tagFetishMarion Turns Me Out Ch. 02

Marion Turns Me Out Ch. 02


If gentle femdom, crossdressing, strapon and male-male sex isn't to your taste, please back out and try one of my other stories. And let's imagine this is set in a world where unprotected sex is safe.


It was looking to be a glorious day. Marion and I were on vacation in the tropics at a five star resort. We started the day with Marion touching up my toenails that were a wonderful mocha shade. Then she had her way with me while I wore a striking plum colored camisole and I loved it.

"See what I got for you, baby?" Marion said, pointing to the bed where she had laid out another new bathing suit and beach wrap. "It's a thin, solid twist bandeau top with removable straps. And another low rise tanga bottom, of course. Isn't it fabulous? Don't you just love tangas? Less than bikini, but far more than thong. At least this style. I see it as a perfect balance between modesty and exhibitionism. And you are on exhibit here, aren't you," she smiled. "Oh, and the pink wrap is not quit sheer. Go ahead, put it on. I want to see you put it on."

I smiled at Marion, who was standing naked, arms crossed. Her black hair a wild mane around her classically beautiful face because she hadn't combed it after she fucked me again with her strapon. I picked up the bottoms and noticed how well the black suit played off my mocha nails, just like she said it would. I put one foot, then the other through the leg holes and pulled them up my smooth, slim, hairless legs. My cock thickened as I tucked it down as best I could for the moment. I put the top on, tied off the strings behind my neck and threw my hands out as if to say, "Ta da!"

"You look amazing, baby. Come, take a look at yourself." Marion ran a hand thought her hair and led me into the large bathroom where a ceiling to floor mirror adorned one entire wall. I'm forever shocked at my feminine looks and it's still hard to believe it when I see myself.

Before me stood an attractive woman of average height and slender build. A strikingly attractive woman with wavy, shoulder length auburn hair with highlights wearing a black bikini, dangly silver earrings, a delicate silver ankle bracelet. Fingernails perfectly shaped at two to three-eighths of an inch from the end of my fingers, manicured toenails, all a mocha shade that complimented the skimpy suit.

Marion stood behind me, looking over my shoulder at my reflection. "See, lover? See how stunning you are?" She turned me around. "Look at that spectacular ass. So enticing. Half your ass is half hanging out and I just want to grab it and lick it and fuck it." She spun me so I was facing the mirror again.

"Imagine the men circling and sniffing all around you. Eager to have you spread your toned legs wide so they can give you the fullness you crave in that perfect little ass." She rubbed my crotch. "Eager to get their thick cocks in your tight little hole. Eager to have your soft mouth around their greedy cocks. I want that for you, baby. I want you to be a cock slut. You'll do that for me, won't you? Tell me."

My heart beat faster. My cock got harder. "Yes, Marion," I said as I stared at the two beautiful women in the mirror.

"Yes what, whore."

"Yes, I'll be a cock slut for you."

"Mmm, thank you, baby. I know that's what you want. Now, let's get some lipstick on those luscious lips of yours so we can get out in the sun." Marion reached over and picked up a subdued reddish brick shade from the vanity, opened the cap and began to apply it to my lips.

"Not too much, just a hint. I want you to be a classy all the way, not some tramped out skank. But a classy slut, eager for a gentleman's cock. That's your image. Flat on your back on the foredeck of some yacht taking a rich gentleman's cock deep in your pussy. Come."

Marion led me out of the bathroom, we rubbed sunscreen on each other and she asked me to make mimosas while she put on her bathing suit, a lime green tanga bikini. I felt the cut of my suit across my rear as I walked to the kitchenette. I thought the high cut of the tanga style suited my ass perfectly. Low waist, thin sides, high lines on the back, but not too scandalous. And my ass could certainly pull it off, at least according to Marion, and I do trust her judgment.

I felt sexy, pretty. I mixed the drinks and felt the femininity as I moved; my hair brushing my shoulders, earrings swaying and tugging, the delicate ankle bracelet shifting. I thought maybe I'd get a toe ring, for fun.

Finished mixing the mimosas, I put on the pretty pink wrap for the short walk across the veranda to the infinity pool. I put it on for Marion.

"Lovely," she said as I arrived. She laid soft peach colored beach towels on the lounge chairs for us.

"Thank you," I said and poured her a drink from the pitcher, poured myself one, took off the wrap and sat down. We stared at the beautiful blue sea a short distance away.

"You know, it's far more secluded out there than I thought. I might have to fuck you under the stars one night. I think you'd like it. Riding my big cock out here in the breeze and the big wide open." She smiled and sipped her mimosa.

I smiled back and said, "Maybe you'll find out," and raised my glass to her.

I pinned my hair back with a pink banana clip and we sat in comfortable silence for some time under the blazing sun. I changed positions to get an even tan. Marion wouldn't let me untie my top when I lay on my stomach. She wanted to see feminine tans lines on me. See the white stripe across my back and my ass as she fucked me from behind. She was right. It accentuated the femininity, got further in my head that way when I saw the skin contrast in those singularly feminine shapes.

"I've been thinking," Marion said. "I think it's time for you to learn how to please a man."

"What do you mean? We've, um, already been down that road."

"Hmm, well, you certainly have been fucked haven't you? Those two guys when I blindfolded you and you wore that blue wig? And then when Lamont fucked you with his big black cock. God, that was hot."

I blushed.

"Yes, you definitely proved you could take a cock. And love it," she smiled at me. "But no, what I'm thinking about goes toward attitude. Attitude and desire. I want you to know what it's like to want a man with your entire being. To crave him. To want him enough to be bold. To entice and turn on and in turn make him crave you. To possess you. I want you to experience that from a woman's perspective."

I looked down my body, the black solid twist bandeau bikini top covering a flat chest, flat stomach, slender, toned arms and legs. Felt my earrings sway. Felt my cock twitch. Felt her words hit me.

"From a woman's sexuality. To feel the desire so strongly you don't care what society thinks. You just want to get fucked. I think you're ready for it, baby. Ready to turn loose your inner slut. Turn it loose on a man, hungry for his cock and to give him more pleasure than he can stand. You're ready for it, I can tell."

"I don't know how to do that." My voice thickened. I had to adjust my cock and Marion noticed.

"It's easy. Don't worry, when the time comes it'll happen. And when it does you'll want to make him think of you whenever he thinks of sex. Forever. To ruin other women for him because they can't compare with your passion, skill and desire for the man. For the man's cock."

To make a man think of me first when he thinks of sex. The idea had its appeal. But I wondered where I'd find the passion, the craving. I felt it with Marion, but with a man? Marion's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Let's go have a drink at the pool bar. I want to show you off some more and buy you a girly drink."

I smiled. "Sounds good. Let me go get ready." I picked up the wrap and walked back into the room. I peeled off the bottoms, put on my micro-gaff, a thong that smoothed out my form, effectively hiding my bulge, pulled the suit bottom back on, checked to make sure there were no visible lines, tied the wrap around my waist, unclipped and fluffed my hair and turned to see Marion watching me.

"You could have your pick of any man here. God, what a beauty."

I walked over to her, put my arms around her and kissed her gently. "Let's go."

We walked out of the room, across a small yard, and down the path to the pool at the edge of the beach. It was crowded, with men and women lounging, swimming, talking, reading, eating, drinking. I could feel the eyes on me as we walked, on my body in my black bikini with the solid twist bandeau top and tanga bottoms. I didn't fake a walk, but dressed as a woman my walk changed, erect and confident still, but more fluid, it seemed.

"We're getting a lot of looks, baby. They're checking us out. They want to fuck us. You know that, right? Want to pick one out right now?" she laughed. "Take him back to the room and make a memory?"

I blushed.

We stopped at an empty table, untied our wraps and put them down. I felt even more hungry eyes on my ass as I got into the crystal clear water, careful not to get my hair wet. We walked, floated over to bar and sat down on the underwater stools.

"Two strawberry daiquiris, please," Marion told the bartender, a handsome, muscular black man in his twenties.

"How about the bartender?" she said as he went to make our drinks. "He was looking us over real close. Assessing us. Undressing us. Wondering what kind of fucks we'd be. He liked your looks, I could tell. You want to fuck him? Take him deep inside of you and let him come?"

"Shhh! You're awful. Someone will hear!"

"Mmm, I think you'd like him riding you. Making you all sweaty and slippery. Or how about that guy? He's more your style, isn't he," she said, nodding toward a tall man with a fit, athletic body. Muscular, but not overly muscled. Shortish gray hair, more of a silver, really. Very handsome and distinguished looking.

"He is handsome," I said. I'd definitely noticed him the past couple of days.

The drinks arrived and we sipped them, the feminine, girly drinks. We looked around at the people. I noted the beautiful women, more than a few I'd like to fuck, but my eyes kept returning to the handsome silver haired man.

"I see you checking him out. He's definitely your type, baby. I know. I bet your thinking about how big his cock is, how you can get hold of it, get it out of his pants. How you can lure him, seduce him, get his hands inside your panties. Do you feel it? Out here in the bright sun? Do you feel the beginning of a craving? I bet you can have him if you want. If you crave him enough."

"You're incorrigible!"

"Well, think about it baby. Just think about it," Marion said with a smile and sipped her drink.

We had another lady drink, daiquiris this time, with little umbrellas sticking up out of the glasses. We finished the dinks, both of us tipsy and giggly, swam and floated back toward our table. We climbed out, put on our wraps and turned to walk back to our room.

Marion smiled and I caught my breath. We had to walk past the handsome silver haired man! My heart beat faster as we approached. I couldn't see his eyes behind his sunglasses, nor could he see mine, but I felt them burning into me just the same. As we passed he smiled and gave short nod. I didn't respond and realized I'd been holding my breath.

"You could have stopped and said hello, you know. It's not like you were going to go down on his big cock right there on the pool deck," Marion said as we continued past him and up the path to our room.

"I don't know. All your talk about him. It caught me by surprise. I think he was staring at me!"

"Of course he was! Did you check out his package? Even with those board shorts I could tell he has a big cock."

I blushed.

She smiled. "I thought so."

Back in the room we rinsed off in the infinity pool. I swam to the edge and looked out over the beach and ocean. Marion swam up behind me and put her arms around me.

"It's beautiful, isn't it."

"Mmm, gorgeous." I leaned back, into her.

"Tonight's going to be fun, baby. We're going to get all dressed up and hit the club at the pavilion. You're going to be so sexy in the outfit I've chosen for you. All the men will want you even more tonight." Marion moved a hand down my chest, over the black solid twist bandeau bikini top, down my stomach and under the waist band of the black low rise tanga bikini bottoms.

She fondled my cock, stretched it to one side and rubbed me. "All the men will want to get their hands in your little panties, you know. But one man will claim the prize. Isn't that right, baby." She pushed my small black bikini bottoms down my legs, and I kicked them off.

Marion fondled my cock, stroked me. It felt so good, her small hand like velvet surrounding me, under the water, in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

"Mmm, but only one man will claim your prize. Your surprise. Who's the man for you, lover? What man comes to mind. Tell me."


"Who baby, tell me what man you want."

How did she do this to me? How did she get me to this place? Why did I let her? Did I want it to be different?

Who, little slut?"

"Him. You know."

"Tell me who, baby. Tell me what man you want to drop your panties and fall on your back for. Who you want to spread your legs for. Who you want to be a slut for. A whore for." She fondled and stroked me, overhand reverse, underhand, swirled her palm on the head of my cock.

I was breathing harder. "Him. The silver haired man. I thought of him."

She stroked me, a hand toyed with my ass. "Yes, he's the one, isn't he. Do you want his cock in your mouth? Do you want to take that big spongy head leaking pre-cum into your hot, receptive mouth? Tell me."

"Yes." My voice a whisper. I was trying not to come.

"Do you want his thick cock invading your tight pussy? Your hungry little hole?" she said and stoked me and pressed her fingers against my hole.

"Imagine his pleasure as you urge him on. As he rides you. Fucks you. Uses you. You underneath him, craving him. Begging him to use you. Begging him to come in you. Craving his cum."

With her last words she slipped a finger deep into my ass, stoked me harder and I came. I came hard underneath the water in the infinity pool as we looked at the tropical ocean beyond, sparkling in the sunlight.

"Oh, God. That was incredible, Marion."

"Hmm. Your feminine craving."

She gave me one last squeeze, released me and headed for the room. I remained at the edge of the infinity pool, my arms folded on the deck, looking across the beach, across the ocean, across time.

I wondered what clothes Marion had chosen for me to wear tonight. I wondered why my heart beat faster when I thought of that man. Of his athletic physique. Of that bulge I saw under his board shorts. Gone before it was fully realized, I flashed a mental image of us standing at the bow of his yacht, hugging me from behind, pressed against me, me against the rail, his cock deep in my ass.

Marion had taken my black low rise tanga bikini bottoms with her so I walked across the veranda and into our room wearing only my black solid twist bandeau bikini top, dangly earrings and delicate ankle bracelet. My tanned legs and tummy in stark contrast to the white bikini bottom shaped area.

For the rest of the afternoon we sunned, we read, and, later, we napped. We ate a light dinner with other guests in the al fresco restaurant. We were funny and charming. And if the other guests suspected anything about me they were sophisticated or accepting enough not to let on. It does help that I have no discernable Adam's apple, androgynous features and that people simply accept that my voice is sultry and smoky, like some sexy actresses I've seen.

Back in the room we did what we do then showered. Squeaky clean, inside and out. It takes getting used to, having no body hair, but I do like it. Like my nails, the lack of hair puts my head in a more graceful, feminine place.

Marion redid my nails in a Rusted Red Pepper color, it was called. She has a deft touch with makeup, and after clipping my hair back, enhanced my eyes, cheekbones and mouth. But to look at me you wouldn't say I had on any makeup to speak of. And I'm never a wreck in the morning!

Marion fussed with my hair until it looked like I'd just been fucked. And wanted to be fucked again. A somewhat tousled look that managed to be subdued yet stylish.

"Okay, baby, let's go see what I've chosen for you tonight." She led me into the bedroom, outside the French doors a bright, full moon, a million diamonds dancing on the sea.

On the bed was a cobalt blue sundress. With tiny gold stars sprinkled about. And it was in the same fabulous cut as my to-die-for yellow sundress, which showed me off to perfection. Lacey pale yellow tanga shorts, her favorite style lately, and sheer matching bra. Cobalt blue strappy open-toed four-inch heels. A gold necklace with a delicate artsy sun medallion with yellow and reddish highlights. Some gold bangly bracelets. Ultra sheer thigh high stockings.

"Isn't it the perfect ensem for tonight?"

"Oh! Marion, I love the outfit. That dress is gorgeous! But why the stockings with a sundress?"

She stood behind me, holding my shoulders. "Don't you worry, baby, they're ultra sheer and will show off your luscious legs just fine. They'll hardly even be there. But a man loves sexy stockings on his woman. A man loves to run his hands up that delicate fabric. They love to see that tight band at the top, up near that heavenly place, while their thick, hard cocks push their way inside."

"And did you notice the bra and panties match the stars on the dress? He won't notice, but you'll know. You'll know how coordinated you are. Complete. From head to toe, over and under. Something womanly he can never understand or appreciate. But you do, don't you, baby."

I smiled.

"So let's get it on," she said.

Marion dressed while watching me. She like watching me get dressed. Liked seeing me feel the increasing femininity as I enveloped myself in womanly things. I picked up and stepped into the lacey, pale yellow panties and pulled them on, felt the edge of the tanga cut on my firm ass, tucked myself down. I put the matching bra on, reaching behind me to clasp the delicate closure. Such a feminine a move.

She held a glass out to me. "Here baby, have some white wine while we dress. Chilled white wine is a nice, sophisticated womanly drink, isn't it."

I took a sip, set the glass down and picked up one of the ultra sheer stockings, gathered it with my fingers. Sitting on the edge of the bed I lifted a leg, pointed my manicured toes and began. My cock thickened as I pulled the stocking up, a whispery nothing of a fabric, gossamer, but so symbolic of a woman's femininity, her sexuality, her essence. The hosiery came all the way up, very high. I repeated the process with the other stocking and was amazed at how it floated smoothly up my shapely leg. I stood up and adjusted the hems. High as they were they seemed to be framing my cock, my ass.

"Very nice, baby. I like that high look on you. It's like a road to heaven, isn't it. Your man will run his hand up your leg and run out of stocking right at your clit, right at your pussy. You think your man will know what he'll find there?" Marion sipped her wine. "You think he'll care?

I smiled and sipped my wine. "Be interesting, wouldn't it. But it won't happen. I'm not even looking, I'm happy with you."

We were both wearing panties, only me in bra and stockings. She said she didn't need them tonight. She wasn't out to find a man like I was.

"Well, we both know that's not true, don't we. We both know what's on your mind tonight. We both know you'll be looking for the silver haired man. Wanting to seduce him. To make him yours. To take him home and fuck him. Take his hard cock in your hand and lead it to your tight wet holes. Make him come in you. Isn't that right, baby. I know you feel it. The craving."

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