tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMastering Bella Ch. 07

Mastering Bella Ch. 07


Back at her desk Bella worked through her last few assignments and her mind drifted to him constantly. He had barely left her time to think over the last 48 hours filling every moment with training and discipline, today she was alone with too much time to think. She missed his constant presence and dark watchful eyes. His face appeared in her mind as always as she thought of him, dark and handsome, older, much older, his experience both thrilling and intimidating her. As a family friend she had grown up giving him the deference he deserved and doing as he asked, her mind did a back flip as she considered this and wondered once again how this man, her friend and mentor had become her Master?

The lunch with Dianne had been enlightening but they had taken far too long with Kurt coming to collect Dianne when she hadn't reappeared at her desk. "Punishment would be due and it would be my fault." Bella thought. The time had slipped away and all the general not so personal questions about the lifestyle, the club and the people she met yesterday all came bubbling out.

Her phone rang and hearing his voice in answer to her greeting she clutched the phone a little tighter. "My Ellie," it was a statement. "How was lunch?"

"The food you ordered was wonderful thank you and thank you for the breakfast too I had not realised how hungry I was, this morning." She smiled into the phone.

"Of course I made sure you had breakfast. My sweet little one I will always see you get what you need and want, you know this. I have told you often," his tone was brusque.

"Yes Master." She chewed her lip.

"The food was never my question, how was lunch with Dianne." He could picture her at her desk chewing her lip as he spoke her pretty expressive face showing her every emotion.

She opted for honesty, "Dianne is a wonderful friend to have at the company, and she is funny and warm and umm very enlightening." She hurried on, "We had a good time talking but lost track of time, I do not think Mr White was very pleased." She chewed her lip, "I think Dianne might be in trouble because I kept her too long."

"Dianne is a big girl and can read a watch as easily as you can little one do not worry over that." He paused and she could almost hear a smile in his voice as she continued, "Enlightening was she?"

Never had she wanted to see his face more she could not tell if he was displeased or teasing her. She squirmed as she answered carefully, "I had a lot of questions after yesterday and meeting other umm girls in my umm situation."

He chuckled and in her mind she could definitely see his smile now as he teased her more, "And what situation is that little slave?"

His mood and not having his dark eyes boring into her very core made her bolder than she had been all week. "That's just it, being a slave it's all so new I don't know what I am doing let alone if I am doing it right. I don't know how I feel about it all." She sighed, "I don't seem to know anything anymore my world is all upside down and inside out." She gasps as she realises she has just said that out loud to the man who is causing her view of the world to shift precariously.

Hearing her gasp he replies slowly, "Ellie," His voice is stern but soft and she is unsure all over again as he continues, "With all new things there is a time of learning, training if you will, do as I ask, when I ask and you will always be perfect. I wanted you to be able to talk with Dianne and I am pleased you found her," he paused for effect "enlightening."

There was that word, 'pleased' and she let go of the breath she didn't realise she was holding. She felt the fluttering in her tummy and the warm glow spread over her as a smile appeared on her face forcing her bottom lip from between her teeth. "Yes Master," is all she can manage to say.

"Good I will be back within the hour. Oh and clear your schedule for this evening please little one."

With that he hung up and left her sitting basking in his pleasure. She set to finishing her work checking the clock and gauging the time until his return. Picking up the phone she called her mother.

"Hi Mummy... No nothing is wrong, I am busy with a friend tonight and I didn't want to worry you again." She promised to be on time the follow day and tried to calm her mother's frazzled nerves. Her father was home and she spoke briefly with him confirming the arrangements to get there. She smiled as he spoke of her mother's histrionics about the party and laughed when they both agreed she loved the drama. She hung up smiling.

"She hadn't lied exactly she was busy with a friend, she just didn't say what sort of friend." Her constantly whirling mind flipped over again, "And what sort of friend is he?" She contemplated the words friend and master as she finished the last of her assignments and she tried to ignore the nagging thoughts of lying to her parents and concentrate on tonight. Standing and shaking herself she went to the bathroom to freshen up and look her best for Master's arrival, she was determined to try her best for what she assumed would probably be their last evening as Master and slave. They would not talk about the week until Monday but she would go home to tomorrow for the weekend so tonight she would do her best to be pleasing.

Entering the bathroom she found her body quivering in anticipation. Looking in the mirror and seeing eyes bright and shining, she shook her head, "Look at your self Bella! Four days of nonstop orgasms and your all flushed and bright eyed at the thought of him returning. You really are his slut," the mid flip ensued "for now." The shame of this knowledge poured oil on the heat between her legs.


Mel hung up from Bella, today was a gamble but he knew she needed time to wrap her mind around what they were doing and her naive views on relationships. Their week was almost over, would have been over today if the training had not gone well. He had known she would be submissive but she had exceeded all his expectations. He had taken control of her world when through shame and humiliation he had made her his slave that first day. He smiled to himself, his desire to Master her more potent than ever.

His impatience to own her completely surfaced, he needed her to accept her place at his feet, not just accept it but want it, ask for it, admit that she belonged to him and him alone. His minds eye saw her on her knees calling him master, his long held fantasy coming to life. He knew he could not and would not let her go now. He needed more information about the 'enlightening' lunch and as he drove into the company car park he decided to seek the source.

Minutes later he strolled into Kurt Whites office and smiling at Dianne he announced, "Okay, enlighten me."

Fifteen minutes later he stood to leave as Dianne said, "Oh when and if you take her to the club let me be there the first time please. Her eyes are going to pop out of her head."

"Actually I was going to take her there for an early dinner tonight." Mel looked at their stunned faces.

Kurt looked skeptical "It's not too soon?"

"Only dinner not the back rooms she is not ready for that. I am not a total bastard." He looked at them both again, he counted them as friends so he continued, "And I can't keep her cooped up in my office all the time. She has to know what she is getting into, and she is obviously curious."

"We had better come too then, some of those people will want to eat her alive and Diane can run interference." Kurt showed concern, he was one of the few people who knew Mel well and had an inkling of what this girl meant to him.

"Fine I will ring you when we are ready to leave. It will be a while," a smile quirking his lips "I have not seen her all day...." He left it hanging in the air.

Dianne grinned and danced excitedly, "Any time your ready boss!"

Shaking his head as he walked away, Dianne could never be disciplined enough to be his type but he was glad she and Kurt had found each other their fun loving personalities a perfect match. Not wanting to delay any longer Mel headed straight to his office to find his perfect match. "If only she knew it," he mused.

Smiling as he entered he saw her sit up straighter and return his smile making her pretty face light up. Unable to resist this exquisite small girl he swooped in and lifted her out of her chair kissing her deeply. "Your Master missed you today little slave."

She purred into his kiss, she had missed him more than she had admitted to herself. It was more than just his ominous presence she realised she did feel treasured and precious to him as he kissed her so deeply showing how much he missed her.

"Forward the phone to my office and follow me." He said as he put her back on her feet and walked to his desk.

As he sat at his desk she appeared in the doorway, "Close it." He murmured staring at her darkly. She pivoted and closed the door softly before gliding across the floor to him floating down to a graceful kneel beside his chair. He gazed at her and peeking up at him she was taken aback by the hungry look in his eyes.

"Stand..." His voice is commanding but not harsh.

As gracefully as she could muster she stood her body quivering under his dark gaze, "You are beautiful Ellie, I want to see all of you, skirt and blouse off, slowly." He leaned back in his chair regarding her as she lifted her hands to the blouse and began to unbutton. Ever so slowly she shrugged her shoulders letting the jacket slide from her shoulders as the last of the buttons came free and the transparent blouse opened wide revealing her breasts as she reached back to her skirt's zip. Unzipping she swayed in what she hoped was a seductive way so that the skirt slid down her legs pooling at her feet. Stepping out of it slowly she let her blouse slip off her arms to pool on the floor as well. She quivered and glanced up his smouldering eyes.

"You have the loveliest flawless skin my Ellie; it is the perfect canvas for me." He stood and moved beside her tracing his fingertips over her shoulders and breasts gently, looking into her eyes as he smacked her breast lightly to hear the bells ring sweetly and smiled as she gasped and caught her bottom lip between her teeth.

His fingertips moved again caressing down her body and over her belly "Turn around" he murmured. As she moved his fingers trailed over her skin to her back making her shiver. The marks from last night all but faded, "She is a wonder this girl," he thinks. His hands trailed up and down her spine before cupping her slightly bruised ass and squeezing hard eliciting a whimper exciting him all the more. Pulling her back against him his hands move to knead her breasts twisting the nipples mildly, "Did you miss your Master today little one?"

"Yes Master" her voice is a breathy whimper.

His hand trailed down her body which bowed begging without words for his touch. He continued to stroke down her body his voice soft and hot against her ear as he teased her, "Such a needy little slave." His hand dips down between her legs and she immediately widened her stance for him, "Yes little slut, your so wet for your Master." His hand pulled back and he spanked her cunt hard making her squeal in surprise more than pain. Slapping her cunt again harder she rose to her toes, her eyes widening as she squealed.

Pulling her back with him he sat in the desk chair with her on his lap. Reaching underneath her thighs he pulled them wide and placed them over the chair's arms, she had never felt so open and exposed and his hand crashed down onto her again smacking wetly her hips bucked under the slap making him smile as she squealed. His cock stiffened and nestled against her ass as he slapped her three more times before sinking his fingers deeply into her.

Hearing her moan and feeling her hips buck as her muscles tensed tightly clasping at his fingers he growled in pleasure into her ear. Curling his fingers against the front wall of her cunt he started to fuck her with his fingers. Her hips moved with him and he felt her body tremble, he continued to growl into her ear, "So hot and wet little slut. The pain excites you, Master can feel your pleasure, and you need a Master to give you what you need, what you want." He watched her ragged breathing and shaking limbs, stopping his fingers deep within her, he bit at her neck as her hips rolled seeking more. "Tell Master what you need."

"Please," she whimpered. "Oh please." Her hips bucked mashing cunt her against his hand.

His lips quirked into the shadow of a smile as he asked again, "Please what?" His fingers moved slightly.

"Please more Master, more." Her voice was breathless as she whimpered her need. "Please."

He started to pump his fingers into her hard and deep, "More of this little slut?"

"Yes! Oh Yes Please Master."

"Cum for me my slave girl give me what I demand, what you need." As she started to spasm he pulled his fingers out and slapped her cunt watching her squirt, "She is so tight." He groaned considering the night ahead.

Standing he draped her over his desk panting and mewling her eyes half closed coming down off her high. "Good girl" he soothed as he stroked her back and opened his draw. "I neglected your training today didn't I little one." Pulling out the small pink carrot shaped object he placed it before her unfocused eyes.

Still trembling from her orgasm she tensed feeling him move behind her to grind his hard cock against her ass. Leaning over her and kissing down her spine, he held the plug before her eyes again before stepping back and nudging her feet apart. Widening her legs and caressing her ass with one hand the other dipping the butt plug into her gooey wet cunt lubricating it and running between her two holes. "You are so beautiful like this." He slapped her ass and parted her cheeks widely watching intently as he slowly pressed the plug into place stretching her tight anus. "Every part of you is mine, my Ellie."

Whimpering, her thighs glowing wetly, she squirmed as he spoke softly. "Good girl." Pulling her back into his lap he wrapped his arms around her. She curled in his arms her panting slowing gradually. Grasping her chin and tilting her head up to him he kissed her gently his lips curling into that small smile she longs for. "You please me greatly my Ellie," he said softly and at her answering smile leaned in to kiss her again. "You make me very happy, happier than I have been in a long time."

Her tummy clenched and the deep need to please this man swelled and bloomed inside her at his words. His arms tightened around her and he pulled her very close to his body murmuring hotly in her ear. "You are Mine now. Do you understand? All of you, Mine."

She said nothing. She was stunned but the feeling she had from pleasing him overwhelmed everything else. He pulled back and looked into her eyes doubt clouding his as she remained silent making her feel guilt at having put that look there causing her to whisper, "Yes Master."

She curled back into him feeling ironically safe in his arms, her mind whirled around the pleasure and pain melding it with the feelings of being cherished and possessed to the point of being owned, being his. "How can this feel so right sometimes yet shame and humiliate her equally at how wrong it all was at other times," she knew she needed to talk to him, like she spoke with Dianne. But not wanting to ruin the moment she stayed silent letting her mind twist around the fact that she was not only a slut who liked being spanked but she was His slut.

The hint of a smile lightens his face and he cradles her to him again. "You will stay with me this evening to make up for the day we spent apart."

"Yes Master."

"He wanted to make up the day apart! Well this was only for a week. What would happen when the week was finally over? We will talk at the end of the week of course." She chewed her lip, "but will it be too late to ask all the questions about doubts that plagued her?" her constant uncertainty nagged at her again.

"Go clean up and fix your make up I would like your hair up this evening we are going out." He smacked her ass as she rose and he watched her walk to the bathroom still wearing her heels and stockings making him groan inwardly. "He would have to take her tonight or explode," he shook his head at this thought. He could have used another slave today before he returned to ease the tension but his thoughts dwell only on this girl, he has dreamed of owning her for the longest time. He wanted no other now that she was here at his feet, obeying his every command.

He stood and moved into the bedroom opening the wardrobe grateful for the shopping Diane did for him but looking forward to taking her shopping himself he knew exactly how he liked her to look and as her Master his needs would have to be met. He rummaged in the closet for just the right thing pulling out items and discarding them, he pulled out an emerald green dress cut low in the front and back it would cling in all the right places to show off her exquisite body as well as highlighting her eyes.

She appeared at the door naked and beautiful, crossing the floor in two easy steps he took her by the wrist and dragged her toward him "You are beautiful My Ellie." His head leaned down to posses her lips again.

"Stand still arms up," he commanded and he took the dress, pulling it down her arms and over her head as she stood immobile as he dressed her in the tight but not uncomfortable fabric. "Sit," he pointed to the bed entering the closet and a moment later he appeared with new high heels passing them to her. He took up the white velvet choker from the day before and wrapped it around her neck as she slipped on the shoes, snapping it into place. She sat up as he rummaged in a small box and turned back to her clipping a gold adornment to the velvet choker.

Turning to the mirror as he motioned her to stand she is almost unrecognizable to herself. She is all curves she didn't know she had. The sides of the dress are totally cut out and threaded together by straps that crisscrossed over her hip and ribs. The neckline low she appeared to have more cleavage as her small breasts were pressed together by the tight material. The chain she still wore looked odd and distorted and she reached into the neckline to fix it as he watched. Her eyes noticed the gold emblem on the white choker it is two letter M's joined by twining golden chains and she puzzles over it as she continued to try and fix the bells and chain without much success

"Take the chain off." He considered her and continued, "Perhaps we should talk about having your nipples pierced."

Her eyes widened and confusion clouded her eyes as the slowly released the chain from her nipples and pulled it free.

"You look lovely little slave." His hand moved to her ass caressing and delving under the dress to find the plug and wriggle it within her making her gasp. He slid his hand down further between her legs "Always so wet and willing for your Master, such a good girl." As he stood behind her caressing her, her breathing quickened and she stepped back slightly wanting to feel him against her. "We don't have time for," he smirked. "More." And paused meaningfully for the briefest moment before he continued, "You are insatiable little slut, but later I promise, more, much more." He emphasised the word as he moved away and took a white coat from the closet turn back to her, "Come."

Exiting the room with her following close behind "Collect your phone," he said as he moved to his desk. She returned within a minute, he pointed to a spot on the floor and she floated down to kneel there watching him.

He picked up the phone on his desk, "Ready, meet you in the foyer."

Taking a few items from his desk drawer he turned back and looked at her. The object of his fantasy kneeling obediently before him, talking with Dianne had indeed been enlightening to them both. She was becoming more his every moment they spent together and he was determined not to spend many of those moments apart before the end of the week. His cock stirred as he gazed at her, "Oh yes tonight he would take her to new places in so many ways."

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