tagNonHumanMaster and the Maid Ch. 04

Master and the Maid Ch. 04


The rest of the ride home was dotted with excited Nekonian chatter as the little one looked out the multiple windows of the truck, almost climbing over Kyle to try to look out the driver's side window. He chuckled as he raised his arm, blocking her access to his lap. Fiora spoke quickly in their native tongue and grabbed her, returning her to her seat. She calmed down as the truck turned onto the residential street and the houses of the neighborhood came into view.

The area Kyle lived in was sparsely populated with houses, each one sitting on several acres of land. As he pulled into the driveway of her new home, the little Neko's eyes went wide. She turned to Fiora and Kyle assumed from the pitch, asked a question. Fiora smiled and answered her, pointing over to Kyle. The little one turned around, her eyes still wide with wonder and smiled at Kyle before leaning over and giving him a hug as strong as her little body could muster. She looked up at him, speaking Nekonian again, as she let him go. Kyle raised his eyes questioningly to Fiora.

"She says she is happy with her new home and wished to express her gratitude." Fiora said, still smiling. A single tear hung in the corner of her left eye but the smile reached up and kept the tear from falling.

"Well, then I'm glad that you are happy with it, little one." He said, looking back down at the small Neko.

A questioning look shot across his face for a moment and then he asked, "Can you understand me?"

The little one nodded.

"Can you just not speak English yet?"

The little Neko scrunched up her face for a minute, thinking, then said, "I. Not. Learn. Human. Much."

She smiled again as she finished speaking. Kyle laughed lightly and opened the door, getting out of the truck. Fiora followed suit on the opposite side, calling her sister out of the same side as she went to follow Kyle out. Kyle watched carefully before shutting his door, making sure that Fiora had her attention and she hadn't followed him.

The little one hopped down onto the grass and giggled, wiggling her toes in the soft grass. She looked up to Fiora and once again, asked her a question as Kyle made his way around the back of the truck. He unclipped Fiora's leash and shackles and then removed the leash and collar from the little Neko as well. Fiora unclipped her collar and threw it in the back of the truck as Kyle threw the other parts in as well.

"Kyle." Fiora said, gaining his attention. "She wants to know if she can run around the yard."

Kyle smiled down at the little Neko, her face half-turned down and her eyes cast up at him. "I don't see why not. At least for a little while. I'd like to show you your new room."

The little one smiled happily and ran off, jumping around and rolling in the grass. Her playful demeanor and laughs brought a smile to Kyle's face again as he watched her.

"Thank you, master." Fiora said to him, breaking him away from watching the Neko play.

"No need to thank me. She needs a home too, Fiora." He said, nodding in the smaller Neko's direction. "By the way, what's her name?"

Fiora cocked her head to the side, then nodded remembering that Kyle knew almost nothing about Nekos. "She doesn't have a name yet. We don't receive our names until we are five."

"She looks around that age now. How old is she?"

"She is three."

A quizzical look crossed Kyle's face as he pondered that. "She's big for a three-year-old." He finally said, his face straightening back to a neutral expression.

"Nekos age quicker than humans do." Fiora said, turning back to watch her little sister play in the grass, "We only live around thirty or so years."

Kyle nodded his understanding. "Well, I can't simply go around calling her 'hey, you', now can I? So why don't I give her a name."

Fiora turned back around again and smiled at him. "I think she would like that."

"You sure she's not going to be mad at me for breaking tradition?

He smiled playfully as he spoke. Fiora laughed and shook her head.

"It is our custom. We are yours, so you may do as you wish. Before I left, she asked me to ask Harris for a name."

"Ok." Kyle said, pondering for a moment, "Why don't we call her Rose?"


"Yeah. Do you think she'll like it?"

"Is it a thing? Or an idea?"

Kyle laughed again. "Don't you know what a rose is?"

Fiora shook her head, an angry scowl crossing her face. "Do not laugh at me."

Kyle stopped laughing. "I'm sorry. I wasn't laughing at you for not knowing. I was laughing because I should have brought you one before now."

Kyle walked away, leaving Fiora standing by the truck. He made his way around to the back of the house and disappeared from Fiora's view. A few minutes later, he emerged from behind the house, one hand behind his back. As he approached her, he pulled his hand out from behind his back, producing a single, cut, red rose and offering it to her.

"This is a rose, Fiora. A simple but beautiful flower."

Fiora moved to take the offered flower but Kyle pulled his hand back slightly, stopping her. He moved the small leaves aside to show the sharp thorns hidden behind them. The reddish-green thorns curved up along the stem, adding to the beauty of the flower at the top.

"But it also hides a sharp surprise for anyone careless in handling it."

Fiora gingerly took the rose from Kyle, being careful to avoid being stuck by one of the thorns. She lifted it to her nose and inhaled deeply, her ears flattening back across her head. The heady scent of the flower rushed in, filling her with a sense of calm. It was a sweet, earthly smell.

"Thank you." She said, opening her eyes, "I think she will love her new name."

Kyle nodded, his smile returning. "Good. I'll let you tell her I'm breaking tradition by giving her a name." The smirk had returned as well. "I don't want to meet her 'thorns'."

Fiora narrowed her eyes at him, a smile still on her face as her ears perked up again. "Oh no, human." She said, moving into a crouch, "I will not be the one to face her wrath."

Kyle sighed, the playfulness still lighting up his face. "Ok. I don't want to have to deal with your 'thorns' either."

He turned to call Rose over and stopped, looking back at Fiora again. A confused look was stitched across his face again. "So, what've you called her up until now?"

Fiora chuckled. "'Hey, you' or 'sister'."

Kyle scoffed, shaking his head. "Ok. Well, can you at least call her over?"

Fiora shook her head and called to Rose. She sat up from where she'd been rolling in the grass. Kyle burst out laughing and Fiora snickered. Rose had sat up, her ears standing straight up and turned to the sides, a tuft of grass clinging to her left ear. Another few blades of grass hung from her mouth and her fur had turned partially green from rolling in the freshly cut lawn.

She stood and quickly ran over. Fiora explained to her about her naming by Kyle as she looked back and forth between the two of them. Kyle heard "Rose" mentioned a couple of times and Fiora presented the flower to her as well during their talk. At the end of it, Rose looked up at Kyle and repeated her name to him, smiling. "Rose." She walked over and hugged his legs, speaking in Nekonian.

"She says she loves her new name." Fiora said, that stubborn, happy tear finally falling from her eye, "She says she hopes to do her new master proud."

Kyle smiled back down at Rose, picking the piece of grass from her ear. "She already has."

"Kyle cleared his throat, "Ok, well, why don't we go in."

Fiora led the way into the house and Rose's eyes lit up at the expansive room. She spoke quickly to Fiora and was answered. Kyle gave her an inquisitive look.

"She was wanting to know if the whole house is yours."

Kyle chuckled again. "It's ours, but yes."

Kyle took the lead, heading upstairs and down the hall from his and Fiora's rooms. He opened a door at the end of the hall and ushered Rose and Fiora in. Rose stood wide-eyed, surveying the new room that would be hers and Fiora smiled proudly.

The room was slightly smaller than hers, the light pink walls bathed in sunlight from the window directly opposite the door. A twin-sized, canopy bed was set up directly under the window, the posts framing the window and a white canopy cover hanging down over it. Stuffed animals adorned a dresser on the right side of the room. Small furry bears, tigers, and dogs all stared out into the room. The left side of the room was empty except for two doors. Kyle explained that the nearer of the two was Rose's closet and the farther one was her own restroom. He opened each and showed them to the two Nekos.

Rose hugged Kyle's legs yet again and turned to speak to Fiora before turning back to him, her face beaming.

"She loves her room." Fiora said, translating for Rose, "She will make sure it stays clean and properly ordered."

Kyle laughed, looking down at Rose. "I don't suppose it'll stay too clean."

"I do have a question though." Fiora said, frowning slightly, "Why is this room set up for a child?"

Kyle's smile disappeared. "Because a child used to stay in this room."

He untangled Rose's arms from around his legs, smiling at her one last time as he made his way out of the room. Fiora and Rose followed him but he stopped them, holding up his hands as he reached his door.

"I just want to be left alone for a little bit, OK?"

"Of course, master." Fiora said, nodding, "Would you like me to start dinner for us?"

Kyle nodded as he turned around, opening his door and disappearing into his room.

Fiora led Rose through the rest of the house, pointing out where cleaning supplies and other various objects were that she needed to be aware of. She led her into the kitchen and went through the inventory for that room as well, before pulling the things out that would be needed for dinner. Rose helped, happily talking to Fiora while they made dinner for themselves and their master. Fiora smiled again at Rose's skipping steps as she retrieved eggs from the refrigerator. Looking over her shoulder, her gaze lingered on Kyle's door for a moment until Rose returned and they resumed making dinner.

Kyle moved over to his bed, removing his shirt. The scratches left by Fiora the week before were healing well. They were nowhere near as bad as the scars that ran across the right side of his body though. The old scars were thick and ran the length of his side, starting from mid-ribs and extending down almost to his knee.

Dropping the shirt to the floor, he sat on the edge of the bed. Reaching over to his nightstand, he picked up the dusty picture frame that sat there. A young, raven-haired woman sat holding a little blonde girl. He gingerly brushed the dust from the glass, the little girl's eyes coming into clear view. Her eyes, a reflection of his own, were alight as her father had been standing behind the photographer, making faces.

He laid back on the bed and closed his eyes, the picture frame resting beside him.

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