tagIncest/TabooMakeup Sex with Daddy

Makeup Sex with Daddy


Chapter 1 - Anything For My Dad


Almost two weeks ago I did something that overall I'm extremely proud of, even though it meant having something that by itself I was wasn't proud of at all. To make a long story VERY short (read about it in my diary if you're really that interested), I allowed my fat smelly uncle to fuck me, even anally, so that he would let my dad fuck Tammy, his own eighteen year-old daughter.

You see, even though my dad had taken her virginity not long ago, my uncle had cut my dad off from his daughter after my dad had told him that he couldn't fuck me anymore. My dad only told his brother that to protect me after I complained about how my uncle treated me when he fucked me. I felt so bad that he was being denied Tammy that I offered myself to my uncle if he would relent, which not surprisingly, he did.

My dad knew what was happening but he was so horny for Tammy that he allowed me to carry through with my plan. However, he felt extremely guilty afterward once his lust and cravings had been fulfilled. Even though I hadn't complained at all, he knew how I feel about it, especially the anal sex. My dad has NEVER asked me to do anal, even though I know he enjoys it with my mom at times, because he knows how I feel about the subject.

Later when my dad apologized to me, I tried to assure him that he had nothing to feel guilty about. Even so, for the past week it's been like he was some hurt little puppy, moping about whenever I was around and trying to do anything he could to please me. At least THAT wasn't too hard to do as all he had to do was fuck me and he made me as happy as he possibly could!

My birthday was coming up soon. God, it was hard to believe that I was going to be 23 years old on the first of the month! I felt like I was becoming so old. It didn't seem that long ago when anyone in the twenties was ancient! The only good thing now about birthdays was wondering what my parents would be getting me. A nicer apartment or a new car would be fine with me but I knew it wouldn't be anything quite so dramatic. My dad had been hinting at something good but so far all he'd done was tease me about it without really saying anything definitive.

A client was in town and needed someone to escort him to lunch at some conference downtown. It was pretty routine, lasting a few hours and then I was back home again to find my mom had left a voice mail on my phone while I was out working. "Hey dear, would you like to join us for dinner tonight? Since it's your birthday tomorrow and everyone will be coming over, I thought you might want to spend some family time tonight before things got too busy on Saturday. Give me a call when you get home. Hope you're having fun! Bye... mom."

I listened to it again and wondered what she was up to. Since moving to my own apartment, I rarely spent the night at my parent's house anymore. Even if I was over and my dad fucked me, I returned to my apartment for the rest of the night. Since I can remember my parents have always considered their bedroom as THEIR sanctuary and even after we started having sex together, I still rarely saw them having sex. So why was she asking me to spend the night? There was no doubt in my mind where I would be spending it - in their bed, so what was up? Did this have something to do with my birthday present?

I called my mom back to tell her I would be over shortly and quickly packed a light bag with some makeup and toiletries and clothes to wear in the morning. I only lived a few minutes away from them so I would undoubtedly return home in the morning to get ready for whatever birthday celebration activities they had plotted for me. She seemed excited that I was coming but she didn't say much as I would be over there in a short while anyway.

Before leaving, I took a quick shower and shaved myself, wanting to be sure I was smooth and clean for my daddy. As the shower rinsed the cream from my pussy, I leaned back and enjoyed the feel of the pulsating water as it struck my crotch and felt oh so good. My hand moved between my thighs and my finger started to press against my clit. God I was so damn horny! My client this afternoon had been single, handsome, and about ten years older than me. He was quite polite and I got the impression most likely quite rich as well. God I would have loved to have had him fuck me! Something told me he wouldn't have minded if I'd offered myself to him but we both knew what the rules were for my agency so I just returned home with the memory of him grabbing my ass a bit but nothing more than that.

When I got to my parent's house it was still early meaning my dad wasn't home yet from work. My mom was fixing dinner so I sat down at the kitchen table to chat a bit with her. It had been a while since we had some quality mom-daughter time. Actually, except for church we hadn't really talked since my dad and uncle did their thing.

"You know Kelly, I really appreciate what you did for your dad last week," my mom started out, "After hearing what happened I feel a little guilty since I was the one that asked you to do it in the first place."

"Oh mom, that's OK, it was no big deal," I tried to reassure her. She knew better.

"Kelly, I can't tell you how much your dad appreciated what you did for him," she continued, "I know he has told you about it and such but you would have had to see the change in his attitude to really understand."

"Well, I was afraid when I asked him to tell Uncle Jim not to fuck me anymore that something like that would happen. I know how much Dad love being with Tammy."

"Yeah, he's been horny for her a while," my mom laughed, "I don't know how her mother never caught him with that whopping erection he would get whenever she was around him, especially by the pool in that hot bikini she wore. How she convinced her mother to let her wear it I'll' never understand."

"What makes you sure she didn't see him and just ignored it?"

"OH god no!" my mom exclaimed, "Your Aunt Shari would have killed them both on the spot if she even had an inkling of what they were doing!"

"So has Dad fucked Tammy since then?" I asked.

"Only once," my mom said, shrugging her shoulders. "It's sort of hard to come up with an excuse for him to be alone with his niece."

"Well, I don't think I can help him with that problem this time," I giggled.

We both laughed together and from there the conversation went back to our jobs and the typical neighborhood gossip. She steered clear from saying anything about tonight. I didn't know if it was because she was just good at hiding her feelings or honestly didn't know what was happening.

Chapter 2 - Showering With My Dad


My dad eventually arrived home and the first thing I noticed was what he had in his hands - two bouquets of long stem roses. One was red and the other yellow. I knew who they were for - I got the red ones while my mom was handed the yellow ones (her favorite color). We both got a nice kiss before he went upstairs to get out of his suit and take a shower. When we heard the water running my mom looked at me and shook her head.

"You know, it wasn't that long ago I remember a girl who would sneak into the bathroom just about any time her dad was taking a shower and sweet talk him into letting her join him."

"Oh mom!" I replied, trying not to sound too exasperated with her.

"What's the matter, now that you're turning 23 you're too old to shower with your dad?"

Well, she was right. It HAD been a while since I had done that with him. Sheesh, what was wrong with me? I knew my dad always liked it when I joined him, even back when I was just a little girl. Of course, as I got older the showers become more interesting. I winked at my mom and turned to head upstairs.

My dad was still showering as I passed by the bathroom and he'd left the door open as usual, allowing me to just make out the outline of him behind the frosted shower doors. No knowing how much longer he would be in there, I quickly ducked into my old bedroom and stripped off my clothes as fast as I could. When I was naked I returned to the bathroom and walked in.

"That you Mary?" he called out.

I didn't say anything but instead just slid the door back enough to squeeze through and stepped into the shower with him.

"Well, I can't say I was expecting this!" my dad greeted me with a grin, "Been quite a while, hasn't it?"

Geeze, I hadn't realized that it had been THAT long ago for both of my parents to comment on the matter. Grabbing his wet flaccid cock in my hand, I grinned at him and replied, "So daddy, have you missed me holding you like this?"

I felt his dick stir in my hand as he chuckled in response to my silly question. Between the cascading water and soap it was so slippery that it was like trying to hold a wet sausage. Fortunately, this sausage was well anchored at one end! He turned so his back was to the showerhead, shielding me from most of the water.

Carefully I squatted down until my head was level with his dripping wet crotch and stroked his growing dick in my hand. It was still covered in soap and while I appreciated that my father practiced good personal hygiene, having soap in my mouth was not one of my favorite things. The more I stroked him the more the soap rinsed off his cock, and the more he grew and hardened. I gently played with his balls and ran my fingers through his matted-down pubic hair to clean out any soap that remained. Finally, there right in front of me, was one of my most favorite things - a glistening clean hard daddy dick!

Pushing my soaking wet hair back and out of the way, I looked up at him. Our eyes met and we both grinned, each of us knowing exactly what was going to happen next. Holding his cock still, I took the tip of it in my mouth and sucked on it, then the whole head was in my mouth. He still had just the slight taste of soap but it was nothing unbearable and I knew it would disappear more as I sucked him. You might say I've had some experience in the matter.

"That's it baby, suck it," he groaned as I took more of him in my mouth quickly until my face was buried in his wet clean crotch, "God I love it when you suck my cock!"

Well, if he was totally honest he would have said he loved it when his cock was sucked - period. However, I like to think that as his daughter it means a little extra special to him to look down and see his dick moving in and out of my mouth. Personally, I've sucked literally hundreds of cocks over the years or so but there is one that will always be special to me - my dad's.

I grabbed the base of his wet shaft and twisted my hand around it as I sucked on the upper half of his dick. Both my head and hand were turning on his cock but in opposite directions, my tongue playing on it inside of my mouth. Then I had just the head in my mouth, holding it like a sucker as my hand ran up and down his stiff shaft, stroking him like I was giving him a hand job but with the added bonus that he got to feel my lips over his cock head.

"Damn that feels so good," he kept groaning over and over again, "Here, get up now so I can fuck you before I cum."

I gingerly stood up and he held me by the shoulders to ensure I didn't slip as I turned around and put my hands against the wall of the shower opposite the shower head. He had the shower pointed down so the back wall was quite dry and I was able to plant my hands there and lean forward, allowing my ass to stick out for my dad's enjoyment. I was rewarded by the feeling of his strong hands on my bare hips, gripping me tightly. I let my feet slide out to each side until they were pushing against the side of the bathtub and made it easier for me to keep my balance.

"Have I ever told you that your ass is fucking incredible?" he mused, saying it just loud enough for me to hear over the noise of the shower. Well, maybe a thousand times before but of course, he could tell me a thousand time more and I would never tire of him telling me.

I lowered my head and concentrated on standing up without falling down while I felt his cock press up against my wet ass and slide up my crack until he was pressed against my butt with his cock on top my ass, almost like a hotdog on a bun. He rubbed himself up and down between my butt cheeks, stroking himself like he would do sometimes between my boobs but using my butt this time instead.

Eventually my dad pulled back more and his cock dropped down between my legs, passing over my puckered asshole as it did. My dad didn't even make an attempt to press it in my ass and let it just glide by. As much as he probably wanted to push it in, he knew how I felt about anal sex and my dad would never do anything to me that he knew I didn't like - sexually at least. When his dick dropped it then slipped down to between my legs. I started to reach for it with my hand but I almost slipped and so he took his dick by himself and positioned it so it was now at the entrance to my pussy.

"Fuck me daddy," I said softly to him, trying to look back over my shoulder at him, "Please fuck me now... Show your daughter how much you love her."

Of course it was totally unnecessary for me to tell him that but from the smile on his face I knew it was music to his ears. Actually, it would probably have been harder to convince him NOT to fuck me at this moment than anything else. My dad gets horny just like any other man and just because the pussy in front of him was his own daughter's, that didn't mean he didn't want it with the same animal-like lust he would get for any other pussy. No, you could bet the bank that he was about to push that dick in me - and I was counting on it.

He gripped his stiff cock with one hand and rubbed it up and down my pussy slit, working it between my lips more with each pass I wanted him in me, wanted to feel my father's stiff cock stretch my hungry pussy open and force itself deep inside of my body. I wanted to feel him penetrate me, to feel him join his body with mine. Actually, you could sum it up by simply I wanted my dad to fuck me!

"Now daddy," I urged him, holding his dick still at the entrance to my pussy, "Push it in me now... Give me your love!"

My father's hands gripped my hips even tighter and he pulled me back into him while at the same time thrust his hips forward. I gasped as his dick slide easily into my wet pussy, driving inward non-stop until he was quickly buried inside of me. God it felt so good in me! He immediately started to pump himself in and out me, driving himself in until his crotch met with my wet ass and then pulling back until most of him was out of me and then immediately back in again. I was in heaven!

"You love this, don't you?" he asked rhetorically, "You just love a dick in that nasty cunt of yours, don't you? God you're such a fucking sexy slut!"

I loved it when he got a bit carried away and started talking to me that way. Under the circumstance I didn't take it as anything bad or demeaning but rather as a sign of how much I was turning him on. When he got so horny that his lust consumed him to the point he didn't worry about what he said to me, it was then that I knew I was making him feel really good.

"Yes daddy, I'm your fucking slut... fuck my cunt daddy, shove that fucking dick in me harder!"

He responded by simply banging me harder, slapping up against my ass so hard it make a smacking noise.

"Almost there...," he groaned, driving himself deep into me.

Any other time I would have gripped his cock as hard as I could with my pussy and wait for his to orgasm and fill my pussy with sperm. For some reason, I FELT like a dirty slut and I wanted him to be nasty to me so I suddenly straightened up, causing his dick to drop out of me. I quickly turned around and before he could protest I squatted down and grabbed his dick with both hands, stroking his and jerking on his dick as fast and hard as I could to make him cum.

"What the...," he started to say and then his orgasm hit and he just groaned loudly.

I had his dick aimed at my face and the first shot struck me on the forehead right between the eyes, quickly followed by another that hit my nose and upper lip. Again and again he shot his cum at me like a water pistol. After the first few I opened my mouth and took the remaining loads inside, my lips wrapped tightly around his dick as I literally sucked the last drops of incestual sperm from his cock. God I loved the taste of my dad's cum! When he was finished, I continued to stroke his dick and suck on his cock. I felt him shudder as my tongue explored the tip of his dick, pressing in against the tiny slit where he had just shot out his cum.

"Christ that felt good," he gasped, taking in deep breaths as he panted from the exertion.

I stood up and grinned at him. I could only imagine what I looked like with his cum all over my face. As it turned out, I didn't have to imagine it, he told me.

"You look so fucking hot with my cum all over your face," he said with a big grin on his face.

"Oh? So you like me to look like a cumslut, eh daddy?" I teased him, "And here I always thought you preferred to cum in my pussy."

He sighed and smiled at me. Then he surprised me by kissing me and sticking his tongue in his mouth. As much as my dad loved sex, he was a typical guy in that he treated cum like it was radioactive. For him to kiss me with my mouth still lined with his cum, and then to let the cum on my face stick to his as we kissed was unusual, to put it mildly.

I have to admit that one of the reasons I so easily allowed him to defile me with his cum this time was that we were already in the shower and so I could wash it off quickly before it dried like glue in my hair and on my face. I grabbed the soap and washcloth and moved past him to get to the full power of the shower and scrubbed my face. A generous amount of shampoo in my hair helped to rid it of the little bit of cum that had managed to get on it.

In the meantime, his lust had drained from him along with his sperm count and he slipped out of the shower to dry off. I heard him gargle with some mouthwash and grinned. He had made a good effort to be loving by kissing me but I'm sure the taste of his cum had been revolting to him.

By the time I was finished he was already out of the bathroom and in their bedroom getting dressed. I dried my hair and when I finally was finished and left the room, he was waiting for me out in the hallway holding one of the roses he had brought home for me before.

"Thanks sweetheart, you were great - as always," he complimented me and then reached down to kiss me. He put his arms around me with one up high around my shoulders and the other reaching down where he could grab my ass. He pulled me in tight to him as our kiss intensified.

"I love you so much," he said softly as we finally split apart but he kept me up against him as tight as ever. I loved the way his hand felt on my butt, almost lifting me off the floor. "You're the best daughter a father could ever ask for."

He put his head beside mine and we just hugged, our bodies pressed tight together. Even though I was nude and he was fully clothed, it was still extremely sensual.

Chapter 3 - My Dad Takes Me to the Mall


Everything seemed perfect but then to my shock it sounded like he was crying. I pulled back and looked at him. He may not have had a flood running from his eyes but they were definitely watery and he looked so sad all of a sudden.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" I asked, concerned that there was something bothering him that I didn't know about.

"Oh baby, it's just that you're so good to me," he said, his voice threatening to crack at any moment. I waited quietly, not sure how to answer, hoping he would say more without me having to figure out what to say.

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