tagSci-Fi & FantasyMark and the Minotaur

Mark and the Minotaur


The Rutting Bull was the largest and loudest tavern in the loudest part of Torodon, a small but bustling trade city that was halfway on the road between several small kingdoms. The Rutting Bull attracted a diverse and sometimes disreputable clientele, as the city of Torodon was a famous haven for criminals, bandits, and travelling mercenaries who journeyed from one warring kingdom to another, and yet, other than petty scraps, violence was quite uncommon at this riotous tavern, partly because of Torodon's respected tradition of neutrality, but mostly because the owner, Sedusa, was a gorgon, a monster capable of turning any living thing into stone. Sedusa's body was that of a gigantic purple snake, but she had the hips, waist, and upper body of a beautiful, voluptuous woman, albeit her hair was also composed of poisonous vipers and her nipples were purple. A garden of broken statues in front of the tavern told the tale of all those who crossed her.

Indeed, many of the taverns patrons were strange, beautiful monsters, as were most of the prostitutes who worked on the third floor. Even now a lusty werewolf with a big, knotted cock was running his paws across the nubile chest of a petite harpy, who seemed to be a slender girl if not for her talons and wings, and he was inquiring how much she charged for a night in her nest. A blonde female paladin (usually a model of chastity) was putting her moral superiority on hiatus as she shared a bed with a very endowed orc, his thick green cock defiling her tight pussy with glorious gusto, and she was paying him to do so. He would have fucked he for free though, it wasn't everyday an orc got to plaster a beautiful paladin's face and blonde hair with his sticky seed. Although the paladin was practically comatose with post-sex bliss, the orc dragged her perfect body from his room, and then dumped her on the first floor like a dirty, cum-soaked towel. His massive green fuck-stem was still rock-hard, as many of the female patrons noticed. He went around asking if any one of them wanted the best hard fuck The Rutting Bull had to offer. This orc, Grog, was fairly well known for being able to fuck any woman into a blissful orgasmic sleep within ten minutes, a point of pride for Sedusa, his pimp.

"How about him?" a cute, spunky little goblin with very busty breasts asked her friend. "I bet that orc could scratch your itch. Just look what he did to that paladin. He destroyed her!"

Her friend snorted dismissively, blowing hot steam across their table. "He might be the best this backwater town has to offer, but that doesn't mean he is the best. Not by a long shot."

The two friends were as different from each other as they were from human, which was not to say they were not beautiful. The first, a goblin succubus girl by the name of Villeta, was a four-foot little sex-bomb ready to explode. She had green skin, pointed ears, two small horns, and a little tail, but what most people noticed first was her pretty face, black-and-purple pigtail-hair, and massive tits. Like a midget holding a pair of succulent, ripe cantaloupes, Villeta had to use a thick leather belt as a top just to keep her bouncing bust under control. Her only other clothes were leather mismatched gloves, tight leather chaps, high-heeled boots, and some torn fishnets. She was by every measure a delicious little fuck-toy, and she knew it.

Her friend was very different, specifically in regards to her size, but was equally arousing to the eyes. Excellia the Minotaur half-breed was almost eight feet tall, and every inch of it was the curviest, juiciest, most bronzed body of muscle to walk the earth. Her massive head of red hair fell down her strong back in thick braids, some of them bound with golden bangles, but for the most part her mane was wild and untamed.

At the moment Excellia was sitting back on her bench with one strong, curvy leg up, causing the rippling muscles of her stomach to flex, and the damp, swollen mound of her pussy to stretch against her tight leather thong. Her giant breasts were swelling with every breath, threatening to burst free from her tight leather and fur top. What armor she had worn was all taken off, and most of it was left in the chest by the door where Sedusa told everyone to leave their weapons. Her massive battle-axe rested against the fireplace, far heavier than most mortals could even manage lifting.

"Sweetie, you're fucking horny," Villeta said. "It's easy to tell. I can feel the heat from your vagina from over here. When was the last time you got a proper fucking?"

"Since we left that orc bandid camp. . . MORE WINE!" Excellia screamed in the air, knowing it would get someone's attention. A nervous little elf-girl with long legs and a cute face refilled Excellia's goblet. Excellia drank the glass so quickly that the shy elf just left the whole jug. "I'm a princess, dammit, (hiccup), I shouldn't have to settle for such small, little penises."

Villeta sighed and shrugged. She wasn't nearly as drunk as her powerful friend, but she was every bit as horny. "I think being royalty has made your standards too high, but I suppose raping groups of hunky beastmen with cocks like marble-columns would do that to a girl. Besides, no one in this little town knows you're a princess. They've never even heard of you. I say you should enjoy the anonymity and slum it for a while. Fuck an orc. Fuck TWO orcs! Fuck anything! We won all this gold from that monster you slew the other day and we've barely spent any of it." Villeta nudged a sack of gold coins that was almost as big as she was. The local duke had really been grateful when Excellia had slain that dragon, even though she had done so because it had interrupted her sleep with all its roaring. She hadn't even known there was a bounty on it when she was slicing it's head off.

Excellia just snorted again and drank from the jug of wine. "That orc's cock is barely bigger than twelve inches. I'll wait for something worth my time. But you (hiccup) go ahead and fuck yourself silly."

Villeta groaned and frowned. She hated when Excellia was being no fun. She did sympathize though. Being a four-foot goblinubuss meant she didn't have to look that hard to find a cock big enough to fill her up, even though her own preferences still demanded something larger than average. Excellia on the other hand could fuck an enraged bull to death and she'd only consider that foreplay. Villeta looked around the crowded tavern for someone (or something) big enough to satisfy her size-queen friend, but she wasn't finding much. The biggest cock around was the orc Grog, and he was already leading up a very nervous looking young elf woman to his room. Her slender knees were shaking and her pretty pink lips were trembling. Tears were forming in her pretty blue eyes as she looked at Grog's foot-long womb-buster with awe, and it was obvious she was as afraid of him as she was aroused. A group of her elf girlfriends were cheering her on though, all of them drunk and partially disrobed. It looked like a bachelorette party. Villeta smiled and laughed, feeling a little bad for the poor husband who would have to take that bride to bed the night after Grog had stretched her out. That tight little elf bitch was going to be so fucked out of her mind tonight that Viletta doubted she'd be able to walk down the aisle tomorrow without stumbling a little.

Viletta was about to give up when the tavern's front door opened and in walked two rather unusual travelers, unusual in that they were both regular humans. The first was a petite but curvy little thing in a frilly little red skirt that did nothing to hide her pristine white panties, a tight bustier that pushed up her bouncy half-melon breasts, and the cutest little red hood. Her short blonde hair was disheveled and her freckly face was red. She looked upset about something.

The second was clearly a barbarian of some sort. His short, hairless body was so bulging with muscle that it looked like any part of him might just pop from flexing too much, but despite his brawny figure he had a clean boyish face and spiky brown hair. He was dragging after him a claymore that was as big as he was, but what really caught Villeta's attention was the claymore in his pants. His baggy, dirty cloth pants were bulging with a thick, third leg, that even soft must have been 1/5 his total height. Villeta was intrigued, if not for Excellia than at least for her own hungry green cunt.

The two humans were arguing.

"Not even enough for an ale?" the barbarian asked his hooded companion.

"Not even a penny Mark! We wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't spent every coin we had on that satyress slut you met at the last inn."

"She had three tongues, Cadence. Three! Do you have any idea how amazing that blowjob felt? No, you wouldn't, because you don't have a giant, monstrous cock like I do that NEEDS to get drained at least once a day or I can't even walk with my heavy, swollen balls. I NEED to get off, Cadence. NEED. NEEDS are responsibilities. I was being responsible."

Cadence stamped her foot, causing her perky butt to show and her firm tits to bounce. "Responsible? How is wasting all our money on monster-girl prostitutes responsible?"

"We'd be swimming in coin right now if someone hadn't beaten us to that bounty the duke had on that loudmouth dragon." Mark took a hungry look around the room, almost salivating at the numerous and varied sorts of half-human sluts working the floor. "I could spend a fortune in this place."

"Well forget it, because we can't even afford a room tonight." Cadence groaned saddly. "I really don't want to sleep in another barn tonight. I want a real bed, and a real bath."

"Don't worry your magical little ass about it," Mark said. "I'll get us a room. We just need to find some desperate pussy I can hook up with."

As if by magic (or scent, as Excellia's pheromones were a thick fog by now) Mark noticed the amazon princess right away. He was licking his lips as he looked over her big, powerful ass and the wet spot on the wooden bench her sopping pussy was making. Villeta couldn't blame Mark for spotting her right away either, Excellia was so clearly in need of a good fuck that it was almost pitiful. Excellia was blushing and sweating with erotic frustration, although she was too drunk and proud to admit it.

"S'up cow," Mark said, slapping both his hands against Excellia's ass. "Need someone to milk those fat udders of yours? I'd be happy to hit this thick ass. I'd hit it all night."

Excellia snorted and stood up, her muscular buttocks hitting Mark in the face so hard that he was knocked against the next table. The queen stood with her ass sticking out, her tight leather thong straining so tightly that it might snap any second. Her pose was both provocative and threatening, since her ass was easily the same width as Mark's shoulders, and it seemed that she would be able to crush him to death under it if she wanted to.

"It hits back," Excellia said.

Mark wiped his nose and smiled. "All the better. I love a challenge." He grabbed the crotch of his dirty pants and instead of pulling them down, he simply tore at them. One long, slow rip went from his waist down to his knee, and from the gap sprang the largest, thickest, most virile human cock Viletta had ever seen. Her green pussy was instantly wet, and her mind boggled at all the fun research possibilities a human like Mark could provide, but Excellia seemed unimpressed.

The Minotaur woman smiled and cocked an eyebrow. "You're big for a human, I'll give you that, but even a cock that big wouldn't be able to satisfy a woman like me." To emphasize her point she held her tremendous breasts in her hands and groped them, mashing the firm flesh so much that one of her large nipples began to peak out of her tight leather top. "It takes a real bull to handle a goddess like me, and only a beastman packs enough cock to even tickle my clitoris."

Mark smiled back, but he looked angry. He didn't like being called small, not after all the women he damn near crippled with his bitch-splitter. "Whatever, bitch. If you don't want to get your brains fucked out by a human half your size, just say so, but don't act like your some sort of badass, when you're really just a beefy cock-cushion."

Now Excellia was the one who looked pissed. "I am a amazon princess, you miserable little bandit! You should speak to me with more respect, and regardless, the thrusts of my lovemaking would shatter your spine."

Mark flexed all of his compact muscles, including his pulsing dick. "Bullshit, what would a amazon princess be doing in a place like this? I bet you're just some cum-hungry cow looking for a big cock to suck on."

Excellia pursed her dark lips. "Jealous? Considering your tiny balls couldn't provide even a decent snack, you should be."

"My balls have enough nut in them to fill all four of your fat stomachs."

"I would drown you in my pussy!"

"Not before I packed it full of cock!"

"I would leave a broken, useless, humiliated little man."

"And I'd leave you in a barn, passed out, gasping and crying from all the mind-breaking orgasms you'd get after I tamed your juicy cunt."

It was obvious that a fight was about to break out, and many of the bars patrons were clearing room. If it got any worse Sedusa would intervene, which meant both Excellia and this little dynamo might end up as stone statuary, so Villeta, being the smart little goblin she was, popped in between the two raging titans of sexual power. She was so short that she barely came face-to-face with Excellia's steamy crotch, but Mark was only about a foot taller than her. Still, she felt like she was going to be crushed to death between Mark's iron-hard cock and her friend's muscular abs.

"Guys, guys, relax," Viletta said. "I'm sure there is a peaceful, civilized way we can work this out. One that doesn't involve us all getting turned into stone."

Villeta nudged her head over to the bar. Cadence, Mark, and Excellia all looked over to see the large, slithering, purple gorgon sitting there, sipping on a martini. Sedusa was completely naked except for some jewelry and a blindfold she wore to control her petrifying powers. She was aware a fight was about to break out though, so she nudged her blindf6old aside just long enough to look directly at a small mouse scampering across the floor, and it instantly turned into a little rock.

Excellia and Mark both got concerned looks, and it was obvious neither was going to start enough trouble to provoke Sedusa, but the raging, sexual heat from their bodies did not abate, so the peppy goblin came up with a relatively safe (and potentially fun) distraction.

"Tell you what, guys, how about a contest?" Villeta suggested.

"A contest?" Cadence clapped happily. "Oh yes, I love games."

"What kind of contest?" Mark asked.

"What are getting up to Villeta?" Excellia knew her friend well enough to know when Villeta was planning something.

Villeta chuckled confidently. She took one of her small but talented hands and began stroking Mark's thick cunt-whacker, just to keep him in the right state of mind, and she also rested her other hand on Excellia's swollen inner-thigh, knowing right where her sensitive clit was.

"A sexual contest," the goblin said in a husky, suggestive voice. "You two will go at like the warriors you are, except your only weapons will by the ones nature gave you, and your battleground will be each other's bodies. This way, we can find out who is physically superior without provoking Sedusa," (and so Excellia could finally get the fuck she needed). "And just to make things really interesting, why don't we sweeten the pot? A little wager?"

Excellia knew the little minx was up to something. "Villeta, where is this-"

"If Mark wins," Villeta interrupted, "we'll give him 50% of our bounty for killing that dragon. That way he'll have more than enough money to buy his friend here her own private room, and he can spend all night tasting the fare," she was referring to the sluts. "But if Excellia wins, than Mark has to come with us back to my laboratory to help out with some . . . experiments."

Excellia snorted. She knew exactly what her twisted little nymphomaniac of a friend meant by 'experiments.' Villeta was always trying to find the next, most powerful aphrodisiac that alchemy could make, or she just wanted to erotically torture the most virile specimens of every race for her own, private studies.

"Fine," Excellia agreed anyway. She was rearing for a good fight, even if she'd be hitting this punk with her ass instead of her massive battle-axe. "But you can tell Sedusa to get out a mop, because she's going to be wiping this barbarian off of the floor."

"Mark, are you sure about this?" Cadence whispered into her companion's ear. "This amazon looks really tough. I think her boobs alone could squash your head."

Mark slapped his hand against Cadence's ass so hard it made her tits bounce. "Don't worry princess, I'm going to fuck this cow so hard her milk is going to turn into butter."

The two combatants took one last, confrontational look at each other, Excellia pulsing with powerful dominance, and Mark dripping with cocky arrogance. And then Excellia arched her back, thrusting her chest outward. The mere strain of her large bust was enough to cause her top to explode, and her giant breasts bounced free. She peeled down her wet leather thong and flung it through air, not caring were or on who it landed. Both fighters were now naked, aroused, rock-hard, and dripping wet.

"Should we get a room?" Excellia asked.

"What's wrong with right here?" Mark responded. "In front of everyone?"

Excellia laughed haughtily, eagerly teasing one of her own nipples. "Alright, but it's just going to be that much worse when I spank you in front of all these people."

"You'll be the one humiliated when I sling your unconscious body over the counter and turn you into a living milk-bar."

"Enough talk," Excellia barked, suddenly realizing how horny she was, and how pissed she was going to be when this little boy would inevitably leave her unsatisfied. She sat on the edge of the table, leaned back, and spread her legs. Her vagina was so wet that a few sizzling drops fell to the floor. "Come and get it, bitch."


The whole tavern watched in perverse amazement as Mark and Excellia went at it right there on the table, fucking like champions. Mark had taken an early lead though. He had surprised everyone with his compact strength by lifting the minotaur's legs up and slamming her back against the table. She was now resting on her shoulders as Mark fucked her from on top in a jackhammer position. As his powerfully, tight ass drilled Excellia's hot pussy her huge breasts bounced up and down, slapping her in the face.

Villetta was momentarily worried that Mark was dominating her buxom friend, but the muscular woman quickly retook control. Moaning loudly, she got a grip on the sides of the table, wrapped her powerful legs around the barbarian's waist, and roughly flung him down, successfully flattening him on the table and reversing their positions. Now she was dominate, and Mark groaned erotically as she began to grind her pussy down on his cock with terrifying force. The impact of her thrusts was enough to make all the furniture in the room bounce, causing Mark to cry out in both pleasure and pain, and within seconds the wooden table began to crack.

Excellia held Mark down by the neck and grunted. "Gonna . . . fuck you . . . into . . . the floor!"


The table shattered and the two fucking fighters slammed to the ground, Mark being flattened by the colossal momentum of Excellia's big ass. The minotaur amazon laughed triumphantly as her barbarian-bitch cried out in pain. Mark was hurt but he was certainly not uncomfortable. The sight of Excellia's massive mammaries bouncing and jiggling above his face was enough to make his cock so hard it hurt, and something about being dominated by her really made him want to cum. In fact, he REALLY wanted to cum. It almost felt like something else was effecting his body, something . . . magical.

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