tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMaria Moore: The Lady...

Maria Moore: The Lady...


Maria Moore: The Lady From L.U.S.T.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is a celebrity parody. No inference should be drawn between the sex acts depicted in this story and the character's true behavior.

Having completed her training, agent Maria Moore was ready to relieve the stress and strain of the long, exhausting, and sex-less special operative training course. She had phoned her sometimes lover, Candi, on her cell phone on the drive home, and Candi had been more than happy to meet Maria at her apartment and help her burn-off some of her pent-up sexual energy. As soon as she was settled in her penthouse flat, Maria took a long hot shower, then quickly dressed in the lingerie that she knew her lover liked: black lace bra, matching garterbelt, black stockings, and black heels. She combed and pinned-up her long brown hair, and put on a light coating of make-up, mascara, eye-shadow, and lipstick. Candi would be there any minute. She walked over to the huge king-sized bed and knelt on the edge of it, her huge tits hanging beneath her and her big, round, firm ass high in the air. She waited.

A few minutes later her front door opened, then closed, and she heard the dead-bolt thrown. Candi had arrived.

Seconds later the beautiful black woman entered the bedroom, buck-naked. Maria stayed on hands and knees

While the women shared a hot, lip-smacking kiss, complete with tongues. "I see you're ready for me," Candi snickered, giving the sexy brunette a playful slap on her left buttock.

"You know it baby," Maria answered.

"I need your cock."

"First things first, sweetie," the ebony goddess chided, moving behind Maria. She laid a trail of wet kisses up the inside of her thigh. The change of temperature set her body on fire where he had touched. It was amazing! Candi made her way up one leg and down the other, totally bypassing her wanting pussy. Maria was soon shaking with want. Finally Candi decided to stop teasing her. She blew hot breath on the top of her clit, warming it for a moment before she touched her with her tongue. The massive-jugged spy was ready to explode at the first touch! Candi's tongue-tip played with Maria's throbbing clit, dipping every so often to her slit to get more juice. As she licked away at the juicy slit, Candi slid her hands up over Maria's voluptuous curves until they reached her bra-covered breasts. She would have loved to spend an hour sucking those gigantic nipples, as she usually did, but her poor baby was had been without a good fucking for three weeks; Candi could wait. She contented herself with squeezing the big, succulent breasts through her the thin lace bra cups. The large melons completely filled her palms, overflowing as she squeezed the firm round orbs, her fingers sinking into the firm flesh.

Maria was panting and gasping with lust. Her hips started making small bucking motions, as her body got ready to cum. Candi had slipped two fingers into her pussy and finger-fucked her while going fast and furious on her clit with her tongue.

"God, baby, please FUCK ME!" Maria wailed.

Candi had worn a foot-long, strapon-cock beneath her trench-coat; nothing else, except heels.

"Hold on, sweetie," she whispered.

She placed her tongue on Maria's little puckered hole. She rimmed it a few times and then softly placed a fingertip at the entrance. She kept a gentle pressure on the tender hole while continuing to finger her steamy cunt. Her knowing tongue, making small circles on Maria's nether hole, was driving the slutty latina wild. She'd brought a small bottle of lube into the bedroom with her, which she rubbed up and down on her thigh to warm the contents while lapping harder at Maria's asshole.

Uncapping the bottle, Candi spread a generous amount of her huge hard on and the same on Maria's backdoor. She stood up and placed the head of her cock at the entrance to her Maria's anal pucker. "Ass or pussy?" Candi asked her, her voice husky with lust.

"En el culo; butt-fuck me, baby; you can do my pussy later," came Maria's throaty reply.

The fat tip of the fake cock pressed against her greasy anal opening, and the melon-titted agent

Found herself giving in to the wave of arousal washing over her. A long moan escaped Maria's throat as Candi pressed forward, steadily increasing the pressure until it popped inside her lover's puckered sphincter. Once inside, another firm push and the entire oily shaft slid deep into the groaning brunette's hot bowels. They paused a bit, then Candi's hands took a tight grip on Maria's slim waist and she slowly and steadily pushed forward with her hips, piercing her ass with her monster cock. "Ah!" Maria gasped, her ass clutching tightly at the thick intruder pushing deeper into the hot nest of her bowels.

Candi ran her hands admiringly over partner's smooth bare back, her cock sawing deeper in and out of her ass.

"Gawd, I'm so fucking hot!" Maria panted.

Glancing down at the fantastic spectacle of Maria's magnificent buttocks clutching around her hard cock as she thrust against her, Candi almost came.

Candi began to increase the speed of her thrusts, her hips slapped against Maria's firm buttocks, the smacking of flesh filling the room as the sweating ebony beauty humped Maria from behind.

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