tagLoving WivesMasquerade in Venice

Masquerade in Venice


It was a just past sunset on a hot and humid Thursday September night at the 5 Star Hotel Monaco on the Grand Canal in Venice. As they descended the rounded staircase leading to the hotel lobby, Sherri and Ian noticed all eyes look up at them. Any why wouldn’t they? Sherri was dressed in a white slinky knee length dress with a low neckline that displayed her 38D breasts for all eyes to feast upon. Sherri’s beauty was mesmerizing with her long blond hair, a body out of Playboy and a classic model’s face. She also exuded a sexiness and presence that a person is born with and cannot be acquired. Her husband, Ian, was in his early fifties but still a tall and handsome presence that complemented his beautiful wife, although a twenty–two year difference in age separated them. Celebrating their two anniversary in Venice, was a dream come true to the extremely happy and compatible couple. Sexually, they were adventurous at times (see One is Not Enough), they did not consider themselves swingers but rather erotically open to experiences as they presented themselves. This being said, they had walked away and/or avoided several situations that one or the other felt was not in their best interests as a couple over the past seven years.

The couple walked up to the bar of the hotel with picture windows facing the Grand Canal. Paintings were not necessary, as the scene through the windows could have been painted by an 18th century artist with marble churches and palaces serving as a backdrop to the passing gondolas. As they sat at the bar, Sherri sat on the stool and let the slit in her skirt reveal her beautiful tanned legs and her white thong for Ian’s eager eyes. He never got enough, she thought, as she felt a tingle between her legs. She loved exciting him, especially in public, and when she started to tease him she was oblivious to her surroundings.

Leaning forward towards her husband, she said: “Baby, have you forgotten these so fast”. She was referring to her breasts that, at the angle she was leaning, were barely contained in her dress. He looked down and looked at the six inch cleavage surrounded by two generous mounds of enticing lightly tanned soft flesh. Her dress at this angle was barely covering her nipples as he glimpsed the dark brown tops of her peeking areolas. The best part was that these breasts were real and he marveled that they stood straight out and did not drop like other woman about to turn 30.

“Baby, we just left the room and you are raring to go. Let me get you a cold drink to cool you off”. As Ian ordered two drinks with the bartender, Sherri turned in her swivel bar stool and noticed a very attractive couple in their 30’s staring at her from about ten feet away. She smiled demurely and she noticed both of them looking intently at her chest and long bare legs. “Oh, my”, she giggled to herself as she instinctively pulled up her dress a little more to cover her exposed breasts. She swiveled around to Ian as he was offering her glass to drink.

The other couple decided that they wanted to meet this interesting couple with the sexy woman as soon as they saw them enter the hotel bar. Calling over to the waiter, the man said to buy the couple the next round of drinks. They looked like an interesting couple, these two sexy and attractive Americans, and the type that they were determined to meet in the hotel bar that night. They knew they were Americans from their accents and openness with each other.

The Italian couple was Sergio and Gabriella Del Angelo of Venice. They came to hotel bars occasionally looking to meet interesting visiting couples to invite to their monthly parties with their Venetian friends.

Informed by the bartender that their next drink was paid for already by the other couple, both Ian and Sherri turned at the same moment to look at the couple. They smiled and nodded thank you. Sergio, taking this as his cue, walked over to the bar and introduced himself and asked them to join him and his wife at the table.

Sherri was instantly attractive to this suave Italian gentleman in his early forties, dressed in an expensive Armani sports coat, open collar shirt, and black slacks and topped off with black Italian loafers. He reached down and kissed her hand.

Sherri looked at Ian and said, “How can we say no”? Sergio surveyed the beautiful woman before him and he looked down as he kissed her hand and felt a sexual stir in his pants as he stared at her swelling breasts and long exposed legs.

As they reached the table, Gabriella stood up to meet the couple. She was a classic Italian beauty, tall with highlighted brown hair, full red lips and a slightly curved nose. She was wearing a silk tight black dress and jacket. As everyone sat down she removed the light jacket she was wearing and revealed a long tanned bared back that exposed the beginning of cleavage of her beautiful ass. Her dress was tantalizingly almost transparent and the excitement of meeting this attractive couple caused her nipples of her large breasts to harden and swell. Both Ian and Sherri felt a jolt of excitement at being the center of attention of this very attractive and sexy couple.

Both Sergio and Gabriella spoke English very well with an Italian accent that made them both sound very sexy and alluring to the American couple.

“So, are you enjoying your stay in our lovely city?”, asked Sergio.

“Very, very much”, said Sherri. “The last few days we have visited all the sites and our evenings have also been great with great dinners and some visits to local clubs”, she added.

The talk between the couples consisted of small talk about their backgrounds and their visit to Venice, intermingled with glances at the opposite attractive couple. There was electricity in the air that both Sherri and Ian felt after a few minutes of talking.

“Tell me, have you spent any sexy evenings in Venice so far?” asked Gabriella with more than a hint of sensual suggestiveness. Before the couple could answer, Gabriella took Sherri’s hand under the table and squeezing it said:

”Our friends are having a party tomorrow night and we would like to invite you to come as our guests.” Gabriella looked into Sherri’s eyes with a beaming smile and Sherri felt a twinge of electric current passing between her joined hands with Gabriella and her pussy.

Gabriella pulled slowly Sherri hand down to her open thigh and pressed her hand against her velvety smooth skin. Sherri felt excited and flushed even more but also slightly frightened at the aggressiveness of this exotic woman. She lost track of the conversation and could only think of the naked flesh that her fingernails were unconsciously digging into and the eyes of the woman next to her.

“We would love to go a party with you since we only have two nights left in Venice after tonight”, answered Ian.

She dimly heard Ian’s response and realized where the conversation was headed.

“But would we fit in with your friends and we know so little Italian? Sherri quickly asked feeling a little protective after Ian’s quick okay.

“They will love you both. You are unlike most Americans they meet here in Venice,” answered Sergio. He continued, “There will be many couples not only from Italy but from several other countries as well – Germany, France and even some interesting Russian couples. We speak English since so few others can speak our language”

“But I really don’t have anything to wear to a party”, protested Sherri.

Before she could go on Gabriella answered, “Well, dear, I forgot to mention that it is a Masquerade party and we have a pre-party for the ladies and gentlemen to get ready. We have plenty for you to wear at our home and you will love the masks we wear. At our little party for the ladies, we will get prepared for the party, have massages and special makeup and eat and drink a little. It will be great…. you will love the party and the many new people you will meet will also loooove you both,” she said with a sexy smile and a hint of naughtiness.

Sherri looked at Ian and when she saw the look in his eyes she knew they were going to the party. She also realized that not only her hands were very wet, especially the one covered by Gabriella’s hand, and she knew her panties had more than a little wet spot. Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about what I will wear, she told herself, and I do need a massage so bad. As she looked at the couple, she had the feeling that they were undressing her with their eyes and she felt that familiar twinge again between her legs. “What am I getting myself into?”, she asked with a smile to no one in particular.

The next hour went by quickly as Gabriella was either holding her hand or rubbing her leg with her leg. Gabriella legs were so smooth and sent electric shocks throughout Sherri’s body. She felt hot and sensuous and much more comfortable with the exciting Italian couple who had unexpectedly befriended them.

“Well, we need to leave for a dinner appointment. We are really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. I wish it was tonight, don’t you Gabriella?” Asked Sergio as they arose from the table. “Enjoy yourselves this evening and get a lot of rest. I guarantee that you will have a first class time, signora molto bella!”

Thank you very much for your hospitality and invitation” said Ian. Gabriella at that moment stretched her shoulders, as she stood up and the outline of her breasts and large nipples was very visible beneath the sheer dress. “I guarantee the pleasure is all ours and we are looking forward to getting to know you much better”, Gabriella looked seductively at Ian as she held on to Sherri’s arm.

Gabriella mentioned to the American couple to be ready about 6pm in the lobby the next evening. They would be met in the lobby by a young man and woman to be escorted to the pre-parties. Gabriella said, “So lovebirds enjoy yourselves because you ‘ll be separated tomorrow night for about 4 hours until the party begins. At the party you will have to search for your partner like everyone else, since everyone will be disguised. It will be fun and soooo exciting!”

The American couple unexpectedly received special Italian goodbyes and kisses from the Italian couple. Gabriella leaned heavily into Ian and ground her pelvis into his crotch. As she kissed him on both cheeks, she held him tight against her and whispered in his ear, “Tomorrow will be very very special for us.” He felt intoxicated with desire for this exotic woman who felt and smelled so sexual. At the same time, Sherri was in an embrace from a suave and handsome Italian who was taking liberties with her body with his hands. She felt the hardness of his cock pressed up against her very wet pussy. His kiss on her lips was prolonged and she felt her lips unconsciously opening to receive his tongue when she caught herself at the last minute.

As they watched the couple disappear into the night through the doors of the hotel, Sherri and Ian realized that a new world was being opened to them and that two new people had entered their lives unexpectedly and they each had the feeling that they would know them for a long time.

It was dark when Ian and Sherri left the hotel. They decided on walking to a restaurant about a half a mile away. With his arm around Sherri, they walked past the busy square and entered the quiet passage way towards the restaurant. Venice is a series of walkways and canals and once you get away from the main areas it can be dark and deserted.

“I think this party is going to be one like no other”, said Ian. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to Sherri.” he continued. Her free hand moved to his crotch and gently squeezed his cock.

“By the size of this thing, I think you are pretty excited about this party tomorrow and getting to know Gabriella a little better.” Sherri replied. “What do you find sexier”, she added, “my dress with lots of cleavage or Gabriella’s almost see through dress?”

Ian replied, “They are both so sexy. I would love to see you in her dress also to compare.”

They were passing a small foot bridge over a canal and Sherri let go of rubbing his cock and leaned over the stone railing. Ian, looking at her beautiful ass went behind her and started grinding his semi-erect cock into her inviting ass. As he looked around, he noticed that the area was deserted and dark and no one was around.

“Remember our ski trip last year and our Costa Rica adventure?”, asked Sherri. “”Well I have a feeling that tomorrow night will be wilder than both of them combined,” she continued and wiggling her as into his hardening cock.

“You know, Sergio was staring at my tits all the whole time and Gabriella couldn’t keep her hands off me the entire night under the table. I have no doubt that the party will be very sexual although they were both a little vague about details”

“I could find you in seconds even if there were 200 people in the room with full body costumes and masks, sweetheart!” Ian whispered in her ear and continued, “Where in all Venice could there be another set of boobs like these or an ass so inviting?”

Ian slipped his hands under her dress and pushed aside the thin thong she was wearing and touched her pussy……. she was soaking wet. He inserted a finger and started to finger-fuck her slowly. “I want to fuck you right now in the open on the top of this bridge,” he growled. She responded by leaning lower on the stone bridge ledge and sticking her ass higher for easier access, teasing him and not thinking he was serious.

“I don’t think we should do it right here baby…someone could come around the corner and see us at any moment” Sherri said without moving an inch. Before the last word was out of her lips, Ian removed his finger and penetrated her pussy with his erect cock with one gentle push of his hips.

“Oh, you bastard you, you have no self control” she said as she met his thrusts taking his cock deep into her pussy.

“Want me to stop…you love it don’t you?” Ian replied.

“Yeees, give it me harder”, as she reached behind with both hands and spread her ass cheeks for him, suddenly oblivious to fucking in the open, mounted by her husband and rutting like two dogs in heat in a side street.

At that moment, a gondola came around the corner of the small canal, about 50 feet away off the Grand Canal, and was coming towards the bridge. In the small boat, was a young couple with the gondolier standing and singing an Italian love song.

Sherri’s first impulse was to move but she was pinned against the bridge railing with Ian’s cock pounding into her. She looked up and made eye contact with the three people on the boat about 20 meters away and coming towards them.

They knew instantly that she was being fucked from behind by the man standing behind her. She smiled at them with a look that conveyed embarrassment and also pure sensual and animal lust at the same time. The couple looked up as they came close to the bridge and the man reached his hand over to the woman and gently exposed and squeezed her breast while both stared at the beautiful Sherri being pounded by Ian. The gondolier continued singing but he did so with a lustful stare at the same time staring at the beautiful blond woman being ravished above him. Sherri smiled and grimaced at the same time as her breasts were outside her dress and swaying back and forth as the threesome passed under the bridge.

At that moment, she felt a hot surge starting at her feet and rising rapidly towards her head. Visions of the woman’s naked breast in the gondola, Gabriella’s smooth legs and Sergio’s roaming hands and probing tongue pushed her over the edge….

“I’m coming, baby….come with me now”, she shouted and both heard the echo off the walls with the singing of the gondolier.

Ian could now let go and he pounded her even harder as he came deep in her pussy and she pushed back deep to take all of his cock.

The sexual tension of the past hour made them have feel electric and the orgasmic release they both felt was very intense due to the fact that the presence of the Italian couple was still being felt by both and the openness of their sexuality was displayed wantonly to the three people on the gondola.

He slowly withdrew from her and both were breathing heavily.

“Did you see the gondola and people pass under us a minute ago”? Sherri asked as they both leaned against the stone bridge.

“Of course I did…and they seemed to enjoy what they were seeing also” replied Ian. “I smiled at them the whole time. You must have enjoyed being watched also because you started to come as they passed under us. I’ll bet you were thinking some dirty thoughts as they looked at you,” Ian continued.

“Well to tell you the truth I was turned on by the two men looking at me with such lust in their eyes and the woman starting to open her legs in front of me. I fantasized about them jumping off the gondola and using me and fucking me with you.” Sherri replied as she planted a kiss on her lips.

“What if they did? Would you have let two strangers fuck you right here?” Ian looked at his beautiful wife and wondered.

“You never know what you will do until you are in the situation.” replied Sherri smiling sexily and she teasingly added, “I might be in the mood to do a few more men tonight, thinking back to the ski vacation last winter, but it was perfect the way it turned out tonight.”

“Let’s go eat, I’m famished,” Sherri declared as she straightened her dress and added, “we’ll have plenty of time to talk about our sexual fantasies but right now I need a wonderful meal and a good bottle of wine with my handsome and virile husband, alone.”

Little did they know what the next 24 hours would bring…………

(To be continued)

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