tagBDSMMaster's Pet Ch. 10

Master's Pet Ch. 10


I soon had Pet ready for her day alone with me. I pull her close to me. "Pet I want you to know I love you. I am going push you long and hard today. I will always protect you. I have present for you but first I want you totally naked." I say as I call Pet over to me and remove her cuffs and collar. Pets eyes move between me and her present on the dresser. I always love her naked form but for now I dress her in a bra and panties followed by jeans and t-shirt. She does not even realize how I have dressed her, she is to focus on her present now in my hands. "Are you ready?" I ask as I call her over.

"Yes Master. Ready willing and able." She answers happily. I hand her the small box. She shakes with excitement as she holds it.

"Go ahead and open it." I grant her permission. I watch as she see the little heart locket on a fine gold chain I see her eyes well up when she opens it. She sees the picture of us and the inscription "Master's Pet."

Then she turns to me. "Thank you Master it is beautiful." She says happy as can be.

"Put it on we are going out." I say as she suddenly takes stock of everything I had done.

"Yes Master." Pet answer as she obeys and follows me out to the car. Pet is quiet on the drive. She is uneasy about everything but holds her locket with a smile. I watch her move between worried and happy as we drive. When we get to the mall she looks to me.

"Yes we are going in we are going to look around and window shop. Come on you will be with me." I say as I get out of the car. Pet almost jumps in my arms as I come around her side but she holds back. I present my arm for her and she takes it as we walk into the mall. Pet clutches my arm with all her might and wraps her hand around her locket. "Good girl. This is just the start of the day." We walk through looking in stores with a terrified and excited Pet holding on for dear life. "Let's get you something new." I say as we stop in front of a toy store. Pet has done all of this before but not uncollared. I watch her nervously move through the isles. "What are you thinking right now?" I question her.

"Nothing is new but everything is new at the same time." Pet answers as we look around. I hug her.

"You have a lot more ahead today. Are you ready?" I hold her close as I ask her.

"Yes Master." She says as she picks up a thin wood switch before turning to me "May I get this one?" She asks with a bit of a challenge in her tone.

"Over course you can." I say kindly as I take it from her. "But I think we should try it out first." I say with a smile. Pet nods and looks around as she undo her jeans and bend over. I only people around are employees who don't pat an eye at what we are doing. I bring a few swift blows on Pets ass this has her gasping very quickly. "We will take it. Let's get going and get something to eat." I say as I have her up and moving with me.

I sit Pet down and hand her the bag. "Wait here I will be right back." I kiss Pet as I walk away. I position her facing away from the food stand so I can see her but she has to turn around to see me. She waits patiently slowly shifting in her seat but she does not turn around. She is almost hyperventilating by the time I got back. I place my hand around her as I put the food down in front of her. "Good girl." I praise her as I calm her. "I want to hear how you feel little one." I say as we eat. She finishes her bite

"I would rather be naked on my knees next to you. I am not sure I have ever felt more out of place Master." She answers before returning to her meal.

"Your time like this is almost over Pet. We are going to go home after one more stop." I say as we finish our meal. I clear everything off and pull Pet to stand next to me. I hug her picking her up and hold her for a short time before we make are way to a small photo booth. I climb in pulling Pet with me and start the machine. "I want to see you happy." I say as I hold her.

"I am always happy with you Master." She answer smile and kissing me for all the pictures. I hold her as we wait for the pictures.

"I love you Pet. You must always remember that." I kiss her as the pictures drop out. I hand them to Pet. "I hope you will look back on them as a treasured memory." I say as I wipe a tear from her eye before we head back to the car. Pet is quiet all the way home only holding the pictures and the new cane. As soon as we get home soon I send Pet to put the pictures away and to strip off her clothes. I look at her as she crawls back naked in front of me before removing her necklace. "This is what you prefer?" I ask as I take it.

"Yes Master." She answers happy and calm.

"I want you to answer me a question honestly ok Pet?" I say as I sit with Pet.

"Always Master." She answers knowing I want a real answer.

"Did you even think of walking away in the mall and blending in with everyone else and walking away." I ask as I hold her.

"No Master I never want to leave you." She asks almost surprised at the thought. She truly only wants to be with me.

"My precious Pet you will be with me always. I think that at least once a month we have a day that is just you and me." I kiss her. "For now I more planned for you today my love. Now if we put this back where it belongs." I say as put the locket back around her neck as I grab a roll of saran wrap. Pet looks at me confused but follows me to the bedroom. I begin to wrap Pet from her legs up her body to her shoulders. When I'm done Pet can barely move then I take out a hairdryer and start to run it over her body shrinking tight to her body. I pick her up and lay her down on the bed. I look into her eyes. "Are you ready my precious little Pet?" I ask as I caress my helpless little slave.

"Yes Master please do you worst." She says provoking me again.

"You are in a mood today. I will have to do something about that." I say as I bit her ear lobe. Pet moans and tries to move but is going nowhere in her bonds. I pick up a blindfold and move it to Pet head then I put in ear plugs follow by sound canceling headphones. I kiss her long and deep before I move the ballgag to her mouth. I watch as she opens her mouth and waits my obedient little one is very good I think. I secure the gag and run my fingers up and down her wrapped skin. Then I lay back turn on the TV pull Pet over to me so knows I am still near her and we lay there Pet could only feel my heat on her body. We lay there for a few hours Pet is restless shortly and tries to shift closer to me but can't make any real headway. I cut small openings so I can touch her clit and nipples. I get a strong scream the first time I touch her in hours. She is bucking and moaning as much as she can give her helpless state. I tease her constantly for the next half hour, she cannot beg to cum or hear me grant her permission she can only sit here and take it. I take off her headphone ant ear plugs.

"You are doing so well Pet. Your reward is almost here." I say as I place the vibe on her clit. She jumps like I touched a live wire to her and starts to mumble into the gag. I am sure she is begging to cum "5" I whisper in her ear as she jumps in response "4" I count down very slowly down to one. Then I stand and say. "Time for a little break." I watch as the look on Pet's face is priceless as she moans into her gag. I remove her blindfold and hold her gaze as she begs with her eyes. I kiss her gagged mouth. "You will not wait all day but you will wait a little longer." I see her nod. "Now I am going to take the gag out so you can have some water." She nods as I remove the gag and let her drink and relax for a moment in my arms. "I want to speak with you as we take a break. I know you are on edge but I want you to take a breath and think before you speak." I say as look deep in her eyes. I see her nod and I kiss her before I ask. "How are you doing?" I watch her blink and take a deep breath.

"I am perfect Master." She say with a smile.

"Good. Anything aside from the obvious that you would like?" I ask stroking her face.

"No Master. I love you. Thank you." I pull her to me and hold her. I grab the gag saying.

"Open up." Pet obeys eagerly. Then I kiss her head as I lower the blindfold. "I am going to put the ear plugs back but you have my permission to cum when I tap you three times. Nod that you understand what I am saying. I watch her nod very quickly to this. Soon Pet is totally helpless again and I let her lay there for 20 minutes she wiggles and moves hoping to get my attention. I hold my hand on her chest to get her to sit still. Then I slowly I run my fingers across her still dripping slit. Pet is ready to cum at my touch then I slid down on the bed and licked her aching clit. I watch her try to buck and move but she is stuck right where I want her. I lick her clit in all ways for a brief time before I tap Pet. This sets Pet on a major orgasm that I lick her through. I remove her gag to let her breath. She begs almost incoherently.

"Please Master. Please." Then she fades off. I tap her again licking her through another orgasm then I vibrate 2 more orgasms from her before I start to release her. Once Pet is free from the wrap I remove the ear plugs and blindfold tossing everything to the side and pulled her onto me.

"There's my precious one. Anything you want to say before a little nap." I ask and get only a half-hearted grunt as she quickly falls asleep in my arms. I cover us both for a brief rest. I wake up well before Pet and just look at her admiring how perfect she is. She proves that when she wakes and asks.

"May I serve you Master?" I say yes of course but first I add.

"Go get your butt plug first and the rope I left next to it." She is up and moving happy on her task. When she got back I take the rope first and tied her arms tight to her back. I gently play with her as I move around tying her. Pet is excited as I finish my tie. I lube her up and have her sit down on the plug as I pinch her nipples. Once the plug is seated I set her down in front of me on the bed. "Now I think we are ready." She starts to worship my cock as she licks up and down my shaft quickly bring me to a full hard on. She suck my head then slowly start to bob going deeper and deeper until her lips kissed my base. "Are you ready for a ride?" I ask the answer I get is her asking.

"How do you want me Master?" I pick her as I sit on the side bed bringing her to sit facing away from me. I turn on the vibe and run it across her nipple as I kiss her neck.

"I want to hear you this time."

An excited "Yes Master" is what I hear as Pet bounces on my lap. I bring the vibe down to her clit as I bite down on her neck. I remove her plug and replace it as I hold Pet steady.

"5" I say once she seated. I feel her ass grab at me. "I want to see you work for this one." I know she want to show off and she goes all out for me. I feel her bounce and grind and she does her best to make sure I enjoy this. "4" You always were very good." This drives her faster. "3" I pull the vibe away and slap her pussy lips. This breaks her stride as she tries to recover "I don't want you to get too comfortable." I say.

"You read me so well Master." She says as she is back to riding me and moaning.

"2" I press the vibe to her clit as I get close to cumming. "1" I say as I press deep inside and hold. "Cum for me Pet." I say and I never knew she could be so loud as she screamed in orgasm as I cum with her. She moans and gasps as she rides her aftershocks. "Good girl I didn't know you had that in you." I say holding her steady.

"I always obey you Master." She says with a smile. I whisper in her ear to stay quiet as I carry her to the door and open it to find half the household outside the door quickly trying to act like they were not just listening in. I close the door and take Pet to the shower before dinner. At dinner Pet sits with me as I talk with Mia I watch as she makes eye contact with everyone. She holds a little longer looking at Six and Button as we finish our meal.

I send Pet to help clean up so I could ask Mia "I was thinking of doing something different and was wondering if I might borrow Six?"

"Sure would you like her now?" She asks.

"No but if I could have the key to her collar now it would help." I respond. Mia gives me a questioning look but then hands me the key.

"You will bring her back in one piece darling?" She asks.

"You know I won't hurt her." I tell her with a kiss and a smile. As we wait for Pet to return I fill Mia in on my plan.

"You are too much sometimes." Is her only comment as Pet returns from cleaning up. I get up to take Pet to the bedroom and pull her to sit across my lap as I hold her in my arms.

"Now my Pet I want to know something." I say as I kiss her. "The truth do you want to spend time with others today?" I ask. I get a worried look back. "I am not upset I want an honest answer." I kiss her as I say this to calm her.

"Yes Master." She answers timidly.

"When was the last time I said no to a request from you?" I ask hugging her close to my chest.

"I can't remember Master." She answers in her normal voice.

"Then ask." I state simply.

"May Button or Six join us Master?" She asks ready to burst.

"Go get them both." Is all I say watching her jump to her feet and make it half way to the door before she turns back with a little worried look and I say. "Mia already knows." Pet runs off and returns with both in tow the three of them kneel in front of me. "Now I only have one condition for you both. That is both of you join Pet in total nudity." I watch as they look at each other than Pet then back to me.

"Yes please Master." They respond in unison. I quickly have their collars off then I turn to Pet who is holding her necklace.

"It's only fair Master." She says offering it to me. I take and put everything down.

"Now then you may have the same privileges I grant Pet. You may speak and cum freely for the rest of the evening." I say and watch as everyone is smiling as I say this before finishing. "Everyone up on the bed, I want to hear thoughts from you, Pet who will you please and who will please you." I ask as lay Pet down on the bed and start to tie each limb.

"May they pick Master?" she asks looking at both of them next to the bed.

"You can ask them." I say as I finish tying her spread eagle.

"Do you know which you want?" She asks them quietly. I watch them talk briefly before they look to me.

"Take you places." I say waiting to see what that decided. Button crawls between Pets legs and start licking her gently. While Six climbs on the bed kisses Pet deeply before she climbs over her face give Pet access to her to her pussy. I sit at the end of the bed and start to stoke Buttons exposed slit. This starts a change reaction of excitement as Button starts to lick and suck harder on Pets clit. This drives Pet harder into Six who moans louder at this. I am amused at the delayed moans from Six moments after I push Button harder. Six is the first to cum with Button close behind as I stroke her clit. I think Pet is waiting to be last but Button still does her best in her post orgasm haze. I let them all relax as I untie Pet and climb into the bed with them. "I want you all to relax and enjoy this." I say as I hold all of them.

"Thank you Master." I hear from all three. It is always amazing to be surrounded by naked content woman. Pet is the first to rise kissing my chest look at me begging to go lower with her eyes. I bring her up to my face to give her a kiss then grant her permission. Pet starts to lick at the head of my cock. I watch Button and Six follow her lead and I feel three tongues lick every inch of my manhood. I watch Pet direct Button to start to suck me as she and Six start to lick my balls. I am in heaven as Button starts to work her throat around my shaft. Pet gently guides both of them to push me to a long enjoyable orgasms as Button swallows the last of my cum.

"You are all the best." I say as Pet curls up between my legs laying her head on my thigh. Button and Six climb up and lay on either side of me. "Pet my love. What do you think of your day?" I ask as I curl my legs around her.

"I have loved every second Master." She answers grasping close to my leg.

"We will move shortly." I say to all three as we lay together. I slowly get up and grab everyone's cuffs and collars. I relock Button then Six before I call Pet over to me. I pick her up in arms. "I like seeing you naked. I will be doing this more often. Soon I hope we can do so without your stress." I say rocking her close to me.

"Yes Master." She says as I put her down on the bed. I take her collar and relock around her slender neck. After I finish locking Pet up I kiss her long and deep before I say.

"You go enjoy your time. Your day is over, this is just a little treat." Then I turn to the two on the bed. "You may all still cum freely I will be back later." I say leaving them. I slip quietly into my office and relax for an hour and a half. I let Mia know I may keep Six for the night. I return to see all three asleep on the bed as I thought they might be. I later find out Button was the center of attention when I left with Pet and Six show her all sorts of new things. She got 5 orgasms before they all passed out Six had 3 and Pet had 2 more. I cover them and climb between then pulling them all to me before falling asleep for the night.

The next morning Pet wakes me with her mouth all by herself. Button and Six are at my sides awake and watching. It would seem Pet has told them not to move they look to me to see if I was going to overrule her. I enjoy Pets attention and see no reason to change anything. Pet seems very happy and wants to impress me and her audience. I love when Pet is this happy and full of energy. "Good Morning Pet. I take it you were pleased with your day." I ask as I watch her. She stops only long enough to answer.

"Yes Master. Pleased and thankful." I watch her return to her worship. I am soon cumming in Pets mouth as I feel Button and Six squeezing me.

"Good girl. I have one more treat that I think Button will like it." I say getting both Pet's and Button total attention. "You get to spend the day together. Give her a lot of love and affection." I kiss Button as I say this. "And you can have three orgasms between you." I kiss Pet as and send them to enjoy their day. I turn to Six. "Let's get you cleaned up and back with Mia." She follows me to the shower and washes off quickly. I have her cleaned up and ready in no time. Over breakfast I return Six back to Mia. "Thank you darling for letting me borrow her." I say hand her the key to her collar. "I think she can fill you in on the details." I kiss her.

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