tagInterracial LoveMami Learns a Lesson in a Li'l Town

Mami Learns a Lesson in a Li'l Town


Growing up in a city in Texas where race wasn't an issue, I never considered how sex with a black man would be better than any other man of a different race. I'm Hispanic and had only been with a Hispanic man. However, when my best friend began to tell me about how black men are so well endowed and attentive to a woman's needs, I was interested. Right after graduating high school I moved up north to Washington. I took with me an interest in meeting a black man even if only for sex. To my disappointment, this little town I moved to appeared to be rather racist and not catering to blacks.

Months passed and the thought left my mind. But on that beautiful October day, I met a man perfect in every way. He was 6 feet, 200lbs, juicy lips you want to suck on, smooth skin, nice toned arms, very enticing. And as you may have guessed, he was black. He was perfect in every way, would be a good fit for my 5'3 frame, 36D breasts, nice round bottom with hips to grab on in a lustful moment. And the best part of all this, we had a friend in common who happened to be my neighbor. It turned out he himself moved out here from far away and was working in his cousin's cell phone shop. I got her to introduce me to him. She told him I was looking to buy a phone. He called an order then told me to stop by the shop tomorrow and gave me a business card.

The following the day I woke-up feeling good, but when I got to work that faded. I was going to be working late. I called Toni, which was his name, to tell him I would be working late. He said he'd wait till 9pm for me. I arrived at 8:30pm.

"Sorry I'm late. I got held up at work."

"Hey, don't worry. Come on in." with this he locked the door behind us and led me to an office behind the counter.

"Oh, shit! This isn't your phone. I'm sorry." with a sly grin he put the phone down.

"Well guess I better get going then. Here, call me when you do get it." As I handed him a paper with my number he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

"What's the hurry? Maybe we could talk, get to know each other. You up for it?"

"Yeah ok, why not."

With this he led me to a room further back. There was a small fridge and microwave just past the door, a TV in the inner most corner, a stereo on a table beside it and a futon against the wall. Naturally I sat down. He handed me a soda.

As if reading my mind he said, "My cousin sometimes stays here. You want some music?"

He put in a cd R&B, and took my hand pulling me up to him. He pressed his body to me as we danced. I instantly felt the bulge in his pants.

"Hey mami, relax."

I started to feel hot so I removed my coat. I felt his eyes fall to the tube top I was wearing that was nearly exposing my tits. To his reaction I blushed and lifted my top. He pressed me to him again and whispered in my ear.

"You have a beautiful body. I wonder what it tastes like."

"Wouldn't you like to know," was all I could get out.

As if an invitation he kissed me with his soft delicious mouth, devouring me, forcing his tongue inside. It was starting to get hit. I pulled on his shirt and reached beneath it, tracing his every curve and bump. He let out a little moan when I pinched on his nipples. His kisses moved from my mouth, to my cheeks, to my neck, to behind my ears. My pussy was starting to get wet. I was sure he knew. He lifted my arms and pulled my top off. My tits were now exposed; I didn't wear a bra today.

"Mmmm, girl. You got some nice titties," he took a nipple in his mouth suckling it and pinched the other, "tastes good too."

"Stop, someone could walk-in." I said half dazed.

"The doors are locked, I have the keys. You sure you want to stop?"

With that, I pulled his shirt off and kicked my sandals off. His hands moved to unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down.

"Damn baby! You want daddy's dick don't you. Well I want that pussy too."

He lifted me up and sat me on the futon. He rubbed my already wet pussy through my thong. I unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped them. Out of his boxers popped out the biggest dick I'd seen. Nine inches, two around.

"You ever had black dick?"

I could only shake my head no. I was in love now. He pulled his pants and boxers off and kicked them and his shoes to a side. He walked over to me naked. He dropped to his knees and hooked his fingers in my thongs. He pulled them off and smelled my pussy juices.

"Good pussy." and he spread my legs. He stuck his hand in my wet, shaved pussy. I quivered all over. He moved his head in more and flicked his tongue at my pussy. His tongue went to my clit. I moaned and opened my legs further. He inserted his tong u in my pussy. He was tongue fucking me.

"Ay, papi! Don't stop!"


His tongue was going in and out, in and out. Harder. Faster. I felt my body tingle. I was about to cum.

"I'm cummin!"

"Yes baby. Cum for me"

He ate up all of my cum and licked what was all around my pussy.

"Fuck! Like honey baby. On your knees. It's your turn."

I did as he said. He stood up as I got on my knees. I grabbed his dick with my hand, licked the mushroom tip and peeled back the foreskin. I put his dick in my mouth. It was so big. My mouth was straining to open enough to fit it in.

"Suck that nigga dick. Swallow it baby."

I tried to put more in. I had my hand wrapped around his dick. I pumped him and licked his tip. I licked his long shaft. I stuffed his balls in my mouth. I sucked on them a bit then went back to his dick. Grabbing a handful of my hair, he pulled my mouth on his dick. He was fucking my face.

"Yes baby. Suck it. Just like a lil pro. Fuck! I'm gonna cum, don't waste it. Eat it up baby."

There was so much cum. It tasted sweet. I couldn't take anymore. He squirted the rest out on my face. He stood me up and took me to a bathroom. There was a shower in there. We got in the shower and took a nice hot shower. He was standing behind me grabbing my ass. With his hand on my back, he bent me over. He got on his knees and inserted his finger in my asshole. In and out. Then I felt his tongue lap at my hole. He stood up, kicked my legs apart. His dick was at my hole now.

"Whatever you do, don't stand up. Ease up. Let me do all the work."

Little by little his dick moved its way in my asshole.

"Fuck!! Pull it out! You're tearing me!" I was crying. He had torn my asshole. I could feel it ripping.

"I told you baby. Let me do the work."

Once he was in all the way, he pulled out and slammed back in. one hand on my hip, he moved the other to my pussy. Suddenly it was feeling better. In and out. Harder. Faster. In. out. I was grabbing my tits, licking my nipples. It was fucken hot. His dick stiffened more and my ass tightened around it. He pulled out. He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. We went back to the room with the futon. Again he sat me down and pulled open the futon. I lay down. He moved on top of me. He kissed me. His hand was fingering my pussy. He was preparing me for what would be the best fuck ever.

"Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me baby. I want that big dick in my pussy. Fuck me, please." it was more a plea than a request.

He adjusted himself in between my legs. He threw my legs over his shoulders and rammed his dick in my pussy. My head hit the wall. I was not ready. He pulled out. I placed my hands on the wall as he rammed me again. In and out. He was playing rough. After a while I was feeling good and sunk my nails in his back. He grunted pushed deeper.

"Fuck mami! You love this dick? Say I love this nigga dick."

"I love this nigga dick!" and kissed him. My tits were moving all over the place. I stopped to feed him one. He released my legs and flipped us over never pulling out. I was on top now.

"Ride me bitch! Bounce on it."

"Yes baby."

Up and down. Round and round. He pulled me down to him and fed hungrily on my tits. Then he turned me around and lifted up my ass. He kneeled behind me. He spanked me.

"Harder baby!"

Another spank. Then he positioned himself and slid his dick in my pussy. He fucked me fast and hard. As I began to cum, my pussy tightened on his dick.

"Don't stop! I'm cummin!"

"Shit! Me, too. Stay still. Take this baby batter."

He filled me up with his sperm. Afterwards he rolled off. I tried to get up to go shower. He pulled me down to him and kissed me.

"Let me guess, you're not on the pill."

I got up and took a quick shower. Once I had my clothes on, I went back to where he was. He was sleeping. I placed a light kiss on his forehead and left out the back door. I drove home. About an hour after I got home the phone rang. It was him. I didn't answer just slept the best sleep ever,

In case you're wondering, no I did not get pregnant. I took the day after pill, which might not always work, and got on the pill. And by the way, we fuck most nights since we started dating.

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