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Make Me


"That's it. Lick my clit for me like that." I grabbed the back of his dark chocolate bald head and started grind my wetness into his face. His dark massive hands grappled my mahogony thigh and held it open for his assault. His muscular smoky body glistened against the crisp white sheets. He was angled on his side, pushing his whole tongue and face into me. The pleasure was just so very exquisite.

His girlfriend, a thick light skinned Creole girl, was curled up on her side, licking his balls, heavy with cum, as she stroked his thick purple shaft. Pale fingers against the dark penis looked so very erotic to me. I reached to my right and grabbed her long auburn hair. "You need to suck him into the back of your throat." On my cue, she started to take him into her mouth. "Suck him! Now!" I pushed her head down on him, making her gag against him. What a picture we made, almost a triangle, tangled on the bed together.

He moaned with pleasure,his lips firmly wrapped around my clitoris. The more I pushed her head, the more he groaned. The more he groaned, the closer I got to reaching my zenith. Her hips twisted and turned, trying to get more of him into her mouth. I let go of her hair, sliding my fingers between her thighs to pinch and pull on her clitoris. I could tell by her jump and twitch to slide away that she was surprised that I didn't slide my fingers into her to make her come.

Over and over, I pinched her and when she tried to move away, I spanked her bottom one good time. "Stop moving and suck him. Until you can take him all in your throat, I am going to keep this up." At once, she stopped moving and started to really suck him with everything she had. Her head began to bob back and forth, up and down. Instead of gagging, she was now moaning on him. Her thighs fell open, taking my pinches in stride. That is when I noticed that she was getting wetter and wetter as I pinched her.

With all the attention she is was giving his dick, I knew it was only moments before he came. I made him lay on his back, her face still firmly attached to his dick, and I rode his face, watching her give him head. If I just leaned forward, I could suck his dick with her. Instead, I leaned forward and pulled her up by her hair and pulled her face toward my nipples. "Suck them. He can wait until I come to feel you finish him."

I heard his whimper of protest. "Since you think you are running things here, and clearly you are not, you need to lick my ass while your girlfriend works on my nipples." I could tell he was about to protest. When he opened his mouth, I moved my clit and placed my ass right on his lips. "Lick it. Now."

His tongue started to slowly circle the rim of my anus, sliding in and out from time to time. I reached back for a second so that he could have complete access to my back hole. When I was sure that he wasn't going to stop, I made his girlfriend slide her full yellow butt on top of his hard on. I made sure that he was wedged between her thick lower lips, but not able to maneuver inside of her.

I pulled her fingers to my clit and made her circle her fingers around the tip. Her lips that had never left my breast, started to suckle harder. My inner walls started to tremble, but I just threw my head back and continued to enjoy the pleasure they were giving me. I felt her stop and I opened my eyes to see her licking my come from her fingers. "I did not tell you to stop." I could not say it with any conviction, because I knew as soon as she started to feel my clit again, I was going to come everywhere.

With a grin and a final lick of her fingers, she started to finger my clit again. As I started to buck against her finger, she took her fingers and bunched them up. Up in me they went, over and over again until I came down from the very intense orgasm.

I moved off his face and saw that I had come so hard that his whole face was shiny with my juices. "You love the taste of me," I told her. "Clean him up with your tongue. Don't miss a spot." I grab my robe and head for the bathroom. I could hear them copulating hard as I turned on the shower.

When I was all fresh and clean, I emerged from the bathroom. They were fully dressed and smiling. "You were fabulous. When may we see you again?" She blushed and giggled, barely getting the question out.

"When my schedule permits, I will call. You must be available or you will not be called again." I tried to look stern but when he bent to place one last kiss on my sex, I had to smile. "Go now. I will call you soon."

I loved breaking in the new couples into the lifestyle. It always surprised me when both people in the relationship want to be dominated. To me, it always worked better if one person has the upper hand. Arnie, a friend of mine, was on his way over to try to get that upper hand.

He and I were both doms who met during a vacation in Vegas. He made his sub lick me out in the bathroom and we have kept in touch every since. Arnie came into town, saying it was for business. I knew it was really so he could have a chance to dominate me. I made sure that he heard that I was a dominant who was looking for another dominant to take charge of me. I knew he wouldn't be able to resist trying. I knew he would fail and be yet another notch on my belt of fallen doms.

Just as I was changing the sheets on my bed, thinking about Arnie, he called. "I am on my way over." He was so gruff and to the point, I had to smile. Might as well let him think he is in charge.

"Ok, but we are going to just talk, right Arnie?" I made my voice sound sweet and a little unsure. I knew he had to think he was walking into a sure thing before he would really let his guard down.

He had the nerve to laugh. "We will do what I want to do and you will do it." I could hear the heavy breathing that he was now doing. Yeah. Touch yourself and think about making me like it Arnie. I like it when you come all hyped up. I laughed to myself. "I got my dick hard right now, so when I get there, you better have your panties already off."

I giggled and sighed "Oh Arnie, you really are a dom, aren't you?" Sucka...


When Arnie knocked, I made sure to have on a very sexy pair of crotchless panties. White lace, sheer nylon, they left nothing to the imagination. But I knew they would piss Arnie off. He had told me to already have my panties off.

When I opened the door, Arnie took one look at me and got mad. "I thought I told you to have your panties already off, girl?" He slammed my door and dragged me over to the couch. I could tell he was really angry. I don't know why though. Surely he couldn't have thought dominating me was going to be that easy.

He sat down against my black leather couch and pulled me firmly over both his knees. Through his jeans, I could feel his hard on pressing against my belly and I laid over him. As he raised his hand to spank my bottom, he started to chastise me. "Didn't I tell you to have your panties off?" He gave a lick with every word. "You will learn to obey me." His spanks were not soft, but they were not the spanks of a true dominate. I knew then that I could have him.

I started to grind into the hits. I made sure that I was angled in such a way that every time he spanked me, Arnie was hitting my still swollen sex. I knew he could feel the heat and moisture in the middle of his hand. I slowly moved my hand until it was on top of my kitty and started to slowly stroke it back and forth. I could feel that I was about to come so I made sure the panties fell off to either side while he continued to spank me. The final lick came down and I squirted girl juice all over his hand.

I looked over my shoulder and with my best little girl voice I apologized. "Gee, Arnie! I am so sorry." I curled up into his lap, nestling my dripping hole over his raging hard on. "I didn't know I was going to come like that with you." I started to lick me off of his hand and suck on his fingers. His eyes glazed over and his hips started to grind against me, without him realizing what he was doing.

"Will you lick it for me so that I can start all over again, Arnie?" I moved off of him and held my legs behind my head. My panties, come drenched, were no match for his hands. He tore through them, trying to get to my wetness. His tongue reached inside me, tickling my walls. I pulled one of his hands up to my mouth and licked between his fingers and sucked on his fingers like they were his member. I groaned and writhed against his ministrations, making sure that he had access to all of me. Before I knew it, his tongue was sliding in and out of my nether hole.

Oh you wanna play it that way, eh? I smiled to myself because I knew how to turn this into a positive for me. "Arnie, please stick your finger inside my ass. I need it so badly." He reared up to put his thumb inside, twisting it to and fro. I took my left foot and slid it across his bottom lip. He smiled and started to suck on my big toe and he finger violated my behind.

I looked him in the eye as I reached between my legs and started to give myself yet another moment of pleasure. I could tell that he liked watching me. I saw the spot on the front of his pants getting bigger and bigger as he watched me. "Arnie, will you put it in for me? I know you must feel so good."

He grunted he stopped fingering me only long enough to unzip his pants and charge into me without further ado. As his finger went back into my ass, his member was engulfed by my puffy lips. I made my walls close around him over and over again.

Arnie looked down at me and I could tell that he was about to come. He said, "Stop moving." I stopped, but kept touching myself. My sugary walls started to pulse on him, drawing out the impending orgasm. My hips were perfectly still as my kitty started to suck him in, over and over again. "Oh shit!" he yelled as he started to pound into me over and over again. I felt his release inside me, moving.

"Arnie, baby, I am not on any birth control. Lick it out of me." I smiled pretty for him and he immediately started to lick and lick until there was no more come from him inside of me. I giggled and squealed as he did his thing. "Arnie, you are the absolute best!"

He reared back, smiling from ear to ear. "Ok," he said. "Now you lick me." He sat back on the couch with his hands crossed behind his head.

I giggled and got up from the couch. "I am sorry but I can't do that. I gotta get moving." I glided into my bathroom to start the shower up again. "I didn't know it was so late." I started to make a big show of straightening up around the house.

He stared up at me, looking incredulous. "But baby, I am hear to dominate you. Not the other way around." He looked really confused.

I smile up at him and explained it. "I don't just give away the power to me. You have got to earn it. This day, you earned an orgasm from me. But I am the dom, not you."

You could see how mad he was as he stormed towards the door. "Fuck you! Fuck you forever!" I smiled and closed the door behind him. C'mon now, playa, I thought to myself. Fa real though, who's the mack?


A week later, I ran into Arnie and his friend Rey, out at a jazz concert. Arnie was extremely civil. I was very surprised, given how angry he was when left my house. He made sure that he introduced Rey to me and told him that I, too, was a dominate.

Rey was a lot taller than me, and had a quiet edge about him. I thought, gee, he is sexy. Too bad he is friends with Arnie. He had dark brooding eyes and a strong chin. His lips curled in derision when he heard that I was a dominate, but he kept any derogatory thoughts to himself.

After the concert, Arnie invited me to go back to his hotel room so that they could change into street clothes, and we could go out dancing. There was a new pub in town that I wanted to try, so I didn't see the harm in that.

When we got to the room Arnie excused himself to go grab some ice so we could have drinks before we left. When he left, Rey turned on some music on the radio and invited me to sit down and talk.

Instead of sitting, I went to look out the big glass window that traveled the length of the room. I was feeling restless and ready to party. I needed to be moving. I let my body move to the slow rhythm of the music.

Rey came up behind me and pulled me by my hair hard. "I told you to sit down." He dragged me over to the chair by the desk and sat me down. "Now, next time you will obey." I looked up at him, not saying a word. He didn't know he had just declared war.

I leaned back into the seat and didn't say a word. I crossed my legs and continued to listen to the music. As I sat there, determined not to show any feeling, Rey started to strip. The man was built like a god. His muscles looked tight and firm in the light of the room. When he was naked, he looked over at me. "I am going to take a shower. When I come back, you will be naked and ready to rub me down with lotion."

Without another look back, he headed into the bathroom and started his shower. Arnie came back into the room whistling, ready to make drinks. "I will have some Grey Goose and cranberry juice, please," I requested. He mixed my drink and his concoction of Spiced Rum and coke. He also poured a healthy shot of Petron into a shot glass for Rey. We made small talk of the submissives we both knew until Rey's shower stopped and he stepped out of the bathroom still wet.

He looked past Arnie at me. "I see you did not do as I requested. You will do as I say." He looked so calm and nonplussed that for one second, I was taken aback. I was expecting him to get mad and temperamental and lose control. He came over to where I was sitting and tore the buttons off my shirt and started to take my shirt off of me. I put up a fight but I was no match for him. Before I knew it I only had on my skirt. My bra had been a victim of circumstances when he tore my shirt, torn and mangled, hanging to the side. Wrestling for my shirt had put me in a compromising position where my hips were hanging off the chair. Rey straddled my legs and unzipped my skirt..I was about to fight and then I realized that I had on a $500 skirt. Better to give in than to have to replace this bad boy.

I allowed him to pull my skirt off, but I made myself detach so that I wouldn't enjoy what he wanted from me. With my skirt off, he grabbed my hair with one hand and with the other rubbed his shaft, leaking with precum, over my lips. It might as well been lip gloss for all the attention I was paying him.

He let go of my head and grabbed a nipple. Rey twisted the nipple painfully until I gasped. He slid the tip of the shaft in the space that I made. I could taste him on my tongue and wanted more, but I was not going to give him the satisfaction of sucking on him.

The more I resisted, the more he pulled until I could not take the pain anymore. I opened my mouth and he started to pump my face. I started to gag, thinking maybe that would stop him. He didn't even slow down. I looked up at him, trying to give him the best innocent face that I had. He laughed and said, "That shit don't work with me. Sorry baby girl."

Arnie had propped himself on the desk, watching the action. He pulled out his member and started to stroke himself as he watched the unfolding action. He reached to the side and grabbed a bottle of lotion and was about to squeeze it in his hand when Rey stopped him. "Hey man. Why you gonna use lotion when you can get some cream from this one?" He held my head in place as Arnie pried my legs open and grabbed a handful of my juices from me.

When Arnie started to stroke himself again, Rey pulled me up and pushed me up against the window. The window was cold against my back, but he didn't give me any time to adjust. He grabbed my legs and yanked them up. With only my back against the window for balance, I started to struggle against him. He was so strong that he didn't even feel my fists beating into him as he entered me in one fell swoop. Over and over he entered me. It felt so good, but I couldn't give it. I had to get the upper hand somehow.

I leaned forward and started to bite and nip at Rey. Instead of backing away, he leaned into it, moaning. His hips started to circle and sway into me at interesting angles. I was getting to him, but he had never stopped getting to me. When I thought I had distracted him, I tried to move. Instead of letting me move, he opened me up further, slipping his fingers into the crevice of my ass. Harder and harder he fucked me.

I tried everything I could do get away from him. It was to no avail. All the squirming did was make sure that he hit my spot over and over again. Before I knew it, I was coming all over him, screaming his name.

Still inside me, still hard, he carried me over to the bed. Rey flipped me over so that I was on my hands and knees and he went back to giving me all of him inside of me. Arnie climbed on the bed and tried to make me suck him off. I turned my head. Rey grabbed my head and told me, "you will suck him now." I was thinking that I would do no such thing.

He sensed my thoughts and before I knew what hit me, he was buried to the hilt in my nether hole. Although I had experienced fingers and tongues, I had never had something so thick and long inside my back door. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I tried to remember to relax so that it wouldn't hurt, but I was doing a horrible job. "If you want me to stop fucking your ass, you will suck him now." I took it head on like a champ for three more pushes but by the forth, I had to give in. I couldn't take it anymore.

Arnie smiled as I started to suck him with everything that I had. Rey pulled out of my abused hole and went to the bathroom to wash his peter off. When he came back, I knew to be sucking Arnie because I don't think I could have took him in that hole again with passing out. Arnie came quickly, with lots of swearing and shaking.

Rey glanced over at Arnie and told him to go ahead to the pub without us. Seems we were going to be busy all night long.

That night, Rey broke me. I never thought a man could make me bend to his will. I now stand corrected. I am still a dom. But you better believe that when Rey is with me, I am the best submissive you will ever find.


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