tagSci-Fi & FantasyManufactured for Pleasure

Manufactured for Pleasure


Taini looked at her pamphlet and blushed anew at the options that were available to her. The Pleasure Clinic boasted of its unique stock of male workers. They ranged from genetically produced angels to emotionally sensitive androids. With over a thousand varieties of male beefcake to pick from, it was overwhelming for her. The simple act of consummation had taken on a completely new meaning. Now she was plagued with indecisions. What kind of male did she want? What sort of species or model? Did she want a male with dual sexual organs? What about the consummating room? What kind of environment should it mimic?

Everything mattered. Nothing was too trivial. After all, it was her first time with a man and she wanted it to be pleasurable.

She filled out her form and deposited it into the metal slot in the wall. A pneumatic hiss announced the acceptance of the paper. A few minutes later, a panel in the wall slid open. She had been accepted into the Pleasure Clinic.

A female guide showed her to a large, dome ceiling room and instructed her to change into a gown made of thin, translucent silk. She was led to a bed of white pillows and was told to wait there for her ideal lover. The waiting put her on edge. She started having second thoughts. She wondered if she would be called to task for not taking advantage of her stress prevention pass. If she did run, she would have to face the heavy fine for desertion. Besides, she had already put off her required sexual awakening for far too long. She had to go through with it. Her virginal tax fees were getting out of hand. It just wasn’t worth it anymore. Paying to protect her virginity was not going to be a part of her future.

“I am so ready.”

Twelve minutes later, the room changed visually. The holographic sensors in the walls created a warm, tropical atmosphere that included plant life and beautiful colored birds. The scent of flowers and earth played with her senses, making the newly transformed room seem all the more real. A distant sun adorned the clear blue sky.

Taini giggled at the absurdity of another world contained within a single room. It was unbelievable how far technology had come.

She twirled a blade of grass between her fingers and watched as a ladybug scurried up her arm. The beetle flitted off and Taini made a startling discovery.

Someone was watching her.

From behind of some thick, giant ferns came forth an eerie rumble. The sound shot a sliver of fear straight to her heart. She instinctively inched back off the pillows. The rumble became louder and deeper. Two yellow, glowing, circles shined from a dark figure in the bush.

Taini screamed and scrambled to her feet. She plunged into the jungle and ran blindly through the foliage. Her hair caught on a branch. It was too tangled to release.

Behind her, the plant life stirred. The rumble returned. It was almost right in her ear. She struggled to free herself. Wrenched at her hair. Cursed the fates for taking her life just when she was about to get rid of her virginal status.

She could envision what the papers would say: Twenty-three Year Old Virgin Dies from Pleasure Clinic Debacle.

Taini let out a helpless wail and screamed when something touched her shoulders. The straps of her gown ripped and the material fell from her body. The sudden exposure of her skin made her gasp. What just happened? She asked herself.

A warm stream of air danced along her spine and stopped an inch above her buttocks. She shivered and held her breath as a hand slid over her thigh. It was soft, warm, and large. She looked down. The hand was covered with blond fur and was spotted with tiny black dots. It had short white claws that scored Taini’s delicate, white skin.

Her fear doubled as the hand was joined by another, this time, on her stomach. The rumble vibrated through the hands and set Taini’s flesh to shaking. The quivers brought about a tightening in her breasts. Her nipples hardened into peaks. Her legs trembled. Moist warmth seeped from her. A hand ventured down to the apex of her thighs. It parted the soft groove there and rumbled.

Taini’s back arched. A cry escaped her throat. Her breasts brushed against some leaves. She shifted her legs and turned her head to look at her ardent lover. Her tangled hair put a strain on her neck. The most that she could see of him was his muscular arms. They were spotted as well.

“I want to see you,” she told him.

His hands went still.

“I want to look at you,” she repeated.

“You requested anonymity,” he said in a thick, low voice.

“Yes, but I didn’t ask to be scared senseless.”

“I am sorry. I thought that you would have enjoyed the chase.”

Her face felt hot. “I didn’t come here for a chase.”

“Duly noted,” he whispered and ran his fingers over the tips of her breasts.

Taini could smell her scent on them. “Are you going to take me right here, like this?”

“Why not?”

His response alarmed her. She strongly opposed such a primal initiation. She wanted him to be gentle with her.

“I demand to see the senior official of this establishment!” she said angrily.

“You are currently in no position to demand anything, delicious. I am your choice. Your one and only choice and I will determine how and where I will take you.”

“You’re mad! Release me, you genetic jerk!”

He laughed.

Taini felt the rough, wet sweep of his tongue over the swell of her hip. She gasped and grew silent as the appendage dipped within the crevice of her buttocks. His teeth nipped at her soft white flesh. She shuddered and made protests. He squeezed the pliant curves of her buttocks and left tiny welts from his claws there. He ran his tongue over the scratches and caught her hands, wrenching them behind her back.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I am marking you, little dove.”


“To prove that you are mine. To prove that you belong to me.”

Taini inhaled sharply at the touch of his tongue on her spine.

“I belong to no one,” she told him.

“Your body tells me differently.”

He nuzzled her neck, tugged on her earlobe. Taini felt her legs give out from under her. The creature grabbed her to him and lifted her towards the branch.

“Hold on to it,” he told her.

She complied. Her heart pounded in her ears. It almost deafened her. In one corner of her mind, she wondered what he was going to do. Her curiosity made her anxious.

“What could you possibly do to me while I am hanging from this tree?” she questioned.

He laughed and walked in front of her suspended body. She looked down at him and held her breath in awe. He was magnificent. He resembled a feline, the extinct Jaguar, perhaps, but he was clearly born with a manlike body. He had arms and legs and…goodness, a well-endowed reproductive organ. He stood over six feet tall and was lean and muscular. He was covered with thick fur, golden in color. His eyes were gold as well, with dark green flecks within them. A long, thick, agile tail writhed behind him, giving him a feral look.

“Y-You’re a cat,” she said.

“To an extent.”

“I should have known.”

“Now that you do know,” he held the back of her knees and wrapped her legs around his slender waist, “I can have my way with you.”

She blushed.

He caressed her thighs and purred deep within his throat. The sound vibrated through out her.

She gasped. He snared the tip of her breast between his teeth. The slight pull on her sensitive nipple made her moan.

“Yes, it is so plump and tender,” he whispered.

Her legs tightened around him. The swollen head of his member brushed against her heated core. She whimpered.

“You see, you do belong to me.”

He moved his hips, pressing his shaft against her parted nether lips. He gave a sharp little thrust. It tore her maiden head and wrenched a scream from her mouth. Tears misted her eyes. He continued to stab into her silky sheath. She felt as if he was tearing her asunder. He was too big. He was hurting her.

“I-I can’t,” she stuttered. “I can’t do this!” He growled and stilled his hips. “You are too small. Don’t worry. I will fix this problem.”

He disentangled Taini’s hair from the branch and carried her to a soft patch of grass. He laid her down and grabbed her by her ankles, lifting them on to his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” she squeaked.

He ignored her question and cupped her buttocks in his hands.

“My goodness,” she said. Her face reddened. “Are you…looking at me?”

“I am doing so much more…” he plastered his mouth to her pulsing femininity.

Her hands clenched the fur at the back of his head. His tongue swept aside her tender folds and gleaned her dew-saturated sex. Her being pulsed with excitement.

“Yes…oh yes…” she cried.

Tension filled her as his soft organ gained entry into her body. It stroked and churned within her depths, collecting her gushing nectar. Taini felt slick with liquid. It seemed as if her body was caught within a big flood of passion.

Her stomach tightened. A riptide of emotion swamped her. She clung to her lover and rode out the wave of desire. The movement of his tongue changed. It started to flutter inside of her, writhe and curl. Taini lifted her buttocks off the ground and grinded her hips against his face. He broadened the length of his tongue to cover her entire sex. She came again.

Intense heat flowed through her veins. A fresh, copious amount of nectar coated the feline’s slithering tongue. He made a sound of approval and increased his labors. His efforts produced a stream of orgasms from his sex partner.

Taini’s toes curled. The soles of her feet arched.

“This feels so…good…,” she moaned, “so very good!”

It was just the beginning. She soon found herself bent at the waist, her knees on either side of her head. She was leaning on to the weight of her shoulder blades and her head. From this position, she could see what her lover was doing to her.

“Sweet, sweet flower,” he muttered hoarsely. “I could eat you whole.”

“Yes, devour me!” she pleaded.

He bit into her agitated flesh with relish. She trembled. His fingers pried her open and teased her engorged clitoris. One sharp claw lightly scratched its surface. Taini convulsed. He used the opportunity to flip her on to her stomach and mount her from behind. This time, his rod went in with ease. Her walls closed in on him and gave him a loving squeeze. He purred, vibrated, rumbled inside of her.

Her burgeoning nipples bumped her arms as her body rocked in front of him. Her skin glistened with sweat. Her hair hung in damp blond tendrils around her. Quick, sensual pants escaped her lips.

His phallus pummeled her. It beat a blazing path straight to her womb. He touched places inside of her that had never been touched before. He claimed her sex as if it was his own. He knew just where to reach. He knew just how fast to go.

He left teeth marks on her shoulders and back. Pulled on her hair. Sent her into another earth-shaking climax. She screamed and reached between her legs, searched for him. A smile of elation appeared on her face when she captured him in her hand. She stroked him. Returned him to her sweltering tunnel and secured him there.

He groaned. His tail coiled around her waist. Its tip rubbed at her blood-filled button. Her insides clamped down tight on him and milked him of his strength. He let loose a shower of warmth within her, drenching her now raw tissue.

They collapsed against each other and let the holographic breezes cool their scorched skin. Taini curled up next to her cat like lover and sighed. He smiled at her and purred.

She grinned and said, “My, you are manufactured for pleasure.”

The feel of his already hardening penis excited her. She knew that she would use the Pleasure Clinic again. It was the best thing that she’d ever done. Besides, there were over a hundred other genetic lovers at the clinic. She wanted to get to know every one of them.

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