tagMatureMarianne: Seduction Of An Older Woman

Marianne: Seduction Of An Older Woman


It was not a surprise to find myself in Marianne's kitchen at lunchtime on that day. I often went there with her and Clinton for lunch, since she lived near to where we were all working. She had a homely kitchen and a nice patio area where we could have our sandwiches and a real perc coffee. But on this occasion things were different.

I had met Marianne a couple of years previously at a weekend conference. I was 35, she was about ten or twelve years older than me. She was still good-looking and kept herself trim. She had a very cultured accent, unusual for the teaching profession. On this first night, I had been drinking and so had she. I found at some point in the evening that she became flirtatious. I am not sure how it happened, but suddenly there was this man-woman thing between us.

Later that night, we went for a walk together in the countryside near the conference centre. I put my arm around her, and she didn't quite remove it, but she shocked me by saying,

"Philip, I think I have been celibate too long. You know, I am engaged to be married to this nice guy..."

The word "celibate" was what shocked me. A tentative flirting gesture had had the spotlight of sex turned on it. Was I really making sexual overtures? I suppose so, but it was early days. I removed the arm, but I was still turned on by her. The fact that she had jumped a number of steps to sex excited me, and I found I was more excited because of her accent, which made her seem prudish and correct when she was really a very sexual woman.

Nothing happened then, not for a couple of years. Then she came to work in my office, doing a similar job to mine. She and and our colleague Clinton and I enjoyed lunches and coffees together occasionally. Then there was this occasion when we three went to a coffee place one mid-winter morning. For some reason, I thought I was getting a vibe from Marianne. I let my knee rest against her thigh, occasionally pressing a little harder. Because there was a cloth over the table, Clinton could not see what was going on. Marianne did not withdraw. On the contrary, at one point, she pulled her skirt down over her knees, a gesture which led to us making closer contact. She placed her hand briefly on my knee and said,

"Oh, I'm sorry, Philip".

I mumbled that it was OK, and I am sure I flushed, but Clinton kept talking, not noticing. I let my knee resume its place against her thigh and it was not rejected. Then in the car on the way back to work, she said pointedly to me,

"You know, that was so-o comfortable in there. I feel warm inside."

I was in the back seat, she in the passenger seat. I smirked.

Soon after, we were on a conference again. It was warm despite the season, so we were working in a big group outside in the sun. I sat opposite Marianne, and made lascivious, surreptitious gestures with my tongue on my lips, suggesting I would rather be nibbling on her pussy than working. Later we met and I managed to get a little kiss on her lips before she pulled away saying we would be caught. She suggested a walk later that night. I couldn't wait. I had felt how soft her lips were, and knew that she was dying to really be kissed. I got hard thinking about our tongues playing together.

We never did get together that night. Somehow, having drunk a skinful, I never did quite link up with her, but not for want of trying. I slept badly, still drunk. I had to go to the toilet in the early morning. Because this conference venue was an outdoor education centre, the men and women were sharing the ablutions block. So shower or toilet cubicles were unisex. As I was in the toilet area I heard someone come in and I knew it was a woman. When I emerged, she was still there, but over by the door. It was Marianne, now in dressing gown. She wore glasses at night, obviously replacing daytime contact lenses. I approached her with cooing noises. She initially accepted my embrace. My hand found her boob. It was bigger than I expected, a nice handful, and while soft was still not sagging. Again however, she ducked my embrace, and headed out the door quickly, whispering,

"No, Philip, someone will catch us."

I protested in vain, and went back to bed with a hangover and a hard-on.

The next day, We happened to shower in adjacent cubicles. As I was brushing my teeth, she brushed past me, and cheekily pinched my hips as she said good morning. We did go for a walk together at lunchtime. I tried to find a spot where we could be alone enough to get in an embrace, but there was no such spot. As we were walking back, along a side road, I tried to get my hand around her waist. She gently removed it, saying

"No, Philip, if anyone sees it, how will we explain that?"

I knew that reason was on her side, so I could not argue.

And now I was in her kitchen. Marianne had been due to take leave from work immediately after the conference, but somehow found reason to be in the office and inviting me home for lunch. She was wearing a thick woollen dress, cream with cable patterns. I was still sexually excited from the conference, and unfulfilled. I grabbed my lunch and joined her. As we drove to her home, she mentioned that her husband had set off on a business trip that day, and would be away fro a few days. So, when we entered her house, the atmosphere was electric. The house was warm, heated partly by a wintry sun at the back. Marianne offered me a drink. I was still a little seedy after the conference but accepted a white wine. She took a big sip of hers. Then she moved to put on the coffee. I got behind her and placed my arms around her waist. She wriggled out, excusing her self by saying that the neighbours could see us through the kitchen window. I looked up: no neighbours in sight. Was Marianne simply a big prick-tease? I was beginning to wonder.

As if to answer my query, Marianne moved away from the window to the door to the corridor. She moved her hand to the roll top of her dress.

"Philip, I am going to slip into something less formal. Would you start me, please?" she said, showing me the zip on the collar. I reckoned that this was the time to find out just how far Marianne would go. I moved slowly to her,

"Certainly, Marianne, my body is at your command..."

She looked archly at me, but a smile played around her little mouth.

Marianne looked away from me and dropped her head. I slowly zipped down, exposing some neck and back and the straps of her white slip. I decided to go for broke. I lowered my lips to her bared neck and nuzzled her. She did not pull away this time, instead arching her neck and sighing softly. I brought my hand up to cradle her breast, and again she did not pull back. She let me feel her breast through the thick material of her dress and bra. Again she sighed softly. She spoke. My heart was in my mouth (or rather, my cock was in suspension, to tell the truth) as I half expected her to make another excuse. Instead she said,

"Philip, why don't you come with me and help me change?"

She did pull away then, and grabbed my hand in hers, leading me down the corridor. I needed no encouraging, gobbling my words as I said,

"Why not? I'd love to..."

We entered the bedroom. She turned to me and kissed me. This time, I was not the one taking the initiative. Her kiss was soft and yielding but hungry at the same time, and there was much tongue in it. My hands were on her back, but I quickly grabbed her buttocks, and she rammed into me, grinding against my pulsing cock. When we came up for air, she gasped happily,

"My god, I have been wanting to do that for so long! You have such snoggable lips, dear Philip!"

I laughed, "Oh, I am sure you say that to all the guys, Marianne."

She punched me, but suddenly we were alarmed as a key turned in the lock.

"Quick," she said. "Get in the toilet!"

I moved quickly to the toilet.

I held my breath as I heard her husband come in. He called her, she responded and sounded surprised (which she really was) that he was home. I heard him say something about leaving something behind. Then I heard her say loudly that Philip was there, but had gone to the toilet. I decided that it was now safe to come out, so I flushed the cistern and walked out, almost walking into him. I made some small-talk. I wondered whether he suspected anything, or wondered why she was in the bedroom while I was up the same end of the house. I guessed she had probably zipped herself back up before he got down the corridor. I tried to catch Marianne's eye, but she was playing cool. Then he was gone with a folder of some sort, presumably what he had left behind.

I assumed that this would probably dissuade Marianne from our lovemaking, but she just looked at me with a raunchy look and said,

"Now where were we?"

The lofty tone in which she said it only served to make what we said sound more wanton. I leapt to her and kissed her mouth firmly. She responded in kind, and we were soon locked together at the mouth. My hands felt all over her body, smoothing down her back and rubbing hard on her breasts, cupping her butt in my hand as she pushed her body into me. When our lips unlocked, I unzipped her dress again and kissed her neck – much more confidently this time, than ten minutes ago.

She said, "Now, Philip, you were going to help me undress..."

I followed her lead, helping her get the heavy woollen dress over head.

"God, it's good to get that off!" she said. She was standing in her slip. She kicked off her shoes.

"I agree," I said, running my hands over her now more slinky body. She was very warm after wearing that dress. She kissed me briefly, sexily, then lifted her arms to get me to take off her slip. I did so, letting my hands wander over her body as I did. She had on matching lacy black bra and pants. Her body looked inviting, full and mature: a woman's body. My cock hardened. Marianne looked down at the bulge in my pants and let her hand move softly over it. She shivered a little, I noticed, at the touch of it.

"Is that for me, you naughty boy?" she said.

"Only if you are good, Marianne," I teased.

We batted comments back and forth a little, all the while the pressure of her hand on my fly increasing ever so slightly. In the meantime, I was fondling her boobs through her bra. They felt pendulous. Then Marianne unzipped my trousers and we let them fall to the ground. She said she was going to let this beast free, and pulled down my underpants. I felt a little foolish with my pants around my ankles, because I still had my shoes on. I couldn't move to undo them, since it would interrupt Marianne's ministrations to my penis.

She ran her hand up and down it, staring at it as if she had never seen one before. Then she cupped my balls in her hand, as if weighing them. I groaned with the exquisite feeling of it. I moved my hand to her pussy and played outside her pants. She moved her leg to open the gap and I let my hand feel in between her legs. This time it was Marianne's turn to groan. I began to suspect that this new husband of hers was not giving her the rogering that she obviously needed. As she began to pump her hands on my cock, I reached around and unclasped her bra. It fell forward and she paused in her work on my cock to let it off. Her breasts were indeed full and pendulous, but not sagging. They held out well from her chest, almost melon size, with large pink aureoles and pointy erect nipples. I played with those nipples immediately and when I put my mouth to her left nipple, Marianne gasped, then groaned with an almost animal longing. At the same time, her hand tightened on my cock.

"Oh, Philip, this is wonderful. I have been dreaming about this for a long time!"

Almost breathless, I hoarsely whispered, "Me too, Marianne, but I thought this day would never come. I thought I might be getting mixed messages..."

"Oh you silly boy," she said, kissing my mouth and nibbling my lips "I just needed the right place and time. My pussy has been aching for this for a long time."

Such pronouncements in her cultured accent seemed shocking and certainly got my cock twitching in her hand. The idea that this seemingly very correct lady would have an aching pussy, and would talk about it while her hand was playing with my cock, was stimulating to the nth degree.

I decided to tease her a little. "So tell me Marianne - about these dreams. What was my cock doing in those dreams?"

She laughed. "Well he was actually being very naughty. He was inside my pussy and pumping me hard." As she said the word "hard", Marianne grabbed my prick harder and shook him, as if admonishing him for being naughty. "Then he was cumming inside, filling me with all your cum." My mouth was on her breast again, and nibbling and licking her hard nipples.

"And what was my mouth doing?" I asked.

"Well, he was being naughty too," she said. Her voice was getting very throaty. We both were almost breathless with sexual tension. "He was playing with my boobs just like that" and one of her hands clasped my head to hold me onto her breast. "And then he played with my pussy too," she said. There was a pause and I knew what she wanted me to say.

"Later, you will find that he is very good at being bad down there," I said. Marianne again shivered slightly and I knew she was lusting to be eaten.

At this point, I pulled down her panties. She moved her hips to assist and I broke her hold on my prick to pull them down to the floor. She kicked them away and was naked. Her pussy was covered with dark curly hair, proof positive that her blonde hair was not natural. I quickly got my shoes and socks off, and stood naked from the waist down, my prick standing out in front of me. I came to her slowly and embraced her, letting my hands slide over smooth back to her buttocks, rounded and womanly. Our mouths drank in each other. She was as quick as I to shove her tongue hard into my mouth. I could feel from that thrust how hungry for sex she was. I ran my hand down between us and she opened her legs again to give me access. My fingers played through the thick hairs of her pussy and found her wet slit. She opened her legs even wider. I ran one finger in her slit and it found her slick wet knob quickly. As I did so, she thrust her tongue hard into my mouth again. She began humping my finger and I thought she might cum that way, but Marianne had other ideas.

She broke away suddenly, so suddenly I wondered whether in fact she was about to enact the ultimate in prick-teases. Was she going to deny me at this late stage?

"No, Philip" she said, and my heart sunk. "I want you inside me, now!" My heart flew again, not to say my cock. But I wanted to hear one last concession from that couth tongue.

"Marianne, tell me what you want" I said.

"Philip, I want you to fuck my brains out right now. PLEASE!"

She flung herself back on the bed, naked and vulnerable. She looked lovely and sexy. I waited not one millisecond. I jumped onto the bed, lifted myself onto her and poised my cock at her entrance. Marianne raised her legs and sort of clasped them around my buttocks, proving she was still supple. She brought her hand between us to guide me in. She was so wet that I slipped straight in to my full length. She grabbed my head and brought my mouth to hers and kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue again. She pushed at me with her hips as I plunged away into her. I knew I would not last long like this, but she was wild. Soon I was spurting into her cunt. I came but Marianne kept thrusting her hips up, wanting more and more. I strained to keep my cock as erect as possible. Just when I thought I could hold out no longer, she started loudly exclaiming, "yes, yes, yes, oh yes" and came in ripples and waves which almost threw me off her.

I sort of tumbled off her and we lay there panting for a while. Then I realised that I was supposed to be back at work. I got off the bed, still naked below but wearing my pullover and shirt. I found the phone and began calling. I felt a couple of touches on my back, which I realised were nipples. Marianne was behind me, naked. She put her arms around me. I was telling my secretary Kelly-Anne that my appointment had been delayed and I would be quite some time. In the meantime, Marianne had got my pullover off and opened my shirt, then began kissing my body. My cock was erect again, bouncing back for more.

Marianne said, "Was that Kelly-Anne? You know she has a crush on you?" She had her hand on my cock, and I am sure she felt it twitch. Kelly-Anne was a pretty twenty-year old, who always had boyfriend troubles. I was sure she did not have a crush on me, but the thought of it was stimulating.

"Don't be silly, Marianne. I'm an old fart to her," I said, but I was puffing as I did so, because Marianne's mouth was breathing warm air on my cock, and she was tickling its head with her tongue.

"Oh, don't worry, Philip - I know when a girl - has the hots for someone - and that little lassie - has the hots for you" As she said this, she was alternating phrases with licks of my cock. It was almost as if she was using the thought of Kelly-Anne to get me hard. And she continued in the same vein, asking me if I ever thought of Kelly-Anne naked, at the same time as she alternately plunging her mouth over my cock. I was fit to burst very quickly. She was one experienced and skilled cocksucker.

"Not often," I joked, although it was true that I had in fact fantasised about Kelly-Anne's slim body.

Before plunging again, she said "Oh I am sure that you've wondered what it was like to have this in her little cunt." In recollection, I have never been sure whether it was the idea of Marianne's proper mouth using the word "cunt", or the thought of Kelly-Anne's supple young body that made me start humping Marianne's mouth. That stopped conversation for a half a minute, but I soon was saying "God, if you keep sucking me like that I will cum..."

Marianne made a muffled grunt, but made no attempt to pull away. I said again "I'm going to cum!" and she just sucked me harder, so soon I was spending lots of juice in her lovely mouth, bucking back and forth and struggling to keep my balance as my knees almost gave way. She swallowed my cum expertly and smiled up at me. I was stuffed.

As I recovered, I got her off her knees and walked her back to the bedroom. I kissed her and tasted my own salty cum on her mouth. I thought I should get fully naked, so I tossed off my remaining clothes, Then I laid her out on the bed and began kissing her all over. Like all women of her age, she was at her best lying naked on her back, when the effects of gravity are less defined and breasts are little hillocks. She needed little encouraging to part her legs. I soon had my mouth on her sopping pussy and she was immediately moaning, running her hand through my hair and making encouraging noises. I found her pronounced clit again, this time with the tip of my tongue.

"OO, god yes, Philip, yes that's it baby," she said and more like that. "Oh god lick my cunt, lick me out.." This was punctuated by groans and whimpers and the thrusting of her thighs upwards into my face. I wondered whether Marianne's husband ever ate her, and decided he probably didn't. She was virtually pushing my head into her pussy. My nose was trapped in her bush, which smelt of expensive perfume.

I could feel my cock hardening already with the sexiness of her response: my god, I usually had to wait hours after two fucks like that to get any feeling back in my penis.

"Mmm- lick me- my cunt – your cock – love your – lips on – my cunt – lick – oh god yes yes' she said in between whimpers and moans. Her legs were pumping me, she was starting to thrash around from side to side. She virtually shouted in the empty house, "Oooo, yes yes yes god oh yes", clasping her thighs hard on the side of my face, twisting and rippling all at once. Then she was suddenly still, collapsed under me, puffing hard. My tongue was sore from licking, my jaws too, but I was happy that she had cum. I rolled off her and moved up the bed, cradling her in my arms. She felt my cock pressing into her backside and giggled,

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