tagLoving WivesMasquerade in Venice Ch. 03

Masquerade in Venice Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Societa Della Carne

This is the final chapter of a story – Masquerade in Venice. To appreciate this Chapter and finale of the story, it would be best to read the first two chapters to get a good feel for the characters, situations and context. The characters in Masquerade in Venice are also in story "One is not Enough." by the same author. The author appreciates the comments and suggestions from many readers that he has received for the first two chapters of this story. He encourages more comments as this story ends. All the stories by this author have a basis in real life experience, those of close couple friends who have relayed their own experiences and, of course, unrealized fantasies. The story is fictional and the names of people, organizations, businesses, etc. have been disguised and changed. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.

Ian sat in the stuffed chair and placed his feet upon the small ottoman. He gazed over at the sleeping Patrizia, who had curled up in a fetal position on the bed. After performing oral sex and having an orgasm that caused her to pass out, he had placed a small blanket over her, when he realized she was shivering a little. While he was no longer physically aroused, at least not rock hard and rigid, his mind was still filled with many erotic thoughts about Patrizia, Sherri and Gabriella.

He gazed to the bed and saw the most perfect heart shaped ass facing him with the little triangle white patch of skin contrasting to the dark brown areas surrounding it. The thong she wears to the beach must be fairly small, because the white patch was only the size of a small hand.

'Wow', he said to himself letting his mind wander, she must be a stunning sight on the local Adriatic beaches. He imagined her walking topless on the sandy shore confidently and unselfconscious by him in his daydream with her fashionable large designer sunglasses. An Italian goddess personified, with her golden brown tanned skin; her long brown hair; her perfectly shaped large breasts swaying and gently bouncing as she walked; her red lipstick lips glistening in the sunshine.

As these myriads of erotic thoughts kept running through his mind, he wondered about his attractiveness to this exotic woman lying on the bed across from him. He knew when he looked into the mirror that it wasn't his 30-year-old self-staring back at him. Yet, Sherri found him very handsome and exciting, but even with all the constant running and exercising, he felt himself not quite up to the physical standards of five or ten years ago.

'Well', continuing this internal dialogue as he started walking towards the window in the room, it must be my personality and charm…. it can be the only answer! At that moment, he heard a man with a baritone voice singing; and he pulled open the curtains to see a gondola passing by on the small canal beneath his window far below. The gondolier's voice was echoing in the narrow area above the water, surrounded by buildings older than any in the Americas, singing an old Italian love song to a couple in the gondola. The echoing effect made it sound like two or three men singing at the same time.

The late summer sun was setting and the golden rays filled up the room with a subdued light. He leaned against the window and looked out at the sun sinking between two ancient churches across the main canal to his left. No wonder the great poets and lovers throughout history have flocked to this city like honing pigeons, he said to himself.

"E Magnifico," whispered Patrizia, startling him out of his contemplation.

Ian turned his head towards the beautiful woman and walking towards her on the bed, asked: "What was that, you just said to me. I didn't understand?"

She sat up and with her sleepy eyes said, "It's magnificent"

He sat on the bed and brushed her hair away from her face with one of his hands and said, "Yes, Venice is very beautiful," thinking of the beautiful scene he just witnessed outside his window.

Patrizia giggled and grabbed his shoulders with her two hands and said, "No you silly man, not Venice, I meant your tongue!!!!!!!"

With that she hugged him close and he felt her breasts flatten against his chest. She kissed him on his right cheek and said,

"Your wife is a very lucky woman. When I get married, I will look for another Ian, that is for sure."

He pushed her back on the bed and gently kissed her lips. He slowly kissed her neck and chin and worked his way slowly between her two breasts. Both breasts we facing outward from her body and were flattened by gravity, as only large natural breasts will do. His tongue caught the right breast and as he kissed it on its underside, he moved towards its center, circled her areola and gently sucked on her nipple. She moaned in response, and then his right hand made its way from the bottom of her ankle, lazily

upward on the outside of her leg, pausing for a second or so on her knee, and then slowly progressing up her smooth inner thigh.

He circled her outer lips with his forefinger, feeling her wetness and openness, and after a few seconds started a slow massage of her clitoris, which stood erect between her gleaming and wet lips below it, and an expanse of beautifully waxed skin, completely bare on top.

"MMMMMMeraviglioso….mammarvelous I mean", moaned the Italian beauty as he continued to suck and kiss her nipples and manipulate her clitoris.

"No, No, please stop, please" she opened her eyes and sat up on the edge of the bed, "We will be late for the party. If we don't stop now, we never will, and I have to get you the party on time. The Society would be very angry with me if we are late for the ceremony and we don't want to miss any of the festivities."

Ian let her up and was startled by the sudden turn of events. He was seconds away from penetrating this very desirable woman and possess her completely, as only a man was capable of doing. Then, poof, it is all over and for the second time in an hour he is left with a huge erect cock with nowhere to go.

Patrizia, sensing his distress and disappointment, kissed him on the lips holding his head between her two hands. She whispered in a low voice,

"I promise you that tonight, I will give myself to you in ways I have never given myself to another man, completely, my Mind and my Body. Do you understand, Ian? You can do anything you want to me in a little while, by yourself, with another man, with your wife or whatever combination you want but, we need to get ready and dressed for the 'party', right now or we will be late!"

After a final kiss on his lips, she arose from the bed and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open behind her. He lay back on the bed and looked at the ceiling with the square classical patterns and the thick ornamental moldings, with thoughts of lust and bewilderment circling in his head.

The Society, The Society, he remembered Patrizia saying, "The Society would be mad at her." I'm not aware of any Society or a ceremony. I wonder what she was talking about? I thought we were going to a Masquerade party thrown by Sergio and Gabriella. I'll have to ask her about all of these things before we leave, he told himself looking around the slowly darkening room and hearing the water running in the sink in the bathroom.

His cock was aching at this point and his thoughts went back to Sherri. It has only been a few hours since I had seen her but my, my, how the world has changed in that small amount of time. I'll explain to her the circumstances and what Patrizia and I did in the room tonight. I won't blame Patrizia for seducing me. On the other hand, how do I explain the reasons? Hmm, maybe I won't say anything or……..

At that moment, he heard the shower running. He thought of Patrizia standing nude in the shower, where only a few hours earlier he had been with Sherri, staring at her beautiful ass as she bent over shaving her long and beautiful legs. He then recalled the previous night on the small bridge. He ravished Sherri in public at night while a gondola with three people watched them as it passed under the bridge. He stood behind her pounding himself deep into her body while she was wantonly displayed for their eyes. I know Sherri likes group sex on occasion, especially when she is the center of attention of a group of men and women. Would tonight be one of those nights? He wondered.

"Maybe I'll offer to wash her back," he said to himself thinking suddenly of the young Italian's perfect body, feeling his cock getting harder as his hand wrapped around it.

"No, she is on a mission to get ready and get us out of here to the so called ;'festivities', ' ceremony' or party with a Society that I know nothing about."

He closed his eyes and slowly started to dream random erotic thoughts…….Patrizia, Sherri, Gabriella…21, 29, 35…beautiful women, large breasts, young, sexy………

Sherri at the Del Angelo Palazzo

As she walked up the steps with the beautiful Nina, Sherri felt like she was walking in a sweet but very surreal world of refinement, decadence and wealth. As she entered the elegantly appointed room, with windows opened to trap the sea breeze of the early evening hours. The Vivaldi music of a few hours ago had been replaced with the low thumping beat of European rave music.

Sherri was surprised to see three women and the very handsome Sergio, Gabriella husband. She had not seen Sergio since the prior night at the hotel. He appeared to even more handsome and elegant. He was wearing a black pair of Armani slacks, shining and oddly reflective, no socks, a pair of expensive tasseled loafers and long sleeved oriental black shirt with designs of dragons and fiery tongues. His shirt was opened to his mid chest and a thin chain with a pendant was on his chest. He was sipping from a glass of white wine.

"My dear, you look absolutely breathtaking," Sergio exclaimed as he walked up to her and kissed her slowly on both cheeks. Holding both her shoulders, his eyes scanned her entire body.

"Friends, we have a Venus d' Milo in our midst or maybe even a Helen of Troy come back to life!" the excited man exclaimed to the others in the room.

All were staring at her in her diaphanous red silk robe, which displayed her breasts and small thong for all to see. Sherri felt embarrassed and crossed her arms over her breasts as she heard these words. She was blushing when Sergio grabbed her gently by the arm and introduced her to the three other women in the room, feeling naked and vulnerable to their gaze.

All three women appeared to be in their late twenties and early thirties. The tall blond, Fleur, was a famous French model. She also was wearing a see through robe and was standing barefoot. She was over six feet tall and wafer thin except for her pointed breasts, which appeared to be a great set implants, to Sherri's eyes.

The dark very beautiful brunette, Silvia, was a famous Italian personality who appeared as a host of an Italian variety show and was also an actress well known for her seductress roles in Italian comedies. She appeared to have just arrived at the palazzo and was wearing the shortest of miniskirts, a tank top with no bra and high-heeled sandals, with leather laces wrapped around her calves. Her legs were very tanned, as if she had just returned from a beach holiday. She exuded sexuality and her breasts giggled underneath her thin top, as she walked up to Sherri and kissed her on both cheeks.

"Our Queen for the night" she exclaimed to the others as her soft breasts pushed against Sherri's arm. "I have heard from Gabriella that you and your husband are very attractive and charming, but to have you as our Queen ……'Una volta ogni tanto'…. sorry, I mean 'Once in a while'. What I meant to say, pardon my not perfect English, is that Queens are rare at our festivities. And, THEY could not have chosen better this time."

"And", she added wit her melodious Italian accented English, "We can't wait to meet your man and husband. We like to meet new men, don't we girls? Especially one who has such a beautiful wife!"

The third woman, yet not introduced, interrupted the ebullient Silvia and walked up to Sherri she placed her arm around her shoulders, and said,

"Let's not embarrass this poor girl any more. Come with me to the special Queen's room so we may can eat for a little while we get prepared together for the party," she mentioned to Sherri as she led her away, "All three of us were Queens at one time. It is an experience you will never forget. By the way, my name is Monika and I am from Germany," she added as an afterthought.

Monika was a 'retired' Olympic skier who had become friends with the Del Angelo family ten years prior on a ski trip to Switzerland. She never fell asleep at night without thinking of the night that she was Queen of the Masquerade. She arrived in Venice eight years ago, on a similar summer day, not expecting anything other than a friendly long weekend stay with Gabriella and Sergio. When she left three days later, her entire world had changed both personally and professionally….and she had never looked back.

As they entered the high ceiling room, Sherri felt as if she had stepped into a room from the 18th century. It was not a big room but the overall motif was red. There were various pictures and tapestries on the wall that depicted beautiful nudes and tapestries (they all depicted famous Queens throughout the centuries). There was a very old a chandelier hanging in the center of the room that held cables and not electric lights. There were no electric lights in the room, only the pleasant scent of 20 candles. The curtains from the one large widow were pulled shut. A table with a richly embroidered red tablecloth was in the center of the room, with various dinner snacks and pastries.

"We have one hour to get ready but first we need eat and drink a little for tonight, said Monika as she poured two small glasses of champagne for Sherri and herself". The quiet beauty, Nina, followed them into the room.

Monika removed her white silk robe and handed it to Nina as she entered the room. She sat down at the table totally nude, except for her heels. She patted the chair next to her for Sherri to sit down. She had a beautiful body exactly what you would expect of a high level athlete.

For the next 20 minutes, they nibbled the food and drank some more champagne as Nina stood behind them fixing their hair and applying makeup. They talked about her career as a skier and life in California. Towards the end of the conversation, Sherri started talking about Ian more and more often and Monika got the distinct impression that she was missing his presence at this very moment. She noticed that Sherri was rubbing her thighs together and her nipples were obviously erect underneath the diaphanous robe. The ancient potion was obviously working on Sherri's body and libido and she was unconsciously becoming ready for the world and night of the Flesh! Her time had now come!

The German woman knew well how to prepare the Queen for the night's activities. During their conversation, their hair had been swept up on top of their heads and Nina had applied makeup expertly. All that remained to be done was an application of lipstick and perfume. This could be done in a few minutes before leaving the building.

Against the mirrored wall stood a four-foot half barreled black device. Sherri had glanced over to it several times but did not ask what it was, even though it looked conspicuously out of place.

Handing a delicate pastry to Sherri she asked, "Have you ever used a Sybian before?"

"No, I have never seen or heard of one. What is it?" Sherri asked.

"Nina, my dear, would demonstrate how our 'little companion' works? Monika said, and then she looked over to Sherri and in a low and sexy Germanic accent said, "You can try it after Nina is finished and after she has shown you what it is capable of doing to a woman."

Nina was part of the household staff, about 20 years old and had been working for the Del Angelo's for 2 years. She came from a small village high in the Alps close to the border of Austria. Although very beautiful and talented, she was being groomed slowly for eventual marriage to one of the eligible bachelors in the Venetian business class. After two years with the Del Angelo's, she would never return to her small village and marry a local boy. She had seen and experienced too much to ever settle for that life again. Given her status in the household, she would not be considered for membership in the Society for years, if ever, unless a Brother fell in love with her and married her. But this was Europe and not the States, and fairy tale marriages did not happen often.

Nina removed her top and pants very quickly and walked over to the device. She appeared to be walking to the thumping beat of the music from the room next door and her small ass moved to the thumping beat. She was completely nude and her fair skin and blond hair made her look even younger. When she turned around, Sherri noticed that she was completely shaven and possessed two large B breasts was shaped like small bananas, descending downwards slightly then upturning with the nipples horizontal to the ground. To Sherri, her body reminded her of a very beautiful high school senior.

She reached into a drawer and removed a phallic looking device and placed it in a slot on the machine. She also removed a tube of lube and slowly coated the phallus and her pubic area at the same time. She was holding a remote control device and slowly straddled the device and stood directly over it started to squat directly on the 6" phallus. Slowly she took it into her vagina, inch by inch till her entire pubic bone was touching the base of the phallus.

Nina turned the device on and Sherri felt a vibration on the old wood floor.

After a few minutes, Nina had her eyes closed and as the machine started humming at a higher pitch, Sherri realized that Nina was increasing the vibrations by herself. She was licking her lips and opening and closing her eyes trying to concentrate on the exquisite sensations. Then she opened her eyes and turned stared lustfully at the beautiful American woman who was witnessing her lascivious display of lust.

"Ah , Ah," moaned Nina as she ground her clit forward as she started to pump up and down at a faster pace, continuing the entire time to make eye contact with Sherri. Sherri had a feeling that Nina has witnessed he sexual activity earlier between herself and Marco and Gabriella. Sherri's intuition told her that the young woman was reliving these two sexual experiences and she stared at her and as she drove herself lustfully back and forth on the machine.

Within five minutes, she was a mass of sweat and her humping became more frenzied. Monika got up from the table and walked over behind her and started feel her breasts and started pulling her nipples.

As she watched the two women, the burning sensation in her pussy, the unspoken eye contact between her and Nina and the sexual activity in front of her caused Sherri to pull her chair away from the table and to start finger herself with one hand while her other hand rubbed her breasts and pulled her nipples…. similar to Nina's treatment by Monika.

As she started to play with her pussy and breasts, she stared at Nina's grimaced face and suddenly they made eye contact with one another once again. Seeing Sherri vigorously rubbing herself with one hand while with the other hand she had brought one of her large breasts up to her mouth and she was licking her own nipple. All the while, Sherri lustily was staring back at her was slowly pushing Nina over the orgasmic edge. Nina continued to focus her stare at Sherri who was teasingly sitting across from her with her legs spread open for her and Monika's view;

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