tagBDSMMastering Miss Sarah

Mastering Miss Sarah


This is a Jim and Sarah story. It's just...an alternate universe. What if Sarah were older, and married, but still her helpless little self? Think it'd show? It's a pretty nasty story, but Sarah's a pretty nasty girl...

Southerners will recognize the use of "Miss Sarah" as a generic respectful term; used in place of the last name.

"Hi Miss Sarah."

"Hello Jim. Come in, don't stand there on the porch." She grabs my arm, tugs me inside. Glances up and down the street a little.

"Is this a good time?"

"Yes" she says, "but we don't have long. Are you going to do it for me?"

I blush, but nod, and my cock is already half hard, and she's breathing a little heavily, and I can see her nipples stiffening beneath her thin blouse. She sees me looking at her breasts, and her hands come up and cup them, squeeze, pinch her nipples. She moans. I reach for her, unconsciously, and she steps back.

"Jim, no touching, we agreed. I can't."

You agreed, I think, but I nod, and she smiles, a little sadly. "It wouldn't be right" she says, but I don't know who she's trying to convince, and anyway, this whole thing isn't right, is it?

"I'll show you though" she says, a little teasingly, "you want to see?"

I gulp. She's never let me see before. I can only nod.

"Take it out first, I want to see your cock." She's already looking at the bulge in my jeans, and even though I'm shy about it, I unfasten my belt, the button-fly, and my cock comes out, mostly hard, and leaking a little, and I know what she wants, so I grip it in my hand, and stroke it, and I'm watching her face, and she's still gripping her breasts, and I get all the way hard. She likes to watch me jerk my cock.

"Show me" I say, my voice thick with lust.

She nods, and reaches behind her back, under her blouse, and fiddles a little, then dips her hands into the arms of her sleeveless blouse, pulls straps down, over each arm, flings a frilly bra away over the couch. I follow it with my eyes. I would have wanted to see it. Hold it. Press it to my face and breathe her scent. I look back at her, and I'm imagining her breasts bare beneath the thin fabric, and I can see her nipples tenting the blouse, and she draws her shoulders back, to better press her taut nipples out, showing me, showing me her breasts, wanting me to see how aroused this makes her, watching my face.

She puts fingers to buttons that start at her throat, and unfastens the top one slowly, teasingly, then the next, and the next, and draws her fingers down her throat, opening the gap, showing me the mysterious shadow between her breasts, then one more button, and I moan, and jerk my cock a little harder, as she spreads the material with her hands, pulling her breasts completely free of the gap, framing the soft, flawless mounds, her nipples a perfect pink, and stiff, crinkled, aching to be sucked, tugged, licked, rolled in my palms. She smiles at my reaction, and caresses her own breasts, and my stomach aches with lust and my cock is leaking on my hand, my fist starting to slip in the clear precum leaking from the head.

"Look," I say, and push my hips back a little, and draw my hand down to the base of my cock, so she can see how hard I am, how hard she makes me, my cock slick and shiny with my own juices, the head swollen and pushing towards her.

She looks down and moans, and steps forward a little helplessly, then steps back, her eyes locked on my cock.

"Touch it" I say, "touch it, do it, touch me..."

She moans, and squeezes her breasts, pinches her nipples, stares at my cock, then up at my face. "I can't" she moans, "I shouldn't, I can't, please, I can't..."

I nod, but this is not resolved, and I stroke my cock again, and she looks down at what I'm doing, and licks her lips.

"Do it" I say, and she knows what I mean, and nods quickly and unfastens her tight jeans, and wiggles out of them, and sits in her big chair, and immediately slips her hand into her panties, and I see her fingers moving, and she sighs as the bulge of her hand in her panties gets a little smaller, and I know she's just slid her fingers up inside herself, and I know she must be so wet, and so anxious, because her fingers start moving rather frantically, and her hips start to roll. She leans back in the chair, makes sure her breasts are free and well framed, and tugs her nipples pretty hard, which makes her moan, and fingers herself, and watches me jerk my cock. I step closer, and her eyes are locked on me, and I can hear her fingers squishing in her pussy.

My hand is wet, and my cock is slick and wet in my fist, and I stroke it, and jerk it, and watch her face, and she watches my cock, and my hand, and moves her fingers in her pussy. I step closer, almost up between her spread thighs as she sprawls in her chair.

"Show me your fingers" I say, "show me your wet fingers." She moans, and nods, and pulls her hand from her panties, and shows me how wet and shiny and slippery her fingers are. She rubs them together a little, she's really wet, breathing heavily, and I want her to stroke my cock with her wet fingers, I know she won't, but I think about it, and my cock pulses, and I think about her wrapping her slick, slender fingers around my cock, stroking me, slipping on my shaft, squeezing, and pulling, and jerking my cock, and I have to stop stroking, and wait for the spasm to pass, and she watches my hand, and watches my cock, and I know she can see my cock swell and pulse.

"Put your wet fingers on your breasts" I say, greatly daring, I usually don't say anything, I don't want to freak her out, don't want to jeopardize this, but she does it, and it makes me moan, to see her wet fingers passing over her tight pink nipples, slipping, and I want to suck her nipples, and the thought makes my cock jerk again, and I stroke it a little, but I'm still pretty close, and I don't want to come yet, of course.

"Touch yourself now," I say, and she nods, and slips her hand back into her panties, and her hips give a jerk, and she moans, and she starts petting and stroking and delving and slipping her fingers in and around her cunt, and I really want to see.

"Take your panties off" I gasp, but this makes her tear her eyes away from my hand moving on my cock, and look up at my face as I stand over her, and she's already shaking her head.

"Jim," she says, a little gaspy, "I can't, I really can't, we agreed, it's too, it's too," but she can't finish the thought, and I just nod, but I'm frustrated.

"Okay," I say, a little gaspy myself, "okay Miss Sarah, okay, then, you, then, keep, okay then, keep touching your, your, pussy." I moan, and jerk my cock a little harder; I've never said such a filthy word to her before, and I'm scared but it turns me on too, and she looks down at my cock and does it, she's stroking her pussy for me. Like I told her.

"Stroke your pussy" I say, moaning, and jerking my cock, and she moans too as I say it, and she's nodding, like, yes, tell me, make me do it. "Stroke your pussy, stroke your cunt, stroke your wet, sweet, wet fucking cunt Miss Sarah" and she gasps at each filthy word, and strokes her pussy, which really must be drenched, because I can hear her fingers shikshikshik-ing in her slit, and her panties are soaked, and the insides of her thighs, and I even see a little wet spot forming on her chair, because her pussy is leaking so much, and she's working her fingers in and out and all around, and all the time she's watching me stroke my cock.

"Stroke your clit harder" I say, and fuck, she does, I see her press down harder, and she moans, and her body jerks like her tummy has a cramp, and she furrows her brow like it's hurting her a little, but she doesn't stop, she keeps doing it, and I step a little closer to her, still stroking my cock slowly, and she's still moaning.

"Spread your legs wider" I say, and fuck me sideways, she does it, puts her legs right over the arms of her chair, sliding down, the tendons of her inner thighs tight and defined, her fingers still moving between her legs, under her panties, the little patch of material over her pussy completely drenched, and stretched , so it's only covering her mound, her cunt, and sometimes I can see her fingers moving, and they are completely slick.

"Is your pussy shaved?" I ask, wonderingly, and she nods quickly, but then seems to catch herself, and looks up at my face, and blushes hotly; I can actually see the blush moving up her throat, to her cheeks, and down, to the upper slopes of her bare breasts, and her fingers are still moving, and I smile a little, that this proper woman, this frantic little slut, her fingers buried in her squelching wet cunt, watching me stroke my cock, her breasts on display, can blush at the question.

"Stroke your clit harder" I tell her again, because I like the noises she made the first time I said it, and she nods, and does, and makes the noises again, lovely little moans and whimpers. I can't believe I'm telling Miss Sarah to stroke her clit at all, and it makes me moan, and I can barely stroke my cock at all now, because I'm so close, so my hand is just gripping my shaft, and my cock is leaking pretty much continuously.

"Show me your pussy" I say, almost growl, with a gasp in my voice.

She shakes her head, and looks up at my face, and looks distressed, and gives a little choked (sob!) but I see that her fingers don't stop moving on her clit, or even slow down, and her hips are rolling up and down in a rhythm, and "show me your pussy," I say again, "show me, show me your wet little slit, show me Miss Sarah, you slut, (did I just call Miss Sarah a slut?) show me your cunt, you wet, moaning slut, now, show me, show me, move your panties, slut, do it, and,..."

"No!" she gasps, and shakes her head, but as she says it, she pulls the drenched panties to the side, and shows me her bare little shaved slit, pink and precious, shiny and wet and her fingers working, slipping, delving, stroking, pressing her clit, stroking it in a circle, pressing, and I can't help it, I step towards her, between her legs, and stroke my cock, and I almost come, I want to fuck her so bad, I want to kneel down, and run the head of my cock up and down her drenchy pink slit, and open her up, and drive my cock up into her pussy all at once, fuck her hard, and she's watching my face, and she moans, but lets her panties cover her pussy again, and shakes her head, but she's moaning too, and working her clit, and I squeeze my shaft, and stroke my cock, and a clear rill of precum drips from my cock, and down onto her inner thigh. She jumps when it touches her skin, and she looks up at me, and without even knowing what's coming out of my mouth I say "wipe that up, you messy little slut" and she moans, and pulls her fingers from her cunt, and wipes my fluid from her inner thigh, leaving a clear streak of her own moisture on her skin, and "put it in your mouth" I say, and she moans, her hips still moving, "in your mouth" I say again, "do it," and she moans, and does it, puts her fingers, wet from her cunt, and wet with my precum, in her mouth, and sucks them, hot blushes blooming on her cheeks and breasts, and I know she's tasting her pussy on her fingers, and tasting me, and that makes me groan, and jerk my cock once, hard, and I have to grit my teeth to keep from coming.

"Tell me you're a slut."

"Fuck, I'm a slut, I am, a slut, and..."

"Shut your mouth" I say, and she nods, and works her fingers on her clit, her breathing ragged and harsh.

"Tell me you're a messy little cunt, and..."

"I am! I'm a messy cunt, a dirty little slut, a fucking slut, fuck, I..."

"You want to come."

"I do! I want to come, I do, please, let me, let me come, I..."

"Shut your mouth" I say again, aghast at the turn things have taken, but so, so turned on by this, by Miss Sarah repeating such filthy things, doing what I tell her, telling me she's a slut, a messy slut, and asking me - is she asking me? - to come.

"Don't come until I tell you to, slut" I say, and Miss Sarah moans, and her hips give a jerk, and her fingers never slow, and I can hear her fingers squelching in her pussy. She nods, frantic.

"Do you hear me?" I say, "do not come until I tell you that you can."

"Yes!" she gasps, "yes!"

"Yes, what?" I ask her, harshly, and she moans, and what I mean is, 'what are you saying 'yes' to' but I'm shocked when she comes out with a gaspy reply of

"Yes, Sir!"

Holy fuck.

"Say that again" I say.

"Yes, Sir! I won't come, I won't, I won't come until you say, I won't but, but please, I need, I need, oh! I need to! Fuck, please, please, I..."

Miss Sarah, is calling me Sir, begging me to come, doing what I tell her to do.

"Get on your knees."

She looks at me, still moving her fingers in her pussy, her hips moving.

"Get on your knees, slut, kneel on the floor, right now."

She moans, and does it, and I'm standing so close to her, and I don't step back, of course, that she has to spread her thighs to kneel in front of me, and lean back, her ass on her heels, her lower back pressed to her leather chair, so my cock doesn't hit her in the face. I stroke my cock, and squeeze, and leak more precum onto Miss Sarah, onto her tummy, and between her breasts.

"Stroke your clit harder" I say, and she must do it, because her belly tightens up, I can see it, and she gives jerk, and a low moan, and she watches me stroke my cock, and I'm so, so close, and I'm dripping on her belly, making her messy, I'm fucking leaking precum on Miss Sarah, and she's breathing so hard she looks like she might pass out.

I can't stroke my cock any more without coming, I can only grip the shaft, at the base, by cock swelling and pulsing and leaking onto Mrs. wet slut Sarah, and she is moaning, and working her clit and fucking her hand, and leaning back from my cock.

"Suck my cock" I say.

She moans, and squeezes her eyes shut, and her belly cramps.

"Suck it" I say, "open your mouth, slut, and suck my cock."

Somehow, somehow, she finds her voice; "Jim" she says, well, gasps. "Jim, we can't, I can't I..."

"Sir." I say, somewhat harshly.

She looks confused, and lost, and she's still gasping, and moaning.

"You call me Sir, little slut."

"Oh, fuck," she says, "yes Sir, yes, yes Sir, no Sir, I can't, I can't, I..."

"Can't what?" I say.

"Can't suck your, oh, fuck, your cock Sir, please I, god, just let me..."

"Let you what?"

"Let me come Sir! Please! Please! Let me come! I need to! Fuck, I..."


She moans, and a tear slips from her eye. "Please..." she almost sobs.

"Kiss my cock."

She starts to shake her head, starts to say no, but I need her to, I really need her to.

"Kiss my cock, just once, and I'll let you come, I will, you can come, you need to, you need to, don't you, you need to come for me, little slut..."

She's nodding, lost, and I don't even move forward, I want her to do it, and I tell her again to kiss my cock, and she looks up at my face, then down at my cock again, and she's torn, I can see it, she needs to come so bad, but this, this is against the no-touching rule, but fuck, I really need her to, and I tell her again to kiss my cock, and I call her a slut, a wet little slut, and she leans forward, her fingers still wetly squelching in her bare, pink little slit, and purses her lips, leaning forward, her thighs strenuously spread, and presses her lips to my cock, just under the head, and kisses my cock, smearing precum on her mouth, still moaning.

Oh, fuck.

I can't take it, and I jerk my cock hard, one, two, my hand gripping hard, slipping on all the fluids, and then I'm coming, fuck, and the first ribbon of come hits Miss Sarah on her open mouth, her lips, her tongue, her cheek, and she moans, watching me, licks her lips, and Miss Sarah has my come on her mouth, and I groan, and jerk my cock, and pump come onto her face, and throat, her cheek again, ropes of hot come land on her shoulder, her mouth again, her hair, her belly, and as I'm jerking and spasming, and making her all messy, I manage "come now, slut," and she must have been right there, right on the edge, 'cause Miss Sarah squeezes her eyes shut, and opens her mouth wide, and she still has my come on her lips, and moans, and whimpers, and then she's jerking, and crying out, her thighs trying to close on her hand, but she can't because I'm standing so close, and she collapses forward against my thighs, still coming, but I want to see, I want to watch, so I shove her back with my knee, and she lays back against the chair, her tummy tight, her breasts jutting, her hand skill thrust in her panties, fingers still moving, and cries as her orgasm rips through her endlessly, sharp, overwhelming, my come on her breasts and belly, her hips rolling, her breath coming sharp and short and harsh.

I force my still-hard cock into my jeans, and look down on Miss Sarah, still quivering, and spasming a little, her heartbeat visible in her throat, thighs spread around my boots, hand just cupping her bare pink mound beneath her soaked panties. I can't help it, she's so beautiful, a beautiful mess; I slip my phone from my back pocket and snap a picture, two, three, eight, close up of her face; eyes still pressed shut, my come on her mouth, her cheeks, and I say "look at me, little slut," and she opens her eyes, dazed and bleary, and I take that picture too, her mouth soft and wet, eyelids at half-mast, post-orgasmic bliss in every line of her features. She doesn't even notice, she's lost. Beautiful.

"I should go, Miss Sarah" I say.

She can only nod, weakly.

"You're a messy little slut" I say.

"Yes," she whispers, "I'm a messy little slut."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Sir."

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