Master of the Universe Ch. 06


When she was satisfied with the readings, she picked up a small remote control and sauntered up to the head of the table.

"We have you wired up Harry and My Ling is going to have a ball riding your face while we light you up. She really gets off on pain. . . . your pain my dear boy, so this is going to be quite a ride. Breathe deeply while you can Harry because you're not going to have much air in a few minutes. Enjoy your last few moments of relatively pain free existence because in a few moments you're going to feel pain the likes of which you have never felt before."

"And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy," Dr. Jansen added, smiling.

Shanella, who was standing next to Dr. Jansen, took a large leather strap with two large loops at either end and passed one end under his pinioned neck, drawing it through and adjusting it so that the loops hung evenly on either side of his head about a foot down. "Stirrups for your rider, asshole," she said.

Harry looked up in the mirror. It was a scene of horror, straight out of the torture chambers of the Inquisition. The sweating slab of quivering white man meat on the table, stretched and wired looked nothing like him - at least the image he had of himself. It was as though he was watching some kind of erotic horror movie. He tested his bindings as he looked up at the image in the mirror. It too tugged and squirmed. It was him. It was really him. It was no movie; no dream. This was really happening to me, he realized. There was no escape.

He couldn't help himself. He began to cry. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his chest heaved up and down. He waited in fear for the first bolt of electricity to rip through him.

End of Part 6

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by Anonymous

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by LegMan262707/31/18

I agree with CaribCucky This is True Justice!.

A Rapist Getting Tortured, It's Horrible but he Deserves It.
I liked This chapter too, especially the specific details of how my ling sat on his chest and stretched his nuts with the noose.
This is Trulymore...

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