Medicine [E]

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CONTAINS DOMINATION. She just needs a little, "medicine."
1.3k words
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I woke up last night and it was so hard I thought I was going to burst. It's been so long since I broke up with my ex, jerking off just doesn't work. I know it sounds crazy but I miss the way her thighs felt in my hands and the way she'd bounce around and... I should get ready for work. I threw on my uniform and rushed out to my car. Every song on my playlist is vaguely erotic, hell just the female voice is enough to drive me crazy right now. I need to turn off my music and just drive in silence and think about something dull until my dick is soft again.

I'm pulling into work, thank God, my dick actually fits in my pants again. I think I need to start wearing a size up. Alright, time for some housekeeping. I'll never get over how nice this hotel is, it's freakin' crazy. The food is too good to be real and yet... there it is. I'd better go knock on some doors.

"Excuse me? Housekeeping." Looks like nobody's home. Oh my God, there's trash everywhere. Somebody's a slob. "Hello?" a woman's voice called out. Oh fuck, that scared the fuck out of me. "I'm sorry ma'am, I was just coming in to clean, I thought the room was empty."

She looks a little under the weather. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, I've just got a little cold."

Whoa, she's definitely not wearing a bra. Her thighs are fucking perfect. Fuck me, what am I saying. Why couldn't you have slept with pants on lady? My dick is starting to get hard again. Breathe...

"I'm sorry it's such a mess, I was so sick last night. I'll help you clean up if you want."

"That's okay miss, I can come back later if you want, that way you can rest."

"That's alright, I'm tired of lying alone in bed. I've been wanting to go down and find someone to talk to, but I don't want to get anybody sick so..."

She's just staring at me. Say something idiot. "So what brings you to Oregon?"

"The trees. I love them, they're so big. Even bigger when you get right up to it."

Is she doing that on purpose...? My fucking dick is in so much pain right now. Is she... looking at it?

"I'm cold, do you know how to fix the A/C? It doesn't seem to be working"

It's gotta be at least 75 degrees in here. Oh my God she's definitely rubbing her boobs. Was that a moan? Oh fuck, I gotta turn away or she'll see my dick trying to push a hole through my fucking pants.

"I'll take care of that for you, miss."

Where's this fucking thermostat?! There it is. She's got this thing set to 80! I guess I'll turn it up? Holy shit, I can see her checking me out in that mirror. Should I make a move?

"Thank you, now it's nice and warm."

"I can definitely feel the temperature rising."

"Ooh, me too. Makes me wanna curl up into bed again, oh but I could use some new sheets. I had the thermostat so high last night, it made me all sweaty."

I thought you didn't know how to use it? She's still looking at my dick, I know she definitely sees it, it's like she's talking straight to it. It's practically twitching now.

"Any chance I could get you to take my sheets for me?"

"Anything you need, miss."

"Anything hmm? I have quite the imagination, sir."

I'll bet you do. She's getting sexier by the second. Please tell me she's bringing me in here to fuck my brains out.

"Here we are, you know they make these bedrooms so large. There's only one person in this one. I mean look at this bed, don't you think it would fit two people a lot nicer than just one?"

She's laying on her side in the bed... her shirt is rising up on her a bit... now I'm starting to sweat...

"Look at me in this thing, I look ridiculous."

"No way, I think you look way better than that."

"Sitdown though, that way you can see what I mean..."

Fuck my life, she's turning over, she's on her stomach. Her head is so close to my dick. I want her to put it in her mouth so fucking badly.

"Doesn't this look better...?"

Fuck it, I'm going for it. I'm running my hand through her hair.

"I can think of a way to make it look even better..."

I'm pressing her hand against my lap. Her hand is so warm against my bulging cock. She's pulling down my pants, finally... Oh her lips, she's just teasing me with kisses. Keep kissing it...

"Kiss it baby, yeah... Now lick it, slow."

"Yank my hair a little and I'll suck you like a fucking vacuum, baby..."

Oh she's fucking naughty, I fucking knew it.

"Rub your pussy while you do it... I want to stuff your fucking throat with my cock."

"Yesss... You taste like fucking euphoria baby... Get me on my back right now.!"

I'm holding her down on her back, my hands are pinning her feet up above her head. I'm holding her so tight her skin is starting to turn a little red. I can't even think anymore... My dick is going in.

"Slap me as you penetrate me. Slap me hard, like a fucking man. Make me your bitch."

She's coughing through her requests, I don't even care if I get sick. I slowly slide my throbbing prick into her slimy and slick pussy. As I push deeper I reel back and slap her hard as she wants. A red hand print appears across her cheek and she looks at me as if she was already cumming.

"Now choke me... Choke me and fuck me."

I grab hold of her throat and squeeze a little with each thrust. Each time her pussy clenches up from the pressure, I add a little more pressure.

"Talk dirty, call me names, have your way with me..."

"You're a thirsty little one, huh? You want my cum, you're gonna get every fucking drop. But not until I say you can."


She's coughing and choking through and I fill her tight cunt with my dick, her wet pussy is making it so easy to slide deeper and deeper. I have to work hard not to cum.

"You're fucking drenched you whore. I know you want me to cum in your pussy, but I want to plug your ass like the little slut you are. I want to stretch your tight asshole with my rock hard dick, baby. Come here."

I flip her over and pick her up, we're standing beside the bed and I'm holding her head back. I'm looking down into her eyes with her throat in my hand. I'm pulling down on her hair with my other hand. My dick is under so much pressure from her ass but her soaking wet pussy provided just enough lube to make it through. She's rubbing her pussy so fast now, she's so close to cumming...

"I'm so close, baby... I'm so... I-I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm-I... Oh! FUCK!"

Her body is quivering violently in my arms as she almost collapses as she moans all her breath out of her lungs. She leaks out every drop she possibly can and keeps rubbing and rubbing as long as she can until she can't take anymore and her body just goes limp, her jaw open and her eyes practically rolling back in her head from the overstimulation. I'm fingering her while I finish in her ass. Her cheeks are fat and slapping into my thighs is tipping me over the edge. I can feel her insides wrapping and wrenching around my cock as I fill her warm tubes with my steaming hot cum. I lay her down and myself on top of her and keep fucking her hole with my cum-soaked cock for as long as I can bear it.

"Oooh, your cum is piping fucking hot... Just the medicine I needed..."

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