tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMary's Naked Camp Adventure Ch. 02

Mary's Naked Camp Adventure Ch. 02


Mary was worried with how fast the sun seemed to climb up higher in the sky. She knew now that the risk of someone else being out and about was even higher. She cringed at the thought of being caught in her underwear, all wet like she took a swim. She almost tried to ease herself with the thought that they might assume it's a bikini, but she knew no one would be that ignorant.

She got to the back of cabin. She peered around the corner to look to see if the coast was clear. She was so glad at that moment that not many were like her and liked waking up early. She held her breath as she went around to the front side of the cabin and began to knock on the door again.

"Look whose back Jenny," Julie said looking out the window again. Mary almost dropped the bucket in fright. "Oh my, you're all wet. I hope in the heat of the thrill you didn't feel like you had to use the water from the bucket to cool yourself down," She joked, Jenny's laughter could be heard from inside.

"This isn't funny. I slipped in. Now I'm cold and I need to get dressed before someone sees me like this," Mary fumed. She couldn't believe how light hearted and yet cruel her friends were being.

"Just come put this on so we can go to breakfast," Julie said holding out some fabric for Mary. Mary was happy to untangle the mass of cloth to find a shirt. She pulled it on over her head and looked expectantly towards Julie. "Sorry Mary, that's all you get. The shirts long enough to be a short dress anyways, it looks like sleepwear on you."

"I'll look so out of place though, and what if someone sees under." Mary complained, tugging the shirt down lower.

"Almost everyone shows up in nightwear for breakfast silly. You being all dressed and proper made you stand out before," Julie teased as she closed the window. Moments both Jenny and Julie were exiting the cabin, closing and locking the door to stop Mary from getting in.

"Don't worry Mary about anyone seeing. Just a pair of panties, no one will mind." Jenny said wrapping her arm around her as they started to take her along to the main lodge for breakfast.

Mary didn't know what to do. She figured she'd be stuck going with her friends. She felt so weird though being outside in such dress, now in the company of others. Something like what she was wearing was only meant for sleep, not public walks and meals.

"Probably should have yet you use the towel a bit before putting that on though," Julie pointed out. Mary didn't understand right away, but a glance down verified that the shirt was starting to cling to her wet bra.

"Oh no!" Mary exclaimed pressing her hands against her breast to hide the embarrassing reveal of her underwear.

"Don't press it down more, that will only draw attention and make it worse. Here, just take off the bra, so no one sees," Julie said as she was suddenly behind Mary. Poor Mary didn't know what to do as she felt her bra loosen.

"Hey, don't do that, I can't go around without any underwear on under my clothes!" Mary whines as she suddenly felt her shirt being tugged up. Her panties were begging to show. "Whoa, not here!" she said as she tried to grab the shirt.

"Oh this will be quick if you just stopped squirming," Julie said as she tried to get the shirt off Mary's body. Julie shot a glance at Jenny, who was now helping. Mary couldn't believe that her friends just stripped her down to her underwear outside and in the open.

"Oh god guys, not here. Hurry, give me the shirt back!" Mary said as she hunched down, hoping to somehow hide.

"Oh just get this awful wet thing off," Julie said, pulling the straps of Mary's bra down her shoulders. Mary didn't put up much of a fight in her new found panic as she was now left in just her panties. After a moment of giggling from the other two, they held out a shirt for the squirming, topless, Mary in front of them.

"Come on weirdo, get the shirt on before someone sees you," Julie said between laughs. Mary only gave them an evil look as she again regained cover. Lucky for her the shirt hadn't absorbed much moisture.

"My god guys! What has gotten into you? Why are you so cruelly picking on me this morning?! What did I do?" Mary asked as she smoothed out the shirt.

"Oh lighten up, just a bit of fun. It's summer vacation, and you haven't been having nearly enough fun." Julie explained.

"You call this fun, all this fear and embarrassment?"

"Why yes, yes we would." Jenny said with a smile. Mary officially thought something was wrong with her friends.

"Anyways, you can't say you aren't having a bit of fun. I mean the thrill must be interesting. Oh, I bet your heart has been racing a mile a minute. All this excitement has to have some perks? I mean just look here, these seem to be quite perky!" Julie said as she pointed towards Mary's chest. The following screech came when Mary saw that without a bra, some very pointy nipples were quite noticeable below her shirt.

"Don't look there! Also that's not any type of sign I like this, I just was in cold water!" Mary tried explaining as she crossed her arms over her chest to hide it from the two inspecting her.

"We'll see if they soften up at all by the time breakfast is done," Julie said as they began to again head to the meal hall at the main lodge.

Mary was relieved to see not many had arrived yet for their breakfast. Everyone was probably in the showers or getting ready like she had been earlier. A few counselors were in charge of giving the food, a few kids at tables. The room was very spacious, ready to be filled by who knows how many people. Mary fidgeted uncontrollably, feeling very out of the ordinary with the way she was dressed.

Looping he arm around Mary's, Julie tugged her over to the food line. She grabbed a plate for her that Mary nervously held. She was so nervous she wasn't even feeling that hungry like she normally would have. Julie and Jenny couldn't seem to wipe the smiles off their faces. Everyday Mary saw them wearing their night clothes to breakfast; she didn't know how they had the nerve to every morning so far.

Mary could only look down as she continued down the line. She gathered a bit of food, a pancake and some eggs. She only dared once to look up at some of the counselors who were attending to the food line. She was so relieved when it had looked none were giving them any weird stares.

Mary was quick to retreat to a table in a far corner. Julie and Jenny caught up eventually, not being in the same panic hurry Mary was. Julie sat next to Mary, Jenny on their opposite.

Mary would have spent the meal silently, but by the grins on Jenny's and Julie's face, that wasn't about to happen. "So, enjoying yourself still?" Jenny asked.

"I'm terrified! What do you think?" Mary exclaimed, trying to show them she wasn't about to stand for this prank of theirs.

"Oh, you say that, but that's just your personality. You like to keep things orderly in control. We realize that this might be tough. Yet I think this break from your usual is doing you some good," Jenny reasoned.

"I don't know how this can be good. I'm running around the camp in so very few bits of clothing. I don't need any of the camper or counselors seeing my pantied butt!" Mary quietly complained.

"Tsk tsk, don't lie to us Mary," Julie piped up. "You have had your little nips poking against that shirt hard for awhile now. I think the risk of showing that cute pantied bottom of yours gives you a thrill, some excitement."

Mary's hands again found their way to cupping her breast once more. This time she didn't have the excuse of cold water. "I... it's not like I want them too.... I just..." Mary couldn't find the words to explain herself at all. Even though she was trying to tell herself she didn't like this, her body had other ideas.

"Why be shy about it anyways. I mean your bottom is so cute," Julie said leaning back from the bench a bit. She then tugged the bottom of Mary's shirt out from under her and lifted it up. Mary gasped as she quickly tried to push the shirt back down. She was luck they had a far back table; no one was back there besides Julie who could see.

"Stop that, before someone thinks something is going on!" Mary pleaded. Even Mary's friend seeing her panties was bringing a red enough blush to her face.

"Don't like your panties being on show? Well fine, we won't have to let anyone see them." Julie gave a nod to Jenny, who suddenly ducked under the table. Mary wasn't able to figure out what was going on until she felt something on the sides of her hips.

Looking down, Mary could see that Jenny was under the table, arms now reaching under her shirt. Mary's face reddened more as she realized Jenny could plainly see her panties from down there, her shirt being bunched up due to the invading hands.

Mary was too preoccupied with modestly to even realize Jenny's plan of action. Mary hadn't figured any of it out at all until she felt the fabric of her panties being tugged away. She felt the bump as they were pulled under her bottom, and the way they smoothly descended to her knees. Mary's main thought at this point was to block view from the nearby eyes from getting any more of a look at her newly exposed pubic hair and pussy. Her hands were now nestled between her thighs, her panties already going down to her ankles.

Jenny whisked the panties off Mary's feet as she again emerged on the other side of the table. She dangled the panties out in the middle of the table for a shocked Mary to stare at. Mary didn't want to move her hands quite yet. She felt so naked at that moment. She did still have the large shirt, but that was all she had.

Mary tugged her shirt down and under her bottom. "You have to give those back; I can't go around without them!"

"Oh, we don't have to do anything. You don't want anyone seeing them, right?" Jenny teased as she balled up the panties and brought them to her side.

"You know that this is worse! You can't expect me to go back to the cabin like this!" Mary was beginning to worry. The prospect of her underwear being seen before scared her. Knowing how naked she was now, and what people could see, it gave her chills.

Julie again played the trick of tugging and flipping up the back of the skirt. "It's even cuter without panties back here though. I know a couple of people who would pay to see this view," Julie said, laughing even still as Mary slapped her hand away.

"How about a deal? You stay like that till we get back to the cabin; we make sure you aren't sent to your first activity today bottomless," Jenny offered Mary. Mary thought about it, but eventually nodded her head in agreement. She figured she made it to the dining hall without anyone seeing her panties; she could make it back too.

The rest of breakfast, Mary tried to ignore her condition as she finished off her food. People were beginning to fill the room. She noted many were also dressed in night clothes, and she tried to calm herself. Yet when she squeezed her thighs she knew that she was probably the only one who was in nothing but a t-shirt.

"So then, I think we're all done. Let's get going so that Mary can take her nearly naked walk in front of everyone," Jenny said in a hushed tone. Of course it made Mary felt like just staying there, but she didn't want to be left alone the way she was. Slowly she got up and began to walk out with her friends. She nervously walked along, never making eye contact with anyone. She took careful small steps to avoid the bottom of the shirt moving too much ever.

Every step, she'd walk by someone else. Her naked body was only hidden by the light piece of cotton hanging on her body. The air swirled under the loose cloth. She couldn't seem to put it out of her mind just how naked she felt. She was becoming almost short of breath. The movement of the shirt also reminded her of those little tips that had been poking into it since she lost her bra. She didn't get how she was getting any sexual kick out of the whole ordeal. Yet a warmness between her thighs verified more than her nipples thought this ordeal was exciting.

The rush of air from the outside as Jenny and Julie opened the doors blew Mary's shirt around. She could swear her cheeks probably popped into view behind her. She placed her hands on her buns, holding the shirt in place. She nervously looked behind her to see if anyone had seen anything. She sighed as she realized that no one was looking her way by the looks of it.

"Come on!" Julie said grabbing her arm. Pulling Mary close to her though she whispered, "I know how you feel, I can barely keep my hands off those cute little cheeks of yours either." Mary of course quickly put her hands back to her sides.

"Slow down guys," Mary said worried about the new sudden pace she was being pulled at. Unlike all the times before, the walk through camp had people all around. She now had true risk of someone perhaps seeing something she rather they didn't.

"Oh come on. You're always in a rush to slow down," Jenny argued.

"You guys aren't as undressed as me!" Mary shot back.

"Oh, we aren't, are we?" Julie said as she stopped. She pulled Jenny next to her as they both faced Mary. "3. 2. 1. Go!" Julie said as in unison the two girls grabbed the bottom of their shirts. In a flash, the shirts were pulled up showing their belly buttons. Mary though wasn't looking at that. A little lower than that, Mary found that both of them were just like her, completely bottomless. A quick twirl on Jenny and Julie's part showed to Mary that she wasn't alone in this odd state of dress.

"You guys are... why would you?" Mary wanted to question them, but didn't know how. Julie had her usual grin on her face, and even though Jenny had a bit of blush, seemed to be enjoying herself too. Mary didn't know what to think at this point. She just got flashed by her two friends, and also found out that this whole morning they were running around in just their shirts by choice. She was feeling lucky that her shirt didn't seem as short as theirs either. Maybe if she hadn't been so worried all morning, she may have been paying enough attention to have noticed.

"See, we're playing even this morning. I mean if we can do it, so can you. Now let's going so you can be early as usual," insisted Julie. Mary wasn't sure what was going to happen next. It had only been a few short hours, and there was so much more left for the day. She wasn't sure if this was all some weird dream or not.

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