tagLoving WivesMaryGirl Ch. 04

MaryGirl Ch. 04


At the third party we went to the ground rule was we would only swing in the same room. No more going off alone. I wanted to watch Mary getting fucked when it happened. She said she enjoyed watching me fucking other women too and really liked that rule, but I can never be sure with her if she is just going along or actually thinks something is good. We have lived by that rule ever since, though.

Mary started off the third party wearing just my shirt and her panties. After we had sex with another couple Mary decided to leave her panties off. We went back to dancing.

I noticed when Mary danced with no panties on the guys usually went straight to massaging her clitty and finger fucking her. They hadn't done that when she was wearing panties.

When I mentioned my observation of this to Mary she smiled and said something about making sure she didn't wear panties anymore. Mary draped herself against another dozen or so men while they fingered her little pussy on the dance floor.

At the next party Mary left her panties off from the start, just as she said she would. She said what more could a girl want then great kissing and getting her clit massaged.

We swapped with a few more people. Mary insisted any sex had to happen in the common room. She said she wanted an audience every time.

Over the next several months I had sex with one or two women at each party we went to, and Mary had sex with two or three guys. She reminded me we weren't counting. She had more opportunities, and she did turn a lot of guys down.

I asked her about how she decided who to turn down and who to accept. She said if a guy asked, she always said no. Mary's opinion is if a guy doesn't have the balls to just do what he wants to do to her he doesn't deserve to get to fuck her.

Then at another party, maybe the tenth one over about seven months time, a cute little Philippine girl slid into my arms on the dance floor and asked me if we wanted to play. She kissed me while I held her pert little body against me. When we broke the kiss I said I thought we should get our spouses. She told me her husband was dancing with my girl, and it sure seemed like he wanted to play with her. Of course, he was playing with Mary's pussy already.

Lucy led me over to Mary, grabbed Mary by the hand and led us both over to the side of the dance floor. Her husband's name was John. As Mary followed along holding hands with this little oriental beauty Mary smiled happily. Mary didn't seem at all bothered about being grabbed by the hand and led along by this girl.

I will say here a few things about Mary. She has always liked girls. She likes girl watching. She has enjoyed girl watching with me since the day I met her.

Mary likes the taste of her own pussy. While we were dating I discovered she enjoyed licking her juices off my fingers. Soon after we got married she gave me a blow job when my cock was covered in her pussy juice, and she said that made it taste really great. That became our regular way to make blow jobs a special treat for her.

Mary was definitely turned on by me, so we knew she was heterosexual. Neither of us had ever heard of bisexuality at the time, and we didn't know it was a thing. It was the early seventies, and homosexual acts were still illegal where we lived.

Given all this, we just didn't think about Mary's sexuality.

When we got off the dance floor Lucy made introductions all around and asked Mary if we would like to play. Mary was still smiling broadly and nodded her head. I noticed the two girls were still holding hands. With that Lucy released Mary's hand and led me off toward the stairs down to the playrooms. Mary and John followed close behind us.

When we got to the lower floor the first room was a large common room, and we stopped there. I am not an exhibitionist, so I don't particularly like playing there, but I knew it's the only room Mary would be willing to play in. It seemed Lucy liked it, also. Lucy turned to me and melted against me. I leaned down and kissed her. After we kissed a while Lucy turned to Mary and told Mary how lucky she was to have a husband who was such a great kisser.

Lucy also told Mary jokes, to make Mary laugh. Mary smiled and laughed and responded to everything Lucy said.

Lucy undressed me. As I've mentioned I'm not used to that. As Lucy did it she talked with Mary about how lucky Mary was to have such a buff husband, with such big muscles, Lucy ran her hands over my muscles and caressed me all over as she undressed me. It was very erotic. Normally in such a public situation I would have trouble getting aroused, but I was having no problem with Lucy. Even with the occasional joke tossed in Lucy was extremely erotic.

When Lucy uncovered my cock I was already hard. Lucy was very appreciative, and after telling Mary how great it was Lucy then engulfed my cock with her mouth and sucked me for a while. While she was sucking on me she stripped herself naked.

I finally noticed Mary was moaning loudly and glanced over and saw that John was already fucking Mary. Lucy laid back and asked me to fuck her. She held her hands up to me and spread her legs wide. I got down between her knees and slid into her easily. I gathered her tight butt in my hands and began rocking into her rhythmically. Lucy told Mary, between pants and moans, I was a great fucker. She tossed in some joke about how she wondered how Mary could get out of bed.

I came in Lucy after a while. A good hard orgasm. I lunged into her over and over several times, shuddering hard. She kissed me long and hard and thanked me for a wonderful fuck and some great orgasms for her. I settled down next to her and we watched John fuck Mary. Soon John came in Mary.

After he came John whispered something to Mary. She looked over at us, back at John, then back at us. Mary smiled at us. Then she got up and crawled over to us.

Mary crawled up between Lucy's legs, with her face about a foot from Lucy's pussy. Mary sniffed deeply. Lucy spread her legs wide. Mary scooted closer to Lucy's pussy. My come was slowly leaking out of Lucy. Mary sniffed deeply again. Mary looked up at me and smiled. Then she looked up at Lucy and smiled. Lucy smiled back.

Mary scooted closer. She snaked out her tongue and just barely touched Lucy's pussy. Then Mary licked her lips and smiled at each of us in turn again. Mary scooted up closer, opened her mouth, and covered Lucy's vagina. I saw Mary's cheeks collapse as she sucked hard. Lucy laid down flat and moaned. Mary kept sucking hard. Then she worked her mouth up to cover Lucy's clitoris and sucked hard.

Lucy hunched up and whined, and her muscles rippled as she grabbed Mary's head and held her in place. Mary sucked hard on Lucy's clit for a nearly a minute. Lucy released Mary's head and laid back down.

Then Mary slid back down to suck on Lucy's vagina some more. Lucy relaxed as Mary sucked the juices out of Lucy. After about a minute Mary slid her mouth back up to Lucy's clitoris, and Lucy started writhing again, and then hunched up, shuddering in another orgasm.

Mary finally pulled her mouth away. Her face was covered in pussy juices combined with my come, and Mary had a big smile on her face.

Mary looked at me and said, "Your come sure tastes good when it comes out of a girl!" She beamed a huge wet smile up at me.

Lucy said, "Let me taste John's!"

Mary's eyes got wide and she laid there for several seconds. Then she hopped up on her knees and swung around so her pussy was over Lucy's head. As she looked down between them she slowly lowered her crotch toward Lucy's mouth. Lucy grabbed Mary's butt and lifted herself up and began eating Mary out. Mary rolled off to the side, and Lucy rolled onto her side.

The two girls ate each other out that way for about half an hour, to orgasm after orgasm.

Then we fucked them again, so they could eat the fresh come out of each other again.

Mary says she just didn't know she was allowed to love having sex with both guys and girls.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/15/18

If they have kids he may want a D.N.A.

Or he may not care, I don't.

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by dispatcher5907/14/18

Keep writing on your tea break

Not everyone can sit down and write for a couple of hours. I like the short format. It gives us one story at a time. I don't always want to read a long story. They have their place, but sometimes thesemore...

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by oldbearswitch07/13/18

Thanks for sharing, ignore the trolls

Only bi people anyone talked about back then we're trannies Mistress Michelle, and some bi TV from Novi MI come to mind, iI RC. I was so green I did not realize Mistress MichelleM was a tranny for quitemore...

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by WilliamMasters07/13/18

The wind

We have been reading stories here for a long time. We expected some negative comments. Who knows their motives.

The wind blows. We ignore it when it wafts a bad smell our way. Consider how much worsemore...

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by Anonymous07/13/18

It's always great

To experience someone's past through the stories they tell. It also lets us see which ones had a huge impact on them and how much detail they remember from years ago. I'm sure that some embellishment happensmore...

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