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Music: Bolero De Ravel; Orquesta Filarmónica De Munich


It is my honour to please you so relax my baby; snuggle into this cushion and let me look after you. I really do care about you, so let me help you to unwind. Stretch out, here and let me pamper you. Let me caress your body, and help you to calm your mind. Let my hands warm your form, and rub your limbs. Let me touch your skin. Let me sooth your tiredness away, my baby. Let me use the strength that I have to sustain you; a tantric exchange of life forces. Breathe. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. You do not have to do anything but relax and allow your mind to wander, retreat into your thoughts and the sensations that you feel when I touch you. Allow your soul to reach out to the universe beyond us... just relax, my love. Yes. Listen to this music and breathe and relax.

Thank you, my treasure. It is my honour to please you. Let me warm this oil in my hands and work out the knots in your foot. Let me stroke you, firm and hard, firm and hard, firm and hard, firm and hard. I am in no hurry, my love. I want to run my hands along your legs, let me kiss and suck each toe. Let me pull and stretch and roll and stroke and love each one for you. Let me rotate your feet, knead your ankles, lick your arches, brush your sole and rub your balls with my fingers. I want to stroke your feet and thighs some more. Relax. Breathe. Allow my fingers to dig into your muscles, loosening tense stiffness here, causing it there. Flex and point, flex and point, flex and point. Good. Let me whisper into your ear, remind you to breathe and relax and give you a light kiss for being so good.

My hands knead your calves, slowly, carefully, rubbing away the stress and the tightness. I flex and point your knees, flex and point, loosen those joints. Listen to the music while I rub the stiffness away. Yes, relax. Just relax. Relax. Breathe my baby. Yes. Listen to the music and breathe and relax.

Let me rub my hands on your strong abs. I want to mould each muscle and feel the hardness under your smooth skin. One, two, three, four, five... Let my fingers, ghost along your side and trail up your chest. Ticklish? I'm sorry, I don't mean for it to be that way. I need to rub your chest, massage your sternum, help you to loosen up, my baby. Relax. Yes, relax into the music. Breathe. Breathe. Relax.

Your shoulders and arms are so strong, my love. Your hard knots of muscles are beautiful to see and to feel. The time that you spend working on your conditioning is well worth it. You are so toned! I like squeezing your flesh here too. My fingers dig into your muscles warming them, relaxing them; no, this is not about arousing you, my love. I want to help you to relax. I want you to sleep well tonight. Forget the cares of the world for the next eight hours. Let someone else be our protector and guardian for a change. You need to rest now, to put away all worry and annoyances, and fears. Do not doubt anything, my love. You are wonderful, and powerful beyond measure. So just relax. Breathe and relax.

I'll rub some warm, soothing oils on you because I want you to revel in the feel of my hands on your body. Relax into every pass of my hands on your flesh. Allow me to transfer my strength to you. Let me flex and point your wrist. Flex and point, flex and point, flex and point, flex and point, flex and point, flex and point. Let me pull and kiss each finger for you. Loosen each joint, remove stiffness, allow you to be even more limber than you are. Listen to the music and relax, my darling. Good. Relax. Breathe and relax.

Let me help you to roll your head from side to side. Gently now... Rest your head on my lap. Rotate to the left, rotate to the right, rotate to the left, rotate to the right, rotate to the left again, and again to the right. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right. Good. I press my fingers into your neck and help you to work out the kinks there. My hands run down your shoulders and onto your back. Can you shift over for me, or do you need me to roll you over, my baby? I don't mind if your limbs feel too heavy to bother. That's a good thing. It means that you're beginning to relax at last; so just breathe and relax.


Let me rub your temples and scalp for you before I do your back. Let me massage your head, relax the worry in your brow. Dissipate all negative energy, my love. Yes. I'll rub for a few more minutes while you listen to the music. Breathe. Relax. Concentrate on the music. Concentrate. Excellent!

Are you going to help me turn you over now? Thank you, my love. I want to rub this soothing oil on your back. Let my hands warm and relax your muscles there. Feel my fingers rub and knead your flesh. My fingers clench and push your muscles. Relax as I rub this broad expanse of beautiful skin. Rub, your cares away. It is my honour to serve you, my baby.

Succumb to the urge to doze, my love. Relax as you listen to the sound of my voice and to this beautiful music. Relax and let your dreams claim you. Retreat into your mind and clear your soul of all you cares. Let go of all your worries. For this time, all is right in the universe. You are at perfect peace. So, relax.



Listen to the music.

Just listen and relax.



Breathe, and relax.

Breathe and relax.

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