tagTransgender & CrossdressersMagic Dress - Yvette Pt. 08

Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 08


I have what is not an impossible dream, but a possible one. Not a fantasy, but what could really happen to make my life complete and be good for the people around me. At present I am Maurice for half the time, and Yvette for the other half. Both have a good time, but I want to be only Yvette.

The first and key thing is a new love for my wife Kathy. If I had one wish in the world, that would be it. As I know myself, it is possible to love a second person, and there could well be a man whom Kathy could love in the same way that I found her after Jean. Kathy and I would still love each other, as I do with Jean, but she should have a full-time husband. Someone better than Maurice, which is not asking much. If this does not happen, then Maurice will stay with her for ever, and treat her as best he can, and Yvette will be a loving friend. But it would make me so happy to know that there is a man to love and appreciate her. To grab her breasts in the kitchen, to take her out dancing and then come home for a good screwing, to treat her as a man should treat a wife: as a lady and a lover. That alone would be wonderful.

Of course, if she had that, then Maurice could go. It is me she loves, the person not the gender, and that would not change. I think what would be best for her is to know that I am in a similar happy situation as Yvette.

I can imagine that there would be a man to take me as his wife and love me in every way, but that is a lot to ask, so it is not my dream. A third love is not very likely, and I will not look for it. If it happened, then I would have surgery to give him a vagina to enjoy, and to give me as much pleasure as is possible, though I could never have anything like the female orgasm. No my dream is much more realistic, as it is based on what I do now with Cedric.

But before that, what about Jean? I think that is sorting itself out. The three of them are living in a way which seems to me to be growing mutual love. As Eve has sex with Jean there is no reason for Adam not to have sex with both of them as much as they want. I think that if he fucks two women as much as he is capable of, and they have as much sex as they want with each other, then they could all be well satisfied, and it would be mostly lovemaking. Maurice is at the moment a complication and a distraction. Yvette would be very satisfied to know that Jean is getting all the cock she wants, as well as sexual pleasure in other ways.

I could then become Yvette all the time, physically as well as mentally. Goodbye cock and balls, hello breasts! I could not continue in Maurice's job, though they would let me, because I would be mentally different. However, I have a good knowledge of office procedures and am a fast typist with all the standard software. I am sure I could get a basic job in an office, and would be very happy to do so. I imagine there would be plenty of female company for me which I could enjoy at work and socially. It would be nice if some of the men found me attractive, but in my dream I am not looking for romance.

So to the heart of my dream. I will move in with Cedric and Cora to establish something like the ménage à trois that Adam has, one man with two women. But here, I do not want my man's love, I want that to be all for Cora, and her to know it. To use an old term she would be the wife and I would be the concubine. This is my dream. To be treated with all the care and consideration of a wife, to be appreciated as a woman in every way, but to have sex, not lovemaking. The wife is first in importance, of course, but I will be her friend not her servant. Cedric will love his wife's cunt and use his concubine's arse.

We will go out together to town, one man with his two women on many occasions, but he will also go with one of us for various activities, perhaps the supermarket or similar chores, most often with his wife, of course. We women will go out shopping together, of course, and I will meet women from work socially.

I love to think how hormones will soften my body. My cock and balls will go and there will be the simpler operation so that I will look and pee like a woman, but will not have a vagina. This means that I am not competition for Cora. Cedric really likes anal sex, but Cora hates it. Anal sex is something I am able and happy to provide, which saves her the discomfort. She also does not want to be fucked nearly as often as Cedric wants sex, so I provide a break for her. If I had a vagina, then he would want to use it, and that would be being unfaithful in my mind. With a vagina (which may be how I actually go) then I would have to start again, dating and so on, and leave Cora and Cedric with their problem.

More than a vagina, I long for my own breasts which I hope I can grow with hormone treatment. (I will start this as soon as possible if Kathy ever finds a new love.) I would not have implants unless they were very small. Modest would be enough, so long as they were real. I would not wish them larger than Cora's C cups, so as not to compete. B cup would be ideal, but I would be happy with A. I look forward to having them fondled and sucked, and hope that Cora can accept this, understanding how much it means to me.

With my boobs and rounder bum, I can have clothes to show them off. I will seek Cora's advice and Cedric's approval. And I will go around wearing clinging dresses, short skirts, shorts and even low-cut tops at last! I will wear thin tops with no bra so that my nipples show through and my boobs bounce. And Cedric will be pleased that men are looking as we stroll by.

Cedric is very virile and wants to fuck every day. As I imagine it, he will fuck his wife three times a week, which will be lovemaking, and he will enjoy bringing her to orgasm with fore- and after-play. I believe that is about the right amount of sex for her. I will be in another room but will be glad every time I hear her come. He will fuck his concubine as often as he wants, which will be a lot.

Perhaps there will be two bedrooms and he will alternate, but I imagine a large bed with him in the middle and his two women cuddling on either side. He will sometimes have one hand on my breast and the other hand on Cora's. Sometimes it will be our pussies. I have no special feeling there, but still love to have his hand on me. During the night he will turn to each of us as he sleeps.

In the morning she will go to the bathroom and he will fuck me. His cock will already be hard, but I will suck it a little, from affection. He will put his face on my breasts, then turn me round, and feel them from behind as I bend over a little. I will already have prepared myself, so that he can slip in when I relax my hole. He will fill me up, first with his cock, then with his spunk. I will adore his simple lust and satisfaction. Cora will know what is going on, but the sounds will be very quiet and she should not hear them. In the evening he will fuck me again, and I will sleep beside him so happily.

Now that I have no cock in the way, he can fuck me from the front. It will be good to be mounted in missionary style and to feel the weight of a man on me, and his hairy chest against my boobs.

On Tuesdays he will fuck me in the morning, but not the evening, because that is when he goes dancing with Cora. They will see Kathy and her new man, and tell me how happy she is. When they come home they will wash and go to bed, and I will go to the spare bedroom. If Cora does not want sex in the morning, she will wake me and I will go to do my duty as a concubine.

On Thursday evenings I will go dancing with Cedric, and he will fuck me in the little room before and after, and I will hope to be disturbed by a security guard.

We will go on holiday, with two rooms of course, and Cedric will move between them as he pleases. Both Cora and I will be pleased to accept sex at any time. I think it will not be too much for her, and we will get fair shares.

I will be a woman every day all the time. I will work as a woman, travel as a woman and go out socially as a woman. I will enjoy clothes and spend time (and money) on makeup and hair. I will not be dating, as I do not seek sex from anyone but Cedric, but I hope men look at me, and women too in a good way. I shall enjoy the company and conversation of women away from men, and appreciate being treated by men in a different way. I shall accept compliments and courtesies with a smile and a nod.

Just being a woman in this way, even without sex would be enough for me. But in my dream, my womanhood is confirmed each day as I feel a man's satisfaction and his cock pulsing inside me.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/19/19


Were does love come into this arrangement. Seems the whole thing is based on sex.
What happens when they get older? Whom is sleeping with whom ? We need a score card to figure things out. I can't tellmore...

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