Meeting Bob

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Fun before a date.
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First meet

Bob and I met each other online. We have been texting for 6 months. I wasn't sure I could get the courage to actually meet someone this way. Bob was travelling a long way just to see me. He is a gentleman who is always kind and a great listener. We chatted about everything and anything. He made me feel good about myself.

I found a cafe in town as a meeting spot. Just to be safe. I sat outside, beside the roaring fire. It was cold, and just gone 7am. The fire was roaring, the sun just starting to rise over the mountains to the east. The sky was clear, the currawongs were calling. Their song told a message, the weather is going to change. I was the only one there.

I ordered myself a strong coffee. I was so nervous waiting for Bob to arrive. His chats were diverse. One day we could be chatting about work or the weather, the next, what he wanted to do with me. I've been alone for 20 years. Just thinking of the fun we might have, was making my pussy twinge. He is very descriptive in what his needs and wants are. He made me wet so many times, he made me cum so many times.

He told me to wear the butt plug he sent to me. If I wasn't, he would turn around and go home. I had never used one before. It was so cold. A heavy steel plug with a pretty red heart on the end. He had also sent me some lube. I didn't need it, my pussy was already wet with anticipation. I did what he told me to do. It felt weird, but as I did as he wished.

As I sipped my hot coffee, I turned my phone on to check if there was any messages. There was one from Bob. He said I was not to talk to him or say hello when he arrived. We had exchanged photos the day before.

Two truck drivers had stopped for a break. I was getting nervous. The butt plug felt good in me. As I sat, warming my hands, I found myself rocking slowly. I was making the butt plug move around and go deeper. I wished I had bought myself one sooner. This felt different, but really good. Just knowing these other customers didn't know what I had inside me, was a thrill.

I received a short text from Bob. He will be late. I'm not to go anywhere. He asked me if I was wet yet. I text back one word, Yes.

An hour later, he still had not arrived. I was wet, and wondering if all this was a set up. I was still sat in front of the fire. The two guys said hello to me as they warmed their hands, waiting for their coffee and breakfast. I politely said hi back. I didn't want to be rude, so I  tried to relax and chat. Weather, the state of the local roads, their long trips to deliver goods.  They said they always stopped here for good food. Where was Bob?

I walked over to order another coffee. The guys were laughing as I turned away. Was the butt plug showing? I didn't turn around. After I ordered my coffee, I walked back to the fire. The air was still cold.  They asked me my name. I thought I would never see them again, so gave them my name. Ash. They smiled.

I looked back down to my phone. I didn't feel like having a conversation. I was getting worried about Bob. I checked my messages to see if he had sent any updates. I saw the tall guy rub his hand over his cock, out of the corner of my eye. I tried not to look up. He told his mate that he hadn't had a fuck for months. Wow. Did they know I could hear them talking? I wanted to hear all about it. I kept my eyes on my phone. His jeans were tight.  I could now see what he was rubbing. It looked long and thick. Thoughts of the last time I had been fucked came to my mind. I couldn't remember....maybe 15 years. I was getting wetter.

I had to stand up. The butt plug still in place. I didn't know what to do. If I looked at his cock again, they will notice I'm blushing. My pussy was heating up. My pussy needed that cock. What was I thinking? Bob would be here soon. I turned around so my back was to the fire. I didn't want to be caught looking and listening to the guys. But I could not stop listening. They were not being very discrete about their chat.

Standing side by side, the tall guy had his cock in his hand, pulling it gently through the fly of his jeans. His mate was standing close to him, so the cafe owners could not see anything. A big smile came across my face. I was getting so turned on. The tall guy said his name was John, and asked me if I liked what I saw. I quickly uttered yes. My eyes were fixed in his. He was still gently stroking his cock. As his mate walked over to me, John put his hard cock back in his jeans and zipped up. Acting like nothing had happened, they asked me why I was there so early.

I had completely forgotten I was there to meet Bob. I muttered a few words, trying to compose myself. The other guy was now standing beside me, so close that I could smell his aftershave. He smelt so good. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the way it made me feel. He introduced himself. Phil.

John was still standing opposite us, cock still hard in his jeans.Phil leant down and asked me if I wanted to suck Johns cock. I couldn't answer. My pussy was starting to squirm. Bob still had not turned up. As I opened my mouth to say I was waiting for someone, Phil took my hand, and placed it on his chest. I could feel every muscle, as he pushed my hand slowly downwards. Was I in a dream? It felt so good. He put a finger up to my lips, and said don't speak. It felt like it was just us 3 standing there, in front of the fire. I was getting very turned on.

John came over and took my hand. All the gentleness had gone in a second. He pulled me away. Phil followed. I didn't know what was going on. They ushered me around to the back of the building. Somehow, I didn't feel scared.  I could feel my juices starting to ooze out. The cafe owners had their own private area, with chairs and tables. John put his hands on my hips and sat me on the table. He spread my legs wide apart.

John and Phil were breathing heavier. I could hear them. John was starting to moan, as he rubbed against me. I reached to touch him. He grabbed my hand and rubbed my pussy through my jeans with it. He was strong. I got my hand free, and he continued to rub me. I closed my eyes, I was enjoying it.

I undid the belt on his jeans and pulled it right out of the loops. He grabbed my face and gave me a hard kiss. I fumbled to undo his top button, then zip his fly down. He still held my face, making me stand up. Phil was watching to see if anyone was going to see us. I didn't care, and I don't think they did either.

He guided my hands to his cock. It was very hard. I wanted it now. Phil came around and stood behind me. They pushed themselves into me. I couldn't move. I could feel Phil's cock on pressing hard into my arse. My eyes closed again.  It felt good. They wanted me.

As Phil rubbed against me, his hand found my butt plug. He called me a slut and told John what he had found. Phil pulled my pants down to my knees roughly.  I felt embarrassed.  Could they see how wet I was?  John reached around to check my arse, pushing the plug in deeper, making me gasp. He asked me why I was out this early and why I was wearing a butt plug. I couldn't answer. John slapped my face and told me to answer. I didn't know what to do. He slapped me again. All of a sudden, I felt Phils hand between my legs. Without putting any fingers in me, he smeared his fingers with my juices. John opened my mouth and Phil put his wet fingers into my mouth. So far that it made me cough and spit. John spat back into my open mouth. Slut, he said.

Phil turned me to face him. My butt was getting cold, my pussy even hotter. He pushed me to my knees and told me to take his cock out. I slowly took my hands and just felt him. He was much bigger than John. I just wanted to see it. He told me to go slower, as I felt his bulging cock through his jeans. He started giving me orders, undo the top button, unzip his jeans. John was holding a handful of my hair and forced my face into Phils pubes and hard cock. I was told to pull his jeans down, just to his knees. I cupped his balls in one hand. He held his cock straight out. John told me to taste it. Now. I was still on my knees, jeans holding my legs tightly together. Johns hand found my pussy, he started gently at first. But I was so wet, he shoved 2 fingers in me. It took my breath away. At the same time, Phil was popping the head of his cock in and out my eager mouth. It tasted good, it smelt good. I wanted it in me.

John, behind me, raised my arse up so I could still suck Phil. He knelt behind me and pulled my butt plug out. He reached around and told me to clean it in my mouth. Phil put my hand on his cock. He told me to keep stroking it, whilst I had my butt plug in my mouth.  I went to spit, but got another sharp slap across my face, and one from John across my arse.

As I stood up, John moved me and bent me over the table. He pushed my body down so my chest was on the cold hard table. I could feel the head of his cock on my wet pussy lips.  As I still wanked Phils cock, John shoved his whole cock up inside me. I moaned with delight. Every girls fantasy was coming true. He was going slowly and enjoying me. I could feel every inch, every vein. He would pull out, and then thrust straight back, all the way in, as far as he could go. He pushed up against me to see how far he could get. He held my head down on the table. Phil was trying to get his cock back in my mouth. I wanted it. I wanted to make him cum. I missed the taste of a huge mouthful.

John started getting faster and more stronger.  He was starting to hurt me, but I didn't care. It felt good at the same time. As Phil guided his cock in and out my mouth, I sucked and licked ever long inch. I wanted to feel his hard cock in me.

They let me go. I stood there, My jeans around my knees. I felt exposed.  I wasn't cold anymore. They started whispering to each other. I wanted to cum, and soon. They told me to take my jeans off. I looked around and I told them my friend would be here soon. They laughed and called me a sloppy wet slut. John took his wet cock and made me suck him. Phil started to finger my pussy. As John guided my head, he told me how to make him cum. I obeyed. I gave my best efforts, he pushed my head faster and let out a loud growl. He held my head tight and cum straight down the back of my throat. I couldn't breath. He continued to thrust in my mouth, moaning.

They told me how good I was, then laughed calling me a cafe slut. I had forgotten Phil was hands deep in my pussy. He lubed his thumb up, and started easing it, in and out my arse, as his fingers were in my pussy. He was rubbing his thumb against his fingers inside me. I was about to cum. As I started to push back against his hand, John zipped himself up and took out his phone. He started to film us.

Phil took his hand out from my pussy and knelt behind me for a taste. It felt so good, I was going to cum on his tongue. He flicked his tongue into my arse. My first time, no one ever wanted to do that to me. I cum in seconds, as he tried to probe as far as he could. He stopped, said how delicious I Was, then roughly, bent me over the table. I was in utter bliss. John used his free hand to hold my head back on the table again. Phil put his hand around my throat and started to squeeze. He pushed the head of his cock in my tight arse. Inch by inch, he would pull out of my arse, fuck my pussy for a few seconds, then get back into my eager arse. I wanted it harder. His grip around my throat tightened, as he got quicker and rougher. I didn't care. I was being used. I hope they were having as much fun as me.

All time had stopped. We 3 were in our own little blissful moment. John moved to film us from behind, as Phil started a rhythm......I took it. His thrusts got harder,  more forceful, more strong and deep. I tried to tell him I felt faint, no words came out. With Phil getting quicker, it was his turn to moan loudly, shooting his hot load deep inside me. I kept the rhythm going, I didn't want it to stop. John pulled out. What about me, was I allowed to cum again?

They let me stand and breathe.  But not for long. John sat down, his legs like jelly. Phil told me to clean his sloppy dirty cock now. He said his wife will know what he has been up to, so clean it properly with my mouth and tongue. I eagerly did, yum, all those mixed flavours. I cum.

John and Phil told me to pull my jeans up and not to say a word of this to anyone. At this time,  I remembered I was going to meet Bob. I was so consumed in what I was made to do, and enjoying it, I had forgotten. They told me to fuck off, no Thankyou....

I straightened my top and jeans, tried to look neat. They never even touched my tits. All they wanted was my pussy and arse. I put the butt plug in my pocket. It would not have stayed in now. Cum and juices were seeping out from both my used holes.

John and Phil walked out from behind the building and stood opposite to me, at the fire. Time started slowly again, and they just chatted to each other. I checked to see if there were any messages from Bob. Was he still coming to meet me? I wondered if he would be angry with me. As another truck pulled over for breakfast, I couldn't believe how lucky I had been. I loved every bit of it, every inch of their cocks.

Looking around, Phil looked at me, straight in the eyes, deeply. A warmth came over his face as he smiled at me. I smile grew across my face and I knew my cheeks were red with orgasm redness. He asked me for a hug, to thank me for the fuck. As I walked towards him, he held his arms out. He enveloped me, held me tight. I didn't want it to stop. John smiling beside us.

Phil put his lips to my ear, kissed my neck, and whispered in my ear.

"Hi Ash, I'm Bob, nice to finally meet you."

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