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Mary's Story


This is a story containing graphic sexual content and BDSM. If you are not legally allowed to view such a story, or might be offended by it please do NOT read it.

This is purely a work of fiction.

If you do read it, feel free to comment, good or bad, it will help me to understand which way to take this story. I am interested in any feedback, critiques, or reviews, good or bad. I will continue to write this story but it will make the effort worth it if I receive mail telling me what you think.



Hi I am Mary. Let me describe myself and how I came to be in this situation. I am 25, a successful business woman who is quite dominant at work due to my senior position in the Company, but has always craved the opposite, being a submissive outside of work, I guess a kind of relief from the dreariness of the working and everyday life.

I am 5 foot tall without heels, long blonde hair which was not out of a bottle, a size UK 10 dress with 34c breasts that have very large sensitive nipples, these were pierced and had rings through them. I keep myself fully shaven. I am only 8 stone (about 50 kg) fully wet.

I enjoy sex a lot, but have never settled with any boyfriend for long, relationships always seem to get stale, there is always something missing. I have had a couple of bi encounters but again nothing that seemed to last.

I have a small one bed roomed apartment, nicely furnished if I say so myself, with a king sized four poster bed despite being in it alone most of the time. I eat well and go running to keep myself supple and in shape.

One advantage of the four poster is it enables me to practise some self bondage, something I really enjoy after the stresses of the work day, and I guess I knew deep down I wanted more than self bondage, to be able to give control of myself to another was my dream.

And so it was that I started chatting to a couple in a bondage chat room. Well at first it was the guy, Philip, who approached me for a chat, he seemed very real, and we soon got down to what I was looking for, he claimed he was a well practiced Dom, was 47 years old, 6 foot 3 inches tall and kept himself in shape, he sent the usual pictures including one of his cock which looked large and fat.

I guess we chatted about various things over a period of about a month and how he would treat me, and each time we finished our chats I found myself to be wet with excitement and this often resulted in my using my dildo to please myself.

Then he told me that he was married, my heart sunk, as I then believed that this had all been a waste of time. He then went on to explain that as a couple they played separately but also together, they were both Dom and Domme, and had playmates, but also attended events specifically for BDSM players.

Intrigued we continued chatting so I could find out more about both of them. His wife Amanda was 43, and large, dress size 26 he told me, but despite that was fit and very sexual. She was also bi like me.

Anyway to cut a long story short we eventually agreed to meet socially after work one Friday. The meeting was to be at a local coffee shop attached to a garage on the outskirts of town. We could both drive there and there was plenty of parking. I have to say I was both apprehensive but excited as well, could this be the missing thing in my life, he had made it very clear that he would hurt me as well as giving me pleasure, we had discussed limits and safe words so the scene was set.

If we got on during the meeting then I would follow him back to his house which was out in the country and hard to find, and stay for the weekend to see if we wanted to take it further.

And so the Friday came round all too quickly and I was starting to have doubts, was this really what I wanted? I am a proud woman and having made the arrangement to meet I would not back out, that did not stop me feeling a little scared of the possibility of 'giving' myself to two people I did not really know.

I went to the toilet before leaving work, checked my make up, I was wearing what I call my power suit, a pin stripe suit in dark grey, skirt just down to my knees, a white blouse buttoned down the front, and jacket, and my 4 inch black heels, my normal dress for a working day.

Satisfied I looked good I went down to the car park and drove to the meeting place, got out, smoothed my skirt down and entered the coffee shop. I did not see them immediately as they had found a booth at the back, quite secluded and away for other customers. I put my best smile on and approached them.

Philip watched me as I approached, he stood up, and in a deep voice said "Mary glad you could make it." and signalled that I should sit beside him in the booth, Amanda was watching smiling as I sat down and sitting opposite us.

As I slid into the booth he said "What would you like to drink."

I replied nervously "Just a Latte please." He leaned towards me and softly said "You will always address me as Master, now what did you want?"

"Just a Latte please Master." I replied almost without thinking.

He smiled as he left to get my coffee. I looked at Amanda, while she was a large lady as Master had said she was very bubbly and well dressed, and she smiled at me saying "Don't worry dear, you can call me Mistress, his bark is sometimes worse than his bite." She then chuckled to herself, but it did put me at ease somewhat.

When he returned with my coffee he sat next to me and we chatted like normal people for ages, discussing mainly what they wanted from me and what I was looking for, which to be honest I wasn't sure about but I was open and honest about that and they said they understood.

After about an hour chatting Master said "Mary we would like it if you came back and stay with us for the weekend so we can get to know each other properly, we will provide all you need, and at the end of the weekend you are free to go to work on Monday as normal. However there is a little task that we want you to perform before you decide."

I looked at him quizzically but didn't say anything. "We are short of milk at home so I want you to go to the Garage and buy some. That's easy isn't it."

"Yes Master." I stammered wondering why he regarded this as a task.

"However," He continued, "before you go I want to you to go to the toilet with Amanda so she can change you."

Now I was really confused but replied again "Yes Master."

He slid out the booth as did Amanda, clutching a bag, and I stood up as well, then I followed Amanda to the ladies. Once there she ordered me into the disabled cubicle, followed me in and locked the door, then told me to strip naked. I looked at her in amazement and consternation, "Don't disobey me girl or you will be on your way home alone."

I started undressing and was soon naked as the day I was born. I could see she was admiring my trim body and before I could do anything she had her hand between my legs feeling my naked pussy, "Nice to see it excites you," as she felt my dampness.

"Now you will put these things on, then when we leave you will go straight to the garage and get some milk."

She then pulled out what I was to wear from her bag. A pair of hold up fishnet stockings which I pulled up my legs, next was a sexy g-string that covered almost nothing, just my pussy, a short t shirt was next with the emblem on it 'I love cock' and finally a micro mini that I doubted would cover my ass. The final thing was some 'come fuck me heels' in bright red. The heels that were at least 6 inches, not so easy to walk in, I would have to be careful. She then applied some very red lipstick to me and stood back.

"How easy it is to turn someone into a whore darling." She said before chuckling again, turning me around and patting my ass. With that she unlocked the door and pushed me out, handing me a five pound note, "now off to the Garage with you, we will be watching, do this and we can be on our way home."

Blushing bright red I tried to pull the skirt down a bit, then left the toilets and walked as quickly as I could while being careful in the heels through the coffee shop, seeing Master grinning at me and I was sure other customers were staring, but I walked out into the cold evening, feeling the breeze under my skirt, and my nipples harden as they got cold, exciting me even more.

I walked across the forecourt and into the garage, found some milk which was on the bottom shelf so I had to bend to get it showing all, then I went to the counter to pay. The attendant was leering at me as he took the money and gave me change. As I turned to leave he blew me a kiss, and I hurried as much as I could to get out of there.

As I left I saw Master and Mistress getting into their car, so I headed that way. As I got there Master had his window down and took the milk form me passing it to Amanda, before saying "Give Master a kiss you whore."

I bent into the car to do as he asked and he 'accidently' hit the horn, making people turn and look, what a sight I must have been bent into the car my ass on show for all, I looked as if I was trying to get him to solicit me. I pecked him on the cheek and stood up, and he smiled "Get in your car and follow us home, then the real fun can begin." He passed me my car keys.

I hurried to my car, unlocked the door and collapsed into the driver's seat, glad to be out of view of the public. When I had clamed down I looked at myself, I could not believe what a whore I looked, and there was a stain to the front of my g-string showing how excited this little episode has made me. I started up and followed them out of the forecourt.

We drove for about 15 minutes and pulled into the drive of a large modern house in the country which had outbuildings and obviously some land around it, it was hard to tell as it was now getting dark. I got out the car as did they and they beckoned me to follow them, which I did coming to the front door which Master opened and ushered me in.

Master had told me that they were independently wealthy, that he had a large on line business which he ran from home and that they lacked for nothing. The house certainly proved that. I was ushered into the lounge which was beautifully and expensively furnished.

I sat in the chair they indicated and Master said, "For you this is a trail weekend under our control, we are pleased with you so far, but we will test you this weekend to see if you are suitable to take up a position with us. We do not want to affect your day to day work life and you may go back to that at any time, but if you pass then we will offer to have you live here with us as our toy whore slave."

"There are certain rules which you will learn as we go along, obey and you will be fine, disobey and you will be punished severely, is that understood."

I nodded my head not really knowing what to say.

He raised his voice, "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD."

"Yes Master."

"Good now give me your car keys." I handed them to him, knowing this was the first step to giving myself to them as I could not run away especially as it was cold outside and I was dressed like a whore.

In the meantime Amanda had a camera out and was snapping pictures of me dressed as I was.

He picked up a bell and rung it, and a few moments later a young woman appeared in a maids uniform. "This is Melissa, she is our Maid and will look after any needs you have."

Amanda gave Melissa her bag, "Make sure these are cleaned and ready for first thing Monday, when Mary will need them for work."

"Yes Maam." Melissa replied taking the bag and disappearing.

"Right I have a few things to deal with, Amanda will you show Mary around please."

"It will be my pleasure," Amanda replied, standing up and pointing me towards the door.

We did a tour of the house and she showed me that for this part it was just a normal 4 bedroom house, all well decorated and fitted out. Then we arrived at what appeared to be a separate wing. She unlocked the connecting door and ushered me in.

"This is our play area, we keep it separate from the main house and only guests are invited in here, this will be your quarters for the weekend, and if you decide to live here."

There was a short corridor with two doors on one side and one on the other. The two doors to the left I can only describe as being like police cell doors, not that I have been in a police cell, but they were metal, and I could see there was only a handle on the outside as both were slightly ajar.

She swung one door fully open, saying "This would be your bedroom, and place to live when we have no use for you." She allowed me to look inside, there was a comfortable looking metal bed but with restraints built into each corner, a toilet in the corner and an armchair. There was also what appeared to be a chest of drawers and a wardrobe and a mirror fitted to the ceiling above the bed.

"The shower when you are allowed one is next door." We moved to that room, and there was, as she said, a shower, also a weird chair that you could be strapped to, together with another toilet. It was set up like a wet room with a central drainage point and a hose fitted to a tap in the wall, I assumed for cleaning.

Then we moved to the last room. This room was fully kitted out as a dungeon, it included all kinds of furniture mostly secured to the floor from a St Andrews Cross to an old fashioned rack for stretching to whipping benches and some things that I could not guess what they were for. There was also a large circular bed in the centre of the room.

She smiled at me and said "I think you will be very happy with us, but it's for you to decide on Sunday night, until then just try to enjoy your time here. With that she pushed me into the first room and slammed the door behind me. I saw straight away there was no way of getting out from inside, it had to be opened for me to be able to get out. She looked at me grinning through the door, "You will find something to wear in the cupboard and the top drawer, get dressed and we will come for you when we are ready."

I heard her heels disappear, then the door outer slammed and I heard it lock, and then silence.

I looked around my room, scared now at what I had got myself into. I sat in the chair and cried, not entirely knowing why, it was just so overwhelming but I guessed this was part of a test to see if I could stand this life, should I choose to stay beyond Sunday.

I opened the top drawer of the chest and took out what had been left there. It comprised of a pair of knickers, a small leather bra, some metal wrist and ankle cuffs and a wide metal collar. On closer inspection I realised that both the knickers and bra had tiny pins fitted to the inside, these were not going to be comfortable, but I guess that's not what they were meant be. The collar and cuffs were lockable but there were no keys so once fitted I could not take them off.

I carefully fitted the collar which was quite tight and snapped it shut. I did the same with the cuffs. Then I put the knickers on, feeling the little pins digging into my labia and ass a I pulled them up, then it was the turn of the bra, it was a c cup so fitted well but I struggled to get the strap done up, I had to pull it tight to get it started on the first hole and this immediately made the pins dig into my sensitive breasts and nipples.

I then lay on the bed, it was hard to sit down with these knickers on, and saw my reflection in the mirror, already I looked like the submissive girl I wanted to be, and I felt myself dampen in anticipation of what was to come.

Not knowing how long I had to wait I got up and checked the wardrobe, all that was in there was a very full set of petticoats and a very short topless maids uniform. I slipped it on, it was well fitted at the waist and I remembered I had at one point give Master my measurements. The skirt barely covered my bum and by the time my petticoats were on that lifted it even more, my knickers were showing to the world.

I sat gingerly in the chair and waited, the excitement building in my pussy making it wetter as I contemplated what they might do to me.

To be continued...

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Poor effort

The story has got a lot of potential but it is badly written, the characters have no real depth and it depicts bondage relationships in a wrong way. 1*

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