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Massage Surprise


The relationship between a masseuse and a client is a unique one. This is particularly true in a small town. Outside of the office we are on a "Hi how are you doing" conversation level and we each know the same people. Some of my friends are clients of hers and some of her friends are clients of mine in my computer business.

I've been going to the same masseuse now for three years. Once a month I go in and have my stress magically melted away. At first I was a once or twice a year client but I've settled into the once a month rut.

The massage itself has changed only slightly over the years. I recall that I was somewhat shy at first when she told me to "take everything off" that very first day. I had no reason to be afraid, she was professional and considerate and has always been so. Lately I have noticed that both of our inhibitions have relaxed. If she needs greater access to my thigh for example, she will move me to the position she needs and carefully make sure the cover or sheet is tucked so that I am not exposed.

When I first went to her a buddy of mine bet me that "it would move". I took the bet and won. Massage was never about sex or anything like that. However the last several monthly visits that has begun to change slightly. I'm sure it is all my own thinking that has changed but I am finding that certain areas are very "stimulating" when massaged. I would lose the bet two out of three times the last few months. In fact the massage a few months ago felt like I was on fire when my thighs were being massaged. I could barely breath and "it" slipped out from underneath the sheet. She calmly and professionally covered me back up and moved on to the next part. I was embarrassed but neither of us mentioned it.

The next session was less intense but still more arousing that previous month's. Then the next session was again intense and I became harder than I have in many years. Once again it popped out and was quickly covered up. The last session was again not as intense, I think because we talked so before it became quiet that I was not all that relaxed. I don't know but secretly I hope that next session will have that fire again.

My marriage has not been at its best sexually and I have little opportunity for fiery arousal outside my erotic reading and writing. I suspect that's why the massage has become so arousing for me. I don't know what I hope will happen the next time (if anything) but I do know I like that feeling when my whole body is on fire from the hands on my thighs getting ever closer. Sigh...my next appointment is soon.


Today's my "birthday massage". June of each year I spring for the hour and a half massage instead of the normal one hour. I greet my masseuse warmly and make my way back to the room at her direction. As I quickly get undressed in the quiet room I realize I am already getting a little excited in anticipation. I smile to myself realizing I really have no hope of winning the bet today. Luckily the bet was a one time thing years ago. I slide face down under the cool sheet and slowly let myself relax.

She came in and worked her magic on my neck and shoulders. I carry my stress there she says and she can tell its been a rough month at work. Her firm finger gradually dissolve the knots in my shoulders and work their way down to my back. She spends plenty of time on my lower back and butt. She told me once that men my age typically have pain in the lower back. She knows how to get rid of it though and soon I am melting into the table. I hardly notice when she finished with my arms and moved to the lower legs.

She skillfully worked my calves feet and toes into submission. Then she began to work on the back of my thighs. I knew this was going to be one of the hot days. I began to stir as soon as her hands moved past my knee. She kneaded the back of my thigh and I felt the pang of desire as the flush of excitement coursed through my body. I began to wonder what would happen when I rolled over. Normally I was not this excited until she works on the front of my thighs. The fire in my body continued when she worked on the other thigh. Now I was so hard I was throbbing and uncomfortable on my stomach. As I rolled over I was relieved and embarrassed at the same time. The thin sheet she used during the summer months was forming an obvious tent.

Mercifully she ignored the tent and propped up my leg to begin work on the front of my calves. She finished the calves and uncovered my thigh. Soon she was massaging the side and front of my thigh. Each pass of her hand was like fire I was throbbing now regularly. Even the bunched sheet could no longer hide the rock of my erection. I was beyond caring. Just as I felt I could not take it any more she stopped that leg and moved to the other. This one was even worse as I was already terribly aroused and could hardly imagine getting more so without exploding. Only the fear of embarrassment prevented me from cumming as she stroked my thigh. I almost begged her to touch me but I kept my mouth tightly clamped as finally she stopped.

Once in a while she will leave the room to get a heat pack or some other thing. When she left this time I assumed that to be the case or maybe she was simply allowing me to calm down. I tried to calm down as she quickly opened the door. But seconds later she was back. Unexpectedly she went back to work on my thighs. Her touch seemed softer and less firm. Instead of working my muscles it seemed like she was purposely trying to arouse me. It worked. I was becoming so aroused now that I did not even notice when the sheet was pushed aside and I was completely exposed. I did notice when her hands began to rub up my thighs and up the side of my balls. The light touches were incredible as they worked there way up to my throbbing shaft.

Suddenly it dawned on me what was happening and I opened my eyes and tried to sit up only find my wife standing there gently caressing my throbbing shaft. She smiled at me and motioned for me to relax and enjoy. And enjoy I did. She knew how to keep me on the edge. She continued the erotic massage, careful to keep me from cumming but making me insane with her fingers caressing my balls one moment then the shaft then circling the tip. That was the one that almost made it end too fast but she squeezed the base and kept it from happening while she built me up to the very edge and brought me back down. Like a skillful musician using every note one the scale she kept me on the edge between cumming and arousal driving me closer to insanity all the while.

I managed to regain a little control as she cupped my balls in both hands. While it felt good I felt that I could keep myself from cumming. That is until she lowered her mouth on my shaft and flicked her tongue on the tip. She had to squeeze the base of my cock again to stop me from cumming. Soon she found herself having to maintain almost constant pressure to keep me from cumming. My arousal was so complete that I was constantly dripping pre-cum and throbbing. Mercifully she decided to allow me to cum.

In a rapid motion she massaged the base of my balls, stroked my shaft and engulfed the head in her mouth. I tried to warn her that I was too close but she persisted. To my utter amazement she began to suck all the harder as I started to cum. She had only used her mouth once and seemed disgusted over the idea of allowing me to cum in her mouth. Having her do this for me made an already erotic moment all the more so. I exploded in her mouth while she drank down every drop. Licking and sucking until I could no longer stand it.

In the cool dark afterglow of ecstasy I saw my bride look up at me with a gleam in her eye and cum on her lips to say "Happy Birthday darling". Indeed it was...

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