tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary's Naked Camp Adventure Ch. 01

Mary's Naked Camp Adventure Ch. 01


It was 5:30 and the sun was just starting to rise on what would surely be a beautiful day. Mary was already up and stretching, read to get the day going.

Mary had just graduated from High School not too long ago. She still lived with her parents and was enrolled in a nearby tech school. Mary was a no-nonsense girl amongst her friends. Rarely was she ever the one suggesting anything out of the ordinary. Even things along the lines of dating were something the girl didn't dabble in, even if her friends insisted she was pretty enough to probably hook anyone she wanted. She was lovely to be around, but wasn't the one who started any fun either.

Being summer vacation, Mary had taken a job as a summer camp junior counselor. Her duties were to go along with the normal counselors and do any tasks that needed done.

Mary was now gathering clothes and various toiletries to head to the showers. Besides being just in general an early riser, Mary preferred showering alone early in the mornings. Beyond just the dislike for the chaos and crowdedness the showers could gather later in the morning, Mary wasn't a fan of doing something she felt was so private with so many people around her.

She saw her two friends, Julie and Jenny, sleeping still. Two of her close friends who had also gotten the job at the summer camp with her. They were much more laid back than Mary, would probably still be asleep for quite some time. She thought about waking them, but they usually get annoyed with wake up calls, so she left for the showers alone.

As usual at this time, no one seemed to be up. Mary enjoyed the time alone as she walked though. The nice forest surroundings were very peaceful. She hummed to herself making her way past the few sleeping cabins.

Arriving in the empty room, she set her things on the bench as she started to take off her clothes. Even though she was completely alone, she still looked around left and right. Even after the last few times she had been here, she hadn't gotten use to getting naked in a place that wasn't her own bathroom.

She walked into the showers and turned the water on. The water was extremely cold having not been used yet, but it eventually warmed up. She spent a good 15 minutes there. Another perk to the early morning showers is she felt she could take her time. However being her usual punctual self, she pulled herself away from the shower so she could return to her cabin and prepare for her duties.

She grabbed her towel and began to wipe all the excess water from her body. She wrapped it around her body as she headed for a mirror. She grabbed her brush and began to work on her hair.

After she was done with all that, she was ready to dress and leave. She walked back over to the benches, but her things weren't where she left them. She gripped the towel tight as she began to search the nearby floor. She even began to go back and forth between the different parts of the room she had been. In the end though, she couldn't find her clothes at all.

She figured that it must be some kind of prank, but who would be up this early? She put away all thoughts of blame now though, since she had to think of a way back to her cabin. She decided to put her remaining supplies away in a locker to get later, and use her towel to cover.

She stood in front of the door that lead back out to the camp. She clutched the towel tightly to her chest. It was honestly a modest cover. Her bare shoulders were in view, and she was covered down to her knees. However she couldn't shake the feeling of pure vulnerability. Underneath the white cloth, she was naked, and someone out there knew it too.

It was almost 6:00AM now, but the campers didn't have to be up 'til 7:00. Mary was thankful again for her earlier showering. Thoughts of her running through the camp like this with everyone awake and about. She blushed just from the idea. She'd have buried her face into her hands even if she wasn't too busy looking every which way as she scurried past the cabins.

Her way to the showers she had walked out in the open. Now in a form of less dress, Mary felt she had to stay near the edge in case she had to hide. The air was colder compared to what it felt like when she was dressed. Her towel was still damp from drying off.

The longer she was outside, the more of panic she was feeling. Her arms were almost twitching and her pace quickened with each step. Every moment she felt more at risk, and soon she was running. This though wasn't good for her towel. Gravity and her sudden rushed movement had proven to be issue for the towel. It wasn't long before it had fell to the ground, and Mary for the first time in her life stood naked outside.

It was only the briefest of moment. She had felt the thing slip down over her body. It was almost like a quick caress. As soon as the last fiber left her body and the thing fell the ground, it felt like her heart stop. She wasn't able to stop right away, and so her first steps while naked outside were completed too. She bent at her knees as she finally stopped. Her arms quickly wrapped around her breast. She didn't even know how to cover up really like this.

She swiveled on her feet to turn around to look at her fallen towel. She reached an arm out as she moved towards it. With it in her hands she got it around her body again as she stood and then again was back to looking around.

No one was in site. It would appear her sudden exposure had luckily gone unnoticed. She tried walking again, but her legs felt wobbly. She had never experienced a rush quite like that before. She had been outside, naked, fully and completely naked. Her body felt like it was almost tingling. She could still feel the chill left on her body from a breeze.

Her cabin was coming in view as soon as she got her pace back to a decent job, her hands better gripping the towel. All that was on her mind was to get inside and get dressed at this point. However twisting the knob yielded no result. She again felt as her heart stop. She tried and tried again, but it wouldn't open. She then started pounding on it, hoping to wake her friends to let her in.

However the sound of nearby footsteps made Mary turn her head. Around the corner of the cabin Jenny appeared, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. Mary almost jumped a foot high in sudden fear. She couldn't believe she was caught wearing nothing but a towel outside.

"Hey, why aren't you wearing clothes?" Jenny asked.

"Oh it's horrible, someone stole my clothes at the showers, and now I can't get in; you have a key right?" Mary asked a bit panicky.

"Oh, stole your clothes? That's horrible! They didn't happen to look like these?" Jenny asked as she revealed Mary's clothes from behind her back.

"You mean you did it!? Please give them back!" Mary burst out as she jumped toward Jenny. Jenny just moved back and watched as Mary's towel fell to the ground. Mary was for the second time now left naked outside. Mary quickly recovered her towel from the ground so she could again be covered.

"Uh uh uh. Don't be so impatient, don't want to lose all you have, do you?" Jenny laughed. She then held out Jenny's panties. "Well here you go. You can put these on if you want to get dressed so badly," Jenny offered.

"Can't we go inside first?" Mary pleaded as she adjusted the towel. Her face felt like it was burning, her blush probably being quite intense right now.

"Oh so you don't want them, fine then." Jenny said acting all offended.

"Oh wait, please don't." Mary begged as she reached her hand out for the panties. She bent over as she put a leg in one of the holes. Jenny though wasn't going to give Mary the chance to be modest. She grabbed the exposed in of the towel and pulled it from Mary's body.

Mary screeched as she stopped with her attempt to put the panties on. She quickly got to the ground and brought her knees up to her chest for cover, panties around her ankles.

"Well you have fun then. I'll be inside catching up on some lost sleep," Jenny mocked as she strolled towards a now open door to the cabin. She twirled the towel about chuckling. Mary also heard someone chuckling with Jenny, and that would be Julie who amusing store down at the naked Mary at the side of the cabin. They quickly both were inside and had the door shut.

Mary was too hesitant to just stand up in all her naked glory. She stayed where she was till she realized her situation. Before she was in at something that covered as much as a dress, but now she had less. Her want to get inside was again alive. She pulled her panties up as she stood up as she went to the door.

"Hey let me in!" She yelled at she pounded at the door. Her free hand was placed across her breast. Her perfectly cute bottom faced out towards the rest of the camp, covered only by the white cotton panties that clung so well. "Please let me in! This isn't funny!" She said loud enough for them to hear through the door, yet she reminded herself to not get too loud as to wake or alert anyone nearby. It was bad enough her friends were seeing her like this, anyone else and she would just die.

Mary's attention was called over to Julie, who was hanging out of a now open window. "You want more clothes? You have to do a challenge for us."

Mary watched as Julie went back inside and then dropped some stuff out of the window. An empty bucket, a bra, shoes, and socks lay on the ground. Mary left the door to see what was up.

"You can get in if you can prove you got some guts. We want you to go down to the lake and get this bucket filled with water. You can even take the path behind the cabin there. At this time no one will be down there most likely," Julie explained.

"Please don't do this to me. Someone is going to see me like this and I'll be in huge trouble!" Mary exclaimed.

"Also make sure the bucket is full." Julie said as if she ignored Mary's plea.

"Please!" Mary exclaimed again, now using the bucket to cover up her chest.

"Well if you hurry, you can get back before the campers are up." Jenny laughed as they closed the window.

The bra was the first thing to be put on. Mary was left to slip her socks and shoes on in defeat. She hadn't a clue what had gotten into her friends. She was use to those two teasing, but never a prank like this.

She was relieved to be able to go around to the back of the cabin and out of the open. She walked carefully down the wooded path to complete her mission. Who knew what would happen to her. She was now walking down a forest path in only her underwear.

Not being surrounded by cabins full of potential witness, and having something that felt more secure than a towel on, Mary could begin to reflect. She noted how the only times her heart wasn't beating like crazy was during those extra adrenaline rushing moments she'd already experienced that day. Thinking about her towel clad run, and the times it had fallen also made her feet feel wobbly again. She didn't really know how to describe the feeling.

The trail wasn't the best kept sadly enough for her. Her own self analysis was interrupted when she suddenly fell to her side into a bush. As she tried to get her way out of the bush, she could help but feel the branches brush against her bare bottom. She tugged and could feel that she was in some way trapped in the bush. She figured the panties had to be caught on something pretty bad. Yet every time she pulled she was afraid her panties might snap.

Mary on a better day probably would have realized a bush twig would have snapped before her panties, but her mind wasn't in the right place. Instead she reasoned she should get out of the panties before removing them from the bush. So that's when she ended up crawling out of the bush, and panties, on her hands and knees. She stood as she looked around nervously. This time it was almost like she had stripped herself.

The panties were easy to salvage now that she could see how they were snagged. She quickly got them back on. She almost laughed at herself when she had felt relieved. She couldn't believe that her being dressed in nothing but her underwear outside could be relieving in anyway.

The path reaches the lake shore though. It split into two directions, one leading to the beach. Mary though saw between the trees one of the counselors at the beach, inspection some of the boats. She now had to keep her distance, or she would be caught. Her heart raced thinking about how close she truly was to getting caught by someone other than her friends.

Since she couldn't go up to the shore, she had to reach over the ledge of the lake where she was right now. This would be difficult since the water a good foot or two from the ledge. She tried bending down, and dipping the bucket in, but when she tried pulling it up it was too heavy. She tried to pull it out, but she just couldn't. She realized she needed both hands, and soon she was inching it up slowly.

With both hands busy though, she had no way to stop herself when she began to slip. She tried to stay up but it was no use. She fell in the water with a big splash. She got her head above the surface. She was able to stand luckily, and she wasn't hurt. The guy on the beach hadn't seen her so she was relatively safe.

Mary lifted the bucket out of the water and onto the ledge. She then began to herself up, but could a feel the horrible effect it had on her. Her panties didn't seem to want to leave, too heavy with water now. She almost pulled herself out of her panties for a second time that morning this time on accident. Luckily they had stopped at her ankles when she had pulled herself out of the lake. Rolling over on her side she breathed a sigh of relief over the whole affair of falling in. She tugged her panties up and began to recall she still had a whole walk back.

Her panties and bra clung to her obnoxiously as she walked. She wish they hadn't been white too; the panties and bra didn't only cling, but also let a bit of color through. One could tell where her areolas and her pubic hair were just by looking.

Her pace was also lessened from the heavy bucket. It took a lot of strength for her to keep it stable, hovering over the front of her panties. She hoped that problem would dry out. If she wasn't afraid of spilling the water and having to go back for more, she would have gone faster.

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