tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Mine Ch. 04

Making Her Mine Ch. 04


If Missy wasn't the fuck slave of my dreams, then I wasn't gonna find her in this life time. She was blonde, with a real cute little face, and a very fuckable body that just about drove me crazy.

I was sitting back on my couch; she was lying down beside me, her head in my crotch. I was stroking her all over. Her ass felt good under my thick fingers, so warm and tight. "Lick my balls, baby."

I spread my legs a little more for her, and ran my fingers through her hair, down her back, over that fine ass while she licked and kissed me.

"Gonna start training your ass, today," I said. I felt her tense up, get all scared, and I knew I was in for a long haul. I rubbed her back. "Come on, baby, relax. You'll like it."

I slapped her ass. "Get up on all fours. Head down, ass up."

I grabbed my cock and guided it to her soft lips, rubbing it over her mouth. "You want me in your mouth?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good bitch. Suck. Just the head."

Her mouth closed around my cock head and slowly, at the same time, I slid just the tip of my finger into her ass. She pulled away the second she felt me in her ass.

I rubbed my cock over her mouth. "No more, baby?"

She licked her lips. "Yes, Sir. I want more."

"Then you gotta take a little more of my finger up your slut ass."

She lifted her ass, almost like she got shy, like she wasn't sure, then she opened her mouth, seeing if I'd slide my cock between her lips. I did, and a few second later, my finger was in her ass again, sliding in real slow.

Her small hands were grabbing my hard legs, and I let her take my cock down her throat until my finger was all the way inside her ass.

"Nice baby, real nice. Now move that ass like I'm fucking you."

Sometimes I don't understand a bitch. They let you fuck their mouth, their ass, then you tell them to do something real simple, and they act like they ain't got no sense.

Missy didn't wanna back off my cock in her mouth, but she didn't move her ass for me either. She looked up at me, and I watched her soft pink lips sliding up and down my hard black dick.

I wanted to be in her ass so bad I could taste it. But not yet. She wasn't ready to get it yet, not the way I wanted to give it to her.

Pushing her mouth off my cock, I said, "I don't feel your ass moving on my finger, baby."

She dropped her head, like a little kid that's done wrong. "I don't want to."

"Up to you," I said, then pushed her down between my legs. "Spread your legs real wide. Hold up your tits."

She held up her tits like she was offering me the ripest sweetest fruit I'd ever had. I jerked off my cock, watching her, waiting to see what she was gonna beg for.

"Please, in my mouth, Sir?"

My cock was good and hard. I was throbbing and I wanted to come in her throat again -- I love a slut with a real deep throat -- but I didn't, not yet. I was gonna teach her really good.

"You want my block cock deep down your throat, bitch? Wanna come like that?"

"Yes, Sir," she said, and I could see it was hard for her to sit still between my legs without squirming.

"Too bad," I said, stroking my cock harder. "When are you gonna learn Missy?" I went faster, knowing I was close to blowing a load. "You're my bitch. You get what I give you, not what you want."

Pushing her back a little, I got to my feet, and started playing with her hard nipples. My cock was inches form her lips. "Play with your pussy 'til you come."

I moved so my cock was so close to her lips, she could feel the heat coming off me.

"Permission to suck your cock, Sir?"

"No," I said. "Play with that slut pussy and come at my feet."

She let go her tits and reached down between her spread legs and touched herself. Her hips started rocking. She moaned while I rolled her hard nipples between my fingers, ran my fingertips over them real light.

"Want my cock in your mouth, baby?"

"Yes, Sir," she said, panting, rocking her hips, pushing her tits into my hands. "Please, Sir."

"Then next time do what I tell you."

She threw her head back and whimpered. I grabbed her tits in my hands and squeezed, flicked my thumbs over her hard nipples again and again.

I loved watching her writhe at my feet like that, her lips apart just a little, like she was wanting to say something, wanting to beg for something.

"Go on, baby," I said. "Come for Master Nate."

I squeezed her tits a little tighter, pressed my cock right up against her lips, so she came like that, tasting my cock, rubbing her lips on me, but not getting what she really wanted -- to feel it buried in her throat while she came.

For a while afterwards, she just sat at my feet, breathing hard. I ran my hard dick over her soft lips, showing her what she missed.

She bent over, ass up and kissed my feet real soft, then she kneeling again, her lips shiny with my pre-cum. "Sorry I was a bad girl, Sir."

Fuck. This girl was gonna drive me crazy. "Lick me, baby."

I grabbed her hair, rubbed her face all over my crotch. She smiled, stuck out her tongue, licked up as much as she could get. "Beg for my cock up your bitch ass, Missy. Beg, and I promise I'll make it real good for you."

Instead of begging, she did a funny thing, something no girl's ever done to me. She took both my hands in hers and kissed the palms of my hands. It was weirdest thing I ever felt. I can't explain why, but it made my dick real hard and I didn't just want her, I wanted to fuck her and drill her into the ground.

The way I wanted to do her - just throw her down on the ground, hold her down, while I pounded my thick black cock into her tight pussy as hard as I could - was dangerous.

It was weird. I wanted to do it, wanted to fuck her like I was a bull, just take her hard, but at the same time, I didn't wanna hurt her.

I hauled her up fast; she laughed a little, surprised to be on her feet. I let her fall back against me, so the whole smooth back of her body was rubbing up against me, both of us on our feet.

Kissing the side of her neck, rubbing my cock on her ass, I stroked her tits, her flat belly, ran my hands down to her wet pussy and back up over her belly. I whispered in her ear, "Come on baby, beg for it. You know you want my cock up your little bitch ass."

She lay her head back against me, panting, spreading her legs so my hands would find her pussy. "I'm your bitch, Sir."

"Yeah, baby." I bent my head so I could kiss her lips real soft. "And good bitches beg for what they want."

She reached behind her, grabbing my legs, so she could push back into my cock. "Please Sir, please, fuck your slut's ass. Fill my bitch ass with your cock." She blushed reel deep, her cheeks as red as a fine wine.

"You ain't got to be blushing like that with me. I own you baby." I rubbed her cheeks. Felt so soft. "That face is real pretty."

My cock was throbbing and aching. I knew I had to do something, let off some steam, or I was really gonna hurt my girl bad. "Get on your knees, baby. I wanna fuck my girl's pretty face."

In seconds, she was on her knees, hands behind her back, her legs spread real wide.

"Good bitch," I said. "You look ready to give me whatever I want."

She looked up at me, breathing hard, looking like a desperate slut, her tits hanging out the front of her dress, the bottom half pulled up over her ass, like she ready to get used. 'Yes, Sir. Your bitch for you to use," she said softly.

I knew she was feeling it, just like I was. "You want me to fuck you, like you're my woman?" I asked her. "Or you want me to use you, like you're my bitch, my fuck slave to do what I want with?"

She bit her lips, looked down at the floor, her face blushed the deepest red I'd seen yet, and her nipples got so hard, they swelled to almost twice their size. Swear to God, if I'd touched her clit right then - just one stroke - she'd of been humping my hand, coming like a hungry little slut.

"Come on baby. Tell Master Nate what you want." I rubbed my hard cock over her lips, teasing her, not letting her back off from what she was feeling.

Finally, real soft and low she said, "I want you to use me like I'm your fuck slave." I saw her swallow after she said it, like it was the hardest thing she'd ever done. I was real happy with my girl, and I was gonna give her what she wanted.

"Over to the wall, baby, kneel right there, back to the wall. Spread your legs real wide."

When she was where I wanted, I grabbed her hair in both my big hands and let her lips find my cock. "That's it baby. Take that thick black meat in your mouth, down your throat."

I didn't fuck the shit out of her hot pretty mouth like I wanted. But I didn't show my bitch no mercy; used her like what she was - my property, my fuck slave.

I wound my hands deeper into her soft hair and pulled hard, keeping her still. "Open wider. Take it down your throat, bitch."

She stretched her mouth even wider for me, and I don't know what came over me.

It was like I just had to fuck her pretty little face, had to see my black cock sliding in and out between her pink lips, needed to see tears standing in her eyes, hear her gagging and choking while I fucked her face hard and fast.

Her head was banging into the wall every time I fucked deep into her throat. I knew I should stop, but I knew I wasn't going to.

I kept humping her face, the way I'd humped her pussy. Every time she gagged, I pushed my cock even deeper so her clenching throat could grab my cock head. She was a fucking hot slut, my bitch, and I was gonna use every inch of her throat.

I pulled out a second, looked down at her. "You want me to stop, baby?"

"Your fuck slave, Sir," she said, breathing hard, then she found my cock with her mouth, and sank down fast, sucking me deep into her throat, and oh God, that was it.

I fucked her face in a brutal rhythm, grunting, and holding her hair real tight.

Oh fuck. I was gonna fill her throat. Oh God yes. My balls were so fucking full. I yanked on her hair, pulled her close, 'til her nose was up against my belly.

Knew I didn't have long with her like that. I rutted like I was just an animal, using her mouth deep and hard.

She whimpered and I couldn't take it no more. I exploded down her throat; saw ropes of cum leak from her mouth.

I pulled back, breathing real hard, let her lick and clean me.

Before she was done, she lay on her belly, full length, spread her legs, and kissed my feet. I loved how she waited for permission to come back and kneel at my feet and finish cleaning my cock and balls.

When she was licking and kissing my balls, she kept saying softly, "I'm your bitch, Sir. Thank you. Your cum bitch. Thank you Sir."

I sat on the couch, spread my legs, pulled her real close so she could lick and suck and I could run my fingers through her hair.

"My cum bitch does what I want, right?" She cringed a little, like maybe she thought I was gonna slap her. "Relax baby, ain't nothing going on. I'm just talking to my girl."

She eased down, stopped hunching her shoulders like she thought I was gonna lay into her. "Turn around baby, your back to me."

When she turned around, I reached down and picked her up; let her sit on me, her legs over mine, her back to me.

At first she was all tense, but I stroked her arms, her legs, stroked the outside of her wet pussy. "How you liking being my fuck slave, baby?"

She leaned back, rested her head on my chest. "Feels good, Sir. Makes me so come so hard."

I kissed her neck, stroked her hard nipples. "Good. Relax a while, baby. I wanna see how much I can make my girl squirm."

My hands went to her wet pussy, and she squirmed the second I slid my finger down her slit. I smiled. It was gonna be long afternoon with my girl.

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