tagGay MaleMaster and Slave - The Road Trip

Master and Slave - The Road Trip


Day 1:

The sub sat in his room with butterflies in his stomach and his heart pounding in his chest. After over a year of chatting and trading emails with Master he was going to finally meet him. Two times in the past they had made plans to meet for a session when Master was going to be traveling in the area where Slave lived but situations came up that forced them to cancel. Now, by a sheer stroke of luck Slave's company sent him on a 4-day trip to Master's town for training.

They had agreed that it would be best to meet in a public place just to see if the vibes were there before they attempted any kind of session. So now Slave was sitting in his hotel room waiting for the call that said it was time to eat. He tried to relax by watching TV but it didn't seem to help any. All he could think about was if Master sounded and acted the same way that Slave envisioned it when they chatted via the Internet. Would he be able to go through with all the things that he had mentioned to Master that he wanted to try? When the phone rang, he almost jumped off the bed and his heart started beating a little harder.

He answered the phone and Master said that he was in the lobby and to come on down. As he walked into the lobby, Slave looked around and found Master standing off to the side. He had seen several pictures of Master so it was easy to find him. Master looked to be about the same height as him but with a slightly smaller build. Master had more of a lean body as opposed to the more muscular build that Slave possessed.

Master smiled as he saw Slave walk into the lobby. Slave was a little taller than He thought and he carried himself with a nervous ease. The smile on Slave's face seemed to be a little forced. Was it from the nervousness?? He had wondered if his Slave would actually be able to work up the courage to meet. Master had stressed that this initial meeting would be just dinner to make sure that each person was comfortable with the other. Slave walked at an easy pace with a slight smile across the lobby. Master began to let his mind wander to what kind of panties Slave had picked out for this meeting.

As Slave walked up Master stuck out his hand and said hello. They shook hands and to anyone watching they just looked like 2 business associates meeting each other. After saying hello, Master sort of took control and told Slave to follow him to the to the restaurant; it is only a couple of miles away.

Slave was still feeling a little nervous as he got out of the car at the restaurant. He had parked near Master. After they were seated in the booth and the hostess had left they began talking about his flight down and the drive to the hotel. When the waiter arrived to take their drink orders Master took control almost immediately and ordered beers for the both of them. When the waiter returned with the drinks Master again ordered their dinner for the two of them. Slave felt a little weird but Master didn't say a word to the waiter that would give away what kind of relationship they were exploring.

The waiter walked away and Master said, "Cheers, Here is to expanding horizons". Slave raised his glass and took several large gulps of his beer to try and calm himself down. Master smiled as he saw Slave sort of fidget in his seat across from him.

The restaurant was sort of quiet and they were seated off out of the main traffic areas so Master knew that he would be able to quiz Slave some more without really having to worry about being overheard. Master felt like he needed to do something to break the ice so he asked, "Are you wearing panties tonight?" Slave thought his face would explode in redness as Master asked him that question. Slave stammered some as he said that he was wearing panties that night. Master asked him if he had packed only panties and left all of his boxers and jockey's at home. Slave confirmed that he did leave all of his male underwear at home for this road trip. Slave also said that he had packed his baby doll. Master smiled again as he saw how Slave was struggling to hold down his voice to prevent from possible being overheard.

Master then reminded Slave that tonight was just a social get together. If they both felt comfortable after dinner then they could make plans for the rest of the week. Slave replied that he understood but he was still nervous. He couldn't believe that he was this close to actually trying some of the things they had been chatting about. Master finally looked at Slave leaned a across the table some and asked, "Is your clit hard as we are talking about this?" Slave shyly nodded his head in the affirmative. Master then said "Tell me out loud" Slave felt like his face was going to go bright red again as he leaned forward back across the table and said "Yes Sir, my clit is hard in my panties right now" Master smiled and knew then that things would probably work out.

Every time the waiter came by to check on things, Master took control and answered the questions and ordered anything else that was necessary. Slave was still feeling a little nervous even though he knew that no one could tell what they were talking about. They just looked like 2 guys out for a dinner. Of course he was wearing panties under his khaki's and he was guessing that not many other guys in the restaurant were doing that.

They began to talk about some of the online and cam sessions that they had done together in the past. Slave's cock was beginning to harden as they talked about those past sessions. He couldn't believe that he was actually meeting someone and that in the next day or so he might be on his knees sucking on another man's cock and feeling it slide into his ass. Master could almost see the wheels churning in Slave's head and the contrasting thoughts he must be having.

Master repeated that he was willing to go at Slave's pace and would try to encourage and give little nudges along the way to keep him moving along the path to experiencing all the different things he wants to try. Since we have a few nights we can take our time and try different things each night if you like. The waiter returned with the bill and after paying the bill, Master suggested they go to a bar that was close by for another beer or 2 and they could talk a little more.

So far Slave thought that Master seemed pretty normal. He sure didn't look like some kind of freak or psycho, but of course how many people would think that he would be a guy wearing panties under his clothes. After looking at his watch and thinking about what time the class started the next morning Slave agreed.

They left the restaurant and drove about 15 minutes or so to the bar. Once at the bar, they found a table in the corner and Master again took command and ordered 2 more beers. Since there was more background noise and people were engrossed in their own conversations Master began to ask more questions about what Slave wanted to try. Slave felt his face turn red, but his cock hardened as Master began to talk about all the things they had been chatting about via Yahoo for the past year and half. Slave tried to relax as he drank some more of his beer. As they sat at the table to anyone else they looked like 2 guys out watching sports on TV. Master began to ask questions to confirm what all Slave wanted to do. Slave felt like blushing as he admitted that he still wanted to try sucking a cock, getting fucked in the ass, bondage, some light to medium cbt, maybe a spanking and also golden showers and piss drinking. Master then looked at him smiled and said did your clit get hard as you talked about all of that? Slave looked at Master and said, "Yes it did"

The waitress came back with another beer for Slave so they had to halt their conversation for a moment. After she left, Master asked Slave, "What do you think she would have said if she knew you were wearing panties tonight?" Slave felt like he was blushing as he smiled back at Master. Slave didn't know what to say to that so he just sort of laughed.

Master then got back to the topic of what Slave wanted to try. "So you still want to put on a little fashion show for me with your panties as I am sitting there taking pictures of you, your panties, your hard clit and your tight pussy?" Master asked. Slave blushed again and said, "Yes Sir." Master replied, "Well I would love to do that for you Slave. I also want to see you coming out of the bathroom just wearing lingerie and panties, your clit throbbing behind the fabric. I want to see you standing in front of me hands at your side as I take pictures of you from all angles. Making you pull down your panties to expose your clit or your tight pussy." Master kept on referring to Slave's cock and ass as clit and pussy like they had done during their Internet chats. It helped to reinforce the submissiveness of the situation with Slave.

Master kept the conversation going by reminding Slave of some of the other things that he would have Slave do to help him along. He talked about having Slave kneel between his legs and make Slave take his pants off. Then after he let Slave sit and look at Masters cock tenting his boxers, he would make Slave pull off his boxers. Master could see that Slave was starting to squirm some in his chair. "Are you getting excited again Slave?" Master asked. Slave replied that yes his clit was getting hard and it was throbbing in his pants.

Master knew it was getting late and that Slave had to be in training all day and had mentioned that he was planning on running 4 to 6 miles before class. His glass was almost empty but Slave's was still over ¾ full. He decided to try something to see what kind of state Slave was in. Master excused himself to go to the bathroom and he casually picked up his glass and walked off with it.

Slave was still working his beer and watching Sportscenter on the TV when Master returned. Master made a point of placing the beer on the table in front of Slave and said. "Well Slave, it is getting late and I know you have class tomorrow so I think it is time for you to make a decision. Do you want to explore new horizons the rest of the week or do you want to just walk away?"

Slave looked at the now full glass next to his half full glass and his hear rate skyrocketed. It felt like his palms were sweating like crazy and he thought he felt sweat running down under his shirt. Master sat there looking at him. He was sure that Slave's mind was churning through a ton of thoughts, concerns, anxieties and who knows what else. Finally Slave decided to himself, what the fuck, let's give it a try for at least one session and see how it goes. I can always back out at any point and Master has always said he would understand.

Slave looked down at the table and Master knew that the fateful decision had been made. Slave looked back up at Master, smiled a nervous smile and said "Yes Sir, Let's try it at least for one session". Master smiled back and said, "Congratulations, you won't regret it. Now if you are willing to start a little bit tonight we can start right now." Slave looked at Master and said, "What were you thinking?" "Well first up I don't want you playing with your clit tonight or tomorrow before we finally meet, it now belongs to me. Second I would like to see you drink from my glass and I will drink what is left of your beer"

Slave wondered why Master wanted him to drink from the full glass. Master took Slave's glass and handed his glass to Slave. As Slave took it from Master he noticed that the glass was warm and that the beer looked kind of flat. Master smiled, raised his glass and said "Cheers". Slave replied back with a "Salut" and began to take a drink. As the liquid hit his lips and he swallowed one mouthful he realized what it was. Master smiled again as he saw the look of realization that crossed Slave's face and eyes when realized that he was drinking Master's piss in a public place. Master then said "I would like to see you drink it all but if you can't I will understand". Slave held the glass in his hand and pondered it as his cock stayed hard in his panties. Slave could still taste Master's fluid on his lips and tongue. It wasn't as strong or overpowering as he expected it to be. Slave wasn't sure why he thought it might be really strong or overpowering it was just an expectation he had. Master waited to see what Slave would do.

Finally Master saw an expression of determination on Slave's face and he watched as Slave brought the glass of warm fluid to his lips. Slave brought the glass back to his lips and he began to drink. Master smiled, brought the other glass of beer to his lips and started to drink the last of the cold beer. While they finished their beers, Master and Slave confirmed the timelines for the next night. They agreed to meet for dinner again tomorrow night for dinner at a different restaurant and that Master would drive the both of them this time. Master reminded Slave to not jerk off and that he should wear his baby doll to bed tonight. Both finished their drinks at about the same time and as they walked out the door of the bar, they shook hands and agreed to meet the next day in the lobby at 6 PM. It was also agreed that Master would be in control of the evening.

Slave got in his car and he still felt amazed at what he had done. He had just agreed to be a Slave for a night to another man and he had sealed the deal by drinking a glass full of Master's pee. Even though he felt like he was in shock his cock was still hard. Slave did think that Master seemed to act just like he did when they chatted via Yahoo. Very calm, understanding and controlled. He seemed very willing to go at Slave's pace and he didn't look like a raving psychotic serial killer. Slave was also happy that the pictures that Master had sent matched what he looked like in real life. He had been a little nervous that maybe the pictures were bogus and that Master was either some fat disgusting large man or some other kind of weird individual.

Slave finally got his car going and followed Master. As they drove the 20 minutes back to the hotel, he began to wonder what Master would have him do or attempt to do. Finally he was back at the hotel. He walked into his hotel room, looked around and wondered what all Master would use during the session. As he looked at the phone he saw the message light blinking. He picked up the phone and dialed the code to get his messages. He was pleasantly shocked to see that Master had already called and left a message. The message said, Congratulations on your decision and I will do everything I can to make it an enjoyable session for you so strip down to your panties, put on your baby doll and don't worry about tomorrow night.

Slave sat on the bed, took another deep breath and then walked over to get changed for bed. As he pulled down his pants his cock was tenting his panties. He pulled out the baby doll and the matching panties and pulled them on. He finally got his cock more or less tucked into the panties and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Finally he returned to the bed, climbed in and he had to resist the temptation to tease/play with his cock. Of course the excitement of wearing the baby doll to sleep in didn't make it any easier to do that or to fall asleep. Finally he just rolled over, turned off the TV and lights and tried to fall asleep.

Day 2:

The next morning Slave rolled over to the sound of the alarm blaring at him, reminding him that he needed to get out and run. His baby doll had gotten all twisted around his body during the night as he sort of tossed and turned due to the strange bed and the fact that he usually just slept in boxers or panties.

Slave got dressed for his run and headed out for an easy run. Since he didn't know exactly where to go he decided on an easy out and back 4 mile run. The less turns he made the less chance he had of getting lost. As he ran his mind wandered to what he would be doing with Master in about 12 hours or so. His cock began to get a little hard but as he ran more his mind wandered to other topics.

Slave got back to the hotel, showered dressed and headed off to class. The classes were tough and kept him busy all morning. The next thing he knew it was lunchtime. As he left the conference room he switched his phone on and saw that someone had left him a message. He dialed into his voicemail and he heard Master's voice at the other end. Master was just calling to let him know that everything would be fine that night and teased him a little by asking him if he thought anyone in the class knew he was wearing panties. Slave smiled a little as he felt his heart rate jump at the reminder of what was planned for tonight after class.

As he ate his lunch his mind began to wander to the nights plans. He knew the plan was to eat dinner and then head back to his room for the session. Beyond that Master wouldn't give him any other details. Their chats about the session mostly revolved around having a beer or 2 and then a fashion show of Slave in his panties to get him relaxed and horny. Then from there it would depend on what Master thought Slave was ready to do. Slave could feel his cock harden as he realized he was less than 6 hours away from see what he could do. Would he be able to walk the walk after talking the talk?

After lunch, Slave returned to the class for more lectures. The afternoon lecture was boring and Slave had to work to pay attention to the instructor. When the lab portion started that kept his mind out of the gutter and the work required made the time pass quickly. Finally the day was over and Slave packed up his books and supplies and went out to his car. As he climbed in, he realized what was coming next. Slave could feel himself getting nervous.

Slave drove back to the hotel and let himself back in his room. As he dropped his stuff down he sat on the bed and wondered again if he could do it. He looked at the clock and realized he had time to take another shower and shave again. He jumped in the shower and as he cleaned himself up, his cock got hard as he began to think about finally showing Master his panty covered clit in person in just a little while. Slave had to stop washing his clit as he realized how close to cumming he was getting. After drying off and shaving he pulled on a fresh pair of panties and pulled his clothes back on.

Once he was dressed, Slave headed down to the lobby to wait. The butterflies were growing in his stomach as he sat in a chair and waited. After a few minutes of reading a paper Slave had found, Master walked in. Slave got up, walked over and they repeated the pleasantries just like the day before.

Master smiled again as he saw Slave get up from the chair in the lobby and walk over to him. Master casually glanced at Slave's crotch to see if he was excited, but Slave's pants were too loose to be able to tell. Master then led the way out to his car in the parking lot. Master opened the passenger door and let Slave in as he walked around to his side. Once they were on the road Master asked Slave how the class was going. Slave told him that it was a little tougher than expected but overall it was exciting and interesting. "Kind of like tonight will be for you also," Master said with a smile. Slave just sort of smiled back and got quiet again. Master looked over and said "Relax, I am sure you will do great". Slave said he knew that Master had faith in him but he was still nervous. Master then asked Slave how much he had a chance to think about tonight during the class. Slave told him very little except at the lunch break. The rest of the time he was busy listening, taking notes or doing the exercises. Master just nodded.

After a few minutes they pulled into the parking lot of a different restaurant. They walked in and the hostess sat them in a booth and walked away. The waitress came up and took their drink orders. Master again ordered for both of them. Slave sat there silently. After the waitress left, Master then decided to start with some teasing etc to get Slave going.

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