Making a Devil out of Me


I finally reached my car and shuffled myself inside. Kristen was looking at me a little dubiously. "Get lost?"

My eyes frantically darted out all vantages of our windows, making sure there was no way she could see the bathroom from where we parked. Once I realized she couldn't, I breathed a little sigh of relief. "Uh, they were cleaning it out when I got there," I chuckled, trying to sound natural.

"Ew," she giggled. She bought it!

For a minute I thought I might be home-free. Then it dawned on me; I hadn't paid for the meal yet. My heart sank. What would Alyssa say? How was she going to react? Kristen was trying to tell me some story, but I could hardly pay attention as my nerves rattled on edge.

At last I saw Alyssa walking down the aisle, coming towards us with a bill in hand. I watched her in a completely different light. Before, I just admired a great-looking girl. Now? All I could see was a sizzling nymph that tried to break me. Fuck me, but it just made her hotter.

She came up to my window and thankfully acted completely natural. I wordlessly handed her my credit card, forcing a smile but pleading with my eyes for her to keep her mouth shut. She briefly left to a register to run the card, then returned with the receipt. She handed it to me with a pen to sign.

As I took it, I swallowed hard as I read the bill. In the line where you normally write in the tip, she had written in: "Think of me tonight," followed by a little heart. I felt my face start to redden and I scribbled my signature as fast I could, handing the receipt back and praying Kristen didn't try to look at it.

She took it with a smile and told us to have a great night. As she said it, she gave me a very subtle wink. Just as I saw it, I felt my cock stir again. I thanked her, started the car, and drove the fuck out of there.


That night, Kristen and I fucked. It was pretty damn good, but you know the problem. The whole time, I was thinking of Alyssa. I had been trying to put her out of my mind all evening, but that was just impossible. Images of her body were seared into my eyelids; I saw her every time I so much as blinked.

In bed with Kristen, the lights were off. I closed my eyes anyway. I ran my hands all over her body, but in my mind, it was Alyssa's. I tried to imagine every curve of her that I had seen and felt. Sure, I felt guilty about it. I mean, it wasn't the first time I had ever thought about somebody else; who hasn't? But this was different. This was more real. What's worse is that I fantasized about myself giving in.

First I pictured us never being interrupted, and that she pulled my dick out and jerked me off until I had to have her. Then I imagined us still being interrupted, but me not getting my senses back. I thought about her hot little body turned away from me as she bullshitted that customer away. What I would've done to just drop my pants and step up to her, pushing her against the door, thrusting myself against that pert ass.

All these images and more were flashing through my mind as I fucked my girlfriend with a passion. When I finally came, I remembered her note on the receipt, think of me, and had a hugely guilty but amazing orgasm.

The next morning while I was in the shower, I couldn't help replaying the events in my mind. It didn't take long before I was extremely horny and had to stroke myself off right there. Kristen opened the bathroom door at some point and asked if I was okay because I was taking so long. I felt embarrassed at my behavior, but I still couldn't stop myself.

Alyssa was a constant fantasy of mine for the next week and a half or so. Nevertheless, I vowed to not let myself go to that restaurant again any time soon if I could help it. While some depraved part of me was desperate to go see her again and find out if she would try to seduce me once more, and man it was tempting, I knew it was a terrible idea. Despite my fantasies, I realized I was lucky to have gotten away with what I did.

At first I tried to rationalize that Alyssa had made all the moves on me. I was the victim! But deep down I had to admit that I liked it; that I was this close to giving in. And even though I didn't, I wasn't sure anymore how many times I had fantasized that I did.

Anyway, I was determined to just squelch it out as a naughty dream and move on with my life.

She had other ideas.

I was at work, busying myself away at my desktop. The little "new mail" icon pops up in the corner of my screen. I click on it. Missed you last weekend. What is this? My first reaction is that it's spam, but almost none of that ever gets through the filters at the job, so I click on it.

Missed you last weekend. I even wore my socks for you again. XOXO.

Oh shit. It was from her. And there were pictures already displaying in the message body. I don't know if she took them with a digital camera or a webcam or what. But the first was her in the same outfit she wore that one day, short shorts and long socks. She had this really girlish pose with her hands behind her back. I scrolled down. The same thing, but now her hands were stretched up, exposing her tummy.

Scroll. She's facing away from the camera, pulling her shirt up; it's almost completely off. My dick is swelling. Next picture: her shirt if off, she's not wearing a bra, but her back is still to the camera. I can tell one of her arms is draped across her chest to cover her tits; her head is turned so I can see her smiling seductively at me.

My phone rings. I actually jump in my seat it startles me so bad. Without thinking, I delete the email straightaway. My hands are sweating and I feel like my boss is on the other side of the line, and he's about to fire me for downloading teen porn at work. I pick up the phone and it turns out to be nothing, just a co-worker asking some inane question.

After I hung up, I just sat at my desk for a couple minutes, breathing hard. How the hell did she get my email address? Who the hell does she think she is, sending that shit here? How many photos did she attach anyway? What could I have seen if I had kept scrolling...? Why did I have to delete it so fast; maybe I could've saved those pictures...

I tried to get a handle on myself. Attempting to clear my head, I went back to work. For awhile it was a lost cause: my mind obviously racing and, to be honest, in the gutter. Maybe an hour later I had actually managed to get it out of my thoughts when another email came. My heart leapt in my throat.

Hi Sexy, did you get my pictures? I skimmed over the message; there were no images this time (both to my relief and... utter disappointment). The message didn't say much. Some, I've been thinking of you and shit. Really she just wanted me to reply to her. At the end of it she put her phone number. I scribbled it down and deleted the email.

As excited as I was, I got to admit I was freaking out about this happening at work. Photo attachments, and now message bodies with suggestive language in it. If anybody happened to be running profanity filters or email surveillance on the employees, I could be in deep shit. Maybe I was being paranoid. Hell, I know I was. But forgive me if I'm not used to it.

I decided I would call her and firmly let her know that nothing was going to happen between us. I felt particularly emboldened by the fact that it would be over the phone and she wouldn't be able to use her wiles to try and charm me in person.

Wanting some privacy, I went outside to the parking lot and called her on my cell.

"Hello?" a girl answered.

"Hi, is this uh, Alyssa?" Great, I realized I felt like a nervous kid.

"Oh, you called!" I heard her chirp happily.

"Yeah, uh, look... You need to, um, you can't send me emails..."

"Why not?"

"What? I mean, how did you even get a hold of it..."

"I just googled your name," she said it so matter of fact. For a moment I was bewildered as to how she even knew my full name, but then I realized she has seen it plenty of times on my credit card.

"Okay, um, I'm flattered and everything but, this has got to stop."

"Why, didn't you like the pictures?"

"Yea-uh..." I cut myself off. I can't believe I blurted out a yes.

"Ooh! Which was your favorite?"

I sighed. "I deleted them. I can't look at that stuff at work!"

"Aww, but you did want to..."

This was not going as well as I planned. "Alyssa, this can't go on- I mean, it's not going anywhere..."

"Why not? Aren't you attracted to me?" she pouted.

"Gimme a break! Obviously you're hot, big deal. I have a-"

She interrupted me. "So what's the problem? You seemed pretty interested in the bathroom... I felt it!" She giggled a little at that.

"That was, uh..." I was completely faltering now.

"I saw the way you looked at my body. My legs... my stomach... There is so much more for you to see too..."

"I- I can't..."

"And I felt how you touched me... Mmm, I have been thinking about it. The way you rubbed my thigh, and how you squeezed my ass..."

Hearing her talking about it was making me so fucking hard. She wasn't even in front of me and I felt like she was working me under her spell again. And she didn't let up.

"There's more of me to touch though... And I definitely want to finish what I started. Mm- I have been thinking about it a lot. It was such a tease to only see a little bit of it... but I could tell it was so hard! Is it... hard right now?"

Fuck yes it is! "Uh, god, what can I- uh- say to convince you..."

"Hmm, did you think about me that night?" she interjected suddenly.

"What?!" I exclaimed, knowing full well what she meant.

I heard her gasp over the phone. "Ooh, you did, didn't you? Did you... touch yourself when you were thinking about me?"

"Uh, no!" I stammered. This was completely out of control.

"What were you... oh gosh! Were you fucking your girlfriend and you thought of me?" I could tell she was bristling with excitement.

"Alyssa, I- I just called to tell you..."

"God, that's hot. You're not even trying to deny it!"

I was completely flustered. "No! I- this is done! I mean, it never started!"

Ignoring me completely, "I don't know why you're getting so excited... I just want to make you feel good..."

"Well, you can't!"

She sighed over the phone and there was a short pause. "So, you don't want to touch me again?"

Finally, I was getting somewhere! "No!"

"You don't want to finish what we started?" she hummed.


"Aww, that's so... disappointing! But, you have my number if you change your mind."

"I- I'm not- That's not gonna happen."

She completely blew me off, "Think of me again tonight," she purred.

Before I could say anything else, I heard the static go out as she ended the call. Totally flustered, I just stood there in the parking lot, my heart racing. I felt like a complete idiot for letting her run the conversation like that. But damn, the way she talks... Although on some level I was already aware that I had a raging hard-on for most of the conversation, I was now acutely conscious of the fact that I had one at work.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets and decided to take a walk around the building to try and relax. It was a useless exercise. The entire time I was thinking about Alyssa. I tried to remember how those pictures looked. I replayed our exchange over and over. The sound of her young, sexy voice... Taunting me about our close encounter... Fuck. I realized I was actually stroking myself a little in my pockets.

I took a deep breath, shook my head, and tried to think of a mountain of boring paperwork to settle myself down. Marching back into the building (hands still casually in my pockets), I returned to my office and tried to get back to work. There was no hope for me though.

Alyssa's body and voice dominated my mind. I was abuzz with nervous energy. I went to the bathroom. Good, nobody was there. I slid into a stall and, for the first time in my life, desperately jerked off in a public place. Everything about it felt so wrong; that I was at work doing it, that I was thinking about another girl... that I was thinking about a girl that was practically begging me to cheat with her.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself caving in to her seduction. How bad I wanted to give in to that young temptress right then... Oh fuck, before I knew it, I was coming hard. I actually groaned out loud a little bit. When I calmed down, my face flushed crimson with shame and embarrassment.

At least I took the edge off. I was able to be moderately productive for the rest of the day. But every time I noticed I got an email, and every time my phone rang, my heart skipped a beat. I feared, and admittedly hoped, that it was Alyssa hassling me again. Yet she didn't make any other attempt to contact me. I wondered if I had gotten through to her.

Any hope I had of pushing her out of my head was a pipedream though. Once again she had told me to think of her. I knew that night that I would be.


That weekend, Kristen suggested we hit up the burger joint. I had enough good sense to say no, despite any forbidden fantasies I maintained of giving Alyssa another opportunity to seduce me. In spite of my attempts to keep out of trouble, I found myself wading in it the following week.

Alyssa still had not attempted to contact me again, and for awhile I thought she had given up. I even managed to go nearly a whole day at work without my imagination drifting off to her image. I was leaving the office and just walking out to the parking lot when I heard a familiar voice. Yes, the same one that had been haunting my fantasies.

"Fancy seeing you here!"

I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around. Yep, there she was. She had on a pair of tight low-rise jeans that clung to her hips perfectly and a little tank-top that didn't come down too far. It showed off so much of the lower part of her navel that I wondered if she was completely shaven downstairs. I managed to drag my eyes up her tight body and meet her smirking gaze.

"No burger last weekend?" she frowned a little.

I suppressed a guilty smile and quickly turned away from her, doing my best to home in on my car. "I gotta go," I tried.

She trotted up to try and keep pace with me as I walked away from her. "Aw, what's the rush?"

"Look, I told you already. I- I'm not available." Keep walking.

"Just one sec! I only want to show ya something..." she pleaded behind me.

Show me what? Some more of your hot little body? "Not interested." Almost to my car.

Then I heard it. It was a little fuzzy, but I knew instantly what it was.

"Gimme a break! Obviously you're hot..." The bitch had recorded our conversation. I stopped walking, but I didn't turn around. Suddenly my heartbeat was in my temples. I was desperately trying to remember what I had said on the phone to her. Did I say anything stupid? Something that would get me in trouble? All I could remember was her dominating the conversation...

She casually walked in front of me, cocky little look on her pretty face. She was holding a small recorder up which was playing segments of our conversation; just the bits that make me look like a horny asshole. After a minute she clicked it off. I blinked at her.

"W-what do you want?"

"I just wanna talk to you," she said sweetly.

"Well, we're uh- we're talking now."

She put her hands on her hips and gave me an indignant look. I swallowed hard as the pose forced me to look at her waist and see the soft, smooth skin that was shown off. "I didn't mean in a parking lot!"

I rolled my eyes. "Well there's nowhere else here; we're not going in my office!"

"How about my place?" her eyes sparked.

Oh god, hell yes... "Uh- N-no," I stuttered.

She held up the tape again. "Okay, how about you drive me home." I was about to demur but she cut me off. "It's not far... We can talk on the way, and once we get there, you can have the tape. No tricks!" she smiled.

Now, I didn't know if she would actually try to show the tape to Kristen somehow. Even then, I didn't know if I would necessarily be incriminated. Looking in hindsight, I probably could have weaseled my way through this situation better. But at the time, I was panicking; "thinking clearly" was not in the cards. I reluctantly agreed.

Once we were in the car, she started up again. "Ooh, I've never been in the car before. I only got to see from the outside! So this is what it's like to be your girlfriend." Her voice was innocent but sharp; she knew she was toying with me.

"You're uh- you're not my girlfriend," I flatly replied.

She gave a little pout and sat cross-legged in the seat. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, subtly trying to watch her legs as they shifted into position. Mm, flexible.

"That's just the thing... All I want is to have a little fun..." She dragged out the word fun as coyly as possible. "Nobody has to know... Like a little fling on the side!"

My palms were already sweaty gripping the wheel. I was trying to focus on being pissed off at this girl, but I couldn't help my ego that loved being propositioned by this sexy thing. Just don't get hard... "I'm not going to- to uh, cheat on her."

"Turn left up here," she instructed. "Besides, you're not married or anything. Maybe she'd even like it!"

I wish! "Not gonna happen." I tried to keep my eyes looking forward. Don't look at her sultry smile.

She let out a long sigh. "It's so sad when people are so... possessive! I mean, it's obvious that you want to! I do too! What's the big deal?"

I just shook my head.

"Right up at the next light." She reached her left hand out and started fiddling with the radio. I didn't think much of it until she dropped her hand back down and it landed on my thigh. I jumped in my seat at the touch, which just caused her to squeeze a little and massage my leg as if to calm me down. "Relax!" she giggled.

My dick was semi-hard, but not so erect that she could see it. The sudden touch shot instant life into it. Keeping one hand on the wheel, I batted away her arm, but it was too late.

"Ooh! There it is!" she squealed in joy; immediately shooting her other hand out to cop a feel of my hard-on through my slacks. She moved so fast that I couldn't stop her. The feeling of her gripping my cock made me squirm in my seat, both in discomfort and pleasure; it was all I could do to keep enough composure and stay in my lane.

"C-cut it out!" I blurted. She slithered her hands away, feigning remorse, but she was biting her lower lip and batting her eyes in a way that said: Got you, and you liked it.

"It's just up here," she pointed. It was a small apartment complex.

Finally. She showed the way to her building and I parked. My dick had calmed down a little, but not much. I turned to her and stuck out my hand. "Okay, I drove you here."

She took the recorder out of her purse and popped out the tape, handing it to me. "See? You can trust me!"

"Uh huh," I snatched it out of her hand.

"So, want to come in?" she beamed.

"Uh, nope."

She frowned. "Fine, I tried." She opened the door and started to get out. "But I have a confession..."

"Yeah?" Get on with it and get out.

"Well... I still have two more copies of the tape..." Her eyes flickered at me as she swung the door closed.

Fuck! "What! Hey, wait!" She was ignoring me, walking up to her door. I got out of my car and called at her again. "What are you trying to pull here?"

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