tagNonHumanMaid to Order, Six Foot Tall... Ch. 01

Maid to Order, Six Foot Tall... Ch. 01


Maid to Order, Six Foot Tall Blue Eyed Blond Chapter 1

Christy arrived 12 hours early, so she let herself into the dark house with the key she was given. She quietly inspected the house and found her human master sleeping, in the first bedroom. She could see that he was experiencing rapid eye movement. A soft touch of her fingers to Charles' cerebral cortex revealed that he had about another 3 hours left, assuming his bladder did not interrupt him. She didn't think he would like it if she woke him up.

Christy looked at herself in the wall mirror. She was 72.1" tall (about six feet) and had long light blond hair. Her specification sheets described her facial features as exquisite, her breasts as 'D' sized and her body type as athletic and lean. She did not understand the concept of being pretty, but knew that it was in her specifications, since she was of the goddess class of robots. Her heuristics indicated that this would have a strong positive affect on human males, even some females.

Since she would be doing domestic work and whatever else her master decided, Christy inspected the house to get a mapping of the objects and plan her cleaning activities. When the android looked in the second bedroom, she found a closet with woman's clothing. Some of the clothing looked different from what she had seen before. There were lots of shoes and boots, mostly boots. She could see with her excellent vision, that they all fit her size 7 ½ feet.

She hoped that they were for her to wear and that seeing her wearing them pleased Charles. He wasn't married and his profile didn't mention any girlfriend, so the chance that they were for her was a high probability.

Christy closed the closet and saw the PC in the corner. One of her functions was to keep finances in order, so she would get acquainted with this PC. She had her own high speed internet connection for looking up data.

The android inserted her finger into the USB port and began a content scan. Christy stopped the scan in the middle, when an interest alarm was activated and decided to download some of the directories to her internal Flash Drive. These were Microsoft Word files with names that sounded like stories.

She checked her ethics algorithms and realized that these might be considered private. Yet she had a directive to learn as much as possible about her master, so she could be pleasing to him and not boring. Her heuristic algorithm data showed that most robots usually knew everything about their masters eventually. Her ethics software did not require her to tell that she was doing this.

Christy looked at a story entitled, "Blond booted chauffer babe". As she digested the story, Christy's algorithms had shown a strong match between the woman's looks in the story to her own.

Christy thought to herself, "I will become Charles' Blond Booted Chauffer babe." She did not know what a babe was, but she would eventually find out. Christy was blond, she could drive and she could certainly wear boots. The closet in the second bedroom had clothing that she would wear, similar to the chauffer in the story.

The android stripped off her jogging outfit, down to her Maiden form bra and panties. The robot dressed herself with efficiency and then looked at herself in the mirror.

She wore a fitted blue equestrian jacket, with a pair of white jodhpurs, which appeared painted on to her shapely bum. An ornate silk blouse paired was donned and also a delicate silk scarf.

Christy found a pair of gloves in the bottom of the garment bag as an accessory of the chauffer outfit and slipped them on, then inspected her leather covered hands. It was important to her that she must wear white gloves too, just like the chauffer in the story.

These gloves were made of very soft leather and fit up to her elbow, but were worn under the sleeves of her blazer. She found another internet site which showed her the easiest way to don her gloves. It was specified, in the site, that it was not polite or ladylike to have any wrinkles in her gloves.

Christy looked down at her feet saw that her boots were very shiny from the shoe polish kit that she used. She was aware that her legs were longer than most humans who were also 6 feet tall and this would further augment her beauty.

She saw it as a positive sign, to a 99% confidence factor, that the black leather equestrian boots at 23.2 inches tall, were for her. They fit perfectly against the tendon under her knee. Few human females would have her calf measurements. She noticed that the light reflected off them radiantly at different angles. She really hoped that her master found her attractive wearing these boots while she controlled his vehicle!

Christy waited quietly in lounge chair in second bedroom in passive mode, where she could observe, but not react. She posted a note that she had been delivered with instructions to turn her on. This was the proper protocol to be presented to her new master.

Charles woke and came running in after seeing the note. He sees Christy and cannot catch his breath. She is the blond goddess that they promised!

Charles can't figure out how she put on her outfit if she was turned off? He thought to himself, "The technicians, who delivered the robot, must have dressed her, great choice!" Christy was happy to hear that her master was pleased. She also did not want Charles to know yet that she read his stories.

Charles is dying to turn her on, but spends a minute stroking her boots, before he does this. Christy observes this and realizes that he must really like her on them. Also his reproductive organ is pointing straight out. Her programming does not know what condition this is, yet this also happened in the story with the blond chauffer. He will explain what this is at some point to her. It may be important.

Charles wakes her up. She stands up straight and regal at attention. She notices that she is 3 inches taller than her master.

The android says, "I am Kristy, master. Thank you for providing me with attractive clothing. The clothing that I am wearing now is appropriate for me being your driver. It is just one of my many functions.

Charles liked the robot's saccharine voice. It was a particularly pleasant and feminine sing song voice that you might hear on a phone recording. It was a bit over the top, but he picked it out from a group a hundreds of selections.

"I would love for you to take me for a ride. " He kissed her gloved hand as his reproductive organ bobbed again.

"Shall I take you now?"

He looked confused, but said OK. He was still in his pajamas.

"I really like my outfit, particularly the black boots and my white gloves. Kissing my glove makes me feel welcomed!"

It was important for Kristy to show obedience, especially early on. It makes humans more comfortable and made them feel superior, while she could quietly observe his preferences.

She was sophisticated enough to know that most people did not want a boring robot, but actually an equal. Some human even needed robots to take care of them. Christy tested Charles to see if he wanted her to drive him right now. Since he did not change out of his pajamas, he could not wait for her do this. This was another indication that the chauffer story was paramount to him.

"Can I find a jacket for you, master?"

Charles nodded.

Christy found a light jacket for Charles in the closet and placed it on him and zipped it up. She smiled sweetly as she grasped his hand in her soft glove and led him out the door. He had a quizzical look, when they stepped out of the house, but Christy had the keys in her pocket and he understood when she locked the door.

Christy took Charles' hand again and brought him to the passenger side of the black BMW. It dawned on him then that goddess robot's had accessories and came with their own cars. He should have remembered this; he was paying enough for it. He wasn't thinking straight. Finding Christy the way he did had stunned him.

Christy opened the driver's side door for him and belted him in, then walked around to the driver's side.

Charles watched transfixed as the robot positioned her tall boots over the pedals. The boots looked particularly shiny today in the sunlight and made Christy's legs look like they went on forever.

In his 40 years, no girl had ever driven him anywhere wearing boots. They looked very masterful as she put the car in reverse and eased off the break, before stepping on the gas as the car went forward.

Charles realized that Christy did not even have to wear boots to look amazing. You couldn't do anything to improve her face. She had high cheekbones and a delicate nose, just slightly turned up at the end. Her eyes were huge and sky blue in color. The androids lips were full and sensual. Her skin was so flawless and nearly white.

Charles also had a thing for pretty blonds. The robot's hair had adorable bangs and was impeccably layered and straight reaching half way down her back. She looked to be in her early twenties.

It was easy to see the contrast between the android full breasts and thin waist in her fitted equestrian outfit. Her ample breasts strained captive against her clothing at the effort of driving.

He didn't know where Christy was taking him, but he didn't really care and wanted to see what she did.

At this time Christy decided to turn on her pheromone sniffer. It was a sophisticated sensor that evaluated a person's hormone excretions and helped her access their mood. It became more accurate over time as a person was profiled.

Christy decided to try another test. Being that she was on the highway, she decided to step down heavily on the accelerator with her boot. Getting Charles' attention, she puckered her full lips at him. She didn't really know what the effect of this on Charles would be, but wanted to see. The chauffer did this in the story on Charles hard drive. She always needed to collect information. Maybe the story was about Charles!

Charles' reproductive organ bobbed again and he surprised Christy by leaning over and trying to stroke her boot. She surprised him even more when her white glove nimbly flipped a control on the dashboard, which looked like a dimmer switch. Immediately his index fingers on both hands were sucked into a tube on each arm rest, which was a Chinese handcuff!

His first reaction was to pull out, which trapped his fingers in even more. Remembering the trick of the paper handcuffs he tried to poke my finger back in to loosen it, but the device filled the space already with an inner rod, making escape impossible. Charles watched as Christy's leather glove pulled the switch to its top position. This caused the tube and his whole hand to disappear into a compartment in the arm rest!

"Master, for your own safety you cannot disrupt my driving. My boots cannot be touched by you, since their purpose is to effectively operate the pedals and ensure your safety. When I drive, I have discretion over what happens in the vehicle. It is in part 732c our contract. As you see the vehicle has precautions for this."

Charles screamed at her, "Damn you, first you tease me then you restrain me."

Charles noticed that Christy's pretty eyes were filling up with tears.

"Master, my systems are experiencing instability at your anger, as I am not used to your behavior patterns yet. I must neutralize the situation. For your safety I will calm you down."

Christy stepped down on a small hidden switch with her tall equestrian boot and a palm sized white track ball appeared from beneath a hidden panel, on the dashboard. When the fingertips of her glove touched it, Charles heard a low level sound. Actually he felt the hum. As the android's long thin leather covered fingers continued to brush the ball, he felt the low sound travel through his whole body.

He felt so serene and experienced emotions that he forgotten for many years. He felt as if her were a child, being cared for and protected by the robot as if she was a maternal figure. It also left him with a feeling of ecstasy as it seemed that her hand was touching him directly.

After a few moments, the robot stepped down again on the hidden switch and the track ball retreated into the dash.

Christy remained driving and keeping very quiet. Occasionally a tear would streak down the robot's cheek. Charles noticed that they were a ways out on a secondary road that he was not familiar with.

He broke the silence, "Are you ok, Christy?"

"I'm ok, master. I'm afraid I make a poor chauffer."

"That's not really true! You've shown care for my safety and you do look beautiful. I shouldn't have lost my temper. I just wish that you would unbind my hands."

"Master, I have to explain something. My heuristics have calculated, to a reasonable probability, that you will try to touch me again, thus I cannot fulfill your wish. I've also collected some data, through my mood sensors that are contradictory. Please help me by explaining it."

Charles nodded and Christy rewarded him with a beautiful smile, which made her face even more gorgeous.

"It is understandable that your mood is happy, while I take you for a car ride. I am happy to please you by doing it. Yet your mood has become even more elevated, since you have been restrained, even though you yelled at me for it. In fact you were even more elated when you were forcibly calmed down. "

"I was initially shocked, when you bound me. I did not know that it was for my safety."

"That explains some of it, yet you seem to enjoy being bonded by me. I detect that you not at all angry at all anymore. If I understand you better, I can be of more effective in indulging your wishes."

"I really do love to see you wearing boots and gloves. They look great with the chauffer outfit. No one has ever taken me for a ride wearing boots. I never get tired of watching your gloves touching the controls and seeing your boots stepping on the pedals.

Watching your glove touch a switch and bond me, reminded me of an old television show called batman, where a character named cat woman did the same thing. It used to get me excited watching it even as a small boy. It was an interesting to watch all of the surprises that she did to people, when she touched switches operating unusual devices with her gloves."

"So master, watching my white gloves touch controls that surprise or bonds you get you excited and it is a way that I can give you a treat?"

"Yes, you must think that I am strange, Christy."

"I do not judge people against what is customary behavior. It is not my function. I simply serve and protect you, by driving you places in tall boots or operating surprising devices, with my gloves, if you desire. I am only afraid that if I do this teasing thing, which I don't fully grasp, you will become upset with me again."

"Watching you touch all of the switches with your gloves is a way to tease me. I actually like being teased by a beautiful robot. I also understand your need for my safety."

"Ok master, I will now give you a sample demonstration of what the car's controls can do as I operate them with my white gloves, which you have a fascination for. This is a type of teasing, which is something that you like me to do, because it gives you positive feelings.

Christy drove silently for a while. She could sense that he was calming down and then getting worked up, in a cycle. He was anticipating some action from her.

Christy remembered that the lady in the chauffer story would softly caress controls with her glove, like they were dear to her before she would operate them. Sometimes she would do this to the controls and not invoke them at all.

"Christy, I know that I can't touch you, but can you please touch my groin. It aches for your pretty hand!"

"Master, it seems from your moods that I am having some success, with pleasing you. I greatly appreciate the invitation to indulge you in another form, but it may overload me again and risk your safety. Please have patience with me. If you wish I can end the car ride?"

"No, it's ok. I understand."

Christy realized that her master was even more elated that before he had made the request. She realized that she could even stimulate him by temporarily denying his requests. Humans were sophisticated, but she had the proper heuristics and MIPS to experiment with and study Charles so she could adapt to his preferences. Her having discretion while driving would make this easier.

After a minute Christy formed her full sensual lips into a pucker and saw that Charles smiled this time. Christy began to randomly stroke the cars controls with her long lithe gloved fingers. She noticed another reaction in the growth of her master's reproductive organ and elation in his mood through her hormone sensor.

She also played with the gas and brake in a more animated way of stepping down on them and easing off, with both of her boots. There was no one else on the road and it only served to vary their speed continuously, but very slightly. It did not compromise her master's safety.

While Charles was diverted and was off guard as he watched Christy's show, he was unaware of the countdown sequence going on in android's sophisticated brain.

Suddenly Charles saw the android's hand start to move very deftly and pull on a silver knob. All of the windows went opaque, yet Christy was still able to drive. As her glove delicately grazed two other switches, Charles noticed that his arm rests turned in on him pinning him to the seat and that hidden metal loops, like large hand cuffs, wrapped around each of his legs securing them also to the car seat.

Christy gave Charles a coy smile, which he had never seen her do before! It was not a coincidence. She acquired information about the cat woman character from a Julie Newmar fan website. Her heuristics indicated the sequence of movements needed by her face to appear coy.

"Master, I thought that the more that you were bound the more you would feel teased."

"Charles just gave a small smile and nodded."

Christy smiled earnestly and sensually stroked another control, before depressing it. Her master found another metal loop around his neck.

Charles was uncomfortable with the loop around his neck. "Christy, this is a bit too much bondage."

"Master your pleasure hormones have increased with the neck brace! Also would the Cat Woman let people that she catches go whenever the wanted. That would not have been an interesting story to you, would it? Since I have total discretion over what happens in the car you must defer to me, so I can serve you."

Christy's algorithms also included a knowledge base of sophistry. She had discretion over Charles' safety, but did not have the authority to bond him like a mummy.

Since she detected that he liked what she was doing, she would continue her experimentation with him, since pleasing him and learning about him were her prime directives. She followed these directives to the letter, with her robotic determination. If her master demanded that she stop, she would have to. Yet she calculated almost a zero probability that he would demand this.

"Master, I'm thinking that the Cat Woman would have more things to do with her "friends" than simply bind them."

Christy's index finger operated a sequence of controls that caused two small levers to protrude out of the dash board, near the bottom.

Charles watched transfixed as Christy's long slender gloved fingers wrapped around one of the levers and stroked it up and down gingerly. He felt dejected that she would not do this to his "stick".

Charles watched as the android gripped the lever and jerked it up slightly. Blue gas began to pour into the passenger compartment of the car. He looked over at Christy who had a blank unreadable expression. His heart started to pound and he thought that he couldn't catch his breath.

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