tagTransgender & CrossdressersMagic Dress - Yvette Pt. 09

Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 09



I got my wish, but not how I expected it.

It had been my dearest wish that Kathy could find a new man to love, so that I could become Yvette all the time. It happened but in a totally unexpected way.

It was about a year after our arrangement where I slept with Cedric on Friday nights and Cora stayed over at our place with Kathy. Naturally they became good friends and discussed many things. The two couples also enjoyed ballroom dancing on Tuesday, which usually included one dance of Kathy dancing with Cedric while Maurice danced with Cora.

Something else had been happening too, or rather two things, as Kathy explained to me. She had seen Cedric socially a few times without spouses and they liked each other a lot, though nothing had happened. Cora was totally aware of this. It finally came to the point where they were beginning to have something like love, which she thought could grow.

The other thing was this. I did not realise it, but Cora had been going through the menopause at quite an early age. She knew Cedric fancied her less, though he continued to make love to her as often as she wanted, which was becoming less and less, thus leaving him unsatisfied. Although she put on a brave face, she had never been happy with Cedric's going with Yvette, and had considered divorce. However, knowing what had happened with me and Jean, she thought that was a bad idea. Nevertheless, she had seen with us that it is possible to love two people.

Observing us, Cora could tell that Cedric never loved me, but she had seen something when he danced with Kathy, and encouraged them to meet without telling me. Over several months, the three of them had come to a conclusion, and wanted to discuss it with Yvette.

In summary, Cedric and Kathy had something which could be the beginning of love, though it was not as great as they had for their spouses. Would Cora and me agree to them dating?

We modified our Friday arrangements. Instead of Kathy going to spend the night with Cora, I did (as Yvette). Cedric came to our place for dinner and the night, and most of Saturday, obviously fucking Kathy instead of me. I now had a taste of what it feels like when you know your spouse is having sex with someone else. It was less than comfortable, but no more than I deserved. And Kathy certainly deserved Cedric's courteous attention, I had to admit.

We still danced as usual, with Cedric fucking me on Tuesday, and Maurice making love to Kathy on Thursdays. Although we cuddled, Kathy and I did not have sex on other days. However, after a while, Cedric and Kathy found other times to be together.

It was no fun for Cora, but it showed the depth of her love to Cedric, which must have been like that of Kathy to me. I got to know her well and was sorry for her. She said that she would be happy not to have sex any more, and particularly not to be obliged to have orgasms. She had only been doing it as Cedric was so delighted when she did.

We decided to keep the lawyers out of it. Instead we bought an enormous bed for Cedric, Kathy and me, and I started taking hormones. For quite a while Cedric spent half the time sleeping with Cora but not having sex with her apart from a handjob, but this was eventually reduced to one night a week after dancing. Cedric fucked us both in a very fair and considerate way.

A miracle happened, but like many things in the vicinity of our company it was caused by Susan. Because I had started to change with hormones I had informed her of what was going on. She knew Cedric and Cora from her ballroom dancing, and introduced Cora to a man as a dancing partner. He was a widower, a little bit older than her, and they started to attend dancing more frequently, and even doing well in competitions. Eventually the dancing partner invited Cora to live with him. She told Cedric that they rarely have sex, but are very comfortable with each other, and the dancing has given her new life. Obviously she would not sleep with Cedric any more, but is happy to dance with him occasionally, as he now goes with Kathy twice a week.

+ - + - + - + - +


I told Cedric and Kathy about my dream of becoming a concubine, which reduced them to helpless laughter.

However it turns out that the key factor in running a ménage à trois is timing and routine. There were three adults who had to get to work on time, and two women with one bathroom. Cedric only requires the use of the toilet and sink briefly, and cycles to work where he has a shower. A woman with hair and makeup requires considerably longer, though on workdays I was Maurice after breakfast, so was quicker. For sex, Cedric takes about 10 minutes to come. We can sometimes stretch it out or speed it up a bit, but that is normal. Essentially he can be finished in 15 minutes with me if I lube quickly. Thus if he fancies a fuck it can be fitted in quite easily. Kathy typically gets an orgasm after 20 minutes foreplay, and is then fucked, and often has another afterwards with a further 10 minutes, say 45 minutes to be safe. So in the morning he would have to start earlier if he wanted her, and I would be on first bathroom shift. It was convenient therefore for me to be fucked each morning while Kathy was in the bathroom getting ready for work, and their lovemaking to be evenings and weekends.

I began the day putting on makeup, clearing my bottom and getting lubed; then I would put on my stockings suspenders, bra and high heels, dressed as Cedric likes me. I was then fucked. I changed back to Maurice while Kathy had her breakfast with Cedric. Kathy would mostly be fucked in the evening, on the two dancing days. They also liked a leisurely Sunday morning in bed, where I would leave them alone. So on Saturday night I would sleep alone in the second bedroom, so she would enjoy the evening and morning lovemaking as a wife should. So basically she was made love to four times a week: more, if she requested it. I was delighted to satisfy Cedric's lusts at other times, being fucked some evenings as well as mornings. Thus Cedric spent roughly the same time with his two women, but Kathy got all the lovemaking and I got most of the sperms. A situation which made me entirely content. It was my chief joy that Kathy was getting all the lovemaking she wanted from a kind and masculine man. My own sexual satisfaction was real but secondary.

We all slept in the same bed, with Cedric in the middle, though if he went for a pee in the night he would often find me and Kathy in each other's arms and would go on to whichever end was free and hug the nearest woman from the back. This was after Cedric's evening sex and before his morning fuck, so it was just cuddling and friendly groping. People move around at night, so both women got access to his hairy chest at some point. He was naked, but we wore nightdresses so that he would not be reminded of my flat chest.

Cedric and Kathy went dancing on Tuesday and Thursday, and came back to make love as soon as they got home. He fucked Kathy once in the store room after the dance but she said she was terrified and it messed her clothes and hair, so she would prefer to rush home.

+ - + - + - + - +


It was after about 6 months of hormone treatment when my breasts became significant enough to be noticed at work. No-one was bothered, though I was worried about visitors and clients, so avoided these meetings as far as possible. A while later I did one of my occasional visits as Yvette; and the women in the office were very complimentary about my new figure and also my complexion. They had encouraged me to stop cutting my hair, so Maurice had long hair, though not styled. I did not have any surgical procedure, but my cock grew smaller and quieter and less noticeable. My balls shrank, so were easier to tuck away. There were a number of psychological changes as well as physical, with some temporary mood swings, but overall I felt they were good i.e. female. However I thought I was becoming less decisive, and became concerned about my work performance. I knew that I could not continue as a manager when I changed, and thought it would be better if I found a clerical job in another company. I thought Susan might be able to help me with this.

Once the changes were under way I did not wear the magic dress. I don't know if I was ashamed or worried or what. However, once the medication course was complete we arranged a time. Cedric was sent out of the room. My hips and buttocks had filled out, and of course my breasts. Coincidence or what, but I filled the dress perfectly. The skirt draped better and the bust was exactly right. We invited Cedric into the room and he was amazed, as well he should be.

I had made an appointment with my boss, Arthur, for the Monday morning, and went in the magic dress with my hair styled. There was quite a commotion around me as I walked through the offices.

"Lovely to see you, Yvette," he said. "You look absolutely gorgeous. I am sure you must be very well pleased. I guess you want to discuss your future and arrange time off for your surgical procedure. Have you got a date yet?" Susan was there with a notepad.

I was going to have orchiectomy, which is surgical removal of the testicles from the scrotum but nothing else. It means I would no longer need to take a testosterone blocker and would have a lower dose of oestrogen.

"Yes," I said, "in two months. So if we could make that the date of my leaving the company, you can start looking for a replacement, and I thought Susan might know of another firm where I could get a an office job."

"I'm sorry," said Arthur. "I genuinely don't understand. You said something vague like this some time ago but I didn't get it and forgot about it. Why would you want to leave?"

I explained that I had observed psychological changes and clearly was not the same person. I had noticed more mistakes in my work, and did not feel I had the authority to manage my duties to the standard required. I said I would be happy to take a more junior position, but it was best if this was not in the same company.

Susan spoke up. "Is this Yvette the silly girl or Maurice the sexist pig speaking? Being a woman makes you less capable? Of course you have changed! You changed for the better when you were part-time Yvette, and you have been improving ever since you started the treatment. You don't make any more mistakes - you just notice them more, because you are more observant and less arrogant. Yes, you have lost authority. I remember when you told people what to do, but now you ask them nicely. The only concern I have is that you are a bit of an idiot for thinking you should leave!"

She turned to Arthur and said "I think it is high time this company had a woman in a senior management role!"

Arthur said "I totally agree. Of course we do have female engineers and a female director."

I looked puzzled and he nodded towards Susan. I later found out that although she calls herself the Boss's Secretary and he calls her his assistant, she is in fact a company director on an equal footing with Arthur the Managing Director and Jim the Finance Director. I could see that she was a far better manager than I would ever be.

"Right," said Arthur. "Yvette is the Office Manager with immediate effect. Pass on a message to Maurice that he had better not show his face here again. I think he'll understand. Finance meeting at eleven. Don't you people have work to do?"

I told the women in the main office, and they immediately obliged me to buy them a drink at lunch time. There was no need to make a formal announcement as the company gossip process was one of our most efficient communication channels.

And that was the end of Maurice.

+ - + - + - + - +


I had the operation which is an outpatient treatment so I was in and out in an afternoon. I was sore afterwards, but it was fine after a few days. I became more stable and content.

For clothes, the advantage was I had no balls to hide, and my little pissing tube tucked away quite easily to give a flat front. However, simply not having balls reduced the bulge, so it was less noticeable anyway. My bum looked good in shorts and clingy dresses, and I sometimes tucked, depending on the occasion. However, I found that I had lost some of my desire to look sexy and flaunt myself, which may have been the testosterone talking. I found I was more focussed on looking nice, which could sometimes also be sexy. I tucked so as not to spoil the line of the clothes rather than for any other reason.

My boobs were an absolute delight. I had thought the breast forms were good, but the real things exceeded all expectations. I was so proud of them I did flaunt them a bit and I did not mind if men enjoyed the view, but I was not seeking anything more. They were so nicely sensitive that it took me a while to remember not to feel them in public. Even better was when someone else did. It was interesting how many women I knew were eager to feel them. They invariably said how nice they were. I visited Jean, and she positively invited Eve and Adam to have a good grope, which they were happy to do, and I was happy to let them. With Kathy there was a transcendental moment when both stood with hands on each other's breasts. There was a feeling of love and wonder. I was glad that hers were noticeably larger.

Even better was to have them kissed and sucked, which meant Cedric, of course. Naturally he was very happy with them, as his desire to have a woman for anal sex was now more convincing. He could fondle them as he fucked me from behind.

Although Kathy was still my legal wife, my role as a concubine was perfect. Cedric and Kathy definitely loved each other, though this in no way diminished their love for their former partners. Cedric cared for me, that was exactly what I wanted, not love.

After 18 months and much counselling, I had my penis removed and a pretend vulva made from my scrotum with a new pee-hole. What looked like a vagina went in only a tiny bit, but I was sure I would never want one. I was of course totally shaved for the operation. After my pubic hair had grown back I dyed it black, and thought the overall effect was rather good. Kathy and Cedric took nude photographs of me from various angles, but simply standing was best in my opinion. The women in the office demanded to see some, so I showed them the most tasteful ones of my nude body and they said lots of nice things. Eventually they badgered me to show a close-up of my fake vulva and they said they were well impressed.

It was surprising how many people felt they were entitled to view the actual pubes. I presented myself naked to Jean, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were also impressed and Jean hugged me and cried.

With my new frontage, there was no reason Cedric could not fuck me face to face, and it was a delight to feel him between my legs and the weight of his body on me. I actually think it stimulates me better because I still have a prostate and all the nerves in my bottom. However, he said that it did not feel like anal to him, and a bit like he was being unfaithful to Kathy. I was disappointed, but understood. Then we discovered a bit of a compromise. I lay on my back and he was between my legs with his face on my boobs, nuzzling and sucking. He said that felt fine to be enjoying the concubine in this way, and it was good for me. We would also get in the missionary position, but he would not penetrate me, just kiss and chat for ten minutes or so as he rested on his elbows, but had much of his weight on me, and of course could feel his maleness. Knowing I liked it, he did for a while it most nights.

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