Making Work a Better Place Ch. 03


"What do you have in mind Louisa?" I say in my best angry voice.

"You don't need to know the details sir. Perhaps it is better if aren't here," Louisa responds.

"Very well," then I remember to add, "Peggy, come with me." Peggy shakes her head.

"Mr. Townsend, I can't leave Ms. Rojas with this monster," she managed between forced tears.

"I don't like this," which was most likely the first thing said by anyone so far. "Mr. Kline, I am coming back here in five minute. If you are still here, you won't work in this state ever again." I storm out, praying that I got my parting lines right. Peggy said I'm supposed to scare him. I hope I have. I head off to make myself a nice cappuccino and keep a time on my phone.

Five minutes later, I come back to find Louisa and Peggy in quiet conversation. Both women look up at me from the sofa as I step into the doorway. I look at Peggy expectantly. She seems okay now and is dressed. There is no sign of John.

"You did well," Peggy tells me. I let out a deep breath. I didn't want to let her down.

"John Kline shouldn't be a problem anymore," Louisa adds. "I think that between my soothing words and Peggy's tears that John thinks I've saved his ass ... and that I have blackmail on him that could do more than cost him a job." She pats Peggy's hand. "Thank you both."

"I am glad we could help," Peggy tells her. Louisa rises up to leave.

"Why did you two do this?" she asks.

"One day this will be Joshua's company," Peggy explains. "We want the best people in the best positions when that time comes."

"I appreciate that sentiment," Louisa nods, "and Peggy, you should tell him." Louisa walks out of the room. As she passes me, she gives me a peck on the cheek.

"Tell me what?" I say.

"Let me think of a way to break this to you ..."

"Peggy, is this going to upset me? I hope not because I want to stay happy right now," I express to her.

"I don't know Joshua," replies Peggy.

"When you figure that out, tell me. For now, I would like to buy you some dinner, if you think your husband won't mind." Peggy stares up at me for the longest time.

"I would really like to go out to dinner with you, Joshua. I'd like that a lot," she smiles. "We can worry about my husband later."

As we are walking out to my car, I put an arm around Peggy's shoulder and I give her a hug.

"You should really get a raise for all the work you've been doing," I tell her.

"You gave one to me last week. You signed off on it and everything. I sent it in with the glowing work review you gave me. You signed off on that too," she chuckles. I hug her again.

"Man, am I the best boss in the world, or what?" I ask her.

"You are the best one for me," Peggy whispers as she leans into me.

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by Anonymous

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by FinalStand09/06/18

illwind ...

... there was a reason I never felt this deserved to be in the Humor & Satire section and you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. While there is, I hope, much to chuckle about, the core of this storymore...

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by illwind09/06/18

Well alright, story seems to be coming together finally. By which I mean there is some larger plot coming into focus and I'm not left wondering what the point of the story is.

Though I will say, formore...

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