Magic Lessons Part 1


"Everything here is in the mind, and you can do anything with your mind. Concentrate on the lock and you can open it."

Michael was surprised how easy it was once he understood what needed to be done. He just imagined a hand opening the door from the inside and it floated open in front of him. He walked in, followed by Julia, and headed upstairs to the family bedrooms.

Lucy's parents occupied a small suite of their own. Lucy's younger brother had a smaller room. Lucy had a middle-sized bedroom with its own bathroom, something Michael envied her. Lucy was in bed, her eyes closed.

"Good, she's asleep, but she's still here, so he's not dreaming. Wake her up."

Michael walked over to Lucy's bed and sat down beside her. "Lucy," he said. "Come on, Lucy, wake up." He patted her shoulder and her eyes flickered open.

"What? Um, what's going on? Oh, Michael. Why are you in my bedroom?" She looked up and spotted Julia. "And you... you were in that dream last night. Who are you?"

"Never mind, dear," Julia told her, "I'm sure Michael would like you to himself for a while, so I think I'll go see if your brother is dreaming." She turned and walked out.

"I don't get it," Lucy said. "I had this really kinky dream last night." She smiled, obviously remembering what had happened. "I've been horny all day because of it."

"I enjoyed it myself," Michael replied. "How about we repeat some of it?"

Lucy swallowed, her smile gone. "That was a dream, now you're in my bedroom."

"You're still just dreaming, Lucy," he said. "There's nothing to worry about." He willed her to be calm as he pulled the sheets off her. She was wearing a white, cotton nightgown that went all the way to her ankles. "You just get out of bed here and slip out of that nightgown. Then we'll see if I can't make you cum as hard as you did last night."

She stood up and he lifted the gown up and over her head. She was as beautiful as he remembered. Her nipples were already standing to attention and he slipped a hand between her legs to discover that she was a little wet already. "You really are a horny little minx," he said. She groaned in reply as his index finger split her pussy lips and ran over her clit. "Get down on your knees and put your face on the bed," he commanded, and she complied immediately. "Spread your legs more." He knelt down behind her and wasted no more time in sinking his cock into her pussy.

Five minutes later, his cock bucking in and out of her, his fingers strumming at her clit, she had her first orgasm, shrieking out his name and screaming for him to fuck her harder and faster. Instead he pulled out of her and climbed up onto the bed. She got the idea, climbing up to straddle his hips and sink onto his throbbing member. She began to bounce up and down on his shaft, her own fingers creating foam over her clit in their frenzy to increase her pleasure.

Michael felt he could keep this going all night. His own pleasure continued to build, but he knew that the final release would be that much better the longer he held on. So, he did not cum. It had to be something to do with the nature of this place, he thought.

Lucy came again, her breasts bouncing uncontrollably as she thrashed on top of him. She climbed off him and got back onto her knees, this time to wrap his cock in her mouth. Her blonde head began bobbing up and down as she sucked him in and waves of pleasure washed up him. She was good at this.

He lifted himself onto his elbows to watch her, and had an idea.

"Lucy, are you enjoying this?" She nodded her reply. "Good. Would you like to be able to do this all the time?" Another nod of agreement. "You can have my cock in you anytime you like, Lucy..." She groaned, the vibrations sending shivers up his spine, and he almost came. "There is a condition though. You have to come to me tomorrow afternoon and swear to be my sex toy. Will you do that, Lucy?"

"Od es," she gagged out.

"Come to me tomorrow afternoon, wearing your cheerleader outfit. Don't wear any panties. Go shopping tomorrow morning and buy a quarter cup, push-up bra to wear. You must wear the bra, but no panties under your cheerleader uniform. Do you understand?"

"Es." She sucked harder, pushing him deeper into her mouth. He felt the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her throat.

"Then you'll come to me and offer yourself as my sex toy. You'll say swear to let me fuck you anytime I want, anywhere I want, anyway I want. Will you do that, Lucy? Will you become my fuck slave?"

In answer she groaned, pushing down on him harder than before so that his cock slipped down her throat. It was tight, but she seemed not to care as she slipped him back out and then in again, deep throating him over and over. He could feel her lips against the very base of his cock and the thrill of it was pushing him over the edge.

"I'm going to cum down your throat now, Lucy," he said.

She knew. She could feel his shaft swelling in her mouth. She took a last breath through her nose and pushed him deep into her as he began to spurt long and hard into her body. For several seconds his swollen cock was stuck in hr throat and she thought she might die with him there, straining to unload himself into her. Then he relaxed and pulled out. Lucy took a heavy breath of fresh air and smiled like the cat that has found fresh cream.

Michael stood, reached down, and picked up Lucy's nightgown. "Just so you know you have to come to me," he said, "I'll give you this back tomorrow."

"Aren't you going to fuck me again?" she asked, plaintively.

"Not tonight. It's time to rest. If you want more, come to me tomorrow afternoon."

"I will."

Michael walked out, finding Julia stepping out of the smallest bedroom, licking her lips.

"What have you been up to?" he asked.

"Sucking off Lucy's little brother. Actually, he's not that little. Randy little pervert as well. What's that?" She indicated the nightgown.

"It's Lucy's. I told her she could have it back if she came to see me tomorrow afternoon."

Julia shrugged. "Sometimes we can move things about here and they move in the real world, but mostly the Consensus puts them back. Hey, you're obviously pretty strong at this, maybe you've got the will to make it happen."

Michael thought of the Lucy-slave that might be turning up at his home tomorrow and hoped that he did have the will.

Chapter Seven

"What's 'the Consensus'?" Michael asked.

Julia looked at him sideways over her shoulder. Michael had tied her across the dining room table, her ankles attached to opposite table legs, and her wrists firmly tethered to the further side. She could not move much, just enough to enjoy the slow, methodical fucking he was giving her.

"Do you... really want... me to answer... um, answer that now?" she replied.

"Please," he said. He was feeling smug. The nightgown he had taken from Lucy had been clutched in his hand when he had woken up. "I could stop if you like."

"N-no, don't stop. The Consensus is the group mind of everyone. Oh that's good... It's what k-keeps us h-honest."

"In what way?"

"Well it tends to keep the r-real world c-consistent. Stops us s-stealing stuff... that kind of th-th-thing, oh god I'm going to..." Her back arched and he felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on him. She thrashed uncontrollably against her bonds for a minute or so, and then lay still.

Michael continued to slide himself slowly in and out of her. Finally she stirred.

"Say you wanted to steal the crown jewels of England. There's nothing to stop you walking in and taking them, but then the Consensus starts playing its part. If no one in the real world has noticed the theft and you take your attention off the jewels, the Consensus will put them back. Otherwise people will rationalise it as a theft, and if there's a theft there must be a thief. Even though there can't be any, the police will find evidence leading to you and you'll be caught. The Consensus knows what we do, you see, even if individuals don't, and it acts to stop us doing things it doesn't like."

A groan escaped her lips then. "God, Michael, fuck me." He began to pump harder, desiring his own release now. "That's better, that's good." He felt her inner muscles clenching on him and it did feel good. "Small stuff you can sometimes get away with," she said. "P-people think they've just l-lost them. Unn, yes, please, faster."

Michael gripped her hips hard and began pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could. She came screaming, her fingers clawing at the tabletop, and his cock pumping jism deep into her body.

Michael heard the doorbell chime at two-thirty in the afternoon. His mother was out, so he ran down the stairs to answer it, and found Lucy standing on the doorstep. She was wearing the cut-off, long sleeved, yellow T-shirt and purple, flared mini-skirt of the school cheerleading squad. The legend 'Go Polecats' emblazoned across her breasts were thrust toward Michael with a force he could not remember seeing on any of the girls before. His heart began to pound slightly and his cock stiffened painfully in his jeans.

"Lucy, hi," he managed. "What brings you here?"

"Um, could I come in, please?"

"Sure," and he gestured for her to enter, closing the door behind her. "The lounge is through the door on your left," he added.

"Could we, maybe, go somewhere a little more private?"

Michael's cock got harder. "My room is upstairs, will that do?" She nodded and marched up the stairs. He followed, not quite able to see up her skirt to check for signs of panties. "First right," he instructed and she opened the door and walked in. Michael walked and closed the door, leaning back against it while Lucy stood at the other end of the room, facing away from him.

"I've been having some weird dreams the last couple of nights," she finally said. "You've been in them. We've... we did stuff I don't usually do, and... and I liked it. I... I need to know if you've got something to give back to me."

Michael reached under his pillow and pulled out the nightgown. "This?" he asked. Lucy turned and let out a soft gasp. She nodded. "Do you have something to say to me?"

"Michael," she began and then seemed to reconsider. "Master, I want to be your slave, your sex toy."

Michael smiled slightly. "Take off your shirt," he said.

Lucy reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Her breasts were cupped in two slim pieces of fabric that forced them up and forward; her nipples and most of her breast flesh was bare. "Does my master like what he sees?" Lucy asked. She actually seemed eager to please.

Rather than answer, Michael said, "lift your skirt." She reached down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to just under her breasts. Beneath it she was naked, her neatly trimmed, blonde snatch quite visible to his devouring eyes. He walked slowly around to stand just behind her. His hand lifted the back of her skirt and he ran it over her bare bottom. She let out a small whimper. "So, what kind of girl walks all the way from your house in a mini-skirt and wearing nothing under them, Lucy?" he breathed.

"I d-don't know," she quavered.

"Of course you do, Lucy." He pushed his hand between her legs and then up to press against the base of her pussy. "What kind of girl buys a bra like the one you're wearing and then stands in a boy's bedroom with her skirt around her waist?"

"A n-naughty girl?"

"Not just naughty, Lucy. More than naughty, surely?" He began to rub his hand back and forth between her legs. "What kind of girl are you, Lucy?"

"I-I'm a... oh... a slut!"

"That's it, Lucy, you're a slut. A little kinky sex toy slut. What are you?"

"I'm a slut. I'm a slut that wants her master to fuck her now. Please, Master?"

Michael pulled out his hand. "No," he said. "Sit down on the bed." She did as he asked, though there was something of a petulant look on her face. "Spread your legs as wide as you can," he commanded, forgetting what she was capable of. She forced her legs out until they almost formed right-angles with her body. "Good, now lift up your skirt and start playing with yourself."

Hesitantly at first, then with growing confidence, Lucy began stroking her fingers between her pussy lips. Her clit swelled under her ministrations and she began playing with it, rubbing faster and then slower, teasing herself into an orgasm. Michael watched as she worked herself up to the point where she would cum, waiting until the last instant before saying, "stop!"

She jerked her hand away from her pussy and stared, wide eyed at him. "What have I done wrong, Master?" she whimpered.

"Nothing, yet," he replied, "but I think I'll cum before you do today." He stripped in front of her and stood at the foot of the bed. "Keep your legs apart, but come over here and suck me off."

Performing perfect box splits, Lucy rotated herself forward and wrapped her exquisite mouth around Michael's cock. Her blonde hair bobbed below his navel as she sucked and stroked him into heaven. Her fingers caressed his balls, her tongue lapped at the head of his cock, and she worked him deeper and deeper into her mouth as she had done in the dream world the night before. When his cock touched the back of her throat for the first time in real life he could no longer stand the sensations; his cock spasmed and he shot his load into Lucy's mouth. She did her best to suck it down, but some escaped to dribble down her chin.

"Th-that's a good little cock sucker, Lucy," Michael managed. He backed away from her, looking down at his slowly sinking manhood. He so wanted to fuck her this afternoon. Somehow it felt like it would cement her slavery to him. He looked down again and willed himself back to erection... and his cock obeyed him.

Lucy gasped. "Oh wow."

"Yeah. Stand up and bend over the bed," he told her and she leapt to her feet to obey. He lifted her skirt, pushed her legs wider apart to give him a better angle, and slid into her soaking wet pussy.

"Ohhh," Lucy moaned, "that's what I need, Master. Fuck me 'til I can't walk."

Michael felt he should oblige and began to pound into her. He leant forward, grabbing a breast in one hand and sliding the other between her legs to find her clit. Between his thrusting and his rapid manipulation of nipple and clit, Lucy came almost immediately, but Michael kept pumping into her as hard and fast as he could, determined to cum again himself.

Lucy rapidly descended into cries of animal lust, unintelligible grunts and groans that spoke only of her inability to put together a single intelligent thought. Michael's own brain was turning to grey soup as all he could think about was the sensations driving up from his cock. Lucy came again and her legs gave way under her. They fell onto the bed, Michael still inside her, and the sudden jerking thrust, combined with her tightening muscles, pushed him over the edge. He unloaded himself into her once more.

Perhaps five minutes later, when they could both move and think, Michael lifted himself off her and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned, Lucy was lying on the bed, her skirt around her waist, breasts thrust skyward by the bra. She looked stunning.

"Get dressed and go home," he told her.

"Can't I clean up first?" she looked a little scared.

"Are your parents home?"

"No, not 'til tonight."

"Then you can walk home as you are. You're a dirty little slut, Lucy, don't forget that. Dirty little sluts get to walk home with their master's cum juice running down their legs. Don't they?"

His little speech seemed to have an odd effect on Lucy. She shivered, enjoying the dirty talk more than Michael had imagined she would. "Yes, Master," she replied. "I'm your toy and I'll walk home with your cum all over me." She reached between her legs and scooped out a handful of fluid. Then she smeared the juice over her breasts before getting up and picking up her shirt.

She took her nightgown with her, and Michael watched as she walked down the street away from him, hips swinging like the slut she had become.

Chapter Eight

"So this is the world of dreams," Michael said. "It's not really what I expected."

"A lot of people say that," Julia replied, "including me when I first came here. I'll ask the same thing of you as my teacher did of me, 'what did you expect?'"

Michael gazed around at the new world he found himself in and considered his answer. He, like Julia, was standing on a near-invisible surface, which appeared to merge into the surrounding air so that it was difficult to work out exactly what 'ground' was. Above them there was no sky, only a vast expanse of grey, fading into black in the far distance, broken by innumerable spheres of mirror silver that floated serenely through the 'air'.

This was Michael's first visit to the higher dream worlds. He had spent a week clamped in 'training wheels', as he referred to it, stuck in the near Astral plane. Julia wanted to be sure that he understood the basics before letting him go further. He had used the time to 'improve' Lucy, and had discovered that the way he wanted her was not as far from what she was as he had thought. After a few nights work making dream suggestions, Lucy was a complete slut with exhibitionist tendencies, a strong liking for bondage, and a strong bisexual nature. She was currently asleep in Julia's bed having been exhausted by Julia and Michael's demands upon her.

"I don't know, I guess," he replied. "What are the silver balls?"

"Dreams. Dreamscapes to be exact. Whenever a normal human enters dream sleep, they create a dreamscape here. Look up there!" She pointed upward to where two spheres were moving toward each other. They touched, deformed slightly like two soap bubbles, and then merged together to form a slightly larger single sphere. "When two people have similar dreams, their dreamscapes tend to attract each other and, when they meet, they join to form a single dreamscape with both minds in it."

"There must be cases where different dreams hit?"

"Yah. Generally they just bounce off, but in some cases, where someone has a very strong sleeping mind, they mix and the weaker dream is consumed. That can be the stuff of nightmares."

Michael's mind was working. "Okay, so if similar dreams attract each other, and a lot of people dream about sex, for example..."

Julia grinned. "Well done. Yes, there are some really big dreamscapes devoted to very common dreams. They tend to persist as well, because there's always someone sleeping, and having that kind of dream. Some of them are very old. There's a dreamscape of an orgy that we're pretty sure has been going since at least the Greek Classic period, and there's a nightmare dreamscape that probably first emerged back in the Palaeolithic era."

"Wow! Can we go visit some?"

"Curb your enthusiasm, youth," Julia replied, grinning at the happy puppy she was trying to train. "First we need to get some of the basics sorted out. Now if you want to go up to look at one of these dreamscapes..." She stopped, gazing up as Michael glided into the air. "Okay," she said, "so you seem to have worked that out on your own." With a thought she glided up after him.

Michael was hovering beside one sphere when Julia reached him. Close up the mirroring became transparent and you could see what was going on inside, even if it was a little misty. In this particular case a balding, fat, middle-aged man was surrounded by beautiful, mostly naked Las Vegas showgirls, complete with feathers and heavily exaggerated silicon breasts. Michael shook his head. "I hope I never start having dreams that tacky," he remarked, and then floated off toward another dreamscape.

The second dreamscape Michael looked in was quite different. It was dark and the interior appeared to be composed of alleyways and side streets. There did not seem to be anyone in the dream, but Michael realised that there had to be. "There's no one there," he said, hoping to provoke an explanation from Julia.

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