Cale stood in the thick woods in complete darkness; his breathing was rapid and his hands were visible shaking as he eyed his destination. He had to do something tonight that he felt he was going to hell for. Yet, he didn't have a choice. He knew his intentions were good in the end, but he couldn't get past the fact he was about to do something he felt a man should never do.

A voice growled in the back of his head, forcing his legs to move as he approached the tiny houses front door.


Alora sat curled up against the side of the couch, her legs tucked beneath her. She was flipping through the channels mindlessly not knowing what to do on her first night of her parent free week.

She had her light brown hair that was streaked with natural blonde highlight in a bun on top of her head, but pulled it down in frustration as she continued to flip through some movie channels. Putting her hair up always gave her headaches, on account of the weight of it. Her hair hung halfway to her waist. She let out a groan of relief as soft beach-y waves fell onto her shoulders.

With a huff she stood up and dropped the remote to the couch. That same second a knock broke the silence in the house and she jumped in fright. She took a deep breath before she was able to make her way over to a window and peak out at her visitor.

Why was he here?

She padded bare foot down the tiny wood floored hallway and with one swift movement she unlocked and opened the door.

"Cale?" She asked unbelieving. Standing in front of her was her grade school crush, Cale Cesa. He had always been gorgeous, but now his body seemed to have finally caught up with his face. He stood easily at 6'2 with broad shoulders that dropped into a thin waist and that deep olive skin tone that she had always admired. "Did you parents send you here to check on me or something?" She smiled.

Cale and Alora's parents have been friends since high school. She was actually quite close with Cale at a point, but as he got older he never came with his parent over to her house anymore and his parent's stared making up excuses for his absences. In fact this was the first time she had seen him in years. Yet, he still had those piercing light blue eyes that always seemed to cut into her.

"Something like that." He stated not smiling back. Alora had always been beautiful, but she had seemed to finally blossom into a woman. Even in her rolled track pants and white tank top he could see it. He was going to hell.

"Well, I guess come in." She mumbled as he pushed past in her into her families two bedroom cottage.

She watched him walk away down the hallway with an eyebrow raised. What the hell did he want?

"How did you get here?" She asked finally, following him down the hallway.

"I walked." He answered plainly beginning to move about her house.

"But, you live five miles away." She objected following him.

"I needed my exercise for the day." He said continuing to eye around her house, his back to her.

"Are you going to tell me why your here anytime soon?" She asked stopping and walking back into the living room.

"I really wish I could tell you, but I'm not allowed." He mumbled a hint of venom in his voice as he followed her this time. "I'll just have to show you. " He caught her dark brown eyes in his gaze.

They just stood there eyes locked for several moments before Alora finally realized the danger she was in. She darted like a wild cat toward the front door. Even he didn't expect how quickly she moved.

She didn't know what he was going to do to her, but something deep inside her told her to run. That was all she had as she threw open the front door and sprinted into the darkness. He was big and she knew she wouldn't win fighting him. That was the only thought in her mind as she burst into the woods.

He chased after her at half speed, but he couldn't believe it as she ran directly into the woods. His turf. Yet, he was not the one to fear in those woods.

Alora weaved through the trees and trampled through the thick underbrush; directly into a naked Jason Jenla. She let out a startled scream as a large hand clamped down over her mouth. He spun her around easily and pinned her wrists with his other hand and he began pushing her back toward the direction of Cale.

Why the fuck was Jason naked in the woods beside her house?! She had actually been best friend with him in elementary school. Yet, he was no longer that tan skinned little boy. He was that tanned skin muscular man.

She screamed into his hand and squirmed in his tight grip, but she was going nowhere as they quickly approached Cale who was standing at the wood's edge solemn. It was dark, but even she could see the look of anguish on his beautiful face.

"Stop playing and just do it." Jason suddenly said breaking the silence throwing her into Cale. For a split second she found her fingers hooking into his shirt as if he was going to protect her.

"There has to be some other way." Cale whispered his fingers around her waist holding her to him.

"You know you don't have a choice. It was an order."

Cale growled lowly before he easily picked Alora up. She began trembling involuntarily as he took long stride back toward the house. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked in barely a whisper.

"I promise to do my best not to hurt you." He answered eyes glued straight ahead. "I'll explain everything as soon as I can."

He took her back through the house kicking the door shut behind him. On memory he found her bedroom easily. He had lain on those wood floors many times before playing any board game Alora wanted.

He laid her body gently onto her soft bed and quickly covered it with his.

"No." She stated. "You can't be doing this to me." She looked up at him eyes wide and shining as she realized what was going on.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. His lips pressed to hers tenderly as she moaned in distress. Slowly he deepened the kiss nibbling at her soft lower lip trying to get her to respond.

He pulled away suddenly and found himself looking down upon a crying girl. She just laid their eyes and lips tightly closed with tears rolling down her cheeks. He couldn't do this! Yet, he was stuck he had to or it would be Jason and he wouldn't be so gentle. Jason was his best friend and very strong, yet he lacked compassion.

"Alora," He said. "Look at me."

Her eyes opened slowly and she stared up at him her eyes glassy. "I can't tell you much, but if I don't do this it'll be Jason."

With the pad of his thumbs he wiped away the tears and kissed her again this time gently. He simply set his lips on hers, putting the ball in her court. She reacted. Slow and tentatively she kissed him. Suddenly he broke the kiss and began planting soft shallow kissed in her lips every few seconds.

Soon she was lifting her head to meet his soft kisses. She groaned in frustration as her arms wrapped themselves around his neck forcing him to kiss her the way she wanted.

Alora couldn't believe what her body was doing! It was betraying her. His smell was taunting her. He smelled like the woods after a rain shower and the scent encased her, filling her senses.

His hand moved beneath her back and pressed her up into him. This was not going the way he expected at all. She was reacting to him he could feel and smell it. His wolf growled in his mind urging him to hurry up and do his duty, but his other hated that order and intended on taking as much time as he wanted before he completed it.

She felt like a slut as her fingers came up and laced themselves in his dark brown hair. It was perfect length for her to get a hold of it. He no longer had to push her body into his. Alora arched herself into him. She swore he was doing things to her that she had never experienced with complete ease.

His lips moved from hers to trail slow, soft kissed down the side of her neck. A shiver ran down her spine and goose bumps rose across her skin as she muffled a groan caused by his teasing kisses. Her hands had a mind of their own as they reached behind him and gripped the hem of his black t-shirt pulling it up.

Cale chuckled as he assisted her by pulling it completely off. Even in her mostly dark room only illuminated by the light streaming in from the living room she could see that he was pure muscle. She ran her hands down his chest and over the light bumps of his abs as she feasted on the sight of him.

Suddenly he came down upon her again capturing her lips with his. As quickly as he kissed her he flipped them over never breaking the kiss. Now she was on top and had all the control. Alora broke the kiss only to look back down at him and move for another small peck. She looked down upon him again and smiled a devious smile, and then a simple wink. In the second he was alone in that tiny bedroom. He watched in complete astonishment as she took off running through the living room.

She had tricked him.

His wolf reared up as his chase instinct took over, yet he wouldn't allow it to the surface. He jumped from the bed and took off at a super human speed. He was done with these games.

"Alora!" He roared chasing her around the living room like a small child, but he was quickly gaining. "You're really starting to anger me." He warned.

She quickly got him on one side of the couch and her on the other. "Ha!" She laughed. "You really thought I was stupid. I thought you knew me better." She jerked to the right and then to the left keeping him on his toes. "I don't know why the fuck you're trying to rape me and Jason is in my woods naked! But, I do know I won't go out without a fight."

Alora almost felt a little guilty tricking him like that. He stood there shirtless, cheeks pink, and an obvious bulge in the front of his jeans. Yet, she had tried running and crying, trickery was what worked.

Through all the trickery Alora had tried on him he didn't even expect what happened next. All of a sudden her face twisted into a hard expression and she ran at him. Through all of her momentum and pure strength she managed to knock him into the living room wall. Yet, she didn't stop there. Her fists rained attacks down on his chest and stomach.

Finally he realized what was going on and captured her two small fists into his much larger ones. Cale had to admit the locations of her multiple blows hurt.

A look of pure rage washed over her pretty face, but it wasn't seconds later before she kicked him directly in the groin. Now a look of pain came over his face, but he didn't fall or release her fists.

He stared at her a look of rage on his face also. With quick and precise movements he spun her around until she was pressed against the living room wall both her arms pinned above her rendering her vulnerable.

"You don't understand what happens when you get me angry." He growled barely using a human voice as he slid his lips down the side of her neck.

The fear was evident in her face now as he moved to look her in the eye. She knew she had pushed him to that edge. Believe me she knew that edge well, she had been his best friend was nearly twelve years. Yet, this wasn't a game of play wrestling or hide-n-seek. This was not a game at all and he wanted to have sex with her. She didn't know why, but she was becoming scared. His lips returned to her neck.

"I'll call the police!" Alora shouted out desperately as she stared up at the ceiling as he mercilessly found all the sensitive spots on her neck.

"No you won't." He replied simply.

"Ye-"Her rebuttal was captured by his lips. She grunted into his mouth as Cale forced himself upon her again. Fuck, it was happening again. No! She couldn't let him just kiss her and make her all, all good feeling. Oh god, yes she could.

He released her wrists. Finally her fingers were able to tangle themselves in that dark brown hair again. She moaned into his mouth as ever little nibble at her bottom lip scent a tingle down her spine. Cale's hands moved down easily lifting her legs up and wrapping them around his waist. She couldn't get enough of the feel of his hard muscled body against her own.

He began moving again back toward the direction of her bedroom as he never broke their kiss. Yet, she did as he laid her back on the bed and covered her body with his. "If you're gonna rape me just hurry up all ready." She said breathlessly.

"No." He whispered sliding his lips down the side of her neck once again.

His fingers gripped the hem of her tank top and quickly slid it over her head. The way his eyes light blue eyes roved over her body made her want to crawl into a hole and die. Unconsciously her hands moved to cover her cleavage and black lace bra. Yet, his hands caught hers and pulled her up to a sitting position with him. Now she literally sat in his lap her legs wrapped around him.

Cupping her cheek in the palm of his hand you slowly moved to kiss her again. When their lips met he pulled away just a little bit, but he moved to kiss her again with all the passion he possessed. Alora moaned into his mouth as his hand wrapped around her waist and pressed them together completely. With his hands behind her he took the opportunity to easily unhook her bra.

She made a small sound as the straps slid from her shoulders, but that was it. He nearly threw her bra across the room without taking his lips off of hers. He moved and slowly laid her back down onto her back and covered her naked half with his.

Cale's lips trailed from her lips and down to her neck. Slowly nibbling and sucking at her exposed flesh he made his way to her breasts. Completely merciless he sought out her left nipple and flicked the tiny pink nub with the tip of his tongue.

She groaned lowly and her hand fisted in his hair.

He was playing her like a musical instrument as he alternated sucking and nibbling lightly to see what gave the loudest reactions. Moving to the next breast he molded the now lonely one in his hand, it was a perfect fit to his palm. He took even more time on this nipple.

"Please.." She begged breathlessly.

"Please, what?" He asked lifting his head and an eyebrow as he looked up at her. Her eyes were tightly shut.

"Please, just hurry up."

He laughed. "As you wish."

Instantly his lips were back on her trailing downward this time. He stopped to twirl his tongue around her bellybutton, but this time hurried his pace. Before he knew it his lips were brushing her black track pants. With fingers hooked on the waistband he pulled them completely off and threw them in the direction of her bra.

The second her smell hit him his beast reared up. It clawed at its cage harder than he had ever experienced before. He lost all control of his body as his fingers looped in her black lace panties and he literally ripped them clean off. The most horrible part of it was that Alora couldn't care less. She was far past the point of no return and he had brought her there mercilessly.

He pushed the animal back down and began to plant tiny kisses between her legs, around her lips, and her inner thighs. She moaned and wiggled trying to get his lips to brush something that would bring her some relief.

Finally his tongue sought out her clit. He flicked his tongue over the little engorged bud and her hips bucked violently. With both arms hooked around her thighs now he gave her what she wanted. His tongue swirled, licked, and tortured her until she was nearly screaming his name in ecstasy. Releasing one leg he used her free hand to slide his middle finger inside of her and then another.

She groaned and bucked up again trying to get his fingers to find a certain little spot. And then they did. Alora bit her lip and her inner muscles contracted around his fingers and her entire bottom half quivered and shook.

With now wide open eyes she met Cale's eyes as he took the fingers that had been inside of her and brought them into his mouth and licked them clean. There was something so sexy about that and the look in his eyes made a shiver travel down her spine. She reached down and pulled him up her body by his hair and pressed her lips to his.

She broke this kiss suddenly and her lips wandered to his ear. "Make love to me." She whispered ever so softly as she reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. He didn't say a word as he stood up and pulled off his jeans and boxers in one fluid motion.

Alora didn't run instead she laid there enjoying the sight of his hard muscled body and then she watched as he tore open a condom and slid it onto himself. His penis had to be nearly eight inches as he crawled back over her body. It was nice, but it was the only thing she was a little afraid of. She'd only slept with one guy her entire life and his was significantly smaller.

He settled himself between her legs and bent down one last time to lay a soft and gentle kiss on her lips. Then, he slowly pressed the head of his penis into her. He moved extra slow and gently as she stretched around him. It hurt, but she was so hot and wet he slid in without resistance. It felt like forever, but he finally slid completely in.

Then, she grabbed him and pulled him back down and attacked his lips with her own. She held him there for a while massaging his penis with her inner muscles, torturing him like he had her. Then, she began to move on him as all the pain melted away. He couldn't handle it anymore and he pulled out just a little and then back in as he never missed a beat with his lips on hers.

She moaned into his mouth every time he entered her, the head of his penis bump against that spot every single time. Alora was getting past that point again. She broke the kiss. "Faster." She moaned throwing her head back and reaching between them to massage her clit.

She getting close again and he didn't think he could last through her orgasm. So, he sped up a little and took his time taking deep stroked, prolonging her pleasure. He stared down at her as she let loose.

"Oh god," She nearly shouted, she was almost there. Yet, he was milking her for all the moans and groans she was worth. Her exboyfriend had never given her more than one orgasm and sometimes not even that.

Cale swatted her hand away from her clit suddenly and pressed his thumb into it and rubbed back and forth hard and fast. That was it. She stiffened beneath him and then her pussy contracted around his cock. He gritted his teeth to try to control himself, but he couldn't. He growled lowly and that was it. Buried to the hilt in her he lowered himself back down and onto her.

The second he was in reach she kissed him again enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm. Then, she broke it to catch her breath. They just laid there for a few minutes absorbing what just happened. As he grew soft he slid out of her and onto his back beside her. Cale reached over for her and pulled her close savoring the smell of her delicious soft skin.

His animal side was subdued and he was tired. The next thing he knew she was breathing softly with her head resting on his chest and the world drifted away.

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