. We found we were like those twins you hear about where one would feel the pain of the other. It started out with small things, but we soon understood what was happening. We soon came to call what we felt, "magic". Our parents didn't believe us when we told them about our "magic," so they tested it out by poking Bill with a pin while I was in another room. I could feel every poke and prod in the exact spot it happened with him.

By the end of summer, the "magic" intensified. The two of us were beginning to feel the emotions of the other person as well. Let me tell you it was really weird discussing something and feeling his reaction to what I said. That was bad enough, but the two of us felt what the other one felt while we made out, and boy was that ever bizarre. Strange doesn't begin to describe things, but after we got used to that, it was nice to be able to touch him or kiss him and know if he liked it or not. No guessing or having to ask if what you were doing was good or not, you could sense it. With the "magic" we couldn't help but be bound together so tightly that we were truly one.

With the feelings we had towards each other, and knowing how the other one felt about it, we were as committed to each other as we could be. Bill even gave me his school ring so we were going steady. We had to wrap tape around it to make it smaller so it wouldn't keep falling off my finger but that ring made me the happiest girl, especially when I showed it off to all my friends and they got jealous. Let me tell you when I went back to school, and all my friends saw the ring, I was the center of attention from all of them. By then both sets of our parents had gotten to know us and we quickly became a de facto member of the other's family.

Summer ended and being back in school, Bill would hop on his bike and come out Friday evening right from school. He would stay until late, then make his way to his uncle's farm and spend the night in the barn. The barn was warm and the hay made a nice bed plus if he helped do morning chores his aunt made him a nice breakfast. About noon, he would come over again and then do the same routine Saturday night. Sunday evening, he would head home. The rest of the week the two of us had to settle for phone conversations.

Being normal we explored each other's bodies, but we were careful not to go too far. The two of us had discussed this exploring of each other and while it felt good, and was exciting, I really wanted to wait until I was out of school and had my eighteenth birthday before we put our lives in jeopardy by doing something stupid that could cause an OOPS. Bill and I both had a few friends that got caught up in the excitement, and had accidents with condoms so their young lives were ruined by a pregnancy, so we understood we had to be very careful.

When winter arrived that meant there was no way Bill could get to my house on his bike because of the snow on the roads. So most days he would hitch-hike. On really inclement days for the trip home, his dad or my dad would make the trip to get him home. There wasn't much that kept the two of us apart.

Our parents were really considerate, and they all knew about our thoughts on holding off on sex after a few talks with them. They knew we were adult enough to be trusted and they showed how much they trusted us by surprising us with a real special treat just after Christmas. We were allowed to stay at each others houses over the weekends or holidays in the spare rooms at each house. That way everyone got to know everyone else better, and we soon felt like we were a big family that way. Another plus was it gave the two family's time to bond with us youngsters. It also saved on the late night trips to get Bill home etc. I'm sure our dad's liked that.

After that gift we got woken up a lot of times in the morning by parents making noise in the kitchen. The two of us would be cuddled up on the sofa in our pajamas watching a show on the television, usually that Jack Paar show or a late movie, and would always fall asleep there. Another big plus with us staying at each other's place was we could date or go to parties with friends without too many complicated arrangements having to be made.

With us dating the two of us met each others friends and we had a lot of fun with them. Those friends saw how connected we were, and because this was the time of hippies, and free love we got teased to no end about not being so free. When any of my friends asked how I had captured Bill's heart so fast, I usually replied that I secretly was a witch, and had cast an unbreakable spell on him to make him spellbound to me. I finished by telling them that was the reason we had our "magic."

I liked all Bill's friends except for Shane. I couldn't figure out what it was about him that made me uneasy but there was something there. He was good looking and seemed to say all the right things but I still was a bit uneasy around him. The only thing was, he had this old Volkswagen beetle. There were a cold couple of weeks just after Christmas, and because of our parent's schedules, Bill couldn't get out to visit. Talking on the phone was ok, but talking in person, holding hands or touching each other would make things so much better. Shane offered to drive Bill in his car to visit me for the price of a coffee.

The second time Shane drove Bill, Sarah was over so I introduced them. Shane and Sarah hit it off and I think it was the bad guy persona he tried to project and Sarah ate it up. Sarah and Shane wasted no time and were soon having sex. Oh well they could do their thing, because Bill and I were happy with the way things were with us.

Spring came around again and I thought things between us couldn't get any better. That second summer together, up till that point in my life was the best year of my life.

Our parents also noticed the connection we had with the "magic", and how it had seemed to get even stronger. It got to the point I could be at home and some feeling would tell me when Bill was going to call so I would race to the phone trying to beat him. He could do the same with me so that got to be a game between the two of us. We also got to the point we finished each others sentences, even if it was some obscure idea unknown to the other one.

To us our "magic" was a major thing that linked us together. People couldn't understand the "magic" thing we had, and we had no way of telling them in words so they could understand being able to feel the others emotions all the time and how it affected us. That "magic" thing became the normal with us. So normal, we got to the point we never thought about our "magic". It was just there.

3) Year 2

The second year in high school Bill took on a heavy workload to get the courses he wanted so he would be prepared for the future. He wanted to change from a vocational side of things to more academic courses so that meant the two years left in high school he was going to cram three years of studying in. I was fortunate and knew what I wanted at the start of high school so I had more time on my hands.

Other than the distance of me living in the country and Bill in town we were always together whenever we could arrange it. That little Honda motorbike of his sure put on a lot of miles. By the time our second Christmas came, we had been together a year and a half and we both knew we were part of the others family. When the realization of that hit home, we sat down and had a serious discussion. That was the night we seriously promised ourselves exclusively to each other, even though we had been since the day we met. It felt like an engagement for us, and Bill made me so happy when he said after my eighteenth birthday, we would have to seriously go looking for a ring.

Staying at each others house for weekends and such was the expected norm for us by then. Both sets of parents were comfortable with our commitment to wait on being physical until we were finished school so they weren't worried we would do anything rash. The winter passed and I was at Bill's place most weekends and holidays so I could help him study more. I understood those courses he was taking better than he did, so I helped him with those.

That commitment to wait on being physically involved with each other was sure hard on the two of us. By that time in our relationship we had done a fair bit more than heavy petting, and knew what each others body looked and felt like. The most difficult part of that was knowing through the "magic", how much each other was enjoying those times, and believe me it was tough holding back.

We still got teased from just about everyone about the puppy love thing, because within seconds of being together, there was always some body contact even if it was just holding hands. For that year other than working hard at school, socializing with friends, and Bill getting a part time job, things were pretty uneventful.

4)The "Magic" Fades Then Is Gone.

The third summer we were together was a bit more hectic than the other summers we had together. Bill was working more hours at his part time job and I was helping a neighbour with her part time accounting business, but we still met up every evening we could.

Then we started our senior year. We started out the school year like all the other years hoping to make good marks so we could get on with our lives. I was doing OK, but school was chaotic for Bill as the workload increased for him.

Our parents socialized with each other all the time now and were best friends. I'm sure the Christmas, New Years and Easter holidays were the best ever with both families enjoying the festivities together. It was like having one big happy family around all the time. Bill and I still enjoyed being with our friends with the only difference being Shane. Bill told me Shane had started hanging out with a rougher crowd at school. The rest of our group soon were considering him to be less of a friend and more of an acquaintance. That was mainly because his attitude had really changed and he wanted to fit into the image his new group of friends had. He definitely was becoming more of a rebel and he started to act like he was better than everyone else and could do as he pleased.

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