tagFetishMaria 1 and Maria 2 Ch. 02

Maria 1 and Maria 2 Ch. 02


This story is about domination, submission, cuckolding and forced feminization and bisexuality. I'm not explaining, justifying or defending it. You either get it, or you don't. If you don't, stop reading and wasting your time. If you do, enjoy.


I was staying at a cheap hotel in Oklahoma City. The auction was the next morning and I had nothing to do but hang out and try to stay out of trouble. Feeling bored and missing Maria, I decided to give her a call. The phone rang many times, finally Maria answered. I could hear music and laughter in the background.

"Hi honey, it's me. What's going on, having a party?" I inquired.

"You might say that," Maria replied with a lisp she acquired when she had been drinking too much.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"A real man, wimp, and I intend on taking advantage of everything he has to offer. So quite bothering me and fuck off!" She replied coldly and hung up.

Once again I was shocked to hear Maria 2's voice. I called back several times but nobody answered.

I spent a miserable night imagining what might be going on at home. I kept seeing dirty pictures in my mind of Maria fucking and sucking some stranger. I could hardly wait to get home and confront her.

The auction went well and I was able to obtain the book at a reasonable price. I knew my boss would be pleased. Once again I called Maria before boarding the plane back to Los Angeles.

This time her sister Rosa answered. "Oh, hi Kelly, yes Maria is here, no she cannot come to the phone. She is presently occupied with two guys getting her brains fucked out. I warned you about her. Unless you really dig pain and humiliation, you should cut your losses and find another woman. Bye, bye.

I was once again stunned. My girlfriend was fucking two guys and I was standing at an airport phone booth with a hard on.

I barely remember the flight home to L.A. All I could think about was my lovely girlfriend Maria, taking on two guys. Who the hell were they? Were they kids, black, Latin? Were their cocks bigger than mine? Was she having multiple orgasms? What would I say to her? Should I leave her? A million questions, all going through my head at once.

As I disembarked the plane I suddenly saw Maria's face in the airport lobby. She was smiling at me. She rushed to my arms, hugged me and started planting kisses all over my face. She seemed genuinely glad to see me. Go figure.

"Oh darling, I am so glad you are home. I missed you so much. Let's get you home so we can make love, I am so horny!" She exclaimed.

"But the two guys..." I countered.

"What two guys?" She asked. "What are you taking about and why didn't you call me you naughty boy. I was afraid you might be getting it on with one of those Oklahoma girls! Next time call me, please."

My head was spinning. Maria 1 seemed completely oblivious to my conversations with Maria 2. What the fuck should I do? Split? Confront her? Ignore the whole thing and enjoy the good times? I decided to play it cool for the time being and see what happens next.

We got home and I took a long shower. I climbed into bed, carefully noting the sheets for any suspicious stains. They were spotless.

Maria 1 looked longingly at me from across the room. She started doing a slow striptease, never losing eye contact with me. I rubbed my steadily expanding penis; I mean cock, as I watched her. God was she sexy!

There was something new about her. She seemed bolder, less inhibited, and sexier. Whatever Maria 2 was experiencing, Maria 1, was reaping the benefits.

To hell with it. I'm going with the flow. It was like getting two girlfriends for one. Has your girlfriend ever dressed up as someone else, put on a wig and role-played with you? It was the same thing except it was her whole demeanor, her whole attitude that changed. The upsetting, and exciting thing about it was, I never knew when it was coming.

Maria 1, now completely naked, crawled to me and placed her hand around my cock. She started licking it like a lollypop, looking at me like a little teasing girl. Sucking my cock and mind-fucking me at the same time.

After almost making me cum, she stood up, straddling my waste and looked down at me with a look. A look that said, "You are mine. I know you want me and will do anything I want, just to have me!" She looked at me like that. And I loved it!

She slowly lowered herself on to my cock. When she had completely engulfed my seven inches, she froze and said, "Don't fucking move, I'm fucking you and I am in complete command. Do you understand?"

Unable to speak, I just nodded my head in meek compliance.

Which Maria was I with now? 1 or 2. It was hard to tell and frankly my dear, I didn't give a damn.

To be continued...

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