tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 02

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 02


Things weren't awkward that afternoon, thankfully. I had been a bit worried that Melissa would feel strangely about the morning's encounter, both showing off her tits for us, and then most likely hearing Kelly talking about her during our sex. But I did notice that she was strangely fidgety by early afternoon. I didn't really think anything of it until I realized we hadn't seen her for a little while.

"Kelly, where did Melissa go? Did she leave or something?" I asked.

"No," she answered. "Maybe she went to get something from her car." Kelly got up and went to the window. "Oh, for the love of God!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I was a little concerned by her tone.

"She's outside smoking a cigarette," Kelly muttered. "Hang on a minute." Kelly pulled on a pair of sandals and headed to the door. A few moments later, she was back with Melissa in tow.

"I didn't want to bother you guys, so I just figured I'd go outside, and..." began Melissa, blushing. I hadn't realized she was a smoker, since we rarely saw each other socially. But now the cat was out of the bag, and I felt my pulse quicken a bit at the sight of the long white cigarette in her fingers.

"Don't be silly," Kelly reproached her. "We've smoked together at the bar; you know I smoke occasionally. Besides," she continued, switching to whispering in Melissa's ear with a knowing glance at me. I strained to hear what she said but couldn't. However, I got the general idea when a tiny, sly smile crept across Melissa's face and she put the cigarette between her lips for a long, leisurely drag.

Kelly asked Melissa for a cigarette, and Melissa gave her a pack of Marlboro Light 100's. "See, it's even my brand," she teased as she lit one. I was rapidly starting to feel the effects of watching these two sexy women smoking in front of me and my jeans were feeling rather tight. I decided that I'd better go out for some exercise before I started completely gawking and really made a fool of myself. I excused myself and announced that I was going for a long bike ride. The ladies simply waved and giggled.

I changed quickly and decided to take a quick pit stop before I hit the road. I did my business, and just before I flushed, I noticed something caught behind the bathroom door. Bending down, I discovered a pair of panties on the floor. I figured it must have been Kelly's - she's always leaving her underwear in the bathroom. But I know her underwear well, since I've bought most of it for her. This was a simple black cotton thong from Banana Republic, and Kelly doesn't own any of their panties. I realized it must be Melissa's, forgotten after her shower earlier.

Almost unconsciously, I touched the crotch. They were still slightly damp, and I could see the faint darker circle that marked the extent of her wetness. I realized our little game earlier must have had an effect on her. Her spicy musk scented the air lightly and I fought the urge to bury my nose in the moist fabric. In a marked display of self-control, I put the panties back as I had found them and quickly left for my ride.


"I think I'm going to take a nap," Kelly told Melissa. "I'm a little tired, and I thought maybe we'd get a drink tonight."

"I'll probably do the same in a little while. I might watch some TV first though," Melissa answered.

Kelly stood and walked towards the bedroom, shedding her outer clothing. She lay down on top of the covers and closed her eyes. She tried to relax, but was having a hard time. Part of her mind kept going over the hot experience of the morning. She had never seriously considered sharing her husband with another woman before, but she had found it very exciting to tease him with Melissa's help. Watching him look at those beautiful tits and pierced nipples while stroking his cock had made her feel very powerful and very aroused. Kelly's pussy started tingling fiercely. She tried to push the vision out of her head, but was having little luck. Every time she tried counting sheep or visualizing a peaceful forest, her cunt itched and her mind filled with images of brown nipples and stiff pricks.

Finally, she decided that if she were ever going to get a nap in, she was going to have to do something about the situation. She glanced at the door to make sure it was still basically closed; she could hear the television faintly through it. Then she leaned over to Biff's side of the bed and opened the "sex" drawer. She pursed her lips and reviewed the selection. "Fuck it," she thought. "I'm really horny." She reached in and grabbed what we like to call "the big one", a large clear dildo that was about 11" long and 2 1/2" thick. Rolling onto her back again, she put the head against her pussy and started playing with her clit with the other hand.

Gradually her twat responded with a warm rush of natural lubrication. Kelly twisted the dildo through the folds of her labia several times until her wetness was smeared well across the fake cock, and began slowly inserting it into herself. She had to bite her lip not to moan as the thick head passed through her outer lips and started working into her canal. As her cunt stretched to accommodate the big toy, she kept stroking her clit and fucking more and more of it into her.

Kelly was a couple of minutes into masturbating when Melissa used a commercial break to retrieve a hairbrush from her suitcase. As she passed the bedroom, she glanced in through the crack in the imperfectly closed door. What she saw stopped her in her tracks. Kelly had her legs well spread, panties forced to one side. She had a pillow over her shoulder and had buried most of her face in it to muffle her moans - and also blocking her view of the doorway. And she was sliding the big dildo all the way in and out of herself with long full strokes.

Melissa struggled with her conscience briefly. She wanted neither to violate her friend's trust, nor to be caught doing so. But the sight was incredibly erotic. One thing Kelly probably didn't know about her friend was that she was bisexual; it wasn't the sort of thing you talked about in a professional work setting. But it had been some time since she had sex with her boyfriend, well before the breakup, and several years since she had been with a woman. Melissa found herself stroking her damp pussy for the second time that day, the first being when she listened at the wall as Kelly and Biff fucked earlier. It had surprised and aroused her to hear Kelly teasing Biff about her tits and she had come hard.

Now she needed to come again, watching her friend ride that thick latex cock. Melissa realized she had the hairbrush still in hand. Within seconds, her mind was made up. She reversed it in her grip and reached between her legs. The brush wasn't that large, and her gash was slick with her passion-fueled moisture, so its handle slid up her cunt with ease. She clenched down on it as hard as she could with her vaginal muscles, and used her other finger to tweak her clit and tease her clitoral ring.

As Kelly's intensity built, so did Melissa's. She only wished that she had something as big between her legs as Kelly did. Yet the sight was so erotic that she actually found herself climaxing just before Kelly, her juices running out in sticky strands across her hand. Kelly came a few seconds later, shaking hard and burying the dildo almost fully inside herself. Even the pillow couldn't completely muffle her cries of pleasure as her orgasm hit her.

Kelly slowly pulled the thick cock out of herself, grimacing slightly at the feeling of emptiness that it left. She wiped the better part of her emissions off of it with Biff's pillowcase, figuring that the scent would probably give him erotic dreams all night, then tossed the dildo back into the drawer and slid it shut. Moments later, satisfied, she slept soundly.


About an hour later, Kelly awoke feeling refreshed and decided that a little pick-me-up was in order. She peeked in on Melissa and saw her resting on the air mattress, so she decided not to disturb her. She jotted a short note, "Starbucks - back by 4:00" and left it next to Melissa, then quietly departed.

When Melissa heard the door close and lock, she opened her eyes quickly. She glanced at the note, then the clock. "Good, I have a half an hour or so," she thought. Knowing what she was about to do was wrong, she nevertheless felt strongly compelled to get a closer look at the toy Kelly had been using earlier. She hurriedly rose from the mattress and headed into our bedroom. It took her no time at all to figure out which drawer was the right one, since Kelly had been careless in closing it. However, when she pulled it open, she was immediately surprised.

While Melissa knew from girl-talk at work that Kelly was certainly not a prude, she wasn't prepared for the array of sexy toys she discovered inside the drawer. There were several dildos, some vibrating and some not, ranging from medium-sized to very large. There were two butt plugs, lubricants, a set of vaginal balls, and even a vibrating cock ring! But Melissa's attention was immediately drawn to the thick dildo Kelly had been using earlier. Even with two other big toys in the drawer, it was easily the largest toy there. Melissa picked it up, marveling at the size. Her hand just barely closed around the circumference.

She looked at it closely and realized she could make out traces of Kelly's dried pussy juices on the clear latex. The discovery turned her on immensely. She realized that if she were caught now, or even worse, in the next few minutes, she would have a hell of a lot of explaining to do. But she had to feel that thing inside of herself. She sat down on the bed and pulled her shorts to one side. She hadn't bothered with underwear after her shower, so it was easy to expose her cunt to the open air. Still wet from earlier, her pussy was now a gooey mess with anticipation. She put the blunt head of the dildo against her opening and spread her vaginal lips open with her other hand. Slowly but firmly, she began pushing the dildo into herself.

At the 1-inch mark, Melissa was amazed at how hard she had to push to get the dildo into herself. It was as if it was not meant to fit, and the sensation was slightly painful yet compelling. At the 3-inch mark, she began to feel a powerfully satisfying fullness and fought the urge to cram the cock in too fast. At the 5 inch mark her cunt finally seemed to give up all resistance and suddenly relaxed, allowing the dildo to quickly sink into her until the hand clutching its shaft was wedged against her pussy. That was also the point at which her first climax washed over her. "Holy fuck!" her mind screamed. "It's so fucking big, I've never been full like this in my life!"

She started trying to slide the dildo back out but her twat was spasming so intensely that it was very hard for her. As she twisted the dildo to gradually slip it out, a string of orgasms raked through her intestines and she suddenly felt dizzy. Suddenly she heard the sound of bike tires crunching on leaves from the window. Shocked into action, she yanked the dildo out of her hot hole, gasping at the sudden vacuum it left. Far from satiated, her passions were blazing after the brief encounter with the dildo. She quickly tossed it into the drawer and rushed from the room, adjusting her shorts as she went.


It took me a couple of minutes to get my bike squared away in the basement before I went inside our condo. I was fairly sweaty and a bit tired; I had tried to work out as much of my sexual tension through the exercise as possible. When I got inside, Melissa was laying on the couch with a magazine in hand, flipping nonchalantly through the pages. I thought it was funny, though, that her face was flushed and that she was holding the magazine upside-down. I figured maybe I caught her at an awkward moment and decided to leave it alone.

"Biff, um," she began with a funny note in her voice. "Do you think maybe you could help with a couple of things from my car like you mentioned last night?"

"Sure," I replied. "I might as well do it now, since I'm already sweaty." I grinned at her, not missing the appreciative look she gave my damp chest and arms. She handed me her keys and asked me to bring "the two big suitcases" which I couldn't possibly miss.

Sure enough, I found them just fine, and they certainly were large. I decided prudence was better than showing off, so I grabbed just one and headed inside with it. "In here," she called from her room. I hauled the heavy case in and set it on the floor, noticing instantly that while I was outside Melissa had put on a sexy red lipstick and had lit a cigarette. I gulped quietly, feeling my cock stirring. Melissa seemed to know the effect she was having on me as she looked me in the eye and took a long drag. She exhaled to the side. "Could you put it up here for me please," she asked, patting the desk beside her. Knowing it was probably too heavy for her to manage conveniently, I lifted it up and tried to squeeze in to place it for her. I say tried because she made it a little tight with the spot she had chosen to stand in, forcing me to bump up against her breasts with my arm as I moved in. I didn't complain, of course, but I felt a bit silly.

I quickly went and retrieved the other case for her. I just headed directly into her room with it this time, ignoring the partially closed door. She was next to the other case still with it open, and was wearing only a bra and panties. "Oh shit, sorry," I said starting to back away. She laughed and exhaled a stream of smoke. "Don't worry about it. After this morning, I don't have too many secrets to hide, do I?"

I had to admit, she had a fair point, but I did feel awkward with a gorgeous woman standing in front of me wearing only a sexy white lace underwear set, smoking. "Your wife mentioned going out for drinks tonight. What do you like better - this?" she said, motioning to her current outfit. "Or this?" she continued, holding up a sheer black mesh bra and panty set. I really didn't know how to answer, but the expression on my face must have given a preference away. "The second one shows off the rings better, maybe I'll wear that..." she mused.

I was about to make my escape when she brought that up, but then my curiosity was once again piqued. "Melissa, I'm just wondering, and this is totally clinical of course, but I've never...um, well, I've never seen a clit ring before, and do you think...?" Melissa smiled slyly and took a drag from her cigarette. She motioned me over and sat on the edge of the desk in front of me, spreading her legs. "Just a peek, okay?" she cautioned. "Ready?" I nodded and leaned in slightly.

Melissa reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, revealing a cleanly shaven pussy with a medium-small gold ring dangling from a pronounced clitoral hood. The sight was fascinating to me. Looking closely, I could see tiny beads of moisture lining her inner labia and could smell her feminine scent. Melissa used one fingernail to lift the ring outwards to reveal her swollen clit.

"Does it feel good? During sex, I mean, and, um, oral sex?" I asked.

"It feels fucking fabulous," she said quietly. "Kelly should really have it done. It makes you almost insatiable. Sometimes I feel like I could come if I sat down too hard."

She let the panties slip back into place, obscuring the amazing view. I realized I had leaned in to within just a foot and a half of her cunt to look at her. "OK tiger, show's over," she announced, "Unless you have anything to show me..."

"No, I think that pretty much covered the piercings in this condo," I answered, intentionally taking her very narrowly so as not to get into trouble.

"Too bad you didn't know me back when I had my tongue ring," she teased, lighting a fresh cigarette.

"I bet the guys really loved that," I commented as I watched her sexy lips. She was slowly backing me out of the room.

"So did the girls," she agreed. She put the cigarette in her mouth and reached behind her back with both arms, unclipping her bra. Then with a smile, she used her foot to swing the door shut in my face.

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