tagMatureMature gets her Toes Sucked

Mature gets her Toes Sucked


As I do every other Thursday, I was at my friend Lois's place to get my nails done. Manicure and pedicure. Yes, the same Lois that got it on with my husband Walter. Much to her and Walter's pleasure.

Lois runs her one person manicure business out of her apartment. Which while probably not legal does afford her the opportunity to keep all the money she makes since she doesn't have to pay a rental fee to work out of a salon or spa.

Once my nails were done we were sitting in the living room sipping wine when the door bell rang. Lois answered the door and it was a long time friend of hers named Bob. Lois and Bob have known each other for years and while Lois claims they never had anything but a platonic relationship, I always had my doubts.

Bob is in his mid to late sixties. Same age frame as Lois and I. He's a good looking man about six feet tall and around 190 pounds. Salt & pepper hair with an all white well groomed mustache. He's a widower and never remarried after his wife passed away a some years ago.

Lois gave Bob a beer and he sat in the living room with us and joined in on our conversation. After a while I began to notice Bob staring at my feet. Which were bare. I usually walk around bare-foot after Lois first does my pedicure to allow the nail polish time to thoroughly dry and harden before putting shoes back on.

At first I thought it was just a casual thing, but he was staring pretty intently and it wasn't long before Lois noticed too.

Finally Lois said something..."She has pretty feet, doesn't she Bob?"

Bob was caught by surprise by the remark and question, but responded..."Yes, she does. So much so I couldn't help but staring at them. Sorry about that Lacey."

"No apology necessary Bob. I'm flattered you think they're pretty. Thank you."

"You're husband is a lucky man to have a lovely wife with such pretty feet. I envy him"

Lois then asked..."Do you envy him because of the lovely wife part or the pretty feet Bob?"

"Both actually, but especially Lacey's pretty feet. Not something you see everyday, being such pretty feet. Especially with a mature woman. Love your delicate "staircase" toes and narrow feet. Which look especially lovely with the just done pedicure and hot pink nail polish. Congrats to you Lacey...and your husband."

At that point I was hoping the subject would change since I was somewhat embarrassed about the attention my feet were getting, but it didn't. For whatever reason, maybe it was the wine, Lois asked if Walter gets sexually aroused by my pretty feet like Bob was.

Bob appeared a bit embarrassed by the remark, but didn't say anything or deny he was sexually aroused.

As for me, at first I wasn't sure how to respond and then decided to be honest and said..."Very much so. Nothing he likes better than for me to walk around the house bare-foot. Plus if I want to give him a thrill I'll ask him to massage my feet. Which he loves to do."

"That's it?"...asked Lois. "The only thrill he gets is from massaging your feet?"

"Truth be known, he gets a thrill from a lot more"...I replied. "But I don't think you and Bob would want me to go through the details here and now."

"Are you kidding. I don't know about Bob, but I loved to hear more."

Must have been the wine because I decided to be frank and shared the fact that when we have sex Walter sucks my toes as part of foreplay. Something I like as much as he does doing it. I also shared that quite often he will masturbate when sucking and licking my toes and feet. And when he does he sometimes ejaculates on my toes and then licks them clean.

"I could on."...I said. "But I don't want to bore you."

"Please do"...Bob said. "I'm fascinated and far from being bored. I'm sure Lois is too. You're amongst friends and mature adults so we wouldn't be offended in anyway or think any less of you and Walter. Besides I can assure you what Walter does with your pretty feet is something I can only dream about."

"If you insist." Then I went on..."I often massage Walter's cock with my feet. Sometimes until he ejaculates...sometimes not. And while it can be difficult getting in the right position I've more than once sucked Walter's cock while he sucks my toes. And very often while I'm positioned on the edge of the bed on my elbows and knees and Walter is fucking me from behind he will hold me by my feet and ankles."

I continued..."He's got a real foot fetish, although he doesn't consider it a fetish. Neither do I actually. It's no different than someone being attracted to or turned on by pretty legs, hands, tits, etc."

"How true."...Bob said. "I have a foot fetish myself obviously, but never considered it an actual fetish. I'm attracted to feet and can get sexually aroused by them, but only if they're pretty as yours."

At that point I took big gulp of wine since I suddenly noticed that Bob was quite aroused as evident by the big bulge in his pants. Lois noticed it too and asked Bob if he would like to suck my toes.

I couldn't imagine why Lois was so bold to feel free to ask Bob if he would like to suck my toes without asking first. Then it dawned on me that her and I recently shared my husband's cock. You can't get anymore free wheeling with somebody after they have shared their husband with you, and you both sucked his cock together.

"Oh my, I'd loved to if Lacey wouldn't mind. I'd be in Seventh Heaven if she would let me."

Bob's reply was obviously meant for me more than Lois. After giving it some thought I raised one foot in the air and told Bob to have at if he wanted to. I figured what harm would it do letting Bob suck my toes. Besides, I enjoy my toes being sucked and it's not like I was going to let him fuck me or anything.

Would be my pleasure actually since other than once I couldn't recall anyone other than my husband sucking my toes. While I've gotten lots of compliments on my feet, no one ever asked if they could "play" with them. Other than once, but it was during our first foursome and not totally out of place or unexpected at the time.

Bob didn't hesitate once I raised my foot in the air. In a flash he was on his knees in front me and took one foot in each hand and began sucking and licking my toes and soles like there was no tomorrow. First my left foot, then the right, then back again to the left foot.

He continued back and forth between both feet as though he couldn't get enough of each. Then after about five minutes of Bob sucking and licking my toes Lois knelt down next to Bob. Then she said..."You better let me let the "big boy" out Bob, before you hurt yourself."

With that said she undid his pants and lowered them along with his briefs down to his knees. When she did Bob's cock popped out at full attention and it was easy to see why she called it "big boy". Bob's cock was definitely big. Nearly long as hubbie's. Close to 8 inches for sure. But it was definitely fatter than hubbie's. Next to hubbie's cock, which is slimmer, it was one of the biggest cocks I've seen up close and personal. Had a delicious looking cockhead too. One that begs to be sucked.

I wanted to reach out and hold his cock just to feel it in my hands, but figured I better not. If I had, I'm sure it would have led to other things, like me taking it in my mouth. But now wasn't the time.

Instead I asked if he would like me to stroke his cock with my feet.

"God yes!"...he replied.

I grabbed his cock with both feet so it was nestled tightly in between my arches. Then I slowly stroked it back & forth paying particular attention to the area just behind his cockhead.

Unfortunately after a few minutes my lower legs began to cramp due to the awkward position I was in with me on the sofa and Bob kneeling on the floor. No way was I going to be able to continue much longer or make Bob cum by stroking his cock with my feet. Thankfully Lois noticed I was struggling and suggested to Bob it would be more comfortable for everyone to let her masturbate him while he sucked my toes instead.

"You're probably right. Please do Lois, and fast since Lacey's pretty feet wrapped around my cock had me about ready to cum."

Lois quickly got some hand lotion off a nearby end table and applied a generous amount to his cock. Once she did she grabbed Bob's cock with both hands and proceeded to slowly but steadily masturbate him. It was easy to see it wasn't the first time Lois masturbated Bob's cock since she knew exactly how to stroke his beast to give him the maximum amount of pleasure. Hard to describe her technique, but she used both hands like she was pulling on a rope, but never were both hands stroking Bob's cock at the same time. Kind of a hand over hand pulling and stroking routine. Make sense?

Probably not. You'd have to see it to appreciate it. Bottom line, I was impressed with her cock-handling skills and was tempted to say how I thought Walter would love to have her masturbate him like that, but figured I better not. It might make Bob suspicious and wonder if Lois and Walter ever got it on together.

After about a minute or two of Lois intently stroking Bob's cock while he was passionately licking and sucking my toes it became obvious from Bob's muted moans he was about to cum. Bob then released my toes from his mouth and asked if he could ejaculate on them. Based on the circumstance, how could I say no. I figured he was going to have to shoot his cumload someplace so it might as well be on my toes.

"Sure."...I said. "Be my guest and I hope it's a good one for you. Plus I'd like to see that big cock of yours discharging a cumload."

After I gave him the okay Bob immediately stood up where upon he took his cock in one hand and slowly began stroking it while holding one foot in his other hand. In a matter of seconds a stream of hot cum shot out of Bob's cock and landed perfectly centered on the intended target. Then a second cum stream followed the first onto my toes. Then a third, fourth and fifth before Bob stopped ejaculating. When done, big globs of white, thick and creamy cum entirely covered the toes of one recently pedicured foot.

Then I never expected what happened next. Lois grabbed my foot with the cum covered toes and proceeded to lick and suck it clean. It literally blew my mind the way she sucked up Bob's cum like she did. She wasn't doing it because she was afraid about the cum dripping on the carpet, she was doing it because she wanted Bob's cum.

Made me horny as hell for some reason. Even hornier than I already was from Bob sucking and licking my toes. It's not often you have one of your best friends licking your toes clean of a cumload someone just deposited on them. Definitely a new experience for me, and a pleasurable one too. A bit kinky maybe, but it was a pure delight.

When Lois was done licking my foot clean she first kissed Bob's big cockhead before sucking it until it was fully drained of any residual cum. Then she helped him pull his brief and trousers back up and on before they both sat on the couch next to each other. Once seated, Lois looked at Bob, then at me and said..."I have a confession to make Lacey."

The End.

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by Anonymous

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by OGHMNW07/14/18


I’m not into this fetish but did enjoy your story.

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by Anonymous10/10/17

Love Toe Sucking

My wife is a BBW and 60. She has very pretty feet. She lives 24/7 in open thong sandals. We often have sex with her sandaled toes buried in my mouth as I fuck her shaved pussy. There are tons of men withmore...

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by gilfbbwlover10/08/17


Great story! As you can tell by my name I love older ladies and pretty much only date Gilfs. I had a lady friend a few years back who told one of her girlfriends how much I loved sucking on and jackingmore...

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by satinpantyboy10/08/17

Hot story !!!

It got me so excited and hard. For years, I've dreamed of doing that very same thing for my mother.

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by Anonymous10/08/17


I want to hear that confession! Hot story!

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