Masculine and Beautiful


Tom stared into her eyes for a moment but couldn't read anything in them. He moved but made sure he slid his cock down then up again and over her taut clit. Mom shook for a moment. He moved to her right side, lay on his back close to her, his upper arm touching hers, but then she sat up and twisted to reach her glass on the table.

Mara filled her mouth halfway, swished around the margarita, swallowed, then drank a third of the contents. When she set the tumbler down she still hadn't decided what to do. All she could think about was how much she wanted him as she lay down again. Tommy shifted closer so his shoulder touched hers. Oh god... I want him so much. I can't help it. I can't help it!

Tom knew if he didn't do something soon, she'd probably tell him to leave, to go to his room. He turned onto his side, his arm moved across her body, his hand wanted to go to her tits, but he caressed her shoulder and gazed into her eyes. Her felt her hard nipple against the inner side of his biceps. He felt her breathing quicken slightly. He wasn't sure if that was a good sign. He held his breath as he lowered his face to hers. He gave her lips a warm kiss. He pulled back a little. His voice was soft, "I want to make you feel good."

When he saw her lips part, probably to speak, his own met hers again, his tongue slowly worked its way into her mouth. She tasted like lime. The drink was probably a margarita. Her tongue started dancing with his. Another good sign. His hand moved from her shoulder to her breast, he fondled and caressed it, then his thumb and index finger rolled and gently tugged her erect nipple. Mom exhaled into his mouth, then hers opened wider. The kiss suddenly turned very hot. He told himself to be careful with his movements. He folded his upper leg and slid it onto her thigh then farther over so his knee glided over her pussy, finally his inner thigh lay on top of her trimmed muff.

Mara wanted more, she needed more. She just wouldn't let him enter her. What would be the harm in repeating what they had already done? Oral wasn't really intercourse, was it? Intercourse she couldn't do, but touching, using mouths and tongues and hands and fingers were okay. They had already done those things. She abruptly broke the kiss, gasping breaths. Tommy's mouth was instantly on her breasts, sucking her nipples, kissing, his hand still caressing too. She glanced at the windows, then swallowed a couple times. "Tommy... Tommy? Stop... wait."

He pulled her nipple with his mouth, then released it. Mom twitched. Was the night over? He raised his face. She looked into his eyes. He kept his eyes locked with hers, but gave her nipple a quick kiss.

Mara's mind was still reeling. She swallowed and took another couple breaths. "Close the drapes, then turn on the little lamp on my dresser and turn off the hall light."

Tom glanced at the windows. The night wasn't over. "Yeah, sure. What about the window fan?"

"Oh... um..." Her brow pinched.

"The blinds are down to it, and... ahh... the angle, no one can see you, and the tree is right out there too."

"Okay, close the drapes on the other one."

She watched Tommy quickly slide off the bed, then she rolled onto her side and reached for her glass. She took another gulp of her drink, then lay down again. Her eyes again on Tommy closing the drapes then followed him to the to dresser and the hallway. He was a young man now, and he was hot too. Her pussy clenched. She felt possessed. We just won't have intercourse. All this won't be that bad. Like last Friday, everything will go back to normal tomorrow.

She knew she wasn't sober, and she knew she was rationalizing, but she just couldn't stop herself, not now. She needed more, even if what they had done was just repeated. She needed more. She gazed at his thick, beautiful cock as he returned to the bed. Her pussy clenched yet again.

Tom slid on the bed. He returned to the same position, his hand on her breast as his face approached hers. Their lips met. His tongue entered her mouth, and hers greeted his but it wasn't the earlier passionate dance. Mom turned her head quickly breaking the kiss. At least she was breathing as raggedly as he was.

"Wait, Tommy." Mara took a few more breaths. "Lie beside me, for... for a while."

Again Tom feared the night was over. He lay on his back, his upper arm pressed against her. He looked at her. "Can I put my arm around you?"

"Um... um... uh-huh." They shifted, Mara raised her head and settled it on his shoulder. His muscular arm around her, his hand gently stroking her upper arm. It was a lover's touch. A few moments later, she felt him kiss her head. The little caress somehow let her relax more, and made her believe everything was going to be okay tomorrow. They loved each other as mother and son and this was just something additional, like last Friday. Everything was going to be okay.

She gazed at his thick, hard cock lying on his abdomen. She noticed again the slight upward curve on it. She licked her lips, then took a breath before speaking softly, "Before, when you were rubbing on my... on-on me, I... I didn't want you to stop. It felt so good... so nice, and... and I wanted you inside me, but..."

Tom interrupted, "I want to be inside you so mu..."

Mara broke in, "Sssshh." She took a quick breath. "We can't do that, but... I think... for tonight, it'll be okay if... if we do what... what we've done, like... like it's really just kissing and-and massaging."

He could tell he'd not be able to convince her to do more. "I love touching you. I've dreamed about it for a long time. You're so beautiful, so... hot... I can't help wanting to be inside you." Maybe he could convince her.

"We can't, no matter how much we might want to, we can't do what you started earlier." Her eyes were still on his manhood. She lay her right hand on his thigh, then almost smiled when she saw his cock twitch, rise off his abdomen a smidge then drop down again. She gently stroked his thigh.

A few moments passed in silence, then she pulled her hand back, twisted her body more towards Tommy, sliding her left arm onto his body as her hand moved to his cock. She touched the underside of the helmet with the tip of her index finger and saw the thick tube twitch and rise off his abs again. She drew her finger down to the start of his sack, then slowly up again. Her breathing quickened and she heard his do likewise.

Her hand wrapped around his cock. Again she tried to touch her thumb to any of her fingertips. She couldn't. She began stroking slowly. On the fourth stroke, her head started sliding down his chest. She licked her lips, her eyes focused on his big, red helmet. She felt his free hand on her head, stopping her.

"Wait. I want you to lay on your back. I want to kiss every square inch of you."

"Don't you want me to..."

Tom interrupted, "Lay down, stretch out."

She heard a change in the tone of his voice. He wasn't asking. Her pussy clenched. "Mmm... okay." She shifted and wiggled a bit more down the bed, then adjusted the pillow under her head. She straightened her legs out. She watched Tommy move. He grabbed two pillows and moved on his knees down to her hips.

"Raise your hips up."

"Why do y..."

"Do it."

There was that tone again. She raised her bottom off the sheet. He pushed two pillows under her ass then told her to lower down. She thought he was going to try to penetrate again, but he lay down on his side next to her. His palm cupped her face and his lips descended to hers. His tongue entered her mouth and her own greeted his. When was the last time she was kissed like this? She couldn't remember. "Mmmhhh." Her hand went to the back of his head. She felt his hand move onto her breasts, coursing on both, cupping, holding, squeezing, fiddling with her taut, sensitive nipples.

Tom broke the kiss. Both he and Mom gasping breaths as he planted a dozen kisses on her face, then started on her neck. She arched it for him. His hand slid down from her breasts, down her smooth abdomen to her wet pussy. His middle fingertip found her clit. Mom tensed, then closed her legs. He kissed her shoulder then her neck again. His lips moved to her ear. He whispered, "I'm just touching. Touching is okay. Massaging. Open your legs a little. Do it."

Mara was panting. She slid her legs apart. His fingertip swirled around her clit. Her body trembled. His mouth moved lower to her upper chest. More moist kisses covered her skin. His finger was doing thrilling, delicious things to her clit. Then his hand abruptly left her pussy, which made her squirm her hips wishing it back. Both his hands cupped her breasts as before, his mouth sucking, nibbling, nipping, his tongue lapping against her erect nipples, sucking them hard, moving from one fleshy mound to the other, sometimes his thumb and index gently stretching each nub.

Tom moved lower, angling his body slightly, kissing and dragging his tongue all over her abdomen. He noted the tiny blond hairs on her skin. His left hand coursed over her breasts as his right returned to her soaking slit, his fingertip again playing with her taut clit. He pushed his tongue into her navel. It made her squirm and he heard a brief, breathy giggle.

His body moved lower on the bed. He kissed each of the pronounced bumps of her pelvic girdle near her waist, then slowly dragged his tongue back and forth horizontally drawing wet lines on her skin, his hand turned so his thumb slowly rubbed her clit. His tongue continued proceeding lower and lower until it replaced his digit at her pink pearl. His body moved again, sliding over her leg between her thighs. His own legs stretched out, most of them off the end of the bed. He kept his tongue on her clit rubbing furiously as his thumb dipped into her dewy crease. He pushed it deep. Jeezuz... she was so freakin' snug and slippery.

"Ohhhhh... ohhhh... Tommmmmy," Mara moaned. She spread her legs a little farther apart.

As he had earlier, Tom attended her pussy using his tongue every way he could imagine. Mostly he lapped, diddled and stroked her pearl. He moved his right hand away from her cunt and it join his other on her torso, mostly on her breasts, but sometimes he'd move one to stroke lower onto her flat abdomen or along her side, occasionally all the way down her leg as far as he could reach, then slowly up again to her breasts. He felt Mom beginning to tremble. He continued to vary the speed, firmness, and directions of his tongue strokes on her clit. She seemed to really like firm slow ones back and forth across it followed by frenzied circles on and around it. He did that again.

"Oh-h-h-hh! Oooooh.... oh... oh... god.... b-baby... baby.... oh!"

Mom started shaking and squirming, her hips pushed up suddenly and he yanked his head back. He was sure she had bumped into his upper teeth. She kept writhing and whimpering so he assumed he hadn't hurt her. He plunged his tongue into her wet slit, and she stiffened again, then shook even harder. He knew what he wanted, almost needed to do. He slid his body over her right leg, turning his head slightly, still keeping his tongue on her slit and clit. He pulled his face up quickly.

He gasped a few breaths. "Turn over."

"W-what?" Mara was panting and shaking. She couldn't think straight when she was near orgasm. She wanted his tongue back now!

Tom's hands moved to her hips. He started turning her over.

"Wha... what?" As Mara tried to raise her head, a sudden intense wave of delight coursed through her, making her arch her neck.

When he got her on her side, he pulled one leg farther to spread them, then he moved into a kneeling position between her legs, his hands raised her hip off the pillows. "Turn on your tummy. Do it."

Mara was still trembling, but turned, using her shaky arms to help her move.

Tom stared at her incredible bubble ass. A moment later, he was lying as before, his legs mostly off the end of the bed, his face not in her pussy, but now pushing into the deep crevice of her ass. His hands gripped her cheeks, opening her valley. His tongue lapped her now exposed, hot, squinting, little asshole.

"OH! God!" Mara's hands formed fists as she clenched the pillow. "Oh baby... nnnnhhh... oh... nnnnnnnhhh." She as still shaking with orgasmic delight, she had no control of her body, or did she? No matter what the truth was, her legs spread a little more, her back dipped even more than the two pillows had made it, and she pushed her bottom towards his face. Tommy's tongue went wild on her hot, little hole. She moaned, "Mmmmmmhhhh."

Tom released her right bun, then moved his hand down under his chin. His thumb found her slippery clit easily. It was definitely bigger than Marcia's. He slowly stroked it. Mom shook again, and briefly pressed towards his face once more. He pushed his thumb into her channel. She really was incredibly tight. Mom squirmed towards him again, and his pressed his thumb as far as it could go, the web of skin where his thumb met his palm stroked back and forth over her clit.

"Oh... oh baby... oh my god." Mara wasn't sure if it was the same orgasm that began before she turned over, or a new one. This had never happened to her before. She shut her eyes tightly, imagining his thumb was his beautiful cock. "Uhhh... ummmhh."

He thought she was getting close to another orgasm. He probably wouldn't get a better time than this. He pulled her thumb from her pussy. His body started moving again, over her left leg. His head turned but his tongue stayed on her hot asshole, his left hand still gripping her bun, holding her deep valley open. His feet were on the floor. His right arm stretched out towards the night table. He felt blindly for the bottle of gel he had put there earlier, luckily not knocking it or her glass off the table. He grabbed it then moved faster, getting over her leg and settling between both her toned thighs again. With one hand he opened the bottle, then squeezed a large dollop of gel on her tail bone. Mom's hips were still squirming. He left the dollop there, put the bottle on the sheet and his hand returned to her wet pussy.

His thumb kept slowly and firmly rubbing her slippery engorged clit as his tongue lapped and massaged her torrid asshole. His gripping hand on her left bun held tighter and pulled more, revealing more of her deep valley. He retracted his tongue off her hot anus, then gave the baby smooth skin next to it on her cheek a few wet kisses. He drew his tongue over her rear portal slowly and sensuously. Mom, moaned and pushed her ass towards his mouth. He licked the baby smooth skin on either side of her valley again. He raised his head, huffed a few breaths, then swallowed before speaking, "Do you like this? Does this feel good?"

He waited a few seconds, her ass pushing up again. He wanted her to answer. His jaw clenched for a moment. Without thinking his hand released her bun, raised about six inches and came down flat on her bun. Smat! It wasn't very hard, not a spank, not even a swat, more a surprising tap, but Mom's body flinched. His voice was a low, "Does it feel good?"

Mara was panting. "Yess... oh god.... yes. Don't stop... don't stop, baby."

His hand gripped her cheek again, she tensed for a moment as he opened her valley and his tongue swirled around her taboo orifice. He released her bun but pushed his head against it so her valley stayed open, not as much as before though. He kept his thumb working her clit and swirling into her cunt. As the thumb of his other hand coated itself in the gel. He pulled his face back, then slid his thick digit down her crevice. He watched the gelled tip stroke on and around her torrid hole.

Mara tensed at the different sensation. "Ohhhhh." She realized it was a finger or thumb.

He moved his hand from her pussy and gripped her bun planting his elbow on the mattress. He slid back and raised his head. He wanted a clear view. He lubed his index finger, rubbed his thumb sensually around her hot little orifice again, then brought the tip of coated index finger to the apex of the squinting hole, circling the center and wiggling with a slight pressure. He gave her buns a few kisses, then a few nipping bites. She flinched at each. He gave her more kisses, sucking hard kisses. She then did something that almost made him shoot his wad. Her hips swayed slower and she pushed back towards the wiggling tip of his digit. He actually felt her asshole relax. The tip started disappearing into her anal ring. His eyes grew wide. He pushed a little harder and half his finger slid in before her anus clamped tightly.

"Ooh!" Mara stiffened as she felt a quick twitch of anal pain. She breathlessly whispered between pants of air, "Wait... wait."

Tom's voice was equally breathless, "Am I hurting you?"

"No... no, just... wait a few moments." Mara kept gasping breaths, as she concentrated. "Now, baby... slow... slow."

He had felt her anus relax again. Tom gently pushed and watched his finger sink all the way into her ass. He couldn't believe she was letting him do this. Another hot dream becoming reality. For a second he thought he might really shoot his wad.

Mara groan, "Uhhhharrrrh." She panted a few breaths. "Oh god... baby." She felt the probing finger twist slowly back and forth. "Mmmmm... yeah... yessss." She started panting nearly constantly.

He moved his other arm between her legs, planting his elbow again. His thumb returned to her wet pussy, attending her pink pearl once more. He drew the finger in her ass back until only the tip was inside her ass, then slowly pushed it deep again. On the back stroke her hot little hole puckered outward like lips readying for a kiss, on the probe stroke her rim turned inward as if sucking his digit in.

Mara moaned, "Mmmmhhhh."

He pulled his finger back and began a dozen slow strokes in and back, probe and retract. His thumb on his other hand kept circling and rubbing her clit. About the sixth inward push into her little hole, Mom's ass moved to meet his digit, and the next, and the next. He pulled his other hand from cunt and squeezed more gel above her hot anus. He pulled his index finger from her ass and coated it again plus his middle finger. He crossed them, then slowly began to work both into her anal ring. He was stretching it twice as much.

Mom tensed again when they were half way in, her ring tightening for a few moments. She moaned but didn't tell him to wait again. He did anyway until her felt the torrid orifice relax, then slowly pushed both fingers all the way inside her. His thumb at her clit rubbed a little faster. He added a little more pressure with his head against her fleshy bun to open her valley more. He wanted to see everything and thought it might help stretch her asshole a little. His teeth clenched for a moment when he slowly twisted his double digits one way, then the other

Mara moaned again, "Ohhhhrrrrrhhh." It was all coming back to her, the sense of erotic freedom she had with Randy, how she had craved to feel so wanton, lustful, how she had wallowed in the odd erotic, sensual thrill of fingers or a cock sliding into her ass, how it had awakened some dormant erotic animal within her. She didn't think of Randy but something he had told her to do more than a few times. She vaguely recalled that when they broke up, in anger he had reminded her of it, and said it proved she was nothing but a slut. Tommy's fingers sliding back and twisting made her moan in libidinous pleasure again, "Ohhhmmmm."

Tom pulled his fingers back to the first knuckle. Just as he was about to slowly slide them back into the tight, lubed hole, he felt something pushed between his head and Mom's bun. It surprised him and he jerked his head up. His fingers stopped moving. He saw Mom's hand, her fingers stretching out towards her valley. He held his breath, sure she was going to grab his wrist, then he saw her other hand palm her other cheek. His jaw dropped when she gripped her buns and opened her valley for him. It was just like a freakin' porn vid!

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