I found this story in Ted's files after his passing. It was unfinished, and written quite awhile ago since he did it on a typewriter. I have filled in the blanks as best I could. Lee

I met Martha after my breakup with my wife Patti. Martha was a redhead, just like Patti. That is where the resemblance ended.

She stood a solid 6' tall, only 19 years old, and she was already a master with makeup, since she did have the one problem that plagues redheads. Her complexion was rugged from years of skin eruptions, but it was impossible to see unless she was fresh out of the shower.

The rest of her was spectacular! The first time I saw her, she was wearing a filmy green off the shoulder gown, traces of red swirled through it. I showed every curve of her body, and what a body!

Martha worked out constantly, her abdomen was flat as a pancake, arms taut, her large breasts stood out proudly. She had green eyes, and she looked right at me, then a slow smile came on her face and I was lost!

I knew right then and there that the party was a setup, her brother and his wife had invited the two of us, the only single male and female there. So we hooked up instantly.

Martha and I dated for weeks, we would drive out to a nearby point and look at the Columbia river. We necked, I would try to touch her breast and she would stop me.

This went on for some time, I was beginning to wonder. One day we happened to be sitting side by side, I was on her right for a change. I reached to touch her and she let me, no resistance at all!

This was a big change, and I took full advantage! In no time at all, I had her bare right breast in my hand, I started to slip my hand over to caress the other one and she stopped me!

I didn't understand, but I was enjoying feeling her so much I just spent my attentions to her right side.

That night I took her to my apartment, we sat around and necked. I pointedly sat on her right side, and again, no resistance at all as I reached out and touched her. Then she asked me to turn the lights out!

In short order, we were in the bedroom, I got her top off, and was exploring. Finally I got my mouth on her left nipple, and gave it a little suck, and it went "pop!" as it inverted. Martha had one nipple that was always turned in, the right side stayed out and was normal!

I realized she was bashful about that, so I proceeded to just be delighted in her, once she was aroused, both stayed out nicely.

I began to work on the slacks she was wearing that day, finally got them tugged off. She was down to just panties by now, I dropped my own trousers and lay there and held her for quite a long time.

I was gently stroking her side, her breath was coming in short little gasps, she was ready. I reached and let my hand brush across her crotch, and felt her stiffen at my touch.

There was a mass of something down there that didn't feel normal!

It flashed in my mind for a second that she was in drag, but that wasn't right, she felt female, just a large mass of flesh.

But I didn't react, so she relaxed a bit. I had soon had her nude, and as my hand slipped between her legs, I again felt the large mass of flesh protruding from her.

She was soft, wet, and now beginning to moan. As I explored, I found both of her outer lips to be huge! Huge is an understatement, each side was a good full inch wide, and protruded a full inch from her. They were actually getting larger as they engorged from my touch.

"I am ugly down there!" she whimpered. I just buried my face in her in response, managing a "No you aren't!"

I felt her hand drop down to grasp me, she gasped and said "Big!" then her head went back, lost in sensations.

I poked around with my tongue feeling for her button, I had no problem finding it. Her clit was a round little bulb on the end of a shaft that was about the size of a cigarette filter, it stuck out and down and was as firm as a rock!

Amazing anatomy, I had never seen anything like it, and still haven't to this day! My current work as a massage therapist means I see a lot of pussies. All of them I have ever worked on, in fact, I am a master with draping.

There is something for you ladies to think about when you are getting a massage from a male. Yes, your therapist can see you if he chooses, and you likely won't know for sure, fun stuff!

I took Martha's clit in my mouth, that felt strange to be able to feel it, actually slide my mouth up and down it. It was just like a tiny penis, in fact.

Now I am not gay, quite the opposite, but this was an exciting experience! I spent a long time bringing her to no less than a half dozen solid orgasms.

Then I slid up, and entered her. She wrapped around me like stuffing myself into a hot loaf of bread, and on each downstroke her clit stabbed into me. She simply gushed, squealing and moaning the whole time.

Martha wasn't bashful about her body around me after that. That same evening, she even let me turn on the lights and look at her. She was spectacular, no doubt about that. And I was so obviously delighted that her confidence came right back.

"You are the first man to ever see me nude!" she told me. Then she told me that one lover had fucked her and left, never calling again. The other had gotten to that point, stopped in shock and called her a name and left.

So I knew the reason for her hesitance, but she was wonderful to me!

Martha was in a local play, and it was just a week or so before the first showing. I sat in the audience and watched as she came out in a French Maid costume, playing the part as stupid and sexy at the same time.

She had another part in the same play, she had to switch from the short dress and tights, with ballet slippers, to an old hag, and she had just a couple of minutes to do it. There was a huge pause in the flow as she missed her cue, finally she was on the stage.

That evening she was unhappy, Terry, the stage manager had really gotten on her. She had to change backstage, that meant stripping completely, then getting into the old hag costume in just a minute or so.

Backstage had all of the other actors and actresses in very tight confines. Martha was bashful about her body still, so she was being careful when changing that no one saw her.

I explained to her that she had to do it fast, or they would move her understudy into her spot. Besides, the play was rated adult, several of the other actresses had topless scenes, one even had a bare rear to the audience scene. The whole play was about a perverted master of the house, and the people he surrounded himself with.

I went with Martha to the next practice, she again missed her cue, closer this time, but the pause was obvious.

Terry again told her she had to make the cue, no matter what, so they repeated the scene. Martha looked at me in a bit of panic, I just told her, "Go for it, you are beautiful!"

Terry went back to coach her through it, Martha ducked offstage, and came out right on cue! I was standing in the wings and caught part of it, she had jerked off the Maid costume, grabbed the old hag dress and threw it over her head, fully nude for just a few seconds.

I watched as she was facing Terry, he handed her the long dirty looking pullover, his eyes dropped to her crotch and went wide for a second!

Martha had no way to hide her large pubes, her wisp of red pubic hair did nothing to help. She finished the scene, Terry called for a rerun.

It hit me he wanted another peek, and the 2nd run was the same as the first. Martha pointedly did not look at him as he helped her with the change, I also noticed several of the others had stopped to look, too.

For some reason, the idea gave me a little rush. Terry came over to me as Martha was doing her lines in the 3rd act, he just grinned at me and said, "What a woman!" Then he surprised me with asking me, "Do you think I could get her to do the clown scene?

That scene was the one where the master of the house is dressed as a clown, and is surrounded by the ladies of the house, all in various stages of undress. In partial domination, he orders one lady, centerstage, to drop her gown. She does, back to the audience, and bends over to step out of it just as the curtain falls.

I told him I didn't know, she was a bit bashful. He told me that it would be great, her body was so different that he was sure it would be good for increasing the audience.

I flushed a bit at the thought of Martha nude onstage, if even just for a few seconds. I told him he would need to work up to that, and suggested he spice up her french maid costume a little first.

At the next practice, Martha complained a bit to Terry, he had taken the heavy underpants she wore with the French Maid outfit and changed it to a thin G-string. He explained to her that it was part of the show, the ladies and servants of the master were expected to be sexy.

Martha griped but went along with it, especially after I told her she looked fine in it.

I sat in the front row for the next play. Martha came out, on tiptoes doing her ditzy act. As I looked up at the stage, it was easy to see that there was a lot barely covered by her G-string, they way she protruded caused it to slip inside her as she walked. No amount of trying to hold her legs together worked, one side slipped out into view. The audience gasped at first, then came a thunderous round of applause as she rushed to the wings to change.

Martha was flushed and excited that night, they had really liked her. I told her she was beautiful, we made mad love that night, she was hot as a pistol!

The Saturday night show arrived, I noticed a good 2 dozen more people in the crowd than normal. I managed to get a front row seat again, just barely.

Martha's scene arrived, out she came. None of the careful knees together stuff, she played it sexy and daffy. Her whole persona was perfect! Just as the scene was about to close, she slowly made a turn to face the audience, hesitated, then darted off. For one brief instant, all of us in the front rows could see her undergarment, pulled up inside her, both large lips on display! There was another thunderous round of clapping and hollering, and again when she came out moments later for the Hag number.

Martha was starting to get into it, she was delighted with the attention. I was fully embedded in her that evening, when I mentioned to her that I wondered what would happen if she did the scene with no panties at all?

She gasped and said she couldn't do that, but she orgasmed almost instantly at the thought! I just let it go, curious to see what would happen.

I went to the next practice and all was normal, the production was set to run again Wednesday night. A story in the local paper in arts section didn't hurt. They described the play as mildly graphic, sexy and fun, and did a full paragraph on Martha, proclaiming her as an "up and coming" future star!

Martha was beside herself with happiness. I was amazed at how she had gone from shy and bashful to almost an extrovert in just 3 short months, but I was enjoying the hell out of it.

The house was packed that night, I was curious as to how it would go. Finally, Martha's first scene arrived. The first thing I spotted was the makeup was different, she looked a lot more in charge somehow, gone was the ditzy look. She strode purposefully across the stage, did her lines, then turned to face the crowd. No panties, she was fully on display. She stood like that for a good 5 seconds, then turned and did the exit. The crowd was already erupting. I was less than 6 feet from her, I could clearly see her button sticking out, she was fully aroused.

The whole scenario was hot! I watched as she did the next scene, then came the finale as the master called his servants. The one center stage was Martha!

I watched as he held up his hands, then pointed at Martha, ordering her to undress and serve him. She reached for the clip, let the dress fall to her knees. Then she bent to step out of the dress, when the Master proclaimed, "On your knees, wench!"

This was new, I waited for the curtain to fall, Martha was on her knees, back to us, facing him.

Then he proclaimed, "Grovel at my feet, wench!" Martha leaned forwards, put her face on his feet, her bare behind pointed right at the crowd.

It was dead silent as she leaned forward, knees spread apart. Her huge lips opened, no one in this crowd could miss that.

Finally the curtain fell, the crowd clapped and hollered for more.

I went backstage, looking for Martha, I didn't see her. I went over to Terry's office, thinking he might know where she was. I opened the door, Terry had Martha bent over his desk, pounding away at her.

I guess I helped create a monster. I turned and walked out to my car, got in it and left.

Terry and Martha married a few weeks later, win some, lose some. Sure was fun while it lasted...

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