Magic Leads to Out of Body Incest


I enjoyed flirting with Abby. I had flirted excessively with Melissa (Gail in contrast was all "let's get down to business and fuck"), but Melissa flirted mostly when she was blue. Now a non-blue girl was flirting with me. This was nice, and thrilling, but I suspected Abby was forcing herself to flirt.

Abby's heart was not in it. And why should it be? We hardly knew each other, and I was most definitely not her type. I became sad, and then in a comforting gesture, she reached over and took my hand before I could stop her. You guessed it: Abby quickly turned blue.

Now it was no longer an act. She too became desperate not only to fuck me, but to fuck me as soon as she could, and as much as she could. Abby removed her panties and gave them to me right there in the club. She did not even try to be discrete. She had chosen to wear blue panties on our date. It was clearly a sign.

In a bit of irony only I could appreciate, the musicians were playing the blues. Here I was, with a blue sexpot, having just removed her blue panties, and she took me to the dance floor, to dance to the blues. It was a slow dance, so this gave Abby the chance to hang all over me. She used that chance to great effect. She danced us to a dark corner. She managed to unzip my pants and get my erection to stick out. Oh, Jesus, I thought; not here!

But yes, it was there. Abby could not wait. She climbed up me, wrapped her legs around me, put her arms around my neck, and sat down on my cock. Abby was thin, and petite, so it was easy to hold her up when she wrapped her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck. Her skirt did not fall all the way back down. It must have caught in her legs. So anyone is the club could see her bare ass, and when she sat down on my cock, well, they probably saw a lot more, too. When she rode me, bouncing up and down, and remaining subtlety was lost.

There was something about Abby. I liked her. I hoped she would like me, especially after her "blue period." Melissa was my first, and she will always be special, even very special, and I still pined for her. Maybe even at some point she'll be up for another go-round, who knows? She clearly wants me on some level, but right now that level is buried a little too deep. But it would be nice to have a woman who likes me even when she's not blue! Maybe Abby will be that one?

Gail had shown me, by contrast, since she was not being at all sweet, just how sweet Melissa had been when she dumped me. Melissa truly cared for me, just not enough to have sex again. Gail did not even care for me. But Abby, ah Abby, she was a girl I could really like. So, when my cock entered her sweet blue pussy as she sat on it, right there in the jazz club, my sensations were intense.

I felt that Abby wanted to please me. For the other two, especially Gail, it was all about their own needs, which admittedly seemed to be intense. Abby was making an effort to please me. As she rose and fell on my cock, she was whispering, "God, Mark, you can really make love to a girl. I wish I had met you earlier. Oh sweet Jesus this feels good. Oh! Oh!" and then she kissed my neck, while she clawed at my hair.

While we fucked I unbuttoned her blouse, and removed her bra, exposing her gorgeous blue boobs to my voracious eyes. Abby did not mind. She has great boobs, too. They're not too big, and they're not too small. They are pert.

When I finally exploded inside her, she was now just calm enough to make it to my room.

Abby was a disheveled mess, with no bra and an open blouse, and no panties. She seemed not to care, as she exposed her boobs to the club and to anyone on the street as we walked back to my room. She seemed proud to be with me, to be my girl. My blue girl. Once at my room, she convinced me to touch my cock, to see the effects Melissa had told to Gail and Abby, and which Gail had verified for herself. Abby watched in awe as my cock slowly doubled in size.

Abby licked her lips, saying "Oh lover. I am so lucky you want me." It had never even occurred to me that a girl might worry if I wanted to fuck her! All I thought about was how they would never want to fuck me! We did it doggy style. It's hard to say who enjoyed it more.

Unlike Melissa and Gail before her, Abby was a moaner. This, I found, really turned me on. To have this blue sexpot moaning up a storm due to my cock I found highly erotic, in a macho sort of way. It was great for my ego. Abby managed to maintain her enthusiasm during seven of my fucks. I think she never would have stopped if I had not lied, and told her I was played out.

Without my finger, I would have been played out after two or three fucks, I'm sure. But part of this blue package was a seemingly unlimited capacity to fuck a blue girl.

Unlike Melissa and Gail, Abby spent the night. We fucked four more times the next morning. We talked, too. It was romantic pillow talk, and she told me what she wanted out of life, and what she feared. We got to know each other. It's nice to know a girl after you've had sex with her five or six times!

I was beginning to fall for Abby. But after the fourth fuck that fateful morning, Abby's blue skin changed before my eyes. The transformation took only a matter of minutes. She returned to her original skin color. My heart sank.

Whatever was happening, and I guess it was a spell of some sort, its effects on Abby were over. Now I would see if she liked me at all. I was scared. I was very scared. I felt I was in love with her.

Abby's whole mood changed. "I'm so sorry, Mark! I don't know what happened to me. I'm never sexually aggressive like I was last night. I can't believe we fucked in public at the jazz club. Do you think people saw us?" I nodded. "Oh my God that's so hot!" This was not the reaction I had expected. I was pleased. "You fucked me magnificently, by the way. I can't believe we did that! Everyone must think I'm a flaming slut!" Abby giggled at the thought.

"You are only my second lover," Abby continued. "I don't know what happened to me! You are a delightful man, and I like you a lot, but I don't think the attraction is sexual. I know this must sound crazy after fucking you what, ten times, last night and this morning. But it was as if I were possessed or something. I am so sorry. I am being so creepy!"

Abby started to cry. "I'm sorry Mark. You are so sweet, and I am such a creep. But I just can't do this anymore. I'm so sorry." Abby got up, and she got dressed. I enjoyed watching her nudity slowly disappear as she dressed. She was sweet, like Melissa had been, and knowing I was enjoying the view, she did precious little to keep me from seeing it. Well, after all, we had just fucked ten times! We had achieved a degree of intimacy, you might say. Why be modest now?

Well anyway, I'm grateful for small favors. Then unlike Melissa and Gail before her, who only wanted to run away when the blue wore off, Abby gave me an open mouth, sexy, and lingering kiss. I was so, so tempted to touch her skin with my finger, but I wanted the real Abby, not the enchanted one.

Abby noticed her kiss had made me hard. (I was still naked.) "Has anyone ever sucked you off, Mark?"


Abby then gave me a blowjob. She was no longer blue, and yet here she was, giving me a blowjob. I got excited beyond belief. I knew it was a farewell, blow off blowjob, but I was still thrilled. I had no basis for comparison, other than the quick suck Melissa gave me to get me hard again (which was also wonderful), so I did not know if it was a good blowjob or not, but I do know that I loved it. I knew enough however to know that blowjobs are special if the woman swallows. Abby swallowed. I especially loved it because she gave me this blowjob when she was no longer blue!

I think the blowjob helped to salve Abby's conscience, for then she left me with no regrets. It also helped to save my pride, because she gave me it of her own free will. Okay, probably she did it out of guilt, but Melissa and Gail had not even done that!

Left alone, I had some time to think things through. I did a Google search for this blue phenomenon, but of course found nothing. I avoided girls for a while until I figured this out.

There was one slipup. My chem lab partner was this girl Mary. She was the antithesis of hot. She was totally not sexy, and she even had bad breath. She was, however, a sweet person. At one point while we were titrating something, her hand slipped and it touched my hand. Like Melissa, Gail, and Abby before her, she became a sexpot in heat. To my eyes, she of course became blue.

This is how I discovered it worked both ways. I had not noticed it with Melissa, Gail and Abby, because they were objectively pretty and sexy even before their blue periods. But Mary was most definitely not! And yet, after Mary touched my hand and turned blue, I wanted her just as much as she wanted me. Needless to say, we got it on. Like the others before her, Mary could not wait. We actually had sex behind a stack of Bunsen burners in a corner of the chem lab.

The Bunsen burners did not really hide us. People could see us, and not only were we fucking, but Mary was naked. She did not seem to notice, and if she did, she did not care. I was a little embarrassed, but I was blue too, and really needed to fuck Mary just then. The need is overpowering.

It was Mary's first time. We went back to my room and Mary experienced her second, third, fourth, and fifth times. I even gave her the double my cock size treatment. Mafry spent the night, and we fucked again a few times in the morning.

Mary was different, though, because when her skin changed back to its normal color, she still wanted to fuck. This was new. I liked it. Now I could fuck Mary without the blue magic. She was my first non-blue fuck. This was progress!

My psyche could not handle yet another slip up, and since Halloween and therefore winter was near, I began to wear gloves. As a test, I let my glove covered hand brush against a girl's exposed skin. Nothing. No reaction. But this was not a practical solution, since my hands would sweat when I was indoors, and I looked strange always wearing gloves.

I went to one of the more imaginative labs in the college, and had a geek make me a glove just for my magical finger. It was thin, and unobtrusive. And it worked. Some people asked about it, and I just told them it was a medical condition. Usually that was enough. But when people pushed, in morbid curiosity disguised as concern, I made up stories. My favorite was that I had a touch of leprosy acquired during a trip to the Philippines, and this was part of the modern treatment for it. Nobody wanted to know more after that.

I had to learn more. I don't have a good relationship with my father, so I decided to ask my mother. My college was only 3 hours away from home, so I decided to go home for the weekend. My Mom gave me a big hug and made all my favorites foods for my welcome home meal. She even made pumpkin pie, in honor of the forthcoming Halloween. I love pumpkin pie. I saw her glance at my finger. She of course saw the high-tech finger glove from the university's biochem lab, and then I saw her blush.

This was the opening I needed. I got her alone. Before I raised the topic, she pointed to my finger and she said, "So it is in fact hereditary. Let me guess: it began on your 18th birthday?"

"Mom, why didn't you warn me?" I asked.

"Well I was hoping you would not have the curse. But then I thought, since you are a shy boy, you might enjoy being attacked by girls in heat?" she said.

"Well, yeah, at first I did. But it is a little weird to have sex with a girl who is blue, you know?"

"Blue?" my Mom asked.

"Yeah. While under the spell, the girls turn blue. But only to my eyes, apparently. When the spell wears off, they return to their normal coloring again, at least to my eyes," I said. Seeing the look on my mother's face, I said, "Are we talking about the same thing?"

"If you touch a girl with your middle finger of your right hand, the one currently covered, that girl feels a compelling need to have sex with you, right?" my Mom said. She somehow managed to say that sweetly.

"Yes, exactly, after she turns completely blue. But only to my eyes," I said.

"The blue illusion is new. For your Dad, he says we turn green," my Mom said.

"Dad has this finger thing, too?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes. Probably you heard me moaning when you were growing up?" I blushed. "He uses it on me all the time, almost on a daily basis. I'm not even sure if I like your Dad, but I feel compelled to have sex with him so often, I've just given up. He knocked me up with you when I was green, or at least I was green in his eyes," my Mom said.

"What about Annabel?" I asked. Annabel is my sister. "Does she have this curse, too?"

"I'm not sure it's a curse. You need to explore its power. Sex is only part of it. It might be different for each person. And as for Annabel, I think she does have it, too. I was green when your Dad got me pregnant with her, too. Hell, I'm almost always green. Your Dad likes sex, and he likes it with me. But Annabel's never mentioned it to me. She does not wear a glove as you do, so maybe she does not have it? We should ask her, though. She might be horribly freaked out."

Annabel is one year older than I am. She is hot, so I imagine she can have as many men as she wants without needing the blue (or green?) finger trick. For her, it might be a real problem. Girls tend to be fussier about who they sleep with than are us horny young guys.

"Why don't you go visit her at her college? Then you can let me know. As you know, Annabel and I are not close, sadly," my Mom said.

The very next weekend I went to Annabel's college. She gave me a huge hug when she saw me. We had always been close. It did not take her long to notice my finger. "So, Mark," she said, "What color do the girls become for you?"

In that sentence, I knew that she knew. "Blue," I said. "And for you?"

"With me, it's the boys. Magic seems to have a heterosexual bias. The boys become burnt orange," Annabel said.

"Have there been a lot of boys?" I asked.

Annabel laughed, a bit derisively. "What kind of question is that to ask of your sister?"

"You're right. Forgive me, please. I'm just a bit freaked out by this. It began on my 18th birthday, and that was two months ago," I said.

"How many girls in the last month, then?" Annabel asked.

"I thought we were not asking that question," I said, teasing her. "But I want to hear what happened to you after you turned 18. Concerning your finger, I mean. Will you tell me?

Annabel fell silent. She looked at me. Her eyes seemed to penetrate me, as if she were searching my soul. We stood still for a good five minutes.

"What happened to me is horrible. Can I trust you?" she said.

"Annabel, I'm your brother and I love you. Of course you can trust me," I replied.

"Okay," she said. Annabel hesitated, and then said, "It involves some embarrassing and intimate sexual details. I'm embarrassed to tell these to my brother. Do you understand?

"Yes," I said. "Go slowly and stop whenever you get too uncomfortable. I am here for you, Annabel. I love you. It's okay."

Apparently, I said the right things, because Annabel seemed to acquire some courage. She quickly said, "Do you want the executive summary, or the whole story?"

"Tell me as much as you feel comfortable doing. Maybe it will help," I said. I could tell she was upset.

Annabel took a deep breath. She spoke rapidly. "Okay. Here goes. To begin, I had no idea my finger had special powers. I was just an innocent freshman glad to be in college. I was excited, you know? The first weekend, the very first weekend in fact, I went to a welcome party. Everyone did. There was music and folk dancing."

"Folk dancing?" I said.

"It's that kind of school, I guess. What can I say?" Annabel replied. "Anyway, I joined in a dance where we all held hands and then moved on to the next person."

"Uh oh," I said.

"Yes, exactly. The first thing I noticed was that the boy on my right had turned a burnt orange color. It was the exact same color my finger had turned on my birthday. I stood there frozen in shock. So did the boy. Then my body got weird, and suddenly I wanted to make love with him. This of course was insane, so with a huge amount of will power I suppressed the urge, but I could tell he felt the same way, if not more so."

"The dance continued, and after around 15 minutes, my right hand, and my cursed finger, had turned four boys burnt orange. I wanted sex with all of them. And the four of them wanted sex with me. These were not casual wants. They were like irresistible compulsions. The only thing stopping me was that we were in public, at a dance, for Pete's sake!"

"The four boys all approached me at the same time. One kissed me and I lost it. I lost my resistance. I kissed him right back."

"I was already wet down there. You know what I mean," she said. I nodded. "Another boy came over, while I was passionately kissing the first boy, and he began taking off my top. I raised my arms to make it easy for him. A third boy unclasped my bra, and my boobs spilled out for the entire party to see. And I did not care! All four burnt orange boys surrounded me, anda few minutes later I was naked. I was as eager as the burnt orange boys."

"Were you freaked out that they were burnt orange?" I asked.

"Not freaked out so much as puzzled. And I did not understand why nobody else commented on it, or seemed even to notice. But I was distracted by having four boys sexually attacking me. You might say I was very distracted! I was a virgin at the time, but I forgot everything that night and welcomed anything and everything they wanted to do to me and with me. And they did everything: I fucked all of them, and one of them took me in the ass, too. I also gave my first two blow jobs," Annabel related.

"The whole party stopped and watched the spectacle. Some assholes took cell phone videos of the action. Apparently, I was moaning and screaming out my orgasms. When I'm orange, orgasms come quick and fast and are especially intense," Annabel said, and then she stopped. I don't know how many I had, but it was over ten. It was a lot, really, a lot."

"What was the fallout? Having a public gangbang and loving it cannot be a great way for a girl to start college, I suppose," I said.

"That's one hell of an understatement!" Annabel said. "And I still did not know why this was happening, remember?"

"So what happened?" I asked.

"I became the official slut of my college. I hid in my room and cried. The other girls shunned me. One of the gangbangers came over to apologize and to explain he did not know what happened to him. He felt compelled to have sex with me. He said I was his best lay. I'm still not sure if that is something to be proud of. I said that I did not understand what happened to me either, and we hugged,"

"Uh-oh," I said. "Did he turn burnt orange?"

"Yes, and he began again to be all over me. I was able to resist a little, and asked him if he noticed he was orange. He thought I was nuts. I brought him to a mirror, and in the mirror his image was normal. In the mirror's reflection he was not burnt orange. That's when I knew something was up."

"But I was enchanted too, so of course not only could I not resist him, I was as eager as he was. We did not make love, we just fucked, like rutting animals. He took me rear entry, and I fucked him on top, and then he wanted to tie me up. I could not say no. I also did not want to say no! Things went downhill from there. And all the time I was loving it."

"When did you figure out it was your finger?" I asked.

"The next morning, we both reverted to our normal colors, and then the passion was spent. He apologized a second time, and he wanted to give me a reassurance hug, but I would not let him near me. That's when I had the epiphany. I remembered when my finger got strange for a while on my 18th birthday, it had turned burnt orange in color. So I put gloves on my hands, and we hugged. It was fine. Then I took a gamble: I took off my gloves and hugged him again. We ended up having sex four more times. Now I just wear a bandage on that finger all the time."

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