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Meeting with Jake


Upon my constant persuasion my wife finally decided we might spice up our sex life, as we are new to many things out there we decided to go easy and find someone to join us for some fun. The problem for my wife was that many offers came with more or less well endowed cock, she was afraid once she might like it too much and that our sex life would get boring after she tried someone else, however I still supported her and continued convincing her we should try something and see how it goes.

While I was talking to her about my fantasy I saw her eyes and they had a glow like none before, like she can't believe she's thinking about doing it. That made me even more curious would she enjoy to be shared in that way, would she love to get fucked while I'm pushing her head towards my cock.

While I fuck her she has a different look in her eyes, sort of a slutty and she always wants more and is ready for more, I adore that about her.

While we were talking about this crazy idea we now share I noticed her getting red cheeks all the time, I pushed my hand into her panties and surprise she's all wet and ready to be taken, I was amazed how wet she got, never got her so wet before and I could see she was loving it.

Few months later we decide to give it a try, she purchased some nice lingerie and a bikini which fitted her like pair of gloves, while she was trying those out I was thinking "oh, she's ready... I would love to use her wildly." She looked at me and asked me "Do you like how it fits me?" at that point our eyes locked and I saw again that glow in her eyes, I was actually thinking about using her right there, just for fun of it.

She found some potential cocks online and decided to chat with them for a bit, she decided to pick out a stud from the crowd, his name was Jake. She showed him to me and I was surprised that she went for someone that endowed as I know she's scared sex will not be like before after she tries someone bigger. I loved the idea of seeing his cock in her hands, pulsating while she licks him like it's melting and dripping all over while I was watching her enjoy her new toy.

So weeks later we managed to get some free days and meet with Jake far from home, my wife dressed like it's not her first time I actually was asking myself "Who is she?" I was already seeing that this night will go very well.

We met with Jake in a pub where we talked a bit, got to know him better in person and my wife had a drink to relax a bit, I saw she was nervous.. She can't believe how far did this go, but in the same time I know she's wet and ready... I see it in her eyes, that glow again.

After a while my wife asked can we go to our room, I was thinking something went wrong or she got scared and asked her if everything was ok, her answer blew my mind "Yes, I just want to see what's all the fuss about it."

So I asked Jake if he wants to join us to my surprise he was standing before I have finished my question, I told him if he wants to join us we will be ready in 15 minutes and told him our room number to find us.

My wife and I went to our room, she was getting freshened as she was all red... partially from the situation and partially from drinks she had before.

I was waiting for her and thinking "Well, here we go...I can't believe it.".. she came out of the bathroom, I threw her on bed and felt her pussy hot as never before, wet as it's already been used. I loved it, pulled her panties on the side and started to lick her to get her even more ready for what's is coming... she pushed my head down and to the left, from that angle I could see her face, she was loving it...

Those 10-15 minutes were taking forever, as our hearts started pounding from adrenaline and excitement... but there was nock on the door, I opened the door and saw Jake with a smile from ear to ear, invited him to join us. I noticed his bulk was already showing through his trousers, my wife did also.. While Jake was getting ready I continued to play with my wife's pussy and breasts, I was licking her.. While all of the sudden I feel a heatwave on my tongue and her juices getting all over my tongue, I pulled my head up a bit and saw it... there she was, eating Jakes cock like a pro... she was actually having trouble putting it whole in her mouth.. But after a while she managed to and Jake was loving it.

I continued to lick her while she was struggling with Jakes cock but I decided to leave her for him, I told Jake "It's all ready for you." he moved to her pussy and I moved to her mouth... I inserted my cock in her mouth, she took it much easier.. I could saw the relief on her face as her jaw started to hurt... Jake was getting his cock ready by stroking it while playing with her pussy with his other hand, I have taken my eyes of that and was looking at her gobbling my cock all the way, but after few seconds she moaned while still having my cock in her mouth, I just knew from that feeling he was inside her.

I asked her if everything was ok, she said "Oh... yes.". I saw that look again, her passion, her eyes were glowing... like she was thankful for convincing her to take it, Jake was going slowly at start but after a while when his cock got lubricated with her juices he started to take her, she was bouncing so hard that she could not focus on gobbling my cock properly, moaning and squeezing my cock so hard that it almost hurts.

I decided to move on the side of the bed and let Jake and my wife to have some fun, at first she was shy even as he's inside her, she could not believe it's really happening... she was moaning so hard seemed like she had trouble breathing, I asked her should he stop and her answer was "Hell no.." she grabbed his ass and forced him more towards her pussy while with her other hand she tried to stroke my dick but was not able to concentrate on it so much.

After a while she asked me "Can I let him fuck me doggy?" I loved that idea as I would be able to put it in her mouth and control her head, so she positioned and I was looking directly in her eyes as Jake was inserting his dick in her juicy pussy, her facial expression was saying everything, she liked it and loved every inch of it, Jake started to pound her, but I was keeping her head in position as I need it, she was licking my balls but from all of the action she was all sweaty and drooling on my cock, she closed her eyes at one moment and moaned like she finished multiple times at once, at that point my cock was so hard and on the edge of cumming.. But I moved it away as I wanted to use her more.

I decided to once more move on the side and my wife told Jake to lay down on the bed... his cock was still hard solid, I was amazed after all that as it has now been more than 30 minutes of constant fucking... She stayed in doggy position and started to stroke and suck his cock, I saw her pussy dripping from all of the juices and I went to lick her for a bit, to taste it.. I loved it, she was all warm and loved it, I lubricated my cock with her juices and pushed it inside her, she was all prepared, it just went it... I had a privilege, I didn't need to wear a condom... and I saw all of her juices on my cock and dripping to my balls, seems Jake did a good job... I grabbed her ass and bounced her for a while on my cock.

Once again I didn't want Jake to be left out... I let him fuck her till the end, he was fucking her like a animal and she was using him like a toy, with every thrust I saw her face changing, she came again. All her juices went down to Jakes balls... the bed was now all wet, I was once again getting my cock stroking but now I decided to cum in her mouth, I pushed my cock as far as it goes down her throat and I finished as she was bouncing... I pulled out my dick and she just smiled and bit her lip, she loved it.. Soon after her expression changed she felt Jake is pulsating, he pulled his cock out and rapidly started stroking it, he finished all over her and she just rubbed it in, I was amazed how well she handled that. I hope she liked her new toy!

We laid there for a while and after a while, then my wife went to cleanup and Jake left... I went to the bathroom and helped her cleanup, massaged her breasts and her pussy... it was all sore and sensitive, after she cleaned my wife and I went for a drink, we needed one. She once again dressed sexy and to impress, I'm amazed how hot she can be...

My only question still stands, Have I waken the animal? I hope I did.

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